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Tom E. Curran, CSNNE, Joins NFL Sunday Live from Sun Life Stadium in Miami

Dec 15, 2013|

Curran calls Dale to break down his thoughts on the Gronk injury and today's big game vs the Dolphins. Tom is convinced that this is going to be a battle for New England and thinks they may struggle in the playoffs.

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Let's go back to sunny Miami Florida and bring in Tom. CS and any. Tom he has brought to you by Tom current -- doctor doctor Robert Leonard call 1800. Get hair hello Tom how Oreo. Or armor or at least that that extra crop you got going on the top your head you know have to worry quite as much about sunburn up there as he used to have to write. Alitalia problem -- collector like carpet here wanna win come. Occur anywhere. This is already going to be the warmest -- at the patriots have played all season long which is mind boggling to me. But -- there warmest game of the year humidity very high conditions could be tougher team not used to this. Yeah I think that -- could be and I think that you know it's not. It would -- we ought. So you're gonna have to I would imagine actually so -- make sure -- a lot of it because. You know you go from. One level of competition. Indoors or in the -- to regret I think Hillary -- cramping. Or he is being possible factors that -- if you weren't a lot. Ryan -- hill is so obviously the key for the Miami Dolphins were talking about a guy who. Over the last couple of games has thrown a couple of picks has been sacked three times. Those numbers are actually better than they've been previously it seems as though the coaching staff has decided with ten -- help. If you feel the pressure -- -- get the heck out of there and he's taken that to heart. He's been very good running the ball on the last three games he's I think working here for a hundred PP yard. Or better earlier today expect -- scramble and each one of the last. For a game so dangerous and you know who work with the patriots don't have success with these days it's a linebacker level. So to area that we'll get Philippine big concern covering the item -- the actual clay. And also worried about any -- ability to get out ramble because we against the Carolina Panthers who really thought I -- responsibility. The spy Cam Newton -- answered currently six yards -- sort out scrambles. So any it'll pull it down and getting out -- sack numbers -- wait out patriots got a six earned fifteen. Dale is extremely extremely odd for Miami -- Coming into this game that they will serve the patriots to -- Fact of the matter is although I don't think the chances are are huge. They could still win the AFC east depending on how things played out over the last three weeks. They could -- that would be I think -- and I whitening development. But they. People look at their results that they won two games on the road albeit with Pittsburgh and New York also we're very competitive. With the Carolina entered a book or -- like the patriots. That he. Has not been very well we all know what I'm all your applicants won't say it's backed by real fourth birdie seventeen. So much. It's very much I've seen -- -- -- But we're able on the Iraq. Do you feel like this is a -- Steven Ridley league Garret blunt kinda game cause that's how I feel about it. I feel the same weight he'll absolutely lyric or a hundred particular airplane the first time around. A Miami Dolphins. Excellent ability to pressure up yet -- In the passing game with -- -- and Cameron Wake Olivia part of the smaller guy will try to go get him out he needs older. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ability yet they all grew comfortable opened up on the other side Cameron Wake -- market and it just coming back. That's another truck market and for the bulk or -- Well like pressure up the middle. We sure that the call eight gap which is on either side there are. Pressure so I think the Patriot Act. And a lot I am last summer -- -- linkage itself and the second third favorable. And look for gentlemen. And you're -- adult I think it's you're Smart employees say you know what torture chamber where the patriots are treated. She apps for other teams we're gonna banged around me or somebody. Is dedicated machinery throughout -- he can make the patriots. We just someone else. This is the patriots month they've won seventeen of their last eighteen games in the month of December. You get to this point of the calendar and generally speaking the patriots are awfully tough to -- They are and they get better and better your Google on this. This -- -- apple. Because. As much as people are whooping and hollering about it broke on an armed don't you remember -- example it will play. There's much -- people who ought to vote them in October. They've been up -- being jailed productive -- -- despite that you know 37 catches for 132 the other book -- 150 yards. So they get better and better -- -- -- even -- they're not really looked at it I'm players. In different ought to get -- spoke back to ones but this morning. The linebacker spot I don't -- it will specifically dot I tell quickly enough secondary I think stronger and a lot of improvement. This year more than any guilt if you agree with that or not. This has been on Brady's. Most valuable mormons in terms of -- willing to team. To a level that it has really no business being at a temporary. I think you've hit the nail on the head and and it hasn't been his best season obviously. You know he said much better seasons statistically overall but you're right it's almost like he's willed them to be in a position. And after the San Diego win over Denver on Thursday night there in a position where. They could actually be the number one seed in the AFC east despite everything. I know there and I. It's such a matchup. And great for the patriots. I. I really -- -- deserving of being an underdog -- Vegas has -- really -- The last time -- -- but it is such a tough matchup but -- such a difficult. They'll remember all they're not able it appeared -- does not retired from the patriots you on the road Miami. With the elements of course we look workout he gets -- really think. It sure beat the patriots. Back in October I mean that's that's me you know one of the great underlying aspect -- -- is my income that is in saint. What better than they are. All we get to do not go up. Well they may feel that that. -- they haven't proven that they've lost what seven of their last eight games against the patriots. Short up what they want thrill that ordered. As Mike Wallace said I'm not a big Mike while capital currently staying. Someone matchup that's illegal or Utah or the street we talked about. Well that's not relevant. I don't quit feeling delicate that you look at the most recent perhaps the new Miami off. You know the last eight meetings dating back to 2000. Director later earth -- Bryant getting don't loose your remote gave -- a school bus -- I. So I don't blame them to -- and get their. They have a right to make a statement today and at a -- -- where it operates. I do think that if from the patriots perspective I and I said this earlier with Matt I don't think usually. Motivation as much of a factor for corporate guy like Brady as I said peace plan. In a touch football in the in the park with -- and a six of his friends he wants to -- -- But the fact of the matter is with the the number one seed that carrot dangling at the end of the stick. I'm not sure that motivation matters a lot to them but it's got to matter some. I know that's. A very good point with -- on. Whether or not they and -- I. Motivating stick while still -- in one game at -- side by re kind of -- I can't wait till. And it will probably take it to a level -- and in a current number. It is incredibly important I think -- -- their interpreter so that they can't get their number one -- Electric are going to be really measures up etiquette all -- next week. They really need to do it because. -- There not really that how do they -- not that great eat this it's. Very similar to 20062001. To. They are undermanned they are injury way. They are still learning. So they can somehow. -- consultant position number one. I I don't pick Aqib Talib is even close to being healthy but he is still obviously their best defensive back. Do you think he draws Brian Hart -- duty for the most part today. I think that could -- -- you're given ability your. To leave -- to run with basically anyone out here that most productive receiver but I think the delete the ability to the public Alec Mike Wallace. And be physical with them is probably. The advantage although I agree with our -- in the pipeline route query. Are the most important guys aren't in the terms of their -- -- technical waltzes. You were distracted during the game. But I think so we're pretty a lot of panic and I think that our line is those guys that -- of a -- -- So maybe you're right maybe -- well. All are glad that that earlier I want it get away -- -- look better or -- at the ability to run stride stride Mike Wallace. That might open up an option. Tell me what you think in in at least the way this game plays out today. Because I'm very concerned about clay and you talked about him look the patriots have made. Pedestrian tight -- look good. This guy's been better than Pedroia pedestrian here of late -- that guy who's gonna be responsible for trying to hold his production down. Scary but it will probably be -- or -- EB Fletcher. What I've seen seem to have success. Is sending on the same side -- patriots right now at orchard side. They've run so much are you clear up that space and I up at the wind back the level really just guys. Now I'm back the level you cleared out and sent him out of an eight back thanks. Look back he'll be -- that flat. That's where the couple linebackers responsibility. And I tower 270. Pounds covering and flat. There's an article ultimate liability on screen. Because he just can't turn this battleship around very quickly heated debate so what you get -- to -- only able -- him back and he keeps going that direction so. You know you put in what are out there they'll let you -- you bring up an atom -- about it which -- -- gave Fletcher out there because to me. -- -- -- tight -- in the except that. Last week Cameron Jordan Jordan Cameron you. We want to help now to tie it and Graham we what that they had a lot of success. Mahmud -- wait three weeks ago. Jacob came -- -- five catch our target a preacher well. Tom do you like today and why. I like Miami. It or one point -- in the recent. I think it's -- are out the patriots. Trying to -- -- to a -- you up front in Miami can Staley. A cure all -- -- enough. Make sure. They're a figure he or in the picture what the game I think they're I think they are very public opinion and I think we better -- the victory -- -- I like the patriots but only if they can run the football if the if you require that Tom Brady has to chuck it around a lot. I worry about his long term health based on the pressure that they can put on the quarterback -- the problems the patriots offensive line is that protecting -- -- of -- Going to be -- like -- Well I gotta run the football and if they can run the football effectively OK Tom thank you very much we'll talk to next week. Are secure take care of that as -- time current live from Miami we gotta get out of here enjoy the football game everybody. If that's like shutting your drive went out and three solid as a brick by the end of the day today. Reflects that bad NBC's sorry they made that move by the way. Reflects that out of Sunday Night Football and into a a four all five started -- 420 started to let which seems weird to me but. That's what they've done enjoy the football game we'll talk to you next week on NFL Sunday Sports Radio W media.

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