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Danny Picard Discusses the Shawn Thornton 15 Game Suspension

Dec 14, 2013|

Shawn Thornton's 15 game suspension was just announced by the NHL. Danny opens the show discussing the suspension and the severity of the punishment.

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-- -- -- -- Through an enterprise and days for. Do any good courage and home Sports Radio W via. How come I'm not in Miami yeah. -- want answering that. If this -- and thank you bullets and in this is that Danny for college -- They're on W yeah -- I'll -- on until 8 o'clock tonight stay safe out there on the roads. Buckle up. But adding more importantly don't get on the road to you don't have to. Phone lines will be opened. -- it throughout the show 6177797. 9376177797937. I don't get up where I thought I was gonna open up what. Today which is the way Jeff Green and that basketball game last night we all we have hockey puck and while some fighting talk because -- Shawn Thornton's suspension. Well the verdict is in fifteen games this important. Yes men and -- suspension on by the National Hockey League Brendan Shanahan and I normal. You have a reaction to this and so does -- Joseph McDonald ESPN Boston he's gonna join me at 5 o'clock outed his cake. On his fifteen game suspension. We've talked really all week. About what this might be a lot of people floated out -- -- even that there is just a wide may -- this took so long after the Friday -- For Shanahan to come out and to give this suspension what took them so long. Want to pick up at you ought to think about because the NHL CNN that top spot -- this. Because not only. Not only do you. You know as the National Hockey League need to make shall it guys don't skater to make sure guys on skate around old people to the ground and it's a complexion. All the plays to what Sean -- did not happen you that just can't happen. Things that -- up today it's. That the NHL is trying to eliminate from the game right it's corporate it took a run at Louis Erickson did. And had James Neal -- to the head of five game suspension if you wanted to make that. You -- of. If you want to make the -- -- suspension ten games that I originally thought it would be. I I don't actually thought it would be ten. It's fifteen. I'm not. You know I'm not sure I'm not upset about it because I honestly think that this was any other player. We would be talking about maybe thirty games along those lines I don't. I think I don't think this -- fifteen games is. Worst and I thought it would because I thought it would only be ten because there were things that happened before -- that led up to this it's not as if John -- -- Skated around grabbed anybody because he needed the flyers team up or something on its auto parts and there was -- -- met that. It to his madness there was reason for. Knowledge on important right with what he didn't. I'm not saying he has I just told each -- -- disbanded in ten games but I do believe that if this was another player in the league. That maybe had Mormon history we are talking about I take a twenty to thirty game suspension for anybody else which is -- fifteen maybe. Isn't too bad I can sleep with fifteen I thought it would be ten it's worse than I thought. But I I think that -- you know fifteen is awful based on the fact that the NHL. You're a tough spot. Because I don't think the two men a lot of people around the league whether it's in the front offices whether it's in the in the dressing rooms but. Got behind the bad -- on the bench. Think to a man. People in the NHL understand. That you watch trying to eliminate. They hit the -- hits that corporate port on -- write it trying to eliminates things like that during the game. And one thing that Shawn Thornton's actions. Of oracle virtual epic. Do is basically you'll never -- ports or protect another run -- anybody. You won't see Brooks corporate take a run if -- -- to laces them up against the Bruins again you'll you can you know you can. You can put money down at Brooks OPEC next time he is on the ice against the Bruins he does not take around -- you essentially on board has essentially eliminated. Any sort of I guess illegal hits that -- OPEC has -- Now. That's that's where the NHL has a tough job -- to do. Because I do think you need to you need to give Sean Bell and a suspension to let everybody in the league -- You can't do this can't go around just thrown dodged the ice and punch and an advocate it can't happen. That that that is not a lot of again. But. I picked Perez. I think -- a lot of goat you know a lot of the reasoning. That hey you know this is a guy. Does have a history of being suspended when she -- important is somebody that lives and dies by the code of fighting. What he did last week and woods was wrong. But the other aspect of it is. I don't believe there -- people in the league I've even heard from people in the league. Players. That you want to eliminate locked up or not you you're trying to eliminate. Those type of hits taken runs on a guy so I took a run Ericsson. -- -- -- What -- we -- -- start getting back to playing in the park when it's wrote an open sites. That goes along with the respect factor in the National Hockey League what do we gotta get back to back. And all for all the people wanna get rid of fighting and National Hockey League. I think for the most bought its people outside of the game that it'll are the writers on media types. Were really the only people that want to eliminate fighting. People in the game and you charger on the game in Sports Illustrated. He came on set it. And I admit I'm orchards on the short couple -- going to -- them. You have to keep fighting in the game because you need to try and prevent. Things like what you saw before the talk corporate that he -- And put down. And as if you -- and you'll want to stand all of this okay you'll get back. You also need to need to -- in the fact that. You you you can't come up soft honest I don't think because then the statement you also make his. Well not God's will just be run around thrown plays the eyes and punched in the net when it defense you can get them. You can't have that happen that Shanahan at the top job this. I didn't think it would be ten. Honestly what is also dot. I also thought maybe we should suspend its OPEC to take a run that we are -- What does that suspension and why is real only five games if it's fifty. I have a problem -- that's up to. Again I can understand why they went fifteen Whipple I -- be proud -- there Hollywood fifty. And you have to make a statement and it's -- To a man we might all believe that what what and it will probably prevent. -- -- I don't want or like a lot like another run -- play on the Bruins affecting might never take another -- and probably no one that that's a possibility that back what happened. Also catchers but come up softly and allow all the plays and we stayed around just start grown people to act upon to -- each and so it is it is a touchy subject and the NHL had a tough decision to make him put what you know outside of that the -- suspension. I just -- -- novel little fired up about it we hope not hope is not expected to take a run at the Ericsson. Where's that. Whereas that's expansion one why is -- only five games for named Brad marsh and that you know retorted that stuff too. What the league is trying to do is eliminate. The dirty -- first. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Eliminate those type of and it's. You know and Shawn Thornton the fact that he doesn't have a history of playing dirty in fact you look at John -- Korea and I think. He lives by the cold so much static goes unnoticed I do it goes unnoticed and let's not. You know let's let's not hide from the fact that Shaun bought and tried to fight -- so -- before this all happened. After orbit took the brunt Ericsson -- and try to fight and if you watched every play. Up -- -- and he skated away wouldn't put a stick up odd about given a slash that back legs and then didn't know. I mean. Don't committee that goes unnoticed because Sean -- right did he could have taken a major whacked it is like now I know he didn't let. Later on but also you have to factor in. -- -- several motions on that eyes given the fact that yet another penguins played there's something austerity to won the -- stoplights. Did you get -- shots in there in that period and the Bruins fired up. I'm not telling you what Shawn Thornton did was right. Because again you can't just go around on drone people who -- punch him in the -- when a defense what you can't do that. What I am telling you is that if this was anybody else ended its. Then you would see I think thirty games I do I think it's a double that this was anybody else. I do. I -- that they know that Shawn Thornton. You know that you might be upset with fifteen games tonight it's a lot of games it's even more than I thought it's five more than I thought he would get. But I also believe -- and if this was anybody else did we're talking parity and suspension that's we're talking. But I am I don't know -- upset at that. Over the fact that why -- -- -- OPEC could say well he had his punishment he had a concussion he missed a couple games whether he's gonna play tonight or not. You know I didn't I've heard some people say that they think OPEC was fake and he was not fake -- okay it was a fake in any injury get it right. That -- happened there was engine he was hurt. But I also think that the league should of fact that in hey what Dan was. You know -- We also have to think we we eliminate it dirty hits we need to eliminate guys ticket runs -- -- the planes. And whatever there was it -- brought a guy you could end Eric -- all right so. I have to get back in that position to play in the pocket. And you need to send a message -- -- that -- message anonymous sends. At the league -- -- -- -- -- Shawn Thornton fifty game suspension but I also thought that the NHL was gonna send another message to -- -- now we know what happened yet but guess what. You also got. And oh you're in Africa a couple days but when -- help you retired here we go gonna talk suspension -- Because you can we need to eliminate that type of -- That's what we need to eliminate Dutch -- Biden's gotta stay in the game. And if you wanna make the argument that. Gotta get a guy like pull out of football doesn't go around doing this all the time. And that's why I think that if this was a politicos around taken cheap shots at CNET dirty game suspension maybe even all. It doesn't result. Tell. My daughter would be ten. It's fifteen. It's more I thought I'd -- tickets I think you could -- this at least I can because I know that. This would be more of this was anybody else this should be a whole lot more. Now. You know why corporate was suspended I don't know maybe it wouldn't say what you eat it. He did his time with the -- injury and I guess they feel bad for I don't know. Unit to eliminate that -- of -- that's the bottom line and plays Elliot the fight is what they I talked fighters. That a couple weeks ago before this happened. And you know I had a discussion about that this was right after the game a comments that Sports Illustrated. And I said you know do you agree with business again one thing that they stress in the fight is an NHL stresses. Head shots concussions. Business idea that fighting in the NHL is the major cause of concussions. In in the sport. What the financial stresses that's not the case. They -- stressed the people that fighting needs to be the thing that helps eliminates what causes most of the concussions in the NHL. Which is there which the dirty hits. Which is that the disrespectful type of runs that orbit took an Ericsson and that what was she got what the puck. I just I want to seek God's way of -- large pockets open in the zone route and take a run at someone when maybe he's not even -- and. -- this automated and sometimes players need to keep their heads up in certain situations all when you get those plays against the boards and. At the last second they turn their back and the shoulder the -- the numbers. I don't always blame on the target and hit it sometimes the play is at fault who gets it I think I don't like that epic it on -- -- the more I watched that. I'd like this you up quite -- that he didn't and you're trying to eliminate what he did from the game. You lost so I thought that we would see something coming down on topic -- know outside of just -- that he had. Now it's it's obvious you don't want to deal honestly anybody take RBIs and a stretch. But I don't think that there are some people to a man that will say you know in the NHL -- That was hit that was very. And and you look what yielded they got away a couple things maybe next time they gonna pay twice one of those guys -- -- -- -- it. And I didn't I can't believe I agree with this guy. But Sean Avery this -- I you know I had you know he makes a great point. On every street just saw the chicken bleep moves by corporate India may be lying on the ice knocked out and make you think twice. I'm not asking for guys to be you know laid on the ice knocked out every night. But he's right. Will make those guys think twice or the largest next time is a dodge state not went. -- did you not take Iran is gonna show last time I did this I got my dergarabedian on the ice. I'm telling you right now he's got to -- twice about it and I think the two man people on the legal acknowledged that stage every honest open it. You know we can't promote this publicly shall we do have to come down -- because we can't have -- the -- -- -- -- that. -- and knock them out is we can't promote that and we won't promote that and you shouldn't promote. Bought. You know. If this was anybody else they do that would be against out of surprise that. That altered again. And I'm surprised I even agree with Sean Avery but the treatment cents. I mean it's what makes sense the league is trying to eliminate its now. I know people fired up about the suspension because that it's too much. I just on. I just I don't know it is more than I thought but I don't think it's over the top too much. Because I I just haven't back my head I'm trying to think of names of guys in the league that might Fido might. You know sort of give some cheap shots a lot and if it was -- they want to get thirty games right now -- would. But the league I think he knows. That show on bulletin is someone that does live and die by the -- right Shawn Thornton and -- It's a mistake that can't happen. But I do think it's a mistake that's gonna make a play like a topic that twice. Ultimate taken on the run and a dirty hit and ultimately the league is trying to get rid of hits like that they are. -- Ten to fifteen I -- -- he's got to get fifteen. It's it's more than I thought I don't think it's too over the top because I also believe that if there was any announced to be there again. 6177797937617. 77979837. I will take -- calls we got a lot of the dominant. If you snowed in here on this Saturday night this is -- the Koch on at the 8 o'clock. ESPN Boston's Joseph McDonald. He's gonna join me at about 5 o'clock I'll get his reaction today is what happens that a broad movement for the brewers don't play tonight by the way. In Vancouver. 10 o'clock eastern time on Celtics played and the money and big. When last night against the next week I don't think we're going to be talking about. That but you wanna talk to patriots began to get the patriots tomorrow they play in Miami I want I want and Miami right now I'd. I was I was in San Diego they gave the patriots. And opening night they beat her on Thursday night there we go patriots -- on the table. We're talked and one seed and they do without ground. -- somebody that -- the patriots. It's nowhere without Cronkite -- in the minority in this one. But a ticket and happening now the doors opened at one seat would dot. 6177797937. I will get your -- bulletin fifteen game suspension. Reaction. Today's final. The -- and feels awful. That wasn't my intention. That outcome. I'd had -- no Brooks you become a normal adolescent years or skip them. In the summer -- through -- Text from a couple times -- feel awful it definitely. Was not what I want to Syria and don't sit opposite Eminem stick. I'm aware of I'm. I've been told that. Will be having a hearing and it's hard for me and you know save us Marlon. -- This comment tension I feel awful I felt so called him so. It was Shawn Thornton last weekend. After again which he took Brooks OPEC to Shiites and -- the couple punches. So OPEC left that game on a stretcher concussion. Symptoms. And yet -- on all he had is Aaron on Friday took another day. And the NHL has come down with a fifty game suspension for Shawn -- I'll get your reaction on the fault lines in just a moment I see them 6177797937. 6177797937. Pitchers get you caught up again on the news Shawn -- suspended fifteen games. McCain down a few hours ago it is above five more than what I had expected. -- this I do also think though that. The NHL what they want the nation try to do is to spend OPEC but they're not gonna do that apparently. I dot that would be punished because I do think that there is you know to a man in the league. The thought that hey what bulletin did -- there. While we can't promote that so we do have to come down hard on him with a fifteen game suspension. We also to a man believed that what he did can eliminate. The type of hits that -- put on Louis arch. And therefore I thought the NHL should come out also with the suspension -- topic -- not do that I also that they should've called it a suspension that was more than five games for James -- -- do that it was only five pence or 61777. On seven. 937. Eric is in Florida what's up -- Eric what's in your in the why our actions and I'm okay I'm. AA. We don't that you will learn how to -- It I think our news -- -- are currently -- background and not a one ER RD gain. And he's not an act -- -- and then not. Usually. And I think we need and that -- Need and you can't -- that. -- a big bad Bruins and not mean what Shawn Thornton did is not something the league is trying to promote its like its fifteen games bill is in a row it's uphill. Are you like there's speak about you know. On essentially it's gets -- The -- Even that the emotional badness. Okay and basically. I wanna talk about. Now the court. Why why he won't talk about cuts but this is just thought -- topic what's what we know what happened with Coetzer but. It would China we're talking about. I will eliminate. The eve so called bad did it well other Smart about still willing to go applying. I mean I'm -- I'd probably doesn't feel very good. And what do -- so what's your point what do you want to happen what's your point bill might have nine point and it. It did so right now. And should be it should be and why should the intent. What is your agent. And he should be and as long as survivors. He should be -- I like you know what we're not gonna talk about some body cook right now we're talking much on Poland suspension always in Attleboro -- don't. Eight and seeing my -- Chicago that's. What it which aren't it was -- am I don't really wanna go right into stretchers pretty heavy handed -- It is noticed what strikes me as funny though it's capable of -- night. I'm all that goes on a stretcher and goes and that's channel -- -- -- and seen by. There -- doctor and he that a neurologist. Is released act which he he's back on the plane that night yup and there's a -- a little -- Pritchard -- on a plane that to a harder to get a precaution. That doesn't happen and it. I mean everybody everybody seems to think that but I can tell you right now he did have a concussion I mean I know that for a fact I've been. I mean I've been told by some pretty good sources but he did have a concussion and then not make -- -- Didn't think I heard that note this -- -- in the. -- -- apps are about 45 minutes at the wheel and suspension got announced. The penguins and outs of what the restrictions right. Now I mean I have a book I don't know if he's gonna play address they did say that he dress -- -- and. He did miss a couple -- -- I I don't think it's a coincidence that you're -- is some sort of coincidence tip. Not no no I'm I'm watching court. I'm -- -- You cannot indulge in a little bit. Now I don't think it is and I don't think there's embellishment I really don't mean to say that what did we think Brooke so OPEC was faking it I mean rarely come on it's that. Like I appreciate the call and I want to take an important thing but we gonna get and Paul Brooks -- was fake an injury. This isn't WW wrap this is the NHL Jake is in the college subject. He needed to take in the golf as little Dakota water it more clearly violated it agree. The quick cheap shot on announced later. Who may -- -- -- back who knows you know they don't you don't wanna talk about art but who's to say that Ericsson -- -- end up like them. Wouldn't mind it ought to allow it to the next however many months so yeah yeah. You don't want that. What is it in the opportunities where -- -- liked me and quite frankly. You know corporate or pick in the trial are right he didn't deserve -- -- ultimately thought but he deserved it is their square up with the war -- settle at. Pursuant to the court order that didn't that we three years and years. Yeah and I also Jake I also think because I because our reasoning -- and I I also thought they were gonna come down. Which some type of suspension on -- consent even a message there and they didn't I think they -- -- for that. I think they should have come down with the suspension on on virtual. I agree with and it clearly you know important is that it looks like your daughter if you watch him -- What do guys at -- OT dot -- yeah. There's the first time I've ever -- important. Do anything like that op Ed and I I just think it's -- and I think and it is probably right at the -- is all up. I -- it to politically correct. Championship he gets it or not think it was just the night. And I it it it quite frankly I I thought Orton in -- to 42 walker but what corporate charity you're. It didn't square up the fight like the media to keep the water at the end game. Quite frankly war like chill out. It is true colors did he -- Actually -- at that so called Jake and you know again back to. The all important and you mentioned his history in the league he is a god who lives -- -- by the code I mean this guy -- to -- -- the -- so much that I think it goes unnoticed. That fact is ten to fifteen. 55. -- five or and I thought it was going to be. But let's be honest if folks if this was anybody else in the league -- -- -- history or so that was not cheap shots and maybe sucker punch and people. This is a -- game suspension it is but it's not so that would put that in line. Being -- I thought but it's not crazy it's really not. Jerry's enactment of -- I don't know what I'm doing good tactical. All you know I. I agree that it didn't have to look at mark struggle but it ought to be and what really amazes me up all I can watch the game. Get that corporate took on -- and -- B ports and the pot. The principal -- equipment looked ahead and corporate opportunity to get you looked at bodily. Which is great which I don't crazy to me which is crazy to me but you all that to a man behind the scenes that it. -- they acknowledge that that's hit -- trying to eliminate so I don't know what they want to spend opera for that. I'd cut a five game suspension -- -- but anyway you -- about it you know. I think -- bring back -- around like a bit. Traumatic injury nowadays I I want him to say it slow it down a little bit went back to wetland and that. Shot. 2030 -- -- -- not high total. Had not I think that with the written I see I don't think -- -- Calder I don't think slowing down the game. This guy -- this I think a little respect during the -- and is gonna help the agenda park on Ericsson and that's a loose puck eriksson's not even learned yet. And you take a run out of at some point we gotta get back to playing hockey and get in the pocket that -- instead of lining up somebody and take an Iran. At some point you gotta get back -- -- in the pocket. That that's a play or even think about playing hockey should be suspended for that. Dead ends in Brookline which Upton. And what opera I got a double play that may yeah. If anybody. Saying that got -- god who really good shot on ought to expand that trade. I knocked and knock knock knock the public the first punch to the chin that was the one I'd look at that knocked them out many at what level. A little ridiculous that I got that completely. -- great -- even blink it. You know and Sean Miller in the -- in -- -- and you know below. I don't know I think if you let all the heat and the PLO and. I don't know that they will to be honest I really don't I mean I'm sure that. But there's appeals process in the NHL PA and I do know for a fact that people in the NHL PA look at this situation. From what I've told and they they do think that this is you know. While they can't promote this reaction from Gordon. They also believe that all up it's gonna -- twice like every three did John ever tried it I got this -- what he played. But he is right he's got a lot of money for what -- twice the next time he takes a -- summit and back you'll never take Iran. At another broad again I can guarantee that. 800. Abroad while they've already got they want anymore Dan thanks for the call and it was -- up what's up Andrew. The edit that doesn't break point. That that you won't. They run -- anyone again kind of what I was speaking. What I wanted to say it was. -- I'm not gonna be happy that. -- -- -- -- Always what you should you shouldn't be having nobody wants to see that. Rate but I I didn't have -- that the situation is over. And but not -- which they are all a matter EQ game makers and ignore because concussion or whatever. But you know attack as he got. Need Dumars and Chad. And then something happened at the other end of the ice where orbit skated over. You know to try and either pumping down or or whatever and torn sniper -- Lincoln you know. That's where we meet we you can try. You know. You don't score and put somebody melt down there in and there was display you know totally did that happen. You know what but I don't want to keep repeating myself you all mugger would say yes. Gotten the concussion put completed perhaps with the corporate and I'm like you saw before he's not gonna take a run out early again. Nine under the so called that was that what the London that was one of those enough is enough moments that's what Dallas adds enough is enough. I it took a run at -- you put a lot of again and at the time don't forget mosh on laughed and it looked -- So -- they gonna -- the Bruins. Hey beat it is two guys now that you just went head shots and -- enough is enough that was an enough is enough moment right there Gary's in college up Garrett. Thought man. And in the opening with NHL they want and that they wanna clean up if they wanna clean up the game in the attic yet they should be. Suspect people aren't an intent. Other and the result in a perfect you know scenario. In the situation there what his heels in on our hand on -- and -- -- what you look at. The only good that's the only intent of -- need -- ahead I mean that's the only time. The total cheap shot applicants all in. Yes that was wrong hinted at just the square like I have to be done and it -- it'll aren't -- I'm look at that he'll. You should get forty gains -- is such a pocket chicken. Oh all right up bonds analysts and mechanical damage Saturday night and all you sane but. Lucky guy neo I think you should be fired up about a five games you need the head did. That's I mean that's not even a check that's not even sometimes they're they're hits to the head wind may be an -- and I think Seidenberg had won this year. That people question and in the corner he went to make it hit. But the guy kind of backed up and by the time he was followed through with a hit the elbow came up that there are times it would stay there is contact made to the head where I don't think there isn't and and it happens. I think we just sort of need to acknowledge the fact that it's a contact sport and it's unfortunate that that and result was that I don't think that at. It was intent there clearly when you need someone -- ahead there is intent Paris. 6177797937617. 7797937. -- on -- in fifteen game suspension. Reaction is born and I want -- -- calls on here until 8 o'clock and I -- -- ends portrait POW yeah. -- -- -- -- -- Luxor for -- -- -- Ericsson is slowly get back to mistakes you know he goes right back home floors. And now a collision between margin in Charlotte and shock absorber. -- takes a slight bit. That's -- essential or out of the box but the Bruins have to be concerned about Louis Ericsson. -- already this season has missed five games. Because of a concussion -- So they don't that's the sound. From -- On the hit on the -- Ericsson which is if there's one thing I think the NHL got wrong here. It's that you know -- OPEC is not gonna face any discipline now he obviously has had a concussion but I'd missed a couple games this week. But. You need to like think if -- the league you come down on that -- hit because that's the type of trying to eliminate. And I also think that's why and when I say only fifteen maybe that's why some people up like I did. It is five more I thought it was going to be easily be ten. But this is anyone else to beat this would be at thirty -- suspension. Did the league does I think behind the scenes acknowledged the fact that they -- pick is gonna pay twice now. Next on drastic run at some AK the problem as the NHL's top position where even really believed that they can't promote what did. Because you can't have guys every game run around drop and -- and plays the ice that a defenseless and -- -- that can't happen. -- So all you're in a tough position to make a tough decision on this but it that they if they did get something -- believe again. With a fifteen game suspension from Dolan is that they they also didn't give an inning or OPEC for his hit on -- Which is something that you're really trying to eliminate from again. The fighters we'll tell you hey wait a. When -- hit it to make sure that that stuff doesn't happen and the respect for the game and can be brought back. It needs to be more respect what OPEC children -- Does need to be more expect respect from what did on Olympic. Sure but some of them don't let that I was in an -- has an off moment. I ought to be ten it's fifty and have a play I think it would be about. John as -- what's up John. I'm doing good value. -- -- situation OK got. -- correct -- We know who you -- correct yes. It. Well I mean forget about how he was knocked to the eyes to meet a dozen men don't know much but I -- -- -- Shot oh. At. You you can make a good argument that that James -- to double the five absolutely. -- -- What I don't stretch and I don't think that was his attention at all it'll be. -- -- -- No all right well I guess but. Don't act. To correct. But it. But if you bought the NHL John. You need to look at this and say you also need to look at that the rest of the league and say we have to be careful. That we don't promote this type of behavior because while we don't believe that I'm gonna do this again for no reason art and while they all that -- lives and -- by the code but not at the first time he's ever done something wrong like this. They need to be careful that they don't say to the rest of the league this is okay because -- -- knuckle heads around the league that will do this and take advantage of that if they see that some this type of behavior is OK so I think that to do. I'm not quite what what happened. Marsha I'm not yeah. I don't know I would use even -- suspension probably I think that would be wrong yeah you're right yeah I know what you gonna say that would be wrong. You're probably right meals would probably be more if you want to I think that would be run I don't think that -- -- have more than five cents. I agree to that I should call John I agree Nielsen a -- -- I think that I think that they were gonna give the ten to fifteen anyways they'll they work and in fact. I think that fifteen. If you want to if you want to give me. You know around the league you can -- I don't I'd give me an -- fifty guys that. That would just like a plate but throw another play that doesn't want to -- knock them out what he's taken on a stretcher on not -- -- the injury might be. You know. You can't do that. What if there was another guy other important I'm telling you right now we'd be talking about a thirty day suspension. It is Shawn Thornton delete notes. And they've got to -- -- fifteen. I depended in fifty on the -- stuff James we have to be suspended without that that is joke he's -- him in the -- with a that doesn't make light of how do you not to spend has gotten out of five cents an audio -- -- that -- -- -- all these two things. We always at play -- trying to eliminate of course -- triangle and it needs to edit. When it -- try to eliminate these that doesn't really come I had because. Got to meet some dirty enough to meet someone and I had a James real apparently. -- does not -- -- I don't I don't have kids that -- Arab. Answer as to what oracle hasn't given any sort of discipline. I do have the answer as to watch -- -- was fifty because. While the league what whatever the injury was to OPEC I honestly think that they were gonna come down with and fifty. They need to be careful that they don't promote. This type of behavior around the -- they do with any other player -- equipment. 61777979376177797937. Fault lines are open for -- throughout the show. ESPN Boston Joseph McDonald he covers the Bruins he's gonna join me at the top 5 o'clock hour. I'll get his take on the Shawn Thornton five unit five -- -- and James Neal James Neal Amex and a lot knowledge right. James barely got five -- shot at fifteen games I'll get. Joseph McDonald's take on that at the top of the -- on -- until 8 o'clock beasts they felt -- -- -- I did just look out the window when it didn't look as bad. Out there as maybe they had predicted this storm could be. But the mast pike and pretty good people there is no longer be kept open -- if you on the roads and if you don't have the real. But -- six point 7779798376177797937. This is the day and it -- -- Back at this time -- Sports Radio W yeah.

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