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NFL Sunday: Big Time Coaching Jobs in NCAA Football

Dec 15, 2013|

Dale and Chatham discuss the Mack Brown situation in Texas as well as Nick Saban's extension at Alabama. The guys discuss coaching in the NFL vs NCAA and what goes into the decision to be a "permanent" college football coach.

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For a big part of the the work week leading up to the weekend you work in the college football realm as well right. I'm gonna connect that realm and the NFL round here briefly for a moment. The biggest story in college football over the weekend was the resignation of putting -- my quotation fingers here. The resignation of Mack Brown as the head football coach at the University of Texas yeah there are those who say that there are handful of college football coaching jobs. That are better than any job in the national football. Alabama would be one for instance all army Ohio State. Texas' supposedly on that list and and the reason I bring it up is that there are there are people being bandied about names being bandied about one of which. Is well Jim Harbaugh. You know are they gonna make a run at Harbaugh try to get him to come to the University of Texas. You get the feeling. That there may be an NFL head coach. Who makes the jump back to the college game and it's not gonna be a guy by the way who's who's struggling to hold onto the NFL coaching job because Texas can do a lot better at -- you know channel -- like -- it's not Rex Ryan who's gonna end up coaching the University of Texas. Too much with donors and people yet it. Before Rex -- personality would be odd. Yeah I don't miss Iowa you know at the idea of best or better it is is different because it's more quality of life I think Mack Brown probably. In joy is the the recruiting or the dealing with young man and the NFL's a different animal -- you can look at sort of pay scale -- -- -- coaches unifil obviously the war. Texas with the you know with the of the TV contract they have down -- area maybe the numbers get off the clothes -- sir talking about 67 million dollars year contract that's. That's very much in -- -- money you know even the coach Belichick would make it. I don't know if you'd have to have had some you know some problems -- -- the -- and you just go Duval lifestyle first. Looking at galaxy but ally -- gonna bring. Now that -- area because Michael Silver tweeted out that Harbaugh on the niners were talking contract extension over the offseason. Now he -- love the numbers now when he broke off the talks. If it's just simply dollars you know what maybe I'm wrong Eminem absent government that -- monument -- -- head coach make that call but. I would think a million or to his tournament changes it's for me I'm guessing with them it's more. Call -- life on the way of one by the bureau for one -- -- -- man wanted to work for a corporation and being in the factory of football that the -- -- You still coaching football players like that is let the NC better here if you -- -- jobs college football coach and if forever I think so I think so there's a lot less sort of model was my job tomorrow provide your big program like keep the ball -- in the right direction. Texas has its own universe but I think they're looking for legacy higher -- -- Mack -- ago that was there for many many years the next got -- don't want to come in in -- three or four years later that's. That's a destination job at USC was supposed to BO it hasn't been. You can't just got a nice tyrant Bobby Jaco in the coming over from Notre Dame but polls are sort of more midlevel jobs. -- you also have more control over your roster than you do when the and it do I mean you know worried about the draft or free agency. You know it's it's -- selling yourself and your program to the best. Prospects in the country in convincing them. To come play for you which or university. I don't think -- -- pretty good at that. He would and -- talking to -- I was mixes up -- don't know honestly answer that the -- this is the John -- which was in Stamford that's now and separates the restaurant so he's been their hats and so I say Jim earlier I have no idea and even I did I went and on I -- I still flexible. But it's not you know what it's different because. Texas is its own universe relatives of some of the other teams even the Ohio State's coaches in the Big Ten and as part of -- the Big Ten network. Sort of system their Texas has arranged channel Texas kind of is its own little you know universe it's got its own -- -- on the council. There are some built in ways where you know there'll always be revenue there there is a little bit more pressure but they're not hiring someone that they might -- two or three years later so there's obviously stability. He's in that job but now I don't know he's had success you're not talking about a guy struggle like -- when he made the jump to Miami and then went back to. Alabama. -- -- policy. You know what the Mack Brown resignation has done. It has begun a process. Of other coaches getting races and extensions and McCarty started with -- right. It already Saban has gotten a raise and an extension from Alabama simply because the school was scared to death. That Texas is gonna come poach him away. There -- there will be others there will be other and it may work of Urban Meyer and Ohio State you'll see other. You know major college coaches suddenly getting extensions and races simply because they're afraid Texas is gonna come calling in lower their guy away now operate very attractive job. Total bit of a barber out there and try to -- -- you know -- from the idea -- pitcher considering something else and accusing you know a guy gets an extension her parents is -- nice job -- sort of legacy either in Iowa he's off from a guy who. Would be in this kind of conversation for big jobs he put out that I'm considering other things were generally aren't. You get the number bumped in your back here which is a good thing I did have a right it is Jim was in San Francisco coach Jim senses of I would never I never says that'll never or who -- -- I never for her which harbor as whip. I knew it was a security niners talk Harbaugh that they were deported out of -- I didn't know that and it is Jim. -- up by the way there was a great prank pulled about this whole thing you know earlier in the week. Before Mack Brown resigned but when there were reports out there that it it was inevitable he was going to be launcher. Somebody at the airport Austin, Texas page Nick Saban. Which is a great prank if you think about it already got -- people at the airport in Austin -- He's here and -- -- got to you know everybody talking and all that stuff but he was -- Or there was a story that tests Saban had bought some multimillion dollar homes purportedly I don't know if that's true is true near Austin or something like that there's always -- stories that float between those of their. The real the big issue behind this is the GM head coach relationship in the NFL is. Is obviously very important having their guy Texas AD's. The Los dots you know he's a legacy guys one of the big time big names as public directors -- college football he was leaving this year so the idea that. Any new AD that they would attract would maybe potentially one -- guy and macros is an older coach and has had a -- a successor but. There would be that I comfortable situation like Rex Ryan thing with. Did that kind of deal or whatever you know like it's not my guy I -- in -- you're gonna -- we -- the growth -- that one uncomfortable your work cost recruits -- -- -- big -- In this move this new BCS champ deporting scenario that we just need to clean. I as the columns but the new guided his guy and -- move forward -- direction. Dexter says Jim Harbaugh loves Michigan and he spurned them plenty of money in Sanford says are there unique he's going to Texas just plain stupid I'll tell you this. Texas is a hell of a lot better coaching jobs in Michigan. -- Hey it's nicer but be -- as -- at they've got their own -- I don't want to be thing I mean it is a much more attractive head coaching position. The Michigan ones Aureus. Just from the finance standpoint means for -- speech it's comparable -- some more but you know then again Texas has its own thing if it can even be considered -- Bob -- Alabama which is as hard which is why there were people who legitimately thought that Saban would make another jump here and it's it's it's silly but I'm I'm a current let -- happen you know you're if you for the young kids who would be to your rookie of the commits to place -- the coach -- and later glitzy people -- Are the one of the interest in -- it was author Chris Petersen Chris from Boise State together it's been a hot topic guys turned down USC's turned down a bunch of big time schools. For the first time he finally said yes this I want the University of Washington. But he did that before Texas was available to interest him if I just don't open one's Peterson would be a big enough name protects -- is one of the most attractive I would counselor there would be -- -- what they -- -- to give it our best guys you know UCL -- do despite a guy who's part of a family kind of thing that they can move them. -- the doll you know Texas -- -- probably higher -- it would be something though if one of the bigger name head coaches in the national football only. Very successful head coach bendable Super -- already. Has a very good program going. Jump from the NFL back to the college game it would be it would send shockwaves throughout the NFL Jim Harbaugh mentally and WT but now Kubiak and neighborhood -- -- -- I don't think if -- Texas. At their at bats that the direction you're probably not like always of course while there are -- secure crime you're right that there is when one of college job it's up higher profile in general and what he'll do that you know you start. Seeing guys in my 111 have a job -- party had a coaching change we have on this week in the National Football League. There's that spate of changes in the immediate aftermath of the season. I think it might be fewer than we've had in the past because some of these teams. I've kind of rebound a little Britain you know you -- had some of these programs that party made changes. You know we've had as many as five or six get the heat pole at the end of the season but just don't think you'll see that big in number do you win in the National Football League this year. It's an interest -- quite I don't think Rex Ryan is. On by the way yeah well I don't know why I'm curious is how his finish plays -- of that but. The lot of the names that we were talking about early years -- me you know I mean personally but the with a hot seek guidance he -- -- Carolina Panthers and their head coach and non blank. Mike rubber on affair. He was one of is this this is going another way kind of thing in the come out with a really great season. Jacksonville seems like are always talking coaching -- put they had -- completely rebuild I think in the now wants several row on the local kind. A lot of these situations that were kind of on the -- this -- -- but the raiders are always changing but during development rebuild mode so maybe there's not a move they're always in it and development rebuild mode but it might be one of those years -- -- right deal with there's not. Six changes or five changes in my view more on that like two to three on the. Look I I think Shanahan will be gone and I think Rex Ryan will be gone and we are in a -- and -- X already gone I mean like -- Three or four there's always one that surprises. You know work -- -- I mean I think the vikings. Is is one that title Hitler youth possibility that. Leslie Frazier may not survive there and there's a question of in fact I sauce one of the things here where they're talking about. Bill O'Brien is a guy that the Minnesota Vikings may be going after the former. Patriots assistant coach now the head coach by head coach at Penn State. Tampa. Who knows if that'll go yeah bill O'Brien an interest in Canada you know formed in the fall the Big Ten and cover those guys this year you rule the rule the need to appreciate what a great job he's done. Gotten recruits to stay the course of left after the sanctions came down to Penn State. Gotten a lot of -- -- new young quarterback it's you know been one of the top prospects in the country get the complaint -- -- -- rule would devote the young Newt. He's done a great job there I mean I had an up announced season that looked at a point where they've gotten close to being ranked team moving up the charts and it's sort of got destroyed just annihilated by a -- statement took sort of some of the window of the sales. But any rallies and has them win in the big game against Wisconsin so Billy in a Billy was the right man for a top job and a tough situation. They've earned back some of the sanctions against scholarships back now. And also a situation where they'll still be up for view part of next year were sort of boil dribbled back on the table as have been doing all right thank. He's done an incredible -- -- see what could be candidate but I like the idea of him sticking out as much as he tried to get his kids to stick it out. All -- all credit the world because I think when he took over the program at Penn State when he left the patriots and went there you know he knew that there was going to be something happening to the program based on. The reports and he knew that something was gonna happen. I don't think he had any idea that the sanctions were going to be. As draconian as they ended up being -- by the way I'm not saying they were wrong I'm just -- I don't think he understood via what in the. I'm I'm with so it was weird too because he did take the job at a point where he didn't know what it was going to be but I think he knew something was sure sure and erratic the hammer came down -- what he stood on such an exceptional job there and I think he sees. He's roundly lauded for how good of an offensive mind you is -- Development now waste of opening young guy if you were to consider another job which I would hope that he would stay -- -- statement like that story to continue. What you look like a guy who in the event that you were one of these teams struggle that now is gonna go be able to -- a Teddy Bridgewater. Or you're gonna go get one of these top quarterbacks Taj border whoever's going to be available in the draft. -- -- a great -- tried to open -- shown that he can do what he sees he's done well with Lou all fame quarterback and those personalities sort of melded and they were super productive there. -- he's gone and taken a popular did draft -- -- Brooke group with a five star guy. In made him work right away often a right out of the right of the starting blocks have. You would have comfortable you'd be comfortable I think as a GM bringing him in thinking they were gonna get in new young -- in here this is the kind of guy who can -- them quite well. Texture says what about Joseph Feldman I would have thought he was gone when this all happened when when the crap hit the fan five weeks ago. I thought Philbin was going to be one of the guys who paid the price for for the dysfunction in. But the apparent dysfunction in his locker room. I'm not sure anymore north he's doing warts and -- yeah I think he's been he's done an excellent job now and -- the NFL investigation. Comes down in such a way that just makes the organization look or written yet the paints him horribly so right now I think. In the event of sort of dealing with adversity deal with distractions for -- -- -- -- -- Pattern I thought it was going to be able to do considering what app generally what they've been better sense -- and end it in -- you know left the yeah. The offensive line I really look at him from just a personality standpoint approaches sort of a disciplinarian a guy that runs a pretty tight ship I -- that flies against what's the stories are -- -- one thing boy I think the -- block from -- -- rally around the guy and I think he's done an impressive job. Take a break when we come back on the other side will bring Chris Pryce back in from Miami bottom of the next hour we'll bring Tom eat curry and and also from Miami. This is NFL Sunday percent of bike a plant ski insurance at the Penske they shops or use -- -- that cup Penske dot com today.

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