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NFL Sunday: Dale Discusses a Variety of NFL Topics

Dec 15, 2013|

Dale gets into the controversial video Jay Glazer showed on the Fox pregame show today in which a special teams coach for the Dolphins is clearly on the field during a kickoff. He also gets into the Adrian Peterson situation in Minnesota.

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We'll bring Tommy -- from CS AN NE dot com and it just a couple of minutes from Miami where the patriots take on the dolphins this afternoon. A couple of things from the national pregame shows Jake Glaser has made bad news on a couple of fronts here today. He he showed a video few minutes ago on the fox pregame show. Showing dolphins' special teams coach -- -- on the field. Last week during a return -- On the field. During a return play of course the -- head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers was find 100000. Dollars. For being on the field during a return play in Jay Glazer apparently -- video of the dolphins special teams coach on the field. This was against the the Steelers and by the way no flag was thrown on the -- The special teams coach was on the field during a return play but no flight was actually thrown he also. Was reporting a few minutes ago. That the dolphins are planning. On giving in -- need to -- paid absence for the rest of the season remember we told -- they have three choices to make. After the game today and they have to make them tomorrow one is they reinstated and -- -- I don't think that's very realistic to they cut him. And I'm not sure that's realistic the thirty as as he's had a paid absence for the last several weeks. They could elect to continue to pay him for the final two weeks of the season and just tell him look we'll send text your house but don't show up. That is their plan but he says they won't make a final decision on that until tomorrow that seems to be the path of least resistance here. If you're the Miami Dolphins -- been -- -- noble goal for a he just you know you'd just say like -- will just keep send in the money just that this is too hot for us to play with right now so don't bother coming around. But again he's got to go along with. He could just say now volume down Mike might suspension is over I wanna play you either cut -- Plame -- now you'd assume that that would. Along with that would be the idea that he's got somebody else wants the -- to play football for them. The last couple games the regular season and going on into the playoffs and there are reports out there that there are teams were willing to do that. I give you one other note we told you earlier. That Adrian Peterson was inactive today -- garde artist -- Adrian Peterson is inactive for the Minnesota Vikings. How about this Adrian Peterson showed up in the press box. Just decided today would be the day he'd wandered through the press box. That is Minnesota Vikings sweatsuit on wonders through the press box and gee what a shock. Members of the media thought they ask Adrian Peterson a questioner -- One of which was how close were you to being able to play today which I'm sort of thinking might be exactly what he wanted to be asked. Adrian Peterson said quote I was ready to roll the decision was taken out of my hands on -- If you're Adrian Peterson and your inactive for today and you just happen to show up in the press box it's because you got a message you wanna get out. I was ready to go and they wouldn't let me play there is no other reason that he would be wandering through the press box on a date that these inactive. Found it interesting that he decided this'll be today and I've actually seen pictures on Twitter popular standing in the press box. -- sharp -- at that for you if you want. Evidently that's what he's decided to do. Very quick break will get Tom Curran from CS and any dot com in here in just a couple of minutes NFL Sunday presented by the plan's key insurance -- group -- they shops or use save. Visit the Penske dot com today.

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