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Red Sox President Larry Lucchino with Mustard and Johnson

Dec 14, 2013|

Mustard and Johnson get a chance to catch up with Red Sox President Larry Lucchino to discuss the improbably World Series run, and what the team plans to do in the off-season.

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It's possibly Johnson Sports Radio WEEI. Christmas and then way for the second straight year at the royal rulers club and as we've been saying. All morning what a difference 365. Days -- Last year we where I'm sitting here with the Larry Lucchino alive wondering what happened to the last place Boston Red Sox in 2012. In here we are mr. Lucchino your World Series champions. Once again hard to believe I'm. Yeah well it is that we said we spent some time does this celebrated loads -- weekend. And it's it's been a wonderful feeling not just for those who vote for the Red Sox but of course -- -- work. All our fans I think this one was particularly sweet there all week. But -- what was particularly pleased because of the were the first element of the the way. He the year unfolded at the that we Powell and -- and the team upon it and 80. Be -- in the weight it was a bigger than what it what would it. -- Larry remission over here it's like not having -- -- is lakes and across from a mustache you thank you thank you say yeah but still. Then I get a conflict unavoidable consequences physicist who is who later this year than it did then in past years. And I got a conflict happy if we carry on one condition of packing the mustard gas you know you get -- -- more thoughtful and certainly the most civilized but kilometer radius after we -- that tradition goes forward. Hey Larry what have you learned over the last two years now last -- you re hearing you put a newspaper from I think there's things weren't going well but. Now are you were on top again now you can -- -- you're right you guys did an incredible job but you personally. What have you learned over the last couple years going down and then coming back up. I don't think we have enough time to tell you all that I wanted to not the certainty over -- beautiful -- -- 25 years. And I am always learning that the game is. Enormously challenging and unpredictable ability that demands or are are substantial. I'm always learning I'm one of things I learned it is that it's the Oakley chase it that you can go from -- to respectable. Pretty you know more easily and you can go from a respectable winning we went from worst. It right over -- -- -- them to the winning the World Series so that's just one. Single illustration of the fact that you must remain humble and -- the game is very hard to two. It's very hard well organized sport. But I can sort of write off things. Individually enemies think like -- step that I learned that a long time ago but I learned that again. And we had to wait an injury that we had. -- eleven and twelve we needed to prepare her for error for the -- skipped the early release so. About your recruitment and where you know it's funny it is I was talking to a go ahead where I'm sorry no not good. We were talking to C hammer earlier Sam Kennedy. And you know we are talking about the -- that you guys have the three years about a playoff appearance and you want. 20091. Round exit. And it you know people were saying you know maybe Henry Lucchino and Werner. So little they lost their fastball so to speak that they they forgot. How -- be of effective donors and you know that maybe this ownership wasn't long for Boston it was -- -- Get out of dodge before it was too late. Well -- -- -- that way. And we were frustrated and our inability goes deep into October that's for sure. But our commitment to -- it is Israel and long term I've been silica and I think that for twelve years outskirts theorized. And now. I will repeat itself once again. Because they spoke. I know that the cliche everyone in America and update their account has the best friend and then at their best baseball as in America. Well we can prove it in in -- -- history supports. Passion intelligence and yet. -- -- -- -- Number of people opt for the parade it's just amateur baseball and it grew up. New England this city is flirting. It's pretty certain it's a remarkable promises that it is top of the pyramid and where are once -- has gone on bills anyway. You know a guy that I normally like can defend. Next with my conservative partner over here the law are are made a comment -- -- what was despicable really and I like bill he said that he thought it was a cheap she last year. Wore the Red Sox to go to the finish line marathon with a trophy down. I thought he was you know he is -- just respectively. Egregiously wrong and that what you did you hear that -- your reaction to. I I'm actually. And -- -- marked as well ordinarily and he is that he piece of guys who know him a little piece of Lou's New York Mets and the right he does yup. Yes so I was. Right figured that I the fact he wasn't here. He didn't. What here and an entry. He was here. -- experienced but they'll experience. And the connection that bond that. It's. Album he. As is possible I will grant -- that it is possible to exploit tragedy. Some things that. Work it sure realize. That's not what happened here and you know we were. Mindful. Of that danger but if you are here in this -- You felt how we -- all affected -- by the by the threat Tito Ortiz. And the maturity of our team. Allowed itself to. To emphasize. With the the victims celebrate its first responders. And I think he was just way way off base. Larry about asking you to comment on how other teams do business. But you think you guys are finally getting it in terms of these long term contracts are in investing more in -- wrong I'm system and bringing up kids in signing people are reasonable length contracts. It. -- there -- no actually the last thing it's -- yeah I'll go my I was a little bit. That's when you can go on -- It's as simple as that we that we do it that among the things we have learned it and oh by the way that you -- in baseball. Do Barry and not eternal Varity. Last that he just sometimes. On the market is different sometimes the conditions circumstances your team and are different. And you cannot apply this same simple. Rolls all the time it ended the season we have this session. -- the recent years or you know. -- it's reminiscent of morning -- on MSNBC. There it's what have we learned today and I are in our -- It's or what have we learned this year where we learned that he. And and the years there are adjustments you have to make -- along the way. And and Wendy you went long term contracts become any athletic on the industry. -- this certainly is a period where there in boats and or this way and necessary them can Muster. Adjusted and then that's one of the changes that. We get me. But we in recent years that we have not eliminated about quality of long term contract partly. Maybe a circumstance where it's appropriate Hawaii just in Pretoria. Gives me an eight year extension. Right well I'm looking -- your paper well John Henry's paper the Boston Globe. And right and above the fall there's a picture of Jacoby Ellsbury with Joseph Girardi will ignore that for a second. To the left above the fold this story and David Ortiz these guys who golf tournament down Connecticut. And -- interest in one year extension. It would take him through the 2015. Season care to comment on that at all. Juan gladiators. We we would like to have him up later in his career as a Red Sox I think David -- you can hit. It's really -- your sixty. But there will be some at some point. The reality of aging we'll we'll we'll catch up but I'm glad he's he's get a you know a strong interest -- me with a club. I'm going forward that will make the the negotiation process will never occurred as a police here. Larry I'm sure you don't wanna go into depth regarding that matter are particularly on the radio however. When you evaluate. Players who are coming up for new deals. Aside from their ability on the field do you take into account the contributions. And I remember him going in the dugout during the series and galvanizing the team and everything in these are obviously just one of the faces along with Pretoria is that under consideration as well when you evaluating right. Yes to a certain player that is absolutely. Leadership. How much state terror represented the franchise. You know you well over the course of their career. And stated as all those things so important and he has. -- leader here only great sense of humor. And a big heart. The job and Bob -- coherent don't vote. Our our our factors particularly about someone like you that are easier dust -- others say again. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well it's interesting you look at Mike Napoli who is willing to play two more years so rumors were that there -- other team's interest including his old team. The Rangers people wanna play. For this organization for this manager for this -- ownership group. On the other hand Jacoby Ellsbury decides to take the money go to the quote evil empire. How much did the Red Sox try to keep Jacoby Ellsbury here. A week maybe off -- make it very strong and efforts to -- to keep. Jacoby and -- but I must temper that by saying it was always. Concern. That does this free agency what the path he. He hurt. And it was different certainly got different motivations and different. Values different connections. That are that they count. So not make any judgments about it so we all know it was a -- of -- baseball player when he played for us to help us win a couple of World Series championships. He was surface. Person's personality. And and we will miss. -- -- that happened. That is both part of the business plans. And particularly when you're agent is that or. Do you view. Testing the free agent waters and and and we highest. Pure is probably. Pretty damn -- Does that it again you you mentioned his name already but. If a players signed with him -- the younger player broke -- coming up off whenever. Signs with him do you -- here in the back yeah -- no you know the hand that you're going to be dealt. Because of the way he's -- things in the past. Precautions that of those things are gonna go a certain way but nothing more than I'm him because -- -- the -- and Hillary players different than a -- solera. More in control this hearing will. Is either agents that other guys are but it was a presumption. At least he. A check of the free agent market and the possibility. Of Haitians. Use it as. And windy as this last question do you think President Obama will be obligated held -- When we shall we -- with him after that situation over the Mandela funeral. Oh come on par -- Most. We just get to a -- for five minutes at all. Larry you just have to pacify them -- the -- -- -- criticizing him. Thirds -- -- -- a Democrat. And I have no comment that but I will have a comment on Christmas and then what is going on. History. Here or not we will not dissent not the same without you know. Really not hello this particular when you quarters and one here. Activities going on there. So what -- you don't do it like that in getting this service. In -- in their efforts if it is and then. Also phone numbers and I do shameless plug or -- -- -- 986 states stripped it when it Colin. And now and it was you know actually that where happy. You do comedy I think this -- in these last it was a much fun. As. In. On the baseball and they. Close over that this year so. Come on board and we need. Obviously you've seen the dvd. -- how spectacular is that. It's quite it's quite something it has I thought that the heart if you. Capture this season but this is it easier more than just. What happens in this game what happened on that night. It's a lot of in depth personality. Assessment. That a lot of us feel behind the scenes stuff that. Late this year so special also. Planet thing that's where we are determined by the way do. In 2004 I don't know of beating our chest -- we know. Complacency we are determined. To work from the very first day regarding your particular team. Give our fans to you that we're he would support. That doesn't mean. -- -- not happy -- yours that -- trying to win again and it is as a pencil away as possible -- injured in the whole baseball operations. Working at -- you are accurate that. All right Larry we'll have a happy holidays are who you were down here we'll catch you next time. Okay. His -- but I put my best TO wife and also be a dark Fenway. It. Didn't. I don't. The ball version important newspaper. -- you know joining us on the telephone we're alive from the royal blues club -- -- -- -- Yes it's another Christmas and then -- with Austin Johnson. -- -- -- --

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