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Tom Brady: "Our margin of error is slim"

Dec 16, 2013|

Tom Brady joined the show and discussed the teams tough loss in Miami. He said that the team has a small margin of error and needs to put more points on the board.

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Dennis and Callahan on a patriot Monday our conversation with Tom Brady is brought to -- northeast electrical distributors the cancer center at Beth Israel deaconess and crescent credit union and always Tom joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning Tom. Hey it was uncharacteristically. Brief media session last night that made it clear that that game. That loss I suppose that missed opportunity hacked you off pretty well what was the specific nature of your -- last night after the game Tom. -- just there was really won't know that we let -- get away and he oak. You know gets. A lot of good opportunities to win the game and to win the division title and and you know just came up short so. It was frustrating. And you know all the way around we've. We've got off to a better start that we got our two but the previous whatever three or four weeks and when the halftime with a lead and then. You know felt like we moved the ball pretty good all day we just. Couldn't give up points on the board so. Got to try to find out a way to get probably have -- All I know you well enough and what your answer will be regarding missing up offensive weapons it's the next man up speech that you give so well but privately to yourself how not lament. The absence of a -- health BR Hernandez that Dobson pumpkins are all of that. Well I -- -- And Mitch to troop there's and we have plenty of chances anyway so. And they're getting those things really matter yes they have been. It is great to have everyone helping -- -- -- is that. You know took that didn't matter yesterday so we have we have been a chance to develop those kind of on the field and and we just have to come up with ways. Score more -- because. You know it's not gonna kinda. But I think you know twenty points and you know -- because certainly we do things well enough at times. Moved the ball down the field give ourselves in good position. But that would go to about. You know make. The plays when we really need to make. When you get on the plane come home come do you immediately break out the iPad and start looking at Baltimore do review. First you review the Miami loss. My mistake and an area I -- Baltimore stuff so. I didn't have to have the game with me on -- -- on the computer. From yesterday's -- yet today as well. The European and local women talk about you know -- -- did well everything we didn't do well. Senator to correct those and then. You know global burden. Because Connecticut beat Baltimore. I'm guessing you don't look at the 34 completions as closely. As you look at the one -- the one pick at the and the completion at the end is that when you look at that last play or to have you looked at last play in the U. Does kick yourself former NC should've done this or should go on there with a. It is -- great you have pretty much over the war games which no one place there at the end and you know that's one Djokovic your last chance she's you know you look at that through a lot of chances that we had so. A chance -- the first quarter second quarter a third corps in the fourth quarter of -- we just couldn't get away from and so. We got to you know we -- score more points and you know make it tougher on the other team didn't. There won't have to come down to a last second play it. We've made plenty of this year which has been great from yesterday -- -- right on the cusp. Do that again we just. Just didn't know quite do enough. You get the -- I guess yes it was the warmest. Od. And no I'm not not to remind him point eight -- felt fine to me so. You know it's just everywhere and there's different elements you know people corporate America -- to -- No we could have until a little bit warm weather but we're decent shape America. The only issue resolved but it really hard and we've -- we still one point. No just out of fewer active receiver is pretty much play goal gave himself. You don't really hung in there and you have a different guys it's a different positions and solar -- out Logan went to tackle couldn't I was really stepped and then did a great job so. Lot of guys didn't run a really good things but you know we just. To secure the -- I'll argue a law of averages kind of guy do you believe that calls eventually even help that breaks eventually even out that comebacks -- failing to come back eventually evens out. -- produced first I was would you do a little bit more than I usually you try to do little bit less so. No that's that's sport that's. -- around the globe that -- -- that. -- Ridley. After last week there was expect apparently going to be a big part of this in the and three catches. Yet three catches for eight yards is that a function of having that protects stay in the protect the back and at mile route or I'm sorry not retreat marine. Marine. What did you need to keep your back in and you couldn't cinema on. And then have to make some catches. Sure we're a little. Yeah that could pick up a little bit and then. I think just some of the coverages. Dictated that the ball -- so well so. You know shame as a good look you know usually get a good look Biden to get all bit. You know all Russia so sure there's times where he was probably open -- throw it. That means a big part of our sense of what he did go and then. You know took it you will expedite the dynamic player for a so. We just got to find a way to get the ball won't. If 33 targets yesterday I think that's right combined. For -- dole. And for element I guess given that affected you could use -- as much if you're affecting some the other guys route to Canada rely on those two guys a couple played real well. Whether they can remove you know two receivers were down there and you know that the tight end that a few looks -- in the -- -- got a few looks so. It's got to go to those two guys so you know they came up with a lot of big plays and protectionism. Important war -- touchdowns and 4000. You know they if they showed great improvement or use them. The big part of often and so. That's where it's got to be tremendous -- we just have to. We just want to do a better job because you are -- very very slim lead. You know we can make any mistakes or give them many opportunities are -- we are pleased that convey that I got toward the end of that and we got to commit themselves. We just don't have. There -- just when I went about thirty points work every Google without the media and then. You know we just got to do a better job when we have a chance to make. We have opportunities as a team and you know it all three -- To make plays serve you know help secure win. Tom did you know -- man could catch one handed. If you don't catch and great catcher Brad and hope that -- -- hold a better armor. What happened. But you make good -- that the big touchdown and there -- the kind of plays that we need you know kind of what I can be open by bill five yards every play we got a you know especially evident that it got that we got to make tough blows. Big into tight windows and a -- and that catches takes two minutes. But Julian did last week against Cleveland Richard that they should go back -- give them but that's probably rather so. But we got to be better in the red area -- getting better overall. So we just. It just sucks to lose. Did you think. -- dole had that one with a 27 seconds left in the right corner in the end zone. You have that I wish I regret it in the -- -- -- great playback -- out so. Both great defense of the way it. You know did he fought hard all day was no one of the best games he's played so. Unified food. You know it's -- big catch is that -- over the course of the bowl games those great feet. A much -- you can quantify -- -- but how much more difficult is it for you as a quarterback to get the ball to smallish wide receivers in the red zone as opposed to having a mega -- you can go walk and get it or even even you know Tompkins and and and and Dobson a real ranger receivers obviously the absence of -- is it. Is exponentially more difficult because -- -- that and element or undersized. Interest that we're really depends on the place -- Two of the bigger you are a bit over the course separation you get some guys like Calvin Johnson and Larry FitzGerald or just coordinator. You know you can grow longer. You know when you put the ball high you idiot decided -- you know you don't. And have a place to throw you don't have that I did really do need our zone of separation of you know which is so probably do a little bit harder to get in the red area. We understood that -- chances you know the score so. -- I don't. The epic about those things to virtually register -- about. The fact that we miss him. Some pretty good opportunities for women gave them -- -- -- most -- -- what could happen to have so right there -- those -- problem. It's still opposed to -- the post rig and you know there's -- -- in combat and it didn't really matter have. You know the great -- -- wouldn't because we just haven't dealt with. You know that she's very relevant except that we. When the better -- try to play to belong to we just. -- suck it up and couldn't score reports. You got at Baltimore this week obviously they got a game tonight but. Every time you play Baltimore we have to hear from Terrell Suggs and how much he. -- Q do you do you think he really hates you you think he just says that to get his guys fired up. -- Much a surprise. A good work for -- available should be happy to tell you how you feel about this week's joke. They regret play as Russia last thing you. Know group we put for a long time and he. Revolution attempt to open that defense so he can do revoke. Your room mansion but it took -- -- -- I happen to him on the road about a bunch of this year and would come up with a few -- and oh loss for the moment itself. Don't go do a better job when these games. And then you know can we can remember we talked about to come back and fight through written. Just feel we can make ridiculous. No hostilities of pollution which got a could grow with -- -- You after the game mistress some -- Belichick about the loss in the impact on playoff -- Belichick's that he just doesn't care about that stuff is that true and you guys. Spent any time whether it's you know privately are paying attention to the playoff -- a matter at all. It doesn't matter dog who don't even we are here qualified for anything we're gonna get ten -- -- But it had way it is this you know it's it's fine it's okay by the hand of -- but then they didn't. You know we're we're -- just play better football I think that's sort they're really. You know care about it just play better football would feel if we didn't. Do better quicker more consistent basis as a program rolled into play better. You know everyone up to number -- -- a better job because. But it does so we don't have you know what I. Nobody know me don't run away from any team that would play -- and don't let you know we just we have played well enough consistently to do that so. If you really didn't give him every week then. We have opportunities to do we got -- take a good attitude let's -- we had opportunities to do better wouldn't take advantage so. That's why I'm sitting here you know this talk about lost -- You know it just you know makes for a long week -- but he would you you know really. If you don't give you get a typically waited you know you have had a great opportunity to win. Which leads me nicely to our quarterback question of the week -- brought to -- crescent credit -- sort of the same vein of what you were just talking about. All 8 Monday morning after a loss when the team assembles in the facility. Does the mood the tone and the tenor differ wildly from the atmosphere after he wins the day before. If I mean that's you know -- -- worries have been an extra little. You know caught -- give it your best to win and so -- if you come up short meant that matters of staff couldn't -- them. Turned over there and and all that matters that really mean anything. You know what there's one stat that matters and you could have turned. To win 12 weeks so. Little root -- ruined when you lose you know because you just pissed off for the -- so. You know this is Camilo Kim it would -- and then you're made of because if we are going to be -- Baltimore. Yet another argument to the media this year we just we have a big concern is consistent not to do itself. We. Didn't -- -- would be -- Back to work we'll talk to will pocket next Monday Tom. Bob Brady with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T ally in the nation's fastest and now most reliable four GL TV network. Brought to you by crescent credit union now serving Boston province and beyond. Missed that precedent credit dot org to see how you can experience the great feeling of better banking crescent. -- credit dot org also by northeast electrical distributors and the cancer center at Beth Israel deaconess hospital. We'll be right.

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