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Adam Schefter on the Pats loss in Miami

Dec 16, 2013|

Adam Schefter joined the show and discussed the Pats failed comeback bid in Miami. He said that the Pats depleted roster is starting to hurt the on field product.

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Our number three Dennis and Callahan a patriot Monday at our conversation. With that draft was brought to you by -- wake up to copy with Cumberland farms farm output and copy with football insider Adam -- -- -- -- with surprisingly delicious taste. And it's amazing price of just 99 cents any size all week. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Last second miracles time and time again. And expect Tom Brady with the magic fairy dust to pull out at some point there's a finite amount of magic with the national football. Well here's a guy they have cut think of the -- basically -- when they walked. It has been nip and -- it is being close it has been difficult to get through and they had some dramatic -- -- -- an incredibly impressive games. But the fact is that as you mentioned -- eventually one of those games. It's not going to go your way to export to destroy that wanted to be picked off by a guy which he just signed up that this would not play squad the last moment and you know you. They're doing that spoke up they would Tom Brady was mentioning that the margin of error is to -- that that's exactly hit that but that's exactly it. This team. When you lose a gronkowski. And you average 32 points per game and analog. And you averaged twenty point eight points per game without -- Patricia it was a total cost of you right click -- -- Very well okay I admit that right there sort out Crockett on the disputed averaged twenty point eight points per game and -- to yesterday. Again you know discourse much without ground so that you typically got to be better but the defense is missing. This will look at Tommy Kelly Jerod Mayo and some of those players. And so. Mr. grace points the margin of error gets reduced. And because it gets reduced. Some of these things are not going to work at the way you want sometimes. An example commission and that's that. This stolen. Enviable position mr. and number two seed based could be two games from the Super Bowl. But you can keep plotted -- like I saw it going in to have to play at Miami to play at Baltimore correct right. I didn't they -- they were both those games. And out to be forced to comply with one point in those two game. I -- some other because of that marketer they would stumble and it happened that happened yesterday. And for the patriots they hope that it doesn't happen again Sunday. We would be in the -- an initial week of ravens general playoff battle Cincinnati certainly did not distance itself last night and went -- to -- stepped -- Really improved player standing -- didn't happen and -- -- expressing a spot where. It is just one out it would have been an abortion deductible that's disappointing. But if you go to the playoffs. As the concede. I mean you'd go to Denver. And way and just assures that they -- gonna -- in the first round either. They you can be -- if -- can -- you just wanna do the you'd like that by you'd like to get some of these designates older some rest here. To try to get ready with him having suffered another concussion. And when they do playing good that is a fact of the matter digging when they were. Loaded. When they -- know adversity injuries they have now -- they were playing close games. So it just gives them more. Adam I know you don't do power rankings -- handled the Q do. I don't know I didn't know I -- I think it's the most ridiculous exercise. That lives out there and it's amazing to see that could generate. And people and so we do we we we do whatever sarcastically here on Thursday issued -- A wall or who would you put number two who's the second best team in the NFL right now. And -- -- power rankings it's important measure would do right now let's do and I would say number one going the way we would say this Seattle Seahawks. Currently and that now this. And this is -- its interest -- rights. I think that number two and I think you have to go with you at Denver we at New England. We guests destroy it and the -- some. New Orleans I'm I'm pretty sure whoever is going to be number two lost this week because I -- Carolina number two or -- in America this the second best team football right now -- there's another. At this moment. You at all let's go to Carolina. Let's go Denver. Let's go. Sampras just don't. Like gelatin. And then and then let's go. -- lack of a better candidate -- English side. I mean I I don't feel great about it but Seattle Carolina Deborah. So anxious to New England or they don't act that. I actually let limited OPEC summit application -- -- going on right now. I would too if I give you Seattle. And then in or everybody else to a lesser bowl right now which side -- taken. Seattle of the field yes in part is it's it's like Tiger Woods on the field. I think I predicted Seattle. Because. Seattle to play two games at home. Which they're going to be pivotal moment and then they're gonna go play outdoors. And if they get a team like -- outdoors I like yeah I actually noticed teams. So I think that -- Seattle but the one saying where that would be risky is this week we -- it -- time again. There there there are very rarely any favors for any thing in a league that is as wild and unpredictable -- best. It's not as if Seattle is this. For all the demons -- -- he advocates spent by the -- this year at hole by those good old I didn't -- Indianapolis. Indians up. So and and and they lost another game to -- who -- -- -- out of the -- -- Cisco in the slowest and Cisco that point it is camp assistant so. I mean to think that they couldn't get beat in one game to break up to -- Seattle so now now they are neutral surface. And the team there and play in the Super Bowl assuming they get that far they're gonna be -- -- so the question is a one game. Do you think that the holdup could not travel with a football. And responded -- my guess would be yes. -- at the other end of the performance spectrum let's look at the NFC east otherwise known as the yet toxic division. This is the hardest question may may -- have ever asked you. What is where. Where is there -- more dysfunction what is where is the most. Toxic venue Washington Dallas with a New York Giants. They're turning on each other in the giants' locker room. He had -- it's it's it's it's it's a very good question. And I would say the most dysfunctional. You know I would say right now Washington. Over the other chill out get out she's got a long standing. Policy here of being a 500 support team I think run forced to notoriously. I think broad economic and -- -- -- 14141. Their 882 years ago they were a bit last year -- -- seven issued -- loss to division title. On the policy under the seat in two years go to Philly. But it it giants they -- The division title possibly -- election the Washington. The solution deficient approximate you deploy nuclear clean sweep in the anarchy there and salary cap -- this year 25 to thirty million dollars over the cap. They get -- restructure contracts cup players make boost. And the team just never seems to get better never take the next step every time we think that they can reduce them at all so. This -- will not be the right word so much is flat out media woke them in Dallas. Do you you're talking about maybe duplicate this particular war to Super -- the last seven seasons. So lucky you are Manning looks like he doesn't like to be anymore. And it disturbing is that -- would be prohibited quarterback in that organization as a football team. The giants still has had great success. The Washington Redskins and other hand as -- one. Division title or two really didn't -- to go over economic and -- and they won one that you're bit since then only one other division title last year. They traded up. They took the first septic if this season to date -- St. Louis Rams courtesy of the -- sort YouTube that the second overall pick in the draft number -- Number two. Rebel commanders the -- don't have their first round pick they've got discord in dysfunction between the owner the coach. The franchise quarterback. And there in a situation where I think -- would have to be considered the most dysfunctional right now. All right well let me get this before before the -- go -- -- the you reported this yesterday the -- in -- suspension and that after the game ended yesterday. Why is he not going to be allowed to play for someone for these last couple weeks in May be in the playoffs. I -- to feel comfortable with the idea that they were put back on the roster won't we don't have defining sort of blows just yet like. We know -- across an airport just to make it very comfortable. And and then they put back on the team that would not reflect positively any organization I think that they wanna wait and see the report. Before they do anything in the report not gonna come back until after the year's over. And they can't release some because they play for someone else. And that wouldn't look good either. So they can release a -- that if you release them and report comes second and -- do anything wrong. And what you're -- They too quick a league matters here before we -- ago on a why are they pushing so hard so quickly. With a centralized replay how will that system improve upon what is currently in place them. Well on the border of consistency -- one person in the league office overlooking -- hole in the side of him. From above and and I've been in Central Command area in the league headquarters on Sundays. -- games where occasionally -- historic. NFL network and so I know what that's like in it would be very easy and to do that and it would be. More consistent now. They don't expect to have them placed next he's an analyst lowered. In place for would be -- doesn't fifteen and obviously that's something of the competition committee will talk about doing and believe will best -- -- improves things from where there today. And finally when Roger Goodell was asked about a cold weather Super Bowl and the and the risk that that is inherent in that. It's that hey we all like elements in our game of football is he whistling past the graveyard or NFL officials. Holding their breath that this could be an abject disaster to get fifteen inches of snow. Saturday night before the Super Bowl. All along I've been -- oppose the idea assume all of -- For anybody that spent time in New York amid in the city it is gridlocked. City I -- it -- a nightmare to get around. Now -- -- -- like -- bowl -- shut down other cities had been camp by the ignore what were you can't do anything you'd go anywhere. Because of how congested in chaotic this. Now you bring a Super -- to an already congested and chaotic city as this. The combined those two sectors and it and I cannot imagine. That it is going to be an enjoyable experience. For anybody involved. No -- teams staying out it's a hotel on the Jersey turnpike there okay means to me. The Super Bowl something where two teams that earned this right go to someplace like Arizona or Miami or LA. And they have a nice relaxing week with nice weather now. I don't know if we're playing mr. block whole I didn't like that idea but I actually we consider that some a couple of weeks ago when they played a lions Eagles game in the vikings ravens game and they had some fantastic support some great finishes and the weather was flawed and has nothing like watching football. And just know everybody was number patriots raiders game which. Maybe there's memorable games ever been played in this now. So that is the idea. That. Super Bowl it's not just think it's a week for business News Corp. -- Fans can political party for the week and end. And you can post debate that he only one of the New York. The last week in January the first to get February combining everything goes on to Europe with every technical television -- that's just my feeling is a guy who lives in New York. At a good stuff and George -- -- -- -- out of a friend had so much data to show -- with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T in the nation's fastest and now most reliable forgy LTE network our conversation with Adam has been brought to -- Cumberland farms. All in love with delicious farmhouse when coffee today. And DC you'd digital federal credit union what can DCU's debut and buy a cup ski insurance.

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