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NFL Sunday: Chris Price Rejoins the Boys and They Go Over What Else to Expect Today in Miami and Give Their Predictions

Dec 15, 2013|

Price calls the boys live from Sun Life Stadium and they break down more of the X's and O's today. Price and Chatham give their final score predictions.

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Fourth and final -- NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. At the -- bottom of the hour. These guys will get the heck out of here and go to what they have to do will bring in Tom eat current from CS and any. Dot com re joining us now from Miami is Chris price from W years in WEEI dot com to to work on your tan in the -- you've been away. They figured it would look you know don't appear to be -- -- on the fuel. This could act now and it's wonderful. I roller and ended up like -- your piece that big joke of the taping go for the game here because in the computer. But it all are on the view it's really quite a. -- sound like -- maybe you know stopped and stood their for a while there -- Let the court I I read on WEEI dot com year your instant analysis of via. The inactives for the patriots what was the single biggest take away you had from that group. Well the first goal really took the one that did -- -- colossal surprises liberal what we touched on before about how you other gonna go with. There will be extra -- this guy up according practical. Only go to Q3 interpreter. I think -- -- literature or in Andre Carter both sides expect it to literally you know what I'm here. It -- and Michael we hear that all the what are your practice so. Is it -- -- and productively -- in -- we bring a little bit more report today. Also the possibility that they could go into -- without where you'll go to what one -- -- -- our current front. In our economy slow down the spread you out think you spoke. Really the big twelve to jump out at me was the lack of doubt if you are prepared as they get that one. Arm accuracy of -- water would stay active because it was down to reps last week in them it looks like they've now transitioned to sort of be in the guy and one of the deep tackle spots and and then them -- rotating team and Chris Jones and and you know. Chandler was asylum in the kind of have a rotations are set in stone so the idea carrion a third knows that -- not really using. It's a -- he's up so I highly doubt they moved back to 34 just. Just because I feel like they struggled so much and not think the simplification -- really helps them but nobody can do potentially but in the event that they do. Tries back to nose and sealed cola. And -- really good point though -- yet that the silica kind of taken over that spotted -- last week it's great that so blog it's going to be a a court or regular or go to. Elaborate what what what actor and I think that you can be one of the guys keep an -- on chemical or earlier it could be the all electric. I don't know what article -- this guy is no great surprise is that the Williams the cardinal would about a week or so I'll say it logo. Tightened but -- have to -- were murdered in or -- will be here we don't know how it's going to be it would go because you're. -- beat you have that there are excellent but looked up and nuevo a look at the people so again from the opposite perspective in little in public there. Our earlier today Adam Matt and I were talking about you know what it's like when a kicker gets down -- and it's 84 degrees and -- news even kicking the football appeared feels like a brick coming off your foot. Any packet again guys bomb and -- and I was reading eight tweet a few minutes ago from Michael Whitman the Boston Globe. He tweeted gusts taos ski from 58. Hits the next. Ball is jumping off this -- hot humid conditions surely help he's on. The. Wherever you do it in a guard who brought that up they'll because -- organ here to talk a bit in me. To be one of those days where special team is going to be able. Play a role because they're being going -- are prepared to ought to battle the court your bucket tell you the Pro Bowl record should be -- I think you're reading the quoting a bit it is no particular I think it got dark Goodyear. They detected that we see here all the while you're currently from a regular -- perspective. Of the army and you'll get out the I hope that -- he can deliver that perjury do you blame it pretty much middle of the road or consider. Special team unit so that scenario would repeat it critic compared with the and he chipped. Strictly a -- you Wear special it critical to play the people that can duplicate it in a situation particularly look at the -- We bring up an interesting point -- mark Daniels writing in today's Boston Herald has a feature on -- taos ski and and the premise of the full page feature is basically. It's kind of stepped out of the Adam Vinatieri shadow at this point and Adam Vinatieri in my mind is a hall of fame kicker. And Stephen guest house ski has provided the patriots with similar sorts of production. You really got you look at. A very delicate military that year that that the -- that are -- the regular not a beat and we all know that people -- of the outlawed due out three. It put you to -- today in the EU without your article that the Richard. Or would you look at the year that the regular seat that he goes out. You're connecting at 84% -- that group and carry it back out or is that the typical year you'd be 56 out of their yards or more. That was better than what Vinatieri who -- or it can -- it dependability is ability to -- there would be you a lot of other earlier this year. It is it really really practice today and I took you've got to get back on mark's story. I think every -- that I think you've been able to step -- -- the shuttle arm with a Adam Vinatieri -- wrote the doubles court to beat. Here I would go matters little aggressive obviously no one is as important this team has Tom Maria thank each year in year out that's never going to change. But in the absence of about mental for a five minute to check myself on this but I while for a five maybe even six kicks that. The biggest -- he has made their records now what is right now and and their work and they weren't gimme kicks -- not -- about thirty errors 42 yarder for talking about those plus fifty balls that you hit. Word just oh that's nice you applause -- that's extra reports were thinking about. Those were final score determining kicks you know especially that there's there's so many instances as we can in the guy doesn't doesn't on on and on psychic as well Oliver Everett of the boot camp with a low percentage. Recovery rates so I think a couple those plays he's been involved ever really the difference. And why the record is what this. Or argued that mechanically and performance you look at the protected built and are here now begin what are you look at their that the kick. Or overturn earlier in the year darn accurate because it yet. Are you look at the building and keep the there are -- blank and they're they're they're. You're you're you're Mercury other it was other -- six. It yet again -- -- you can -- Houston and a different in that game you pick your argument number that turned out because different. You could occur particularly you line to get -- -- and run down the -- all we know -- -- -- -- it all -- I just think if you're going to hurt -- eat it at that here at the moment the electrical you don't it out of people who are the courts are. We Carty said this is a a T shirt and hat kinda game for the patriots if they win today against the dolphins they clinch the AFC east. They keep alive the possibility as we've said before of -- first overall seed in the AFC because. The the Broncos loss on Thursday opened that door for them but in terms of legacy and Tom Brady's legacy is is pretty cemented anyway. If the patriots win today if the patriots beat the Miami Dolphins. Tom Brady would -- Dan Marino for fourth on the all time wins list among starting quarterbacks with a 147. And as we've set and a number vacations Brady is the only quarterback. A hundred games above 500. It is one of those things where you're in the interest he -- opinion and you look at the numbers and say well you look -- -- what -- you could be. But you talked other quarterbacks look -- only talked other guys' legal position. Well played between now he still consider him a gold if you can be younger and younger -- the it looked at. The guy who continuously. Set off a core beliefs and an extra you're you're really part of current up to be able to do today. I still think it. It -- -- shot it UP ER I know you'll talk about it I know that a lot of the guys around them won't talk about pretty typical of art he strict right now. Frequently on -- -- percent of the hour. He and I and execute a sterner Mercury dual. If the numbers continued over the course year in -- -- her grip a little bit. Let's get -- into -- start that you'll have another patent but if -- technical -- he could be in the other direction. I had an excellent shot at winning another. As I've told -- this on a number of occasions I am an unabashed. Dante Scarnecchia. I just think he does a remarkable job I think he's one of the best. Opposition coaches and assistant coaches in the entire national football. And how he patches this thing together on a week to week basis and and the versatility that he requires of his players in the they exhibit is remarkable. But -- he gets a couple of pretty big -- back into his arsenal here today with Nate sold her. Apparently passing his concussion tests -- is active. Marcus cannon who's been out for the last couple of weeks is active it just gives -- so many more more weapons to play with on the offensive lineman he's had. Week in week out. And I think this group will be tested obviously at the edges because Cameron weight in the -- -- those of Vernon Olivier is doubtful on the outside he's done most of that. I think Alex seven half of those or something like them to the numbers are you from Michael earlier in the week in The Herald. Have compost chaos down their all the stuff started so. He's definitely gonna have wedge issues on accuracy how -- affects Pakistan generally controls the protections as the united tight ends on the edges and -- the backs chip I was gonna handle Leo discuss. Those are two with a really good players you know fell. But -- can't look passes interior rushing and I think this is what Miami did pretty well against the patriots early in the year. They'll move their guys all around the linebackers comeuppance stand left and right of the senate the stand there in the gaps they like to twist off from the inside. -- Rick is a big heavy that's used to be in and that comes down inside. They do a lot of stuff with their format line and then some of the -- impression by entering linebackers are on the senator. It's a tough matchup you can't always overlooked that I I think the thing that is on. On their shoulders that. You know is is good for the -- and we often thought you know being the AFC east often gets panned for not being strong you know the jets and dolphins are all down and it. One thing you get in the AFC east. Is some of the best front sevens across the board. Miami the jets and buffalo and -- and -- purchased off the -- Kyle Williams and and the other mom Mario Williams and some will ruin the best interior people. Across the board so -- challenge in that regard each and every week. I met her I think that the reporter what -- that the -- traditionally duke greedy in the putrid problem. The variable -- pressure on the quarterback for the -- remember portrait. But also able to get pressure on the interior to prevent great people stepping into his broker -- we saw that. First it would -- a couple is not a clear. We deploying the ability to get pressure on you that ability to expect Brady pre and be aware that we all ability to move outside our. We talk about how great does appear that the ability -- -- -- to set -- the -- You -- how to meet and greet you work -- a lot of little doubt about the blood with a -- being able to sense pressure in the pocket being able them. I decided do you look -- where the record coming up yeah you do that it's going to be a lot of neutral ideologues that ultimately offer it I think brigadier general. Our but the big question in the one that that you can answer because you're there and we can't answer because were here. I need to know like Tom Brady felt compelled to Wear that winter who out on the -- out on the field when he was warming up when it's eighty degrees in Miami today. That the request beware what are we thought initially that tablet you like a lucky at kind of opinion article -- -- -- here. But we haven't you know where he usually in good weather bad weather and other fuel today in what looked quicker perhaps we'll -- up on the Al. -- -- in you shorten their future but you but with the winter so it it certainly limping got to get you to a doctor Arnold but he certainly looked over the lot. He he did everything but carry a sign that says just in time for your holiday gift giving needs. I mean he's just trying to help the Kraft family out and sell a few more hats for the editor of for the family down there. Whether will actually be a factor but not in the way people would expect not the way it's now up factor up here. I'm not only is it very warm all reports out of Miami is that it is exceedingly humid down there today. And that as you pointed out earlier Chris this is going to be and I know people believe this. The warmest weather game the patriots will play this year in September when they were playing football game -- wasn't as warm as it's going to be there today. And I think that's going to be a factor for a team that just isn't used to. I die group here and there I think that's clear what we're talking about before that start in the duke beat it get out about that -- contribute to the secret -- But it's different convicted Peter different condition the typical kind of an -- out to adapt. You you're out in the future of the struggle at the -- political -- getting used to eat. They can report governor of a slow start this week -- -- -- -- about -- it was there didn't you would turn up in the air in our practice bubble this week you're gonna get a report. But there's really no way you can't replicate. What -- speak it when you go into -- I don't oversell it because -- -- I'm sure there's always coach bill at check in -- Gaza without to make sure the message its regional spun around the locker room. Hydrate which sounds silly but something you do at the -- editorial yesterday it's sort of Monday and literally you hydrate all week it's like building up a base but. You know with the drug males are still there are there still voice there even though the now playing with events all these guys. To give -- a young dudes had to give and so does head to give in Jamie Collins -- you know dogs in those guys sort of didn't end there here and saying do. -- 10000 sound silly -- fire for used to be together always joke about it you know bottles in a matter worry wasn't in its real name when you go down there and especially if you're a -- position -- it's gonna play. 506070 snaps. How well did you hydrated and keep an eye out for wide receivers that are -- their helmet mask in the come around rotator linebackers the -- in a series or defensive backs. It sounds like a small thing but it's something real something the coaching the coaches don't really preaches. Wanting really quickly director who got quite a -- at the opener -- Europe and off load one of the warmer in particular about 65 -- so. And bring in spite pull them all out relatively early on we crypto where. -- -- -- because of you'll be right of the twit because the condition so -- gonna be entered in the eighties like that learn from that indeed. How much the -- the people that I'd picked you to be able to be so can't get the critical thing -- rear grip on -- that. This is more personal. Sharing my -- but when you have to Wear a brace. And and Brennan's one alive Levys were Everest has been having the new issue some of the guys will have braces the place where you'll get a catch in a hamstring. Or or water some pundits it's catching because your hydration slipping a little bit it's kind of were the braces ahead deporting me thing on -- have a something later. And when you start to. It catches at the top of the bracelet were cut softer muscle kind of touches so. So you have to be more careful with weird he's all sort of tricks of the trade stuff was. Hydration becomes a tricky thing they wanted to in the -- temperature viewing -- weren't some in the might be enough circulation to port your body. I'd give you one other piece of but information from today's game and and we really haven't mentioned much. Because there's nothing new with Richie and cut -- when Jonathan -- the investigation by the NFL is continuing. But it's continuing. Apparently. With phone interviews. The NFL investigator has done his in person interviews his follow ups will apparently be by telephone but the reason that it matters. Where the reason that it's part of the story line for today is because after today's game. With the patriots. The paid suspension. Of Richie and -- Nino comes to an end after today's game. So they really have three options. They either reinstate in congress you know beginning tomorrow. They cut in cog -- beginning tomorrow. Or they get him to agree to continue to pay suspension. The end of the season precedent that it in the any indication from down there which way that is heading. -- you'd think it is going to be entry into the adult who. Today there are a must win situation when it comes to the oath that they do today I think they're gonna be more inclined to look to 2014. I think you might be more inclined. You you know a bit but because I wouldn't -- that -- decided yet but they're that we need to be some sort of cloture. I think it -- it will be a quick wit and kind of wrap things up if beat duke that are there rattle the playoff picture the good start to focus more -- belt or single port. William beyond being tiger you'll portion of that mark and I argued it was a devoid of that story that they have floated the idea that you would be traded in the off season a solid as a -- earlier in the week a lot of people were saying -- that. They announced intentions to try to go realized that. There is. I do like arguing at that and poked and we're talking about it they're -- -- possibility -- -- mark would be treated me off so. I expect or turn that around later they're in like the thing to write down a little bit longer than a lot. Ottawa but I do think that it could be in order starting tomorrow it'll. What could happen in a beautiful court. We've talked about the possibility of which coaches could be me on the hot seat going into the offseason and I've talked about micron I'm Mike Shanahan and Rex Ryan and Leslie Frazier and some others I think Philbin has kind of solidified his spot with the with the one proviso here depending on what the NFL investigation actually comes up with -- would you agree with that. Yep they do I think -- build and has done enough at this point the beat him. Solidified his spot for outlook or look we talked about a book or. -- really help this -- picked up her quite nicely I think it. About a monitor what their output go everywhere got to wait and there are circling the drain in kind of focusing on -- port in -- -- Ireland whether opener. What are you -- -- -- line coach is looking out to go I think real quick opt to wait for what further both welcome and but it Gigabit port open at -- we sort of pop up or not we are now fourteen especially big. It will mean in the -- during. I'm curious as we let both of you guys get tears your other duties here what you think is gonna happen today. I. Matt I've been kind of monitoring the people have been picking today's game and it's kind of all across the board we also. Pointed out the fact that. This game is has had a six point swing over the course of the week the patriots started the week. As a three point favorite. Victim is also considered a point at the dolphins are now a two point favorite at least they were when last we checked an hour or so ago. We know I mean it couldn't be Tompkins and Dobson that caused the five point swing cut it. I I don't know. What are lifting -- -- proper a lot of people at least nationally regardless opera locally to gonna get -- open. Know what is -- at the where they are the earlier you after curt in game so I think alternately I think it means really. Electronic unit gonna turn our special -- again we set up or. That got you covered Gregor adamant -- great year if you meet I think it could be close one critical leaked out he could be -- different -- what looked decent team. Cannot bring anything other than a close game collecting going to give it up when they don't repeat what he couldn't -- or. Yeah I'm kind of I'm -- edgy malware myself are patriots this week's show earlier in the week I think I -- 3020 am feeling that ruling he's in narrow now you know idea of that. Both Tompkins and and Dobson around item wasn't anticipating now I'm curious is were the production company I know there and available move the ball assault on the second half. I'm pulling it a little tighter a month ago -- 4623. Patriots what. This'll be the one of the next three games that if they were to lose Albie will be surprised but clearly -- don't have the host the -- -- -- slow. This would surprise you more than a Baltimore loss in Baltimore next week. I think I think so yeah I think and next week I think to do it will be either Dobson -- Tompkins back I think you start to see a little more improved health. Plus should put another week behind these guys. As this new young reconfigured defense so I think they'll continue to improve I think this is kind of a weird week where. You're in sort of transition -- Vigo while bodies down and it's the newness of post rocks -- -- won't be surprised. All right well Chris enjoy the game down there in Miami will -- talk to next week -- enjoy the game and will watch on nests and tonight you know America sent fellas I'll -- next week -- -- They care we will come back in just few minutes Chris price from CSN and dot com will join us in just a little while as well. A will be here until 1 o'clock you're listening to NFL Sunday presented by a plants keep insurance. Lansky bait shops or use a visit the -- -- dot com today.

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