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Pats get 4th loss of season in Miami - Response and Reaction - The Real Postgame Show

Dec 15, 2013|

Butch Stearns, Fred Smerlas and Steve Deossie break down the Patriots loss to Miami, and how the seeding and playoff positioning in the AFC is once again wide open with the Patriots loss.

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Cincinnati playing in Pittsburgh and I can control. Most of their destiny but they selectively Baltimore down the stretch the last game of the -- -- -- Cincinnati -- not -- -- -- -- the patriots gave this -- away. You lose a lot of it was a more opportunities for them away in the that the I think by the Miami took to conspiracy you know up the patriots were up -- -- one point -- Up to enough them and they weren't -- -- back scored seventeen Streep was a forty even game. About double teams off or -- -- the ball out about 320 yards off this effort it's a really good question but I would answer just by that one drive. Where they decided to go for a fourth down made it. And then scored a touchdown that drive I gotta give it to Miami for -- in the you have the agreed that agreed to -- the patriots have the opportunity. Right to stop month third seventeen yards by that that to me is giving away yes. Well I mean you have a right all of that I gave you probable blunt. They made revealing made twelve yards and then they made they went for a fourth down. And made the five and half your -- but -- only got the complaint about drive with a touch I just dancing that's not giving him that's. That's having the guts to go for a -- -- five with -- plus minutes I learned that during rush got to that point but on the other side you have an opportunity. If you stop the -- third notes were for ten -- it enough -- aggregate. -- Bob that I guess they're right Isaiah that's perspective what what can we got to put the papers out and meet. Not can Matt bush you have when you have a play for the -- up beauty today -- security one team got one team didn't one team had the balls to make the call. And talking the other team. Couldn't stop -- -- cuts and but they're right there so. Buy dot -- gonna play. But when you have that opportunity in hand and kicked kicked out of bounds kick. You've got to make those plays -- pitchers lose 2420 we go to the phones on the real post game show kicking off for the body Jimmy it's August. Up bloody heartbreaker that wise this is tough what Jimmy let me tell if they were. Would be better Utley had a better strengthened -- -- coat maybe it would convert printed some of these injured who's. The game -- -- that there was achieve their strength coach stringer coach can't but can't stop concussion strength coaches can't get the ball and bow street Chicago and its bill. A -- conditioners pretty well I mean for all the players. That were they they were fatigue look at look at element and chemical those guys to cover up in the outfield. Catch the ball over fifteen catches for you have element. And I don't think you can issue is the problem -- and ended with thirteen for 139. And a touchdown 139 is a -- nine yards and -- -- -- with ten. For a 130 one's a 23 catches they were targeted the Twitter catches on 33 targets totaled nineteen targets. For -- today that's occurred that's a career high for him. Without crop we wondered who was going to be the guy it was settlement bode well and he's been the guy early on before -- was right over here that believe in a -- reception Julio but. Those guys written report pointed out when you're going down a group wrote a big tiger are you wanna point out your big tiger and ends all his golden on the but the moment. Not quite -- -- settlement to get 89 catches on the year now and he's in the top seven. Not sure exactly is depending what -- Marshall they denied the chance look at up go to Mike in Newton hello Mike. I don't select weekly am I listened -- -- -- but we didn't mention out pretty quick successful again in the -- on both times I mean. We would would do one. For a three there were one for four in the red zone you count the last drive when we do -- on the reds on the last -- we actually did talk about brutal reception talked about -- -- who said it would pay media got plush gods in fifteenth place. In only came -- six point I've got to score near that area we've but I don't unsolicited earlier -- your point is what Mike. Does that put them make it even when he gets up and -- keep it was a big difference but. And to begin the season there was problems and. Don't have we'll also -- -- tells you were much much much better in the red zone viewers you're in the top five in the league the red zone when they got it from. I thought it was hot out even on the field because. Because he's actually he's actually played a little bit better than the -- was the last two games played a little bit better buddies on the field because males not. And all that defense is terrible and you can't stop the one he looks like he's out of shape. Well he's did anybody can not a great player to -- that -- the oldest gold we're at least covering. They full well that agony if they with a guy will be figured it would seem that maybe put a -- They do they put Fletcher and write a few times. No no flag for passengers what time is also not a strong against the Romans -- hard times and -- I don't ya know the Itar doesn't. Seem like he's living up to what he's not living up to woody was supposed to -- but I'm not sure you have much choice right now. Without without -- in their you've got to find a way to patch it together between. Fletcher and and I tell guys -- of -- profits of lines loved -- veteran of that note the rookie game Kline -- climbing lies on ready to play in snowboarding and Posey didn't watchers seem to happen in the game Neitzel went out of believe in the third quarter with a concussion. They moved Logan Mankins ovals left tackle instead of garden they put Josh Klein rookie. From -- Kent State -- at guard. And Dow was a factor down the stretch because you got me -- that are unfamiliar position. Klein who's a rookie and several times in a pressure on Bryant missed that guy right on his head -- afford -- you know just a -- element. But. Go back -- a column for us and we talked about his 280 -- plus drives. Fifteen plus plays in c'mon it was six points is that a fourteen Q yeah that. I think for US to question we'll monitor -- -- Steve before you showed up right for you showed up for tiger Freddie brought up the question. That is legit and one how much once sold went out. How many injuries can you really. On the -- so I think the interviewer and -- you're sort of reminds them that you're going right where I wanted to go. It it really is a matter of perspective I think you almost have to decide what perspective you wanna have do you wanna say wow. It's remarkable would this battle of attrition we all know the guys gronkowski mail Wilfork and -- -- goes up -- all were all gone. We all know the guys and it's remarkable they got to this point -- do despite. They're the team that could have been the number one seed today they didn't make the plays and we always say -- -- So as a matter perspective which way you want you wanna be impressed that there will next man up. And put themselves in the position 41 to criticize and -- get the job done all -- the chance to get it done based on the way the season started and what that team looked like. I think at the view -- almost over performing somewhat based on. The amount of injuries to key injuries YouTube tackles -- middle linebacker year old pro nose tackle. You know to a receivers going garnered year old world titles tiger and you don't they're. They're patching it together the question is how long can collapse of how deep into plows can you go with us on not only that you didn't have. You're two rookie receivers again today Aaron Dobson and Campbell Tom but I always just subliminal -- open and go AJ but I -- I mention it because without -- need all imports Haaretz I agree of weather. Also Robertson non renewable. Yes so to your point Freddie. How they've all -- -- it's gonna -- the -- I think what we saw today is you're you're sort of at the breaking point. Like you're sort of at the breaking point here it is so -- if Yemen -- or ar Edelman went down today it was going to be Cawley. We got to step in ever -- any -- we virtually no right. I've never seen so many injuries but. It's similar it's the same memo every weaker figure -- only fight fight fight the comeback at the elected did. And had a chance to have a chance to win -- we were those injuries -- want to look at that offers a line of Miami has pretty good defensive line. -- linebackers DBs not great but they put up what if the 45 points gets -- pits for a you know in the -- other. Took this offense for Miami's -- pretty well the ground yeah. They play like this I I thought it was going to be a tough game but it's we can out the end but when it sold goes out. And it it is written in your movement being kids around your rookie in. But yeah we see the pictures do this all the time we've seen them overcome injuries we've seen them even the season we've seen them overcome cereals and who thought they would have their -- without coast in the record that they had Miller especially after the way they played some of those games. One little scenarios is that. We're a little bit spoiled because we've seen the -- to time and time again and we've seen them find ways to win ball games today they they were. Tall dark short very didn't find a way to win this game but. Does it. Is or something of what we're talking about now without Gradkowski is a supporter received one report was reported points. -- points on the board. I don't know I don't know with the lawyers defense so there's a matter perspective for you. I'm out there thrown my snowblower around about a rental property to anyone in my -- Miguel huge patriots fan. Comes out and at the end of the day helped me with the drive returns -- We think there -- so what do you think he goes they'll find a way to win. And that -- stuck with me I think that's almost patriots fans feel -- they'll somehow find a way to win wherever sold it was not they'll find a way away. There which they think of 120 points -- -- -- is 27 points right we're you know you've got to be on the roller hot date out of Miami on grass. Actually did premature to talk you don't even though they had to put different pieces and -- Brady's is still there aren't. You're still got a couple receivers edit that out of make it -- also the game plan they come up with a creative game plan. To -- that pass rush get rid of the ball on the two seconds and what's this got to bite a battle but he's got inside and and is -- -- -- I was surprised. That they didn't struggle booted up sooner you know -- they were doing fine with a run in the first that control the ball let's try. I just thought coming out the that they would just. Surprise everybody just. Open it up doesn't -- DB usual week the hard to I agree with your point Steve when you look at the numbers. Hard to say that quote they didn't open up from -- -- they threw the ball 55 times first half which -- -- -- for stuff I -- Well when you look at that -- overall numbers at the end of the game we don't -- boy was playing my point was a surprise it didn't come out. Starting game and open guy. Do the same level it was before I agree they lag that they're okay what about thirty yards -- you know what you have 250 the second and a final. He and zionism it was unfortunately team collect a 130 are really notes 64. 34 of 55 for 364 for the game that sort filter to a watery -- -- second out over toward -- get together -- actually out. Right I thought. 'cause of the that the lack of defense to back. And the backs of the Miami had a little problem of stock fired away because of Victor your victory to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- -- program pretty good in the fourth quarter outsold you might want in that situation you don't wanna wait. On the pages of improved in the fourth quarter two -- it's just. You know it is about a dollar 2.0 you're down there and he'd on grass are running on grass takes a lot more Roddick has takes. War effort that they got to write more targeted Schumer and a mid 80s July if you figure. They're gonna have an advantage in the fourth quarter of which are really did it thanks to -- district but you're right if you put the pressure on them early defense trials -- about. Our Rick from when he'll be up first when we come back to this is the real post game show. We're here taking your phone calls for the next several hours after a point 420 patriots loss coming up shortly we'll hear from. The locker room -- from the belly check and others. Will also have our post honey bunches of votes post foods honey bunches both player of the game are Jo fish catch of the day. All that and more the real post can jump presented by complaints key insurance at complaint ski they shop so you can say. Visit complaints keep dot com today and the real post game show is brought to you by post foods honey bunches of votes. And also by AT&T normally we wait for a little while. To go to Tom Brady's press conference because he sits there and answers all the media's questions. You wondering how he feels about his team with a chance. To get the number one seed but his team losing in Miami losing for only the second time in the last 19 December games. Tom Brady stepped to a podium strap yourself think as this does not last long here's Tom Brady after the game. I'm doing. Write him. We do so always. -- -- -- -- Here -- there. -- -- -- Yeah I'm really really into a good job getting in the red in the right there and do -- job finishing drives though. Component -- it wasn't a good day. And could make enough plays. The it. It. That we got plenty of chances all -- so. We. Make some good plays and make it so. Thank you. -- -- -- -- We made some good guys you made some blank I -- that life is correct. Those shall we please have a date that could've made in law and plays title please. -- plays for our employees at -- bunch a couple of -- had. Then you know should dissipate the pressure so this wasn't their best this is a just like usual from radio because usually usually doesn't bring that to The -- by him veto. Who does it rebut these repetitive jets. It's true global flow management. Mr. as a W -- it's a collection. But the point is that I think you guys watch the game like this was her best performance -- the cowboys have -- terrible. But there was so many things we talk about different things that -- done in Miami did you know give them credit but there was also a lot to their grip on that date that this is left of that it. Over the place then relatively easy I understand it was hightower covering but you're still gonna make that rural community together you. You know you've made that third seventeen converted on fourth down you know it's. He can't take that away from Miami because Miami made the plays when they had to with the patriots didn't -- couldn't kick the ball. Into the hands only you've been doing 75% of the time this year so far by you. In Augusta -- you just assume that a forty are from -- of those views. Is a layup -- do -- -- a good bit about that gets 41 straight. Kicks within said the fifty right towards street yeah drought and -- as is always third mission the one -- -- was from observed for normal is -- -- here. Today but odds -- it's -- them even more. Yeah you know -- or -- to go to -- for you your regular bureau gave you another debuted at the forty yards closer to the ultimate goal line but. The way there -- with a ball. It would have been a possibility that might -- score with. Towards sort of episode of 120 what does it say for the back the phones what does it say to you guys that. Again I don't think anything Brady said was wrong but we rarely see that from him at the podium. Win or lose what does it -- -- -- that that much time after the game he still hadn't cooled down and decided that's it aren't out. Well not time usually still in my everyone you know favoring -- -- -- that Eddie you guys -- necessities he thinks -- to beat the crap out of room really I think that they thought. There a couple of picks scheme they had thought -- going to be in America is not a games of frustrated some guys but it was disgusted look like he was disgusted. What are you after this game but I feel they thought that they could put blog points on the board and they didn't. If you if you look at the big picture the big picture was the opportunity capture the first robot. Knowing full well -- borders beating Denver here. Is. A lot easier the beat him up there -- just no two ways about it. You never know if -- speak out of these figures that he's literally long enough he understands I watched that game has lost tees and that was a missed opportunity amid capsule was doctrine what what's worse than someone putting something. At your doorstep that you didn't expect. Putting something right there if you pretend they give you candidates and don't take it and they give. For opportunities don't mean you have opportunity to win this game. In many different ways like those long drives not capitalize on those long rise that was them leaving them or figure not a -- get on a forty that was up. Third and fifth seventeen -- but is static. And seventeen out and Steve Steve. The dollar dead every dollar that is -- -- -- story you have seen the pictures -- -- -- senate -- and you know right in the trigger threatens their territories so I said Miami's got a -- within -- just gonna say you're correct Stephen. This thread 73 -- LA's LA so -- third the third and seventeen year twelve yards and then you give up. Five and a half -- -- it -- a clean nice it's the real closely I was doing crowds go to Rick in Atlanta -- -- you give them a compliment hello Rick thanks -- -- -- It occurred at two quick point I expressed abroad to -- biggest -- rock luck runs out and not gonna go back and -- -- in the op and go back I think the ball. Well lest they get additional walked out with respect that you were good would have -- good news like -- -- the one sense that they have like hot bed at school coverage last week you look receivable wide open. We can make chronic capital and also in a bullet hole through person's never worked in. In crow don't think out citizen that control they did dupers again. I don't know what the problem at the bit that this trade their recruiting next. Here a -- -- -- game -- -- than it was triggered that was that it was a reverse of the game for Miami to that now not a big -- -- -- -- -- -- always 1213 yards and tells you they don't work in the pros. IP trip I quote it's about a plate and I told them at all until I don't know told you they don't work. Yet but I would not -- I would not. I ask you specifically Lhasa Apso renounce its all of your point about the reverse -- the there for -- is -- of people old persona that's why weren't mr. -- Certain people -- so much happier. A lot of sexy poses a lot of to a lot the government called -- grosses to work of guys not containing the look upstairs that does -- -- Then they're gonna run or personal rubble and Robert primarily -- shot what's going on and run -- did you guys not containing cargo facility -- -- delivering it -- bring it up as just some phenomenal laundry list of things he didn't do Welty. And usually have a much right. Actually last week paper -- We -- wide open adults to be able here receivers token amnesty. You'd be -- probably be their vendors are all -- that you meet their defensive backs correct yeah okay we'll tell you what we agree with the the other guys what do not have got and it's not average speed is brilliant right up militia they're not that there -- -- good defense which are grameen we agree with -- house go to although velocity and he's gone. And but what's always says that they'll work they'll just -- arbitrarily throat plays and they -- what's going on. If this about it guys bite and nonstop which she -- -- -- I point out all the good -- Jolted by ten ensemble so they're gonna run outside roll out of it because a guy's not worst post debate. They do well clearly my Cleveland had a good reversed course last week was a guy on how to Joshua road Gordon Gordon running I'd hate you run and if you make it on my wall still just as fast -- -- they were in the game. Right -- Lot of the plays out they didn't play exceptionally well but the still doubtful seven seconds left the nor did it as a chance to -- the logo says the ball Miami's senators beat up to free up an advisor to resume together signed -- Simpsons was practice squad playing 32 so. The idea that. I agree but when push comes to shove. The dolphins made the plays with the patriots try to data in and that's what more job point which is an early why did if I am. About a number of -- great coordinator but if I have a team. There has weak real weak spot in the secondary in the front -- pretty good. I'm gonna have for a -- out and go from no moral payment bank get him off balance of that run he can make sure you almost have to to cover up for that what did you do related note that it -- but I thought they rip the ball. Okay great -- after the patriots -- yet. Whatever the ball kept our -- even Ridley -- a couple of 9/11 yard runs but go to looked at ten points out swisher had at least fourteen you know it modified only back to the causes go to -- in Arlington on the real close insurance run with Freddie and Steve little. There are those guys who. It was a Friday a couple of minutes ago you said that Brady was. That he had thrown a couple of ball limited dirt today. What is true and we also back. But -- thought I had to -- to the opposite a lot recently to. It seems like it tends to deliver the ball -- -- but I need you to just keep it away and defend their. But it was. Couple like Colorado where he sort of Ridley once he yeah I mean. -- thrower. Or in the direct -- you couldn't get it wasn't that many may some extraordinary trolls on the price. -- no question no question there was a couple that I wanted to make about as fast as you can -- it's -- that aren't the scanners are present completions. A ball better like just over their head and -- off the receivers and it. Well you know what if if if that's the case I really haven't broken down the the -- -- but if that's the case part of that could be. -- am trying to throw the ball with a defender can't get it the other part of it could be there also could be more pressure than he's used to without all that. It's also why is. You know leaders and have a whole lot of interceptions and that that's that's into. Very accurate. A lot more -- certain things have a lot. Yeah well couple things about Tom Brady's. Incompletion that there's sort of three bullet points here one is. He completed 34 of the 55 passes through today without -- -- he had a 60% completion rate which is pretty good. Beginning of the year it was in the fifties -- -- -- and constantly and gets sixty and that's stumble. Number two while the numbers say he was only sacked once. It says that he was hit seven times but they showed that he was -- -- nine times we have an -- before that final drive so he was hard to do doesn't -- couple -- free. A free pass rush is coming clean. Would -- touched off Cameron Wake seemingly on one drive in them like five plays in a row after completions remarkable unaudited pick up. And but you know what. That's understood we saw a lot of his passes were also. Quick passes to their understood the draw from the -- was beat up there -- studies doctor to have the the normal three to four have second noted that you could expect from a good offensive line they call please accordingly. A lot of things going to play calling. Not just what you like to do what how many yards like to get. A lot of things have to go to a leg gave the time of the game the score. How well you -- offensive line can hold up do you have time. To run a three and a half to 42 route all of these things have to come into play when your -- of -- play call. I would take a break when we come back Joseph your will be up first then John -- go to Miami. And talk about buddy Steve. Not from Fall River today Steve's in Miami giving us a call. This is the real post game show presented by complaints key insurance at -- -- you they shop so you can save. Visit cup Lansky dot com today also brought you by post foods honey bunches of votes -- post foods on a bunch of old player of the game coming up just a little bit. And by AT&T. Fourth down at five for Tom Brady of the patriots from the fourteen of Miami. But 54. Brady out of the second two receivers right one left to. -- -- -- -- Whether. Again I don't know -- awfully well he's a serious guy came into work call you know came into work every day. Spent some extra time because he was so far behind. And we regain some reps in practice putting -- -- the rest -- -- -- -- we did that but. He's a guy when he made the guys. They kind of like -- kind of a bright guy. They pick stuff up and you know we needed them and contribute. As dolphins coach Joseph Philbin. Talking about the final play of the game and talking specifically. About Thomas. Who made the interception Michael Thomas who has just brought in this week by the patriots safety who they -- you guys said. Once once it happened that he sort of read that right away sort of took it took him yeah well that's rose -- mention that. There is one play left him run the ball game. If you're gonna throw it -- distraught McNamee. Repeatedly -- he looked in the side was followed an adult. I mean was full volley and then if it's just kind of backed -- stop them kind of wobbled to the ball. Soul it's time now for our post foods honey bunches of most players the game. Candidates in their Tom Brady was 3455. For. 364. Yards Freddie as you mentioned he passed for roughly 230 yards in the second half and two touchdowns that final pick on me and the game. Not our players the game play again goes to Julian Edelman. Thirteen catches on that. Nineteen career high nineteen targets. First game about Rob Gronkowski our first team after gronkowski back. That there without a career high 139. Yards receiving almost thirteen catches -- one touchdown which. Could've given in the win had they were able to stop them on third and seventeen and fourth and five -- that would have been the game winning drive but. Our post foods honey bunch of post player of the game is Julian element thirteen catches 139 yards. One touchdowns -- In the middle of another season here kick off your game right with post foods honey bunches of votes. Stop into your local market basket to anyone with a production was gonna come from Wednesday -- you know remembering you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Development and we've got nineteen times thrown to a flow that's were won over one -- of -- didn't get -- -- overthrow covering I don't know that there were caught sobering thought of it yes. I got a little has mentioned that they'll say it's just the way they anticipated rain break it up. You know the difference of Brady had a -- where he was only targeted seven times and he had three catches in Amendola had fourteen targets Josh always had seven. Call he had three -- man had three. Marine had seven and we -- on that one target catch whatever boys. Don't know. Her younger users ultimately came and he. He's improving as a as a watcher armies are great quickness and speed -- -- -- they'll watch guys who could be one or twice. Go deep into trouble yes. And they'd lose that if he's out because that -- -- an admirable Kimberly go you have been talking and they're all good for guys burned by them notes sort of a mid field -- is an. Like over the linebacker to remember the idea -- Hawkins is it was a physical adoptions is whose freedom fest for boys and one way to get these most read the burn. Let's go back to the phones let's go to John Quincy -- and enjoy -- on the real post game show. John and I don't and I don't know. The duke who work repeat from -- like to present us scenario. All of us right now a -- Patriots offense okay. We're going and every week knowing that -- defense is most likely not gonna hold our opponent I lost twenty points. Up believing right now we're gonna have to make big plays we're gonna have to gain one way or not. Well at this point with the injuries and office also -- is -- wonder. What do you have to -- offered to line out you have to stud tight and don't know -- who you're offered little bit. Lube -- we -- with -- OK so I was just gonna lead to that not how we don't want okay. And -- mentally -- okay. You have to believe. That it kind of wearing -- a little bit on the first -- I am aware -- that sort ever mystery to me but they continue. We this repeal will be a little more productive in the forest that usually go to the second out. Don't -- up by -- and then wait a minute and fifty seconds left their dolphins were down school ordered a touchdown. And left what thirty seconds left sort halftime it was 103 the patriots. -- had seven they should never allow the Rudolph field school are going to be some great plays were. But they were still up at halftime that's that's a rarity so there were lagging behind as much as we did. -- last couple games. And they played it only had 400 400 some guys offensively they move the ball. But they had those two long drives eighty plush -- fifteen plus plays it only came out with six points is that a fourteen points. -- mr. field goal to kick a ball. He kicked the ball out of bows -- -- month forty date they left a lot of plays on the table. So Joseph tell it straight brought the stats of the stats are supporting what are you seem to be saying. But the defense digits -- seven he plays to the golf and 64 today. The F forty and 53 total yards to the dolphins 378. This is the sixth game in a row now that the Patriots defense is allowed 24 points or more. And -- today they allowed twenty cents or six games in a row now that they've allowed for three more rounds are more. You are you guys play the game I mean do you have any real insight in order to be going on what what do you think it's happening in the first African are obviously today. Some -- better than that then you know recently. I. You know what what do you think it's it's still going on I mean are they trying to just figure it out too much in the first happened and they have to adjust. You know depend on these these late drives because obviously they can do when they need to. Why can't they do -- Earlier on in the game so they don't you know they they have a little more comfort zone. What's your point I assumed that they might choose to do that they might just come out. Spread it out -- and and special with a weakened. Second area of Miami. I assume that they would go right out from with the passing game maybe it's the idea that. You don't have now. All your players in place you don't have. The ability to run as much. No huddle offense we see much -- to let go doll a much at all they actually -- one -- lost five. -- you know you're looking at a numbers there is that. Couldn't. Keep them away from that or maybe they just weren't going to their defense to your point going of their defense let up you know -- for post points. Maybe they were trying to shorten the game a little bit by you holding onto the ball I'm sure the time of possession was it was in their favorite first theft. But I had to be material point again. I think a lot of it is self inflicted the patriots when they have pushed of the show and they gonna fire away -- led a you know it is small law. Gobble one bullet colonel wasn't enough and big plays against you by doing that but they seem to function better. Second half they needed they passed the ball bullish part of optimal morneau -- also. Bill so much more conservative in the first half. In her right I think to try to feel amount find out what the door while oil opened up. My answer to Joe's point is this in their last nine games is only one game that they've allowed less than twenty points and that was the last dolphins game. Where they won 27 to seventeen every other game in the last nine games eight of the last nine they've allowed. More than twenty points wins and losses tomorrow I think -- all these injuries as you guys always preached. A lot of film on this team without Wilfork without. Mayo and would love match up -- He did you have don't have available for him what do -- without rich have you have too much from when those guys -- in the game but they're not in the game so it's easier to exploit mismatches now isn't it. It is -- -- mismatches when it puts a mismatch could exploit it could double to take away some of the best matches if you have those guys you have -- mismatches. As a the interior line you have to cover up. The fact that bureau linebackers are back scrimmage -- tutored him to -- was not a solvency was you know you've got. See what you write that you could see more. Mismatches. But when you have. The guys that helping guys out there. A lot of those mismatches or take away so yeah maybe they're seeing mismatches but. There's so obviously. Also we are mobile guys this is a very average defense right there scheme while boosting his -- coordinate their -- -- Provo. This this this team is gonna let out. Twenty points. Twentieth twenty -- for all whatever their defense has been over the last couple years and even this year with the injuries. We still say they're tenth in points a lot well not in the last night with a have a places and all I mean it really originally. Realistically we're sitting there we're -- draws in the terrible Holland. Even this -- out there to combat would that rag tag -- at -- line that can't stop anybody else was. You have a let's say if you we're you wondered how they duel and at the end because they have Brady you have politics and good receivers but. This defense as it is now with the players are the plays a player -- is that not a defense -- cable shut teams down. Before we break the top of the hour let's go down in Miami and talked to our buddy Steve from Fall River host did walk a white guy -- Steve was says Steve. -- not so much I wouldn't look good. I had -- built up for. Got out -- -- -- the redevelopment shot in the line actually shot. The Google it you'll kick up -- -- try to kill. So they're -- on the pageant -- this year that's it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So different so good -- members of the drug related might have it. Could pick out to get rid of and sued -- rivers days. Accused -- Wal-Mart -- much. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a playmate. -- kind of like lets get extra in the suite at. He didn't like you can take all the reps he -- keep -- under something yeah. You know getting big -- general. I -- who don't have anybody like that any. I want to ask are -- Utah and among. What we're certainly not -- -- my series offers the following please provide you are minimal public threat. Then again so -- reason I don't think they do not have a deep threat right now. That there are Rob Gronkowski is basically the threat Omar of all he could play. A lot. And an open up and speak like a player like I almost bought an -- number -- is not an article. Not automatically. Ideologies and -- we -- -- to Wallace in that kind of money at a ball out of play as well. Miami has made the playoffs for user base in the all of our students conversations conversations those ago percent. So now you think that Miami is the pinnacle of the of what to do. And in drafting a player Wallace why -- is that what you can respect that obesity so you got challenge me. That the patriots should to a Miami doesn't bring in a place. I should know how to tell me to fall they have done over the years. Not so that's the plan worked out just had this we've -- They've amassed and we answer the question go for first look at Miami a team that they should mimic. What. We've answered a question like David viewing the pictures so much what to go to YMC what you would call -- So why every intent of color race or it was your fault Buffalo's team way to -- -- his arm and I was just figures the Budweiser -- was probably don't hold on please people don't know the national TV the last -- -- going to be less relevant -- we've got to take a break somewhere even less -- Give -- one reason. That they lost this football game. Yeah auctioning it to battle all the medal in Florida threw -- off. Great kid at school my wallet is to play American -- -- small points that have to be that. Steve their play makers are hurt. You moron that's why you let him call we have to have out of it based all right -- is Mike Wallace is the 26 leading. Receiver in the NFL what's your average protect. Thirteen point one think from Rudolph he's -- -- actually had and got 706 brings up your after the break. Mike Grunwald is not Mike Hollis is not attacking guys -- with the overpaid for -- it is -- real close -- Joseph knows it is presented by Polanski insurance record as brilliant Steve -- -- does have prepared him. As Freddie has little boat though I can reinforce is -- great landscape they shop so you can save. Visit complaints he dot com today and the real post game show brought to you -- -- -- Tony budget vote and by AT&T. 4005. For Tom Brady of the patriots of the fourteen of -- and thrill of life. -- it's not good receivers right one. It's like for the. And Michael -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Real post game shows on the air you can join us by calling 617. 77979837. You can text into the AT&T text line. 37937. Indian boys on the glass. Will be screening you it will be painful process. For its role since the -- aren't -- are here in studio if you get -- Indian boys will be even more painful to deal with them. Because their ornery and angry because the -- laugh pirates when he did. -- the Miami Dolphins. Steve from Fall -- had a coherent point this I believe was his point. Is -- through all of them his or equalize that the patriots don't. Have a deep threat like dollar -- the dolphins do with Mike Wallace he chose Mike Wallace. This day because -- -- not having a deep threat. Because that's lastly saudis drop in the stands and in Miami that's. If you don't the deep threat it all depends. -- give him ten million dollars eleven million dollars. All the way to say my point was that the only gonna get a deep and all the and the money accuse you think that was money well spent that. Does anybody think don't -- I don't know anybody in my everything that was money well Steve does. Like here's your voice runs a 4340. Dobbs who runs a 444. They've been in -- and I got Wallace that runs a fourth reported Stephen. For the amount of money they paid what did they get they got a guy there -- he's behind when you talk about yards total yards he's behind a guy by the -- Cecil shorts. She's from drones Jacksonville Jacksonville yeah broad Streeter. Another big name -- Oakland probably make minimum wage he's behind TY Hilton. To right field like the merit he's behind. -- -- All he may still a moment he's a hundred yards behind his teammate Brian -- -- who makes about 110 of what he makes. I understand the desire for deep threat is far again that I understand it that's all fine and well. At ten -- eleven million dollars twelve million a year for five years we've always even worse you just an -- -- or worse -- receive twelve. Million -- average -- -- with you have to protection or urgent. Thirteen point one yards per catch. Now I don't like it for years. In Pittsburgh he average seventeen point two per -- I guess the real question is -- the real question is for all the yards the patriots put up for all they've done. Really we all know with him without wrong it's just night and day I mean the red zone for example they -- for four today. They -- the top team in the league for the six weeks they had Rob Gronkowski. In the reds their offense was the top -- secretly -- red zone weapon but right six or so so -- -- deep threats all we want. But really comes down to your number one target. And a guy who produces the great offenses in the NFL have multiple targets led by a number one target that produces in the red zone Peyton Manning as. You know three guys -- produce in the red -- Would you care one bit. About a guy would dispute among all spewed here if you had grown -- view if you had Hernandez who would do what he wouldn't be part of the equation. What it is is -- -- if you -- debating the value Brandon Lloyd in the -- 76 catches last year. Because of what you said Freddie basically an annual was paying attention -- to regularly and it always has -- -- Vietnam and all he was famous reformed our football all about but he was a byproduct of -- getting covered by more exclude when you have I don't know how would you like a guy the tale two of Mike Wallace. Okay but you're ready to play -- twelve million dollars for a he has doesn't have great hands doesn't move great but not fast -- absolutely not absolving the ball wait listen -- -- more deep threat. Great. I can all of -- -- title here Aaron Dobson I can't see the patriots. Paying twelve million dollars and the reason got told me dolls because it was a very weak freeagent go receiver. Class last year and they -- like they had to make a huge difference -- would out of money that future. It's gonna to feel -- debris and other players birth process of all how many times as. The can't bomb -- sacked him -- you know. Today I would the scrutiny to close to fill up drift into -- jokes you can it's attractive for all the Lombardi recession 65 times. All -- I think I would like I see Josh McDaniels and Tom Brady stretch the field a little bit more specially would have been 450 yards -- -- -- -- that is wind blowing today and they scored one point organized and direction -- do I figure they have -- walls on the team who want. No I don't. But I would like to see them stretch the field nor the best fields particularly in some things up for -- all -- stretch of VO and after office of lines for a you're of the time the reason it's sort of one sector or two seconds. Is to keep that would be the defense a bushel I'm not saying you're gonna drop back to -- -- Monica in the old Oakland -- -- not doing that they they they don't examine what is now happening in housing and occasionally. They don't -- -- operating comes and he throws the ball forty guys the era of the last time Michigan at us we were in Columbus this week than last week marine caught it -- through a silent. If you look at that satellite -- -- -- almost every week. It was a sought out pastor back with stops at all or taunted someone dollar silently throws -- a couple of du -- To element -- -- -- complete -- to keep the defense. At yet. That's why does go to John and already. John yeah well you guys aren't they talk to the plate and I'm actually focusing on an even though. Where he didn't hang onto the ball up and it seemed like -- China and that is stressed. Did you see the defenders handled them or Luxembourg did I hit it off -- he stole the ball. Yeah you. -- it up a Dolly could go you can say that absolutely could you could say that there was yeah. Some receivers would bring -- I agree made. How -- are -- bucket in particular could mean that it was a very charitable. No he wasn't -- took the ball had a test like because his -- his body and the guy got his hand between his hands. In his hand did hit the ball where he still trying to get the ball security that was note that those -- -- did order tobacco to play particularly about defense -- I. Mean I've I've been here in Cook County everything but that wasn't brought up and it seemed like there was a low relative chant going -- Brought it out I'm with John on this one if you wanna give me a handful of reasons the top 45 -- -- win this game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That was a lot of what I just quietly I mean he says despite what effect all one guy comes down Osama almost all despite the fact -- -- despite the fact that the federal made the absolute or perfect defense to back plate. You still want him to go up. Yes in the reason -- -- -- finish out the reason why. Is because he got his hands on at first he -- are inequality and that it was not knowing wasn't anything absorbed through his view that has didn't come back mobile it was body. He has sought out as it was starting to go ahead and and while he was starting that the defense is back has it right -- agree -- -- may have why yes it does a terrific catch it -- those guys get a check legitimate players understand. I -- and I would have said. There were -- -- there were plenty of other Roberts whose book OK would you love to make the catch yet. To hold onto the ball with the defender's hand in turning -- arms. In between your arms and neutral political -- let me look at a way to wage a couple of all like this and he's got an -- and a great play on the out of here and work together as long. Chants were together he's just gotten converge on. That was an outstanding chance it may connect and let's look at urgently it will listen to the government one. Adelman was a similar one in the corner. And we tried a one handed. I was screaming at the time dive for the ball to her being your power try to get. A party nonchalant it a little bit now they're running play after play after play after play after play right but I mean when you get that opportunity. I just didn't think I think if he looks at the film -- thinking in all honesty first 139 yards career yards. In thirteen catches in nineteen targets that's the 100 he would close to a Dodgers reach a political race in hand on -- right wingers are on about it what is left of his area. But I guess my point comparing that to the image dole won the Amendola ball was closer and -- schedule and look at let's cut to. Know -- whole Lotta Lotta whole lot of the hair evidence yeah I had the defense and back a bit -- -- and more countries to -- let's go to -- in a car what. It -- and ball let's go to Paula Carlos talk about the -- don't catch on time. So I think it's a big difference between a warning tell your senior -- and make back catch. But once it. There's a big difference between that and the defensive back making the perfect right I know there's no way -- don't. Already but he also at least choose sides -- the ground. Get out there and -- -- a different type the catch up ball but even if it was in the same position and houses but cheap there's no way what's what's the -- will hold on. Paul what's what's the bad analysis what would you that your your your your little baby and it certainly does that I'm not. Eliminate -- not eliminate that I'm just saying well I've always said early on to desire. For the play to be made Qaeda outweighs the logic what I'm seeing is some guys get step ball well don't. Now every -- very very. -- Somewhere else. -- the defender yet but that's not where it was placed the reality into a place where. The defender to get into. The defender to the golf world Joba put his hands right in between. -- goes arms it's appropriate just legally here and whenever well the honesty it's a fumble breeding -- and -- and an almost exactly what was I gonna bring got it -- to whatever goals that you have to wait for notice and say I should of brought that -- them. But also offered to. Live there for Alabama so I should've caught that receivers -- protest governor governor -- reality may not gonna happen if you do that nine and nine point 9% of the time. That's not going to be caught his defense of factors pushing it too is pushing a ball away from you thanks world -- had his career receiver -- it mid flight can. Grab the ball to his put up and away from the defense -- back yet to close baby is so close and maybe. But -- dole was not. Larry FitzGerald women dole is not Jerry Rice Seminole is a good receiver in the that defensive back we have very good plus six -- 77797937. On the real post game show we go to Tom in Philadelphia hello Tom. They don't go to Toronto -- More more of these games and it's weird anymore and that that -- patriots started falling and that you know bill applies. Now that the -- always been built. All you for the first. You could make you commit original case for the first part of your Columbia hello -- -- -- I could have steered through the first -- -- baby. Would -- would Tom Brady aging baby. You know that the patriots -- obviously but becoming. To a to a close but the bills I think most prolific right now that are more extraordinary half the teams heard -- that -- -- still have a number of blue eyes and I just wanted to I still wonder how do you figure the bills rise yet somewhat to the five and nine Buffalo Bills have that says there. Going back to the Jim Kelly do this it was a fair and it. Great attitude you know the only time I mean you just look at for gosh I'm not if you've got to figure the best lead dog -- -- -- and you know signals for. Go to the care about the bills do. Let's go to Jerry in Rhode Island who was at Stella Gerri. They got to tell you don't have -- -- they well watching it one way and our tailgate show it to tell you guys told me and I'm. -- at one time while ago -- to run -- spoke too soon. It's -- -- attack -- the -- the earth like Poland with. A sixteen yard. Thirteen play drives in the patriots were pretty close to being in the year ago. Why and maybe give it to blow which catches you Google stressed out when they handled their families want. -- and full of -- fourth and a half yard. Don't mean I don't know look at it. So it down. -- the fifteen seconds left at the end again. Offers so the patriots very first drive or you mean to journalists to give less time to. -- Miami scored -- at the half. I'm assuming they -- sourced parts are here hold on hold on here's -- place third and one at the Miami. Twelve they give it to blonde two Eagles -- two yards they get the first down it's first intent of the Miami ten. Brady passes to cattlemen for six yards it's now second in -- before. He passes to him and dole in complete. Now third and fourth to forty passes to voice over the middle Boyce made that little movie was covered very well Brady tried to threaded in Mary cut. Wilson needed nice play but to -- again the ball -- guy that was one of those bang bang you have always drop -- your point is. You get first intent on the ten. They threw three straight ball you wanna run the ball somewhere in there right. I know I definitely want to look at soldiers asking you -- go to make a point -- didn't. To make a point for the reason you -- is sometimes coaches I'll think themselves sometimes -- you know how those password we would even ask that question but. It also sometimes you look at and say okay. The that are Pactiv -- that the safeties are. At the most -- is going to be twelve or thirteen yard line of scrimmage you're you're you're usually you have more people when you're in the when you backed up against the the goal line. You have more people capable of making. Stops on the run at all but then again on the other hand it's also harder to find an open spot and have to follow it did to defend twenty yards all right so -- -- and -- Did vis a drop backs and linebackers. Reported out you don't have to drop back that fast. And they can converge on that Ron really quickly the other -- it was you frustrated and put together but even -- the same thing goes for the past ready you don't have as much -- recovered so it. It's really second guessing -- the quarter again I missed him -- rather apparently -- a -- all the time but what we don't know when gronkowski out because they just don't get the result is sometimes coaches at the open themselves sometimes things work sometimes they don't deceive -- and I was right through which -- yeah it's -- Oklahoma. What I like to refer to as you -- showed it to do an excellent point you stratus -- to rip that -- -- that of the other one. It was frustrating guys was in the fourth quarter that first drive they had fifteen play 67 yards seven minutes. They gave it to -- if you remember on second and -- ran for eight yards down the Miami five. And and it was second and tens of had a third two and then he had the pastor -- that was in complete Obama left ends up but they ended up with a field goal made it 1713 -- that time again. We have take a break on a real post game show. We're back with your body Karzai wanted that Chris and -- you guys are up next the real post game show is presented by complaints -- -- attack -- -- They shops or you can save visit complaints keep dot com today and by post foods honey bunches of votes. And the real post game show is brought to you by AT&T account feature. Launch I want I found out there and I'm proud that even. We are the. Wow okay. And I think we'll know right now and huge lift. For an offense. And it's a says this morning and close on -- competitive we had we had chances. And we just weren't able to to make enough plays and and in three phases that we need to make to win. -- some of the us this one and. Bill Belichick talking about his team's fourth loss of the year. The Miami Dolphins. They beat the dolphins earlier they lose to them now. Patriots are ten -- four they have the number one seed in their grasp at least for this week and now -- what happens in Pittsburgh tonight with the Bengals and the Steelers. Patriots could be the third seed and be facing a possible. Next playoff game Fred's pro Steve DeOssie right back to the phones and second guys I mention this before the last break. Patriots four losses have all come on the road. They've won three games on the road in buffalo in Atlanta and in Houston their losses came in Cincinnati thirteen to six in the rain. At the jets in overtime -- that controversial -- -- 3027. At Carolina without interference call the end of the game in the flag it was picked up when he -- when he announced today at Miami. They have once -- universal. Push on who wins we know which they have things that we saw that it was Garcia they have long. Called I'll move along we do know what's correct what we do know. Is that again by looking at it it is going to be a close call the end of the game the odds are that the home team's gonna get. But the patriots -- three and four on the road of one big road game left and that's next week for thirty in Baltimore but like most of the -- is real income for the wild. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Calls that you have -- -- it did against Carolina obviously -- utility team in the NFL the you'll Google five or on the road if you do home with a jump ball it's like -- right. And it's not good enough of the page if I get it completed the standards are very -- around here and the expectations are. Every bit as Heidi and especially when you lose the games to lose -- -- analyze the game and some people natives and state. You know you talk about the injuries because I was so that's factored into always through previous season's team that stays to help three healthiest. Generally has a good chance in the playoffs and win and some for some reason. That doesn't apply to the patriots but they don't really government talk about a -- continue to win. You know whatever it when I'm watching the game today before we -- to put up the graphic of all the guys are and how much money they've made. Is she got them. It was towards five million dollars and demonic 25 million bottles and dead but inevitable -- and -- half with Wilfork should be so we don't know but. The right -- you don't have a -- really. There's just so that when it without it if it's that it does that brought up another team volley all that they've won two -- -- the quarterback for this group is there's that your. Go to our Chris and a car 61777979837. Chris Sharma Freddie and Steve. Yeah it was -- Chris. I just had a comment about this team that. We kept a week watching them and it's been crazy they can't get any separation. And I kind of realized that. That really that the reason for that is I guess we just aren't good enough -- upper -- as. And as presently constituted. Talk about the receivers separation talking about like -- you know -- today they had the opportunity to. They get upset and been happening in Miami put pressure on them that they. They they couldn't do it up. And end. Arabs -- enough of -- one point. What's that they were ten nothing one point or that it had -- idea that. And and they weren't good enough and wasn't good enough. To yet who are committed to create the pressure on the other teams at that period -- could be you know that you to be combat. But most games that gave the other one majority games -- they do get if there were the odd defense are offered to receivers -- Quick and -- change direction while it very difficult a flight Brady had 300 ducks -- he's not a ball receiving his receivers get separated to start is so great privilege. Again I cannot reduce it down orchard pointed -- -- -- last game that they did have separations -- part was the Pittsburgh. Who -- played terrible and all of the candidates don't like Cyrus is game. You're right and you know it deployment we leave him behind we talk about that. Put -- down 24 point sort of strolled back its coolest maybe I don't know what to do they were lead at halftime today. I don't so there there's the flip 2.2 of the kids -- -- -- to -- -- but -- -- while if you do that the full -- would obviously it's disabled daughter but. The papers to figure things out there -- puts Lowell wrinkled look what is sure you could be able to the fourth -- put the team that he was right the -- Once -- Get up by a couple touchdowns they changed the way they're -- game plan knew what does that. You know everything they they have they're -- keep the ball from Tom and -- up the clock he can't do that. So as a matter of perspective I thought he was talking about separation. In the playoff race. As a matter perspective they went into today as you keep saying Steve. That they could have you know was left at their front doorstep to go to the number ones and they commodity today facing the possibility. That if Miami wins the next two games and the patriots lose their last two games Miami wins the division. Because that while the patriots beat them by ten points the last game and only lost by four today if Miami wins out. And they beat buffalo and the jets all of a better conference record which believes the next. Congrats and a better to get his error the patriots lose to borrow the builds up to beat the patriots here right. Have we we -- -- bet. How many times we looked at that. Upcoming schedule and said okay this should -- the -- that the machine ever and then -- it will be its Denver patriots lose to a court go to Miami. Who goals was to happen. In the next couple weeks with with Cincinnati. With a page it's going to Baltimore in bottles got a great. At least he began as a matter perspective last week was a T shirt had game. Had date beat Cleveland and other things happen at Miami lost it would won the division. They may now go into the final week of the season against buffalo without clinching the division to -- But I -- Baltimore next week but they're gonna have to beat the bills to when I introduced one -- that area. I know I know I know what was it Miami and Miami loses one game of their dreams are shattered yes. Her while they gonna fight Baltimore now for the last playoff spot for a Baltimore plays Detroit Monday night out without becoming very little salute to where they went through. Right that that they could win the division. Miami yes but also they lose one game that's -- around the division -- -- for the wild -- most likely nothing to. Up to division anyway but all of a sudden it's possibility everything's possible Miami of his -- -- him -- at this point while stuff that happened to be like. I picked out if ifs and buts were candies and nuts though it's not if it is. No I they have not just about they have that winds as it yes you thought it is obvious season. You took that scenario all advisory commission on didn't dance around the cod liver oil. -- you know without licenses if any rather tells us is -- Aren't you aren't I -- guy is up my diet thing about this all the injuries since gotten fired rookies on defense. This team is fully inform you know we came up short today that she left everything they had our field they -- you actually. Week in and week out a lot. This can you gonna be okay these guys are all sixteen minutes he broke they have that period throughout the game and you have a reporting right now what their cultural they'd be looked -- before -- I don't we don't you get a DRI. I don't think we disagreeable with the about the the fact that they give the best effort book. So you're a middleweight or bring us the heavyweight would what's you know you've got to have the horses -- -- the execution. In order to pull off. I think if you look at those first six games. The way they played. To figure there we're going to be 104 I told -- that Baghdad OK the doctor for. POQ would that -- -- -- go from finish the season probably 115 tore twelve and for someone that you've been OK you wouldn't believe me. Would you have been OK with that. Do you guys that you -- this. What is going on with -- ital I mean he had a few critics say -- -- -- it -- -- that restricts coverage Washington State. He's not a covered guys have to go linebackers. If he gets in man to man coverage on and on and offered them. A running back and via its trouble wood just sometimes you can learn. Would technique. Most of the times if you can't cover art real cover long run you can do some things to mitigate that you can maybe. Media guide line of scrimmage try to close off the holes -- the -- to figure out of the backfield buffet put -- outside. It puts you may have to may have -- -- monologue actually -- -- An advantage often. So anyway here is just a -- -- this went out instincts. Go. Is what makes you replace real Steve Nelson -- 514. But was soon as -- bought. He recognized the play as an emerging not after it's completed hi -- recognize it. After Patrick completed it is trying to catch up to it -- not gonna catch up -- what his speed catch in the back Herschel. You need to anticipate that recognize it's happened and react instead today. You're not a good cover guys physically you can you can mitigate some of that with study. With -- angles and with understanding with the offense is trying to do that's the only thing he can do he's not. He's not going to be that physically gifted lie about -- cover some doubt about -- there's a lot of those great cover cover large barrel anyway. But he's on the lower end of the any -- Lawrence area. 6177797937. This is. The real post game show presented by complaints -- insurance at complaints -- They shop so you can save visit complaints -- dot com today also brought to you by post foods honey bunches of -- and by AT&T. Yeah I mean we knew we know garden. We make enough plays to win so we don't deserve to have to win and rightfully so when. Trick out your attitude especially this -- And them. And and see what was happening but -- from around the but I executable is in the end zone. That is all just open windows on the way. Rob Ninkovich in Logan Mankins in there patriots team that played valiantly today but lost 24 when he. Their fourth loss of the year their fourth road loss the year if two games left. Next week in Baltimore. -- week after that -- against buffalo are looking at the NFL playoff standings. This is kind of interest in it. There are only three teams who clinched. Clinched. Playoff -- right now Seattle Denver. And Indianapolis this is. At halftime the most of the 4 o'clock games right now here with three weeks to go on the NFL season now the world once attended three. Carolina at nine enforce it likely that both are gonna make the playoffs but they could still both. Lose out and not make the playoffs so. This is as you said Steve this for the NFL wants back to one half weeks to go only three teams are guaranteed patriots have not claims to play opera yet. And we know we're going to be in the playoffs it's not really the issue these issues where they're going to be in the playoffs it's in the same thing with. With New Orleans and then probably -- Carolina too shall. But that's exactly you want. The Miami's ball Baltimore's. You know. Say the -- you want these teams that commit which it's the playoffs and the immune look at the look at the NFC you've got in the eastern dubbed. Julian and Dallas. A duel it out right now and these guys filling in the in the north you've got no -- to -- -- -- were gone after six so they were drugs real bad boy. About the bills. And expect better about it to visiting us at all Serbia and duplicative does -- expect that from the bills' season he's accepted as a matter of -- Though the fact is. There's. Knew it was that the FC north -- Detroit and Green Bay is outfield and Chicago Chicago and destroyer in the lead right -- grabbed his one loss behind some of that phrase. Chicago's 86 Detroit seven and sixty play out home against Baltimore -- -- football. Our Green Bay is 66 and one don't forget they had -- time. And then all of front nine and one of rate. -- this is this is this what they want and do this is exactly what your -- wants you want as many teams going -- the city's infrastructure does. Simple pull buffalo fourteen years because -- -- -- -- -- to your bears are fast go back and got all right let's go to new. You're on the real post game show. And yet -- six particular call. And unfortunately we control our own destiny for a little bit there and you know there was a gas kickoff. Penalties occur made -- football away that was unfortunate. But I guess my question is I'm not ruling the patriots out this year on the -- them out. I think yeah that chip does have dropped dramatically put. All the close wins this year all of us that he wins with all the young guys -- Going forward looking to next year if you think that's gonna help field testing we can -- that's -- foundation and built with this team is that toxicity show. I think that started built in -- for the last umpteen years since Adam. You know all the way from Brady's first out of the -- -- currently grind it out those games from winning -- in a -- you know what he's and so. They have they have developed that that that -- a cup there's now some of -- Some veterans still here which is -- teachers pointed to have a lot of young guys or give a lot of playing time to some good and some not so good you know you know what probably rookies have them guard -- let's just look at the three units on defense you've got the front seven right by the front. Blind you got Jones and alana who never -- got these many reps and now they're gonna be added to a team -- for coming back Kelly and whatever other religions you. They may not have made that he you know Joseph Jones maybe collateral look so much you know struggled -- structured Alvin. Oh some of the linebackers fact I think his question was. Let's look Jones for example Jones has had has been productive is that number -- back he's it was nice treasure he's done OK so now is a players only gonna get a limited number snaps. And be part of the debt to this team. Is what's gone on this you're gonna help -- my role as it might or might grow. Might not in my exposed to much up but it goes belly -- the -- -- differently Steve with -- for all the criticism of high tower it's deserve. I mean especially considering it was a number one pick in all this -- -- these two down player. Right now but barely with all these -- -- now take this experience in the offseason turn one way or another. Maternity and well I don't know I don't know -- him in the NFL and -- your problem fields that are in Sacramento. No out of -- global mail back now maybe he's in a different roller definitely exposed on his weaknesses slow if you. If those three down back in your pardon where you put high towers I go to -- it's nice that the guys can experience. Would you would expect that every first routers -- some chances to to play the game no matter what for trumpet. Is going to be given literally given for the -- years other chances -- the guys just don't get that's the way it's always been a swing it was will be but. It really doesn't for the rookies -- get playing time now. It depends on which way they take it depends on how they how they approach of what they do what they do with it and how they see their role -- -- the pardons a -- -- on the team. Is it hidden. Boldness of these young guys -- lining. Yeah sorry guys we're all sure you're not working with the viewers used to be helped north of relatively high tower above this year than ever exposed film. So maybe has no value if you wanna trade and lectured as juicy things are practiced -- not know some guys are gonna felt that it got plan. Go to dean in Jersey who's next on the real post game show hiding. They weren't very -- -- and I'm. Or meet them as yet. The last time they played the dolphins this is basically. The same defense they and if you remember in the second. They came with. -- -- Pressure when they were able to get our NATO quite a bit. Now on the third and seventeen I mean I know I know it from burn virtually times on screen this year. But on third and seventeen. Think -- brought you come to this -- demand that Miami game -- the -- we've. Get what animal battle today the other your President Bush for touchdown of movement. Got generally not the not a blitzing team you -- -- -- -- in nineteen vs doctor and they they were. In the short you have -- because what are you the think you would call -- a shot amount Sharma said there and -- in that article I don't remember our young. Yeah we spent some pressure before we get all out of it quicker. The man be -- I think we are in better twelve yards and then it's a no brainer poor -- Or maybe when you -- and -- hill sees one on one coverage they would vote for Tony arts parades and you're right you're right it's a it's a double edged sword and any time a coach calls a blitz. There is everybody understands the upside and the downside. And again with 20/20 hindsight would you like to sure I guess you could of but. The fact is is due to its common they can have the guts to go for a fourth and five and in terms of the pictures put pressure on the last time. It was a little bit different looking offensive line a member of the general Brian -- he was there yet. It was a it was a first week and that's OK and they had Klebold playing and they were more. Moving guys all over the place so that there was this is that the dolphins are playing better than they were. And Taylor hill and off the purportedly recorded by a point to -- right at the reclaim better than they were would you played him back then but. Would know what I'd like to see a blitz okay would've liked to seen anything to -- to -- -- -- -- dozens of bullets but and you look at if you -- blitz against them. Right like look at Carolina puts them a few times. In -- and you go man coverage in your run everybody off Cam Newton -- made that third down and when he whatever it was he ran for. Can't help him run so he runs -- off for the man coverage of the bullet he beats that blitz gets out of pocket he could go for -- seventy got. -- stick to your point about the dolphins and -- playing the last time they play the patriots when they lost that was the fourth loss in a row. It lost in the world Baltimore buffalo on the patriots since then. They have won five and lost to they've won four of their last five their only loss was twenty to sixteen against Carolina. Good Carolina team that's on a huge streak so there one of the hottest teams in football right now. Open. It's believed they found a way to win that game with VMware and and Betty that's the instinct when if they took a step today. The one reason I thought the patriots would find a way to win these games because they know when he gains and the dolphins have not proven it yet but. This is a little feather in their cap. This state that if they butcher your British ready it's only the second time to be portrayed her five years but also they dated December head of the broccoli next last I understand I'm just sit and -- offense this. But seconds left to beat him at all title of electrical and -- like that do you know how does your we've both been on teams that. That will -- I'd -- on you but realistically if I should -- afterwards you're gonna do this you know the -- that we've got their their success and although -- games so I -- you and less like that in -- -- -- the last attributes you've just lost their best yet but they're not thinking that the thinking we found a way to beat. The patriots and it -- so no doubt after -- -- -- -- -- -- have been on teams were struggling to get in the playoffs as I'm sure you were troops from at a sold. Not gonna put us in auto -- you don't over analyze a win like this you say okay we won this game of school on -- -- the next it ought I did look at if we won a few years the world we were winning. I was when we won some games that you've completed. I didn't quite take as much out there here's the difference so this is not Tuesday team. This is the team that has basically bomb -- franchise in the unifil for twelve years. There's a team that's 13 Super Bowl bid to five Sobel. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- chance to win the division. August I was blocks again as -- broken legs and allow adult care at all about medical expenses -- as good value -- excuse and the post game shows presented by asking Harris. -- -- I just let's get big shots that you can -- visit to Polanski dot com today and by post foods honey bunches of -- and by AT&T.

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