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Patriots in control of their own playoff destiny after Manning and the Broncos lose at home to San Diego

Dec 13, 2013|

We discuss the ever-changing playoff landscape of the AFC, and how with a Broncos divisional loss to the Chargers, the Patriots have assumed control of the #1 seed and will clinch it if they win their last 3 games.

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So. -- their life for the number one seed. -- this conversation all weeklong of the patriots. Legitimate contender you. Depressed because Rob Gronkowski doubt and that's gonna make it impossible -- their defense didn't play Weller. God forbid they didn't blow out the Cleveland Browns in the over the Houston Texans. Didn't we -- until the end of the game maybe even didn't have a good first half against those teams. But here -- our -- Michael. As we said earlier seen this movie a million times with the Denver Broncos know how this story plays out of the play Peyton Manning in his power high octane offense that can't BP -- All the sudden. The weather changes. -- -- little chilly out if the weather well I don't that's I don't but I don't think that's about it. This team is beatable that's not only reading the weather as I'd like I don't -- about all. The winner this year Leo right here to -- and producer -- hold on goes out of this Mike from it. Hide what did you this last part is gonna do this idea what to do this because I heard that during your Gator that it wasn't invited. You had a hardware invited chose to -- I was not invited I party all about the team but I didn't know it was inflated -- Everybody's told calls -- all about it -- Cameron and -- law and all of the other great ball. I all of baseball while I'm glad I was sort of what about the 2007 patriots and how the Broncos are better -- the -- step in patriot that idea eleven and three for a. I think it was the Broncos offense at it afterward -- meant broncos' offense better you back patriots are the most at Purdue. I misspoke are exotic nobody's all he still think. The nature of most seven that's the Broncos on of this fourteen points broncos' offense has been the pitcher most of the ball three times already. They've lost three -- times and never statistic that you do like a power rankings would you think it means that number -- or break the record is gonna throw more passing answer Randy -- -- -- Another note there Randy Moss to the broncos' red -- and there is Thomas that really got us welcome to you -- history is considered with a straight right to -- Thomas and right -- same category that's what you -- -- computer what do you want people to what was his name will play for the Broncos for a few years are at the start him -- -- quarterback is a part of get real star quarterback position. Tom Brady most and Peyton Manning right now matter. Quarterback. I'd I would probably take numbers out there and really they are and the congress to push it. Better quarterbacks of the other offenses better statistically. Walker 07 or Wes Welker right now. Obviously you'd -- take a seven Welker is -- the younger play Randy Randy Moss 07 -- their various jobs at the various -- war but Eric -- -- -- -- about Eric -- -- -- Richard Julius Thomas. Indicators that was their tight end Ben Watson yes. OK Julius doctor -- lots and lots. Laurence Maroney or no sharper in the north rodeo seven bed is also know Reno is average at best. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or -- to the bad bad -- -- rallied about I still think abroad you're -- -- I citadel wasn't out to dinner with -- right that's what you really the photos with keep law and salt. I heard I heard -- -- Alina it. You think some probably based on what a couple guys -- -- -- done by Joey thank you thank you Joseph what -- the power rankings come out your flawed power rankings Tuesdays on WEEI dot com every Tuesday morning. That guy who thinks that the 213 programs. Are better than the patriots. 2007. Is our which is the popular distract -- every Tuesday morning with the public advocates are bright and I know -- Easy and and kind of fun actually. Through say oh look look at Peyton Manning and look at the Broncos. Days they've really show in the beginning of the season that the and what it really counts that fall apart I don't either say that and it's gonna say that. So the real story. Is agents the AFC is a wide open for anybody. Takes us yesterday. Got a six seed. Win the conference you said now I gotta say no. Sixty I still think I -- Diego team is not gonna win at any body now aren't gonna get hot for three game on the -- you think San Diego and Miami by anybody or wide open I don't -- over Baltimore. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know economic -- -- -- excellent understanding. I think. Well Miami's gonna lose on Sunday probably -- Patriot -- nest can be devastating -- when it 76 yeah there's a little -- seven and seven but Baltimore. Please -- semi tough game on Sunday to the play Cincinnati and then they have noticed that very place Pittsburgh. Anyway both were gonna win on Sunday that we -- finally going to get right to beat him. But I think it at Baltimore absolutely that's a perfect example today when the conference sure. -- -- Patriots absolute. Why don't AFC out of it's that was the road you're miserable gonna have to roll through New England that goes through -- places -- go -- -- every -- -- -- -- -- -- Closed out that there is that the question that Richard -- closed out the Denver clearly open the door. I gave the little blinking light light when you get up to an intersection you kind of look at each other make -- a high beams like -- -- -- you wanna go don't crash your car driving through this intersection but as long as you can just drive through the intersection at home field is George you've got to beat three. Mediocre teams and two mediocre teams and one that we got two tough games ago but it's not -- that there are mediocre teams. Well I think I think Miami. Miami has surprised me but they were done or not this whole. In -- -- -- -- the market situation -- not tough game on the road in mind always is even when an -- and I think Baltimore have a lot of respect for them. Tough game. And then it shouldn't be tough against buffalo really -- at buffalo at home everywhere with them even when your resting some guys. Two out of three down the stretch and get your -- the -- -- uploaded absolutely not gonna have a final game of the season and then lose home field throughout to the buffalo. Now close it out not to get back to Denver because they've they've been the conversation. From everybody's called opens up the patriots and often this year and Denver's the great team in the AFC and look at Denver and a great offense and they they really didn't even lose to the patriot they just had some fumbles late in the game and everybody is called up. In the last week to say the patriots don't have a shot. I hope that yesterday opened your eyes I hope that yesterday make you turn around and say oh wait a minute they do have a shot none of these teams are perfect all of them have laws and I'd rather win one of those games that allows one. The pitchers didn't play well against Cleveland fine but they won the game they didn't play great against Houston in the first half but they won the game. The Broncos were taken entirely out of their game at all by the way and when push came to shop at the end what do Peyton Manning -- he threw a -- I know we was hit it wasn't like you made a bad decision and throw the ball to directly the other team but through OPEC once again in the last 67 minutes of the game to -- aspect. A problem. That's their problem is another problem the problem is not all you have to watch out for Peyton Manning because it in a big moment the game is gonna screw it up that's not the issue. You look at it and Joseph is right to a degree. You look at Peyton Manning's numbers in 2013. They are sick but these are real -- supreme numbers. -- -- it on the video game would say I hate this video game is not realistic I would never be able to do this in real life. The problem is. Overall. Their depth and if you if you look at them one through 53. There are not they are not that scary Peyton Manning in the off -- he's so efficient and he's on the same page with his receivers and he'd beat Rosie he throws guys open he recognizes coverages. All the things that you want to quarterbacks that you can't make all the throws now. At this stage of his career but still gets the job done. Our topic of -- -- issue. Angle where we're positioning them like they are some dominant team they're not a dominant team may have -- dominant offense but they can be exposed. San Diego last night held the ball for about forty -- that's -- will be just not but it got. Any way to beat it's about I think it's the most affect the patriots the patriots I think are very comfortable. -- -- injury are very comfortable going up and down the field. With the Denver bronco because they can do I -- -- -- -- a mistake and that defense is not great I like what San Diego did last night. Ran the ball forty something times -- we threw the ball when he held onto the ball as you said for what they it was an -- 849. Yet to when he won eleven was the time of possession in the game Peyton Manning couldn't do what you think as he stands on the bench. Next to the bench in the sideline almost the entirety of the game. We can just see the frustration is OK I got this great offense -- got all these things I want to bill. San Diego won't. Got off the field have a long even when they didn't go anywhere they took forever to do. Try to recognize this is my thoughts sandy was my -- just. It's not like a remake. Like the original. -- -- -- -- Craig. Right on. Shotgun formation romantic takes the snap looking to. 35. Top list this year. Take what you do when your house of all of Richard Davis. It -- -- -- it but I had argued that -- that right now because. Distracted by the respondents thought oh good god you know the tax Stewart. -- Yeah I. Great that's great. Back story of kids down the street garage band but do something what do you attribute to the local team. They're probably inspire I don't know what you're in the Summers made -- I imagine it was the -- Korea oh. Charger -- Korea don't yet. You know Kellen Winslow damned if outs Charlie joiner. Thing of the sort John Jefferson. To attribute to the charges in the got a gone. Great known on a stand -- Conferees I think that's not the Stan Humphries nature on May make the turn means what's that guy's name pooh -- who else was hurt -- help help offer Albert. Alfred Alfred output of everything is that your unity ticket for an on off maritime escort cut out -- -- the token I've got him back its command and they've drawn mean those the pre likable team it's too bad they got rolled in the super hope that they were. A very likable team 617779. 7937. I'll tell you the reaction in the -- -- very simple last open back and forth. I'll be honest -- -- the game -- on I always forget Thursday night football's on I was excited I got back from like 930 clicked on the hockey game all excited to watch Bruins and Edmonton and just completely forgot that the game was on until the end of the first period. Where it looked like the brokerages can run away and and I'll sleep against the -- whatever. And finally got back engrossed in in the football. And I just I was waiting for many Watson looking at a San Diego is doing everything right. Right there are there they're keeping the ball forever in one driver they got the ball there one yard line they only made it to about a thirty. But they answered that took a -- so what they took 56 minutes just to go thirty yards there was a penalty there was a dumb play they did this. And then after they failed on third one to get that first down you're like all. They be at for everything they did right they screwed up when they have the chance to win it. And then Peyton threw them -- -- -- I gave a big heart clap double fist pump but all council Wendell is afraid jump on the start -- this -- does my when -- afraid. And and the -- I love watching Peyton Manning lose and I'll never get old. I think actually I December I think for four people out there who. Are. Arnold down on -- trees are down the patriots you don't think they're that good you don't think they have a chance of of going to Super Bowl and winning it. I would -- now or make your case make your case for why can't happen based on what happened last night. Now the patriots are are in position to be the number one seed in the AFC make your case for why. Why -- why they are not on the same level -- Denver or Cincinnati or anybody else I think the other problem is. And it happens this is not just in the England thing I think this is a passionate fan base that. And that's most of in the NFL sort of Jackson. People -- just really the you to get so fired up you're so invested in your team. You are -- -- you watch the red zone channel however stepping up fantasy football but you watch your team. 99%. Of the time that you check in with the other franchises if you see something good you wonder well. We don't have a player like that would have a coach like that we can't do anything like that. It's just the analysis the over analysis of your team used -- the flaws. That you'd think no other team has. Every other team is in the same situation in the same predicament it's accurate some some a little better some a lot some a little worse some a lot -- -- Jackson it's a fun new way you described as you're right I agree a 100%. And the red zone channel and watching highlights NE SP and actually makes it worse could you generally see especially the good of a good teams like Denver I mean. They're not showing Denver giving up all the yards that they give up on the back and they're showing Peyton Manning and everything that is he has offense doesn't the great eroded to marry is Thomas in this thing to Julius common that's that they wanna -- on sports center and on -- on so that's what you're seeing for the most part. If you watch them day in day out you have your frustrations if you were Colin Denver Sports Radio listening to them. I'm sure they're wondering every day whether or not their defense is good enough to stop legit challenger in the post season I bet -- they're wondering whether or not Peyton Manning's gonna be okay if the weather's cold. The 61777979837. Joseph is in Everett -- job. -- -- LL agents up. Yeah I Merry Christmas and you do what you. That's a question and a question about the number one -- so. -- -- -- Now on the quote that you like this to. Anyway that that division. And the patriots finished tied with them that they still get the number one seat. If Kansas City wins the division. Yet the -- finished I looked at the city where it why. Do they go to the patriots so get that animal and see. That's a good question I'm guessing they do Kansas City is gonna lose the -- Denver will have to lose again. To lose got a. A detention possible yet got a little -- Richard went -- -- you would doubt that again while it's -- -- -- come down on our conference record and and we don't know what their each of their conference record is likable couple and it is. The right now what we know we know for a fact that the patriots have two conference losses and the the chiefs. There's -- -- -- in the chiefs have two losses to the Broncos. And their other loss was to San Diego I believe 33 -- -- and do they each loss do if they both want to quit the Rangers controlled her own destiny right now that that -- if if the Payer plan there that I don't want it yet to commit to Kansas City has one more loss than them any quantitative Jesus look I was that it hasn't. -- found that must feel about the in Lubbock seasons and I got out of his -- Betemit right. I -- no matter how you feel about a -- eat it's good to have a fan. Buddha Jesus Mohammed. In the article three love anybody. Who has used to heat up -- -- -- a PP and. I hope so a lot of people meters in width and everybody. In the thing that conservative talk radio. 6177797. Point 37. Or maybe not I don't know -- is in Portsmouth high -- So I get data on great how great now we're at epic. -- -- -- Part of my dad. You saying that but yet they -- put on them oh. I feel bad for Peyton Manning you know he'd lose in the -- Is that the other and the way I am excursions worried. About repayment in about his whole career. You've been surrounded by the talented guys off but the weapon. And -- -- -- -- an acrobat format Arnold at about that if I. -- -- Christian Fauria Fauria former patriot. Two time Super Bowl champion Christian Fauria says. What you paid any kind of feels bad for Manny because he does everything. And when they lose he always gets the blame -- this page gets more blame that he deserves and -- that occurs in the gets. -- a lot of credit to me you just mentioned it -- who we've been surrounded though what the players that are surrounded him. But for MVPs. And to a couple of Super Bowl he's won one comes from a quarterback -- friendly royalty. There in New Orleans you made a lot of money. I mean he's give praise from the national media have crossed and the. Story on in the pork I never gets any -- never gets any credit from the media -- he can't make any money in endorsements he's now well like I mean it. A lot of a lot of I'm real sympathy for -- should have brought pictures of Denver you are sent out the evidence now. He's got his foot -- about rehabbing it. Even though is its helmet on desperately bookings in studies. On all about it in the governance matters if there was an article beacon still function. Justices while the cold cold -- any colder than what forty. He's in trouble well out and function is quote people like you won a line in the in the coal. Whoever started that narrative can shove it up there what narrative to watch him in the cold he's not good look at the record -- -- a and I you know he's he's he's he's via a compressed up in the cold if -- -- have gotten cold weather too. Quarterback now is not against Oregon but today I got army's got a deal people's army -- think with. Until -- Was feeling rules -- for Peyton Manning. If if Peyton Manning gave them an account as I was stealing stories from. If Peyton Manning gives you one account. From one of his endorsement you never have to work unity. Of about four he's. Results for it and make any bank when he was playing like that -- to make some money though right. He didn't make enough money compared to what to retire pro life while just compared to a patent makes it in into thin -- talk and I'm not what you. Money is to make -- endorsements can make that much in person. What do you think it makes a year endorsing products ten million a year. -- all of its products probably more more than ten million years that much where Rivera. Aren't -- -- to earn an honest -- -- text him here a minute walk out of text there. And help in knowing that -- drop that name is out of it that that really and knowing named her -- -- -- -- a lot of people -- deficits really like a big enough. A big enough name to name drop you don't have their referral number is -- I don't want really don't want you don't want -- -- -- -- I'll be happy to give the data on the ballot I can maybe introduce you guys -- not -- -- I've met him. A six once at that I Peyton Manning's endorsement money twelve million -- -- -- even need to connect the perfect twelve million dollars. -- says Forbes let that a parent of a Frontier Oil Iron -- Africa Daryn -- have the scoop may have some more information you're still down on the pitcher to use fielding is a team that just doesn't have that you don't like them and an and they get up too many yards and two but he points in the first half. Do you feel after watching the call the call of the Broncos lose the way they did last night six point 7779793. Cents alcohol WB yeah. Well you probably have pretty good private insurers a short week -- it. And it takes the snap looking it was. You can analog anyway why we're here it did manage five plays that we have Walters good good that you told. I can't tell you that well we've prepared. To play. The division game on the short -- and but we're prepared deploy -- crucial it -- to play as well as you would have liked. Ideally the ball for twenty minutes in the game. Give credit good game plan against Peyton Manning in the Broncos. Ran the ball incredibly well Matthews -- -- and are by the whole thing it worked. By the act. And the -- that yeah yours hook line sinker got me soccer. Manning. -- -- guy he -- the year. Now panic guys. Around. Him talk about the -- -- is that true statement egg guy you wanna buy one I think our guys is patty -- -- -- not an every little. -- is more of an Everyman that operating. Tom Brady now -- robbery. Robbery with Albert yet he is more air ball they're equally not. Now would not equal at all poses different way. What's the what's the different who's nicer to you if you want to beat the street in no way. Thick in a technical neither one can neither one of them are nice if you walk up to meet them in the streak in the water on the street both of them were like living in ice decide the way okay. You drop the opening I'm going to be. More obnoxious the news. If this scenario happened. It's true story. Was at this is about five years. Six years ago it sounds that play on Newberry street that songs on it yet. -- -- -- Michael's -- and with that. Wasn't Michael Smith -- -- and -- my -- to be your agent. The plot definitely taken yet know what you know they're talking. Like Peyton Manning over there at the bar. The bar at some event for new. Oh win over and leaving him. Did you know Michael you know either. -- appeared -- needed to -- it. To start you would think he would feel like it was in Boston. Was not surrounded by people like in the patriots -- Payton man whose job -- Peyton Manning -- autograph does -- it was relatively crowded -- to offer rock of our guys. -- -- -- You're telling me nice guy that basically -- definite gotta love affairs because you met him and he patted you on the head it was nice do you like you were a little kid that. You'd like hey son you want my autograph that you melted it is like it is not what you don't understand that needed that. I'm at that point -- like I needed to hear the problem with with your comparison is really what need to see Tom Brady in in a bar in Denver and nice restaurant Denver and how how does he respond. How did that defeated number of people would be is classy as we knew that when people are not they're not so. Never heard of Denver is a non classic is a frightening and a couple -- can happen anywhere okay. Did he mention the words are shocks. January America associated with were -- be warned dear man I mean I -- -- -- -- -- -- at our talent here are expected I could probably find that -- I -- when it happened is that true story I hosted a radio -- for four years with the former Peyton -- back -- who -- -- -- I mean loves them. Warships the guy thinks he's the greatest thing in the world but even he doesn't think the whole shots. Even knows the -- awe -- thing is a bit of put on the Payton knows how to play the media game and he was like I knew he probably knew you guys are in the media I was playing you the whole Chinese soccer leagues. -- -- article you not know. You're talking to the wrong guy six 7779. 7937 I just told you about my first ever Christmas tree few days ago I think I believe in Santa bills in the car at least four. Dump bill cookies and milk or Obama was a bill. There was a comment. Any idea what you guys while you get conciliator. But I look -- -- and it -- it like I what I -- say about. You know Peyton Manning and tabloids in Denver. It does feel like the wild let out there -- -- classic city. I also love to -- 11 -- -- -- find -- front -- -- -- -- what their pictures and I such. Is gonna fight we're getting bombarded probably felt there. And but anyway I want it broke up earlier today. Some guys -- can somewhat all Tom Brady saying is that. You know it's all Perry want to -- in the second half the career silence help -- -- like you know older and bigger attack and -- But the reality is it quarterbacks like operate. At changes in the court receivers. Like she. -- -- Most. Significant question -- bill can answer for second -- You bring up an interesting topic and I used to think I used to be right along with you there was more turn over the most. I don't think so. I think most of the most great quarterbacks. Have had a number of receivers you have a number one who's there for a long time than you have. A bunch of turn over at the for lack of a better phrase spread the two to go or spots in your receiving corps. I think all of them you know Dan Marino Brett -- Joseph Montana you know it's. Funny though it for the -- -- I -- obviously -- in the John always case it mean there were like two completely different versions of the Denver Broncos is a good team right Freddie at the early ones at the three grandiose and the later team rod rod Smith and Ed McCaffery it's so that he did it with two completely different -- Jim Kelly. All of that they'll hold -- get they have or get the Joseph Montana Montana did it with a with several groups -- -- -- so yes I mean Jerry Rice and they're almost all of the relevant -- have remind -- Super Bowl there's no Jerry Rice. Doctor rice prices only there for -- Aren't there enough. OK so you get it done it I've got -- just think it's Marino was great with duper and Clayton once those guys left them in the years at the end. Were competitive but they -- -- but Dan Marino must regret with -- with guys not named duper and Clayton because look at the number sign up so. Think all of them it bigger points well taken what you don't want to do. It is. Is explain something on these guys at the last minute that's what Tom Brady had to give you make your argument Tom Brady's had to deal with things of other guys haven't. It's not just the turnover it is the sudden turn over me he didn't expect to lose Deion Branch there in 2006 await him. Off branch -- -- -- expected to lose given but not to bring -- -- been traded at September yeah or -- -- August and every restraint and expect that to happen. And then this year. Where okay. What Erin -- this -- go to jail. Wes Welker but this deal was done Wes Welker going to Denver. -- -- not coming back and we three right. And it -- also it's not like in the Montana case where his receivers get better. Over time -- got guys the beginning we would have doubles with but any wisdom with Jerry Rice who's the greatest of all time yes right I mean. With with Dick John Elway the guys were talking about at the beginning of three amigos had a clever name. But they weren't actually all that good any rod Smith was a really good player and any natural Davis and everything else at the end so. Don't Brady had the weird misfortune or maybe it's not of having. Guys who were not inherent and we forgot about a way how how can you he'll probably call and -- -- scold us but we've got Shannon -- to. Yet Shannon -- right. Elway ever sent out you know Graham a hall of fame Qaeda post the clearance K I mean there are pretty good upgrade from from players -- machine and -- -- Brady. Went from guys who. I played above their ability level right Troy Brown David -- -- givens etc. to some of the greatest types of wide receivers you've seen in an offense. To having all that taken away. And that's sort of a strange career trajectory but I'm not sure any of those other guys would match 61777979837. Jonathan's car hide John. Our. Good -- -- take -- call. But -- you know a lot of people up there in the media are given two in the park street pastor at all. And I just wanna point out the vast difference between. The greatest quarterback ever and Tom Brady had a great quarterback in Peyton Manning and -- that's going to be -- called. Broncos. The patriots won they were down two scorers with about two minutes and 25 seconds ago this week. We came back obviously performed a miracle. Brady knows how to manage their clock he's quick to withdraw its so it's his receivers come healed and on the ball Peyton Manning if you go back last night. Is -- don't IQ scores. Just two minutes and 23 seconds and -- purple line and -- the stupid little hand gestures. That it's just nothing but pure drama. And you -- eight seconds -- the clock. It's not you're eager you're not trying to -- the defense trying to get the ball down field hurt. And I think that's the vast difference between Tom Brady being a Super Bowl champion multiple times in Peyton Manning just been a great stat person. Not that now c'mon John you think that's that you think he's a great -- spurs you don't think that Peyton Manning is a great quarterback understand that Brit -- you know better. I got a guy out take Brady government into. But I have a hard time hearing you call. One of the greatest quarterbacks have ever seen just this week. Announcing compete and not a great quarterback. But if you look at the comparison his ability to win close -- And the -- great quarterback the clutch quarterback in that situation. He's not a million gotten Bjorkman is that you lies the better the clutch. Thinks. Do you think -- -- you the Eli the better -- easier better quarterback or better and better and much is it better clutch quarterback Peyton. Yes yes. And the statistics yet more game winning drive compete many. In his career or in his career I don't think so. No. Eli Manning has more winning game winning drives in Peyton Manning. Yet come from behind came when he drives he Manning has always. I rule apology and outlets now what you keep listening and as you should anyway. Keep listening we will get our -- -- -- tax -- -- our our our interns and onto an open and so get our interns on it. -- at this debt. And I will read it on the year and I will apologize if you search on Mike York indeed correct my gut tells me that you were right -- not John I don't know aren't true related problems you know a number of -- band and I love rip and on the guy I still think he's a great quarterback but. -- still understand some I think he's exaggerated the point but it's not necessarily bad. And Michael you and I spoke about this. Which are you more comfortable. A patriots team that played a bad game against Cleveland but found a way to win. Or Broncos team that played a bad game at home against San Diego couldn't more comfortable with the loss right you are gonna have they don't write me how to spot that was so great about it patriots it is for all the freak out. They won. Well the Broncos didn't they found a way to lose that -- that winning -- some Plymouth hi chuck. I think -- might call and yeah that that the -- that treatment. But don't funeral but he -- that. There a deal to -- that -- signals. Weather -- and her parents and yeah. -- -- -- -- but overall I think they're over achiever. 08. Rocks. Locker room for it looked a little short list goes on and on and are gonna do well -- -- -- -- it's all shouldn't and I think a lot of nudity and see that make you pledged an amount. Well out of the NFC that's our NFC you don't have to worry about a lot of teams -- -- -- -- where about a lot of teams and AFC. If it shock you could tell Maine in direct NFC appears to be stronger than AFC. But yeah tell me that -- the patriots. Get to the Super Bowl. In New York what a road trip Brett gets a Super Bowl in New York any cold weather super ball. That you know you whoever in the and whoever they face an NFC they have no chance of beating them. All of the -- Michael minister part of an ideal. The political ravens secure anyway rewrites and pounded like eight yards or land -- it. Not that that's what somewhat Janet I mean I don't think something even get up out of Iraq and shot it down our throats and it's going to be Barrett. Chucked it might happen but it won't happen until the Super Bowl I mean you're right but but is -- -- team in the AFC you think is gonna do that Cincinnati is the team best able to do it and I don't think they're still got a hat is that I have a quarterback. He's still gonna have somebody to make the big throws at the end of the game and Andy Dalton is -- for two in the playoffs sense and that's pretty unimpressive. If I don't necessarily disagree that if the patriots are to make it to the Super Bowl. Illiterates -- Seattle or -- -- Cisco but but who well who else may be Carolina. At New Orleans is game. The world isn't gonna go to the beach you by running the ball down your throat in the cold but I can do that. Green Bay if they get Aaron Rodgers back to make a run they're not gonna do that Chicago is infuriating and weren't for Green -- Was he wrong are we haven't answer we have an answer to to the guy who says that John Manning. As you -- game winning come from behind drives and his brother Eli. We'll give you the stats next a lot more calls while six point 7779793. Cents -- W. So division lost. Mr. supporting. But we got beat by a team to play better than us. Excuse -- or well on defense and are made more plays and we did. Your version I gave her cigarette in the division games are never quite sure what you're gonna did mr. -- -- -- season -- I had to act and so did the in the background George I hate to get costs that I love that -- I told to do. For -- the caller. So wanted to go -- war and want and I'll just tell me definitively that Eli Manning. -- had more comebacks -- more winning drives -- drives that his brother. Our interns. Have done the meticulous. Laborious three search. And they come up with -- 254 quarter comebacks for Eli Manning how many 25 I'm -- a -- -- -- a lot you know what's more forty. Prepared me. So 44. Quarter comebacks -- patent 25. Game winning drives Eli has 29 game winning drive which is not bad. Richard picked rather sure you've heard this many times before it can't escape the shadow of your Big Brother Big Brother that's why. There when he drives you've got two Super Bowls he's got one. He's -- the patriots twice. In the post season in the Super Bowl you knocked them off once. In the post season to get to the Super Bowl in matters for you. But. And -- the game winning drives. Fourth quarter comebacks. Are. Well what about as a precaution you know wanna go ratio you know willing to go ratio now being played at -- and -- right but more just her for intellectual curiosity I have -- like we can we agree that he's wrong zero you have no intellectual curiosity about a ratio on anything of that for games -- it all right record doubtful Bulldog -- 6177797937. Bryant -- -- -- -- -- -- lit up. Ebitda I'm tightly and navigate got a lot of -- particular chipped in I'm Morocco and taxis take picnic at DiMarco it seem to reality welcome our military. -- -- -- it casing and out. And go to guy whenever in the Dominican Republic are precious. Took a pretty -- vacation in Morocco is on I don't wanna give you any ideas that I am you know tougher than I am -- and Carolina -- was it was not like and rough that are anything it was very nice. Out here I did see some that was nice thank you Brian appreciate we got on the on the pats. I wanna know it comes at a two part question is that our own -- even think about it but it just curiosity about. When the football for many years but I like the -- I was into the ground injury what you say -- -- the change began playing anybody like. To play around with the utilities too like he is Crable -- -- end up like that the vacuum that the it play out. I don't think so although. I don't think so I think the problem is they have so many injuries even on the defense. And it it it feels like both units have been hit by the injury bug so it's not like they've got some extra linebacker that's not get any playing time that you could throw out their linebacker I don't see that now maybe there's more -- -- -- For four the big fullback Devlin games Devlin young who I think has been in the -- -- don't get onto the field that often but every time he's out there he seems to do something positive a catalog all the caddies read like Elena is not just because he's a fullback like fullbacks. -- -- you brought something it seems to the team this year so maybe there's more of a role for him. I don't see huge personnel change -- to see them is having Tenet to go and some different directions you're gonna need Dobson to step up and do something. Mean you -- who beat who who was the best player on the field. Last night for the for the chargers. Made his Ryan Mathews but the other guy would have been Keenan Allen and Allen -- a he's had a nice a rookie season their for a tour rookie of the year maybe. Going to be right there I mean maybe we got maybe doesn't but he certainly in the conversation. And that if there is there anybody obvious remiss -- there's going to be somebody there's no like obvious guy on TV he's right there for rookie of the year as an offensive rookie of the year this year. And you know you could Adam. Mean would you prefer Keenan Allen to Aaron Dobson I don't know yet I knew him in -- technology I don't know I don't know what other guy's going to be at right now it looks like you and -- by you know violence like right now and who nose in three years maybe three years. The answer will be obvious as it is out -- as it is now the question is almost more about Dobson I mean what do you think he ends up growing into we've seen some flashes. But he can be so pretty special we've also seen flashes that go exactly the opposite direction. Acute around the same way -- mean before he cut the two touchdowns lastly also made a bunch mistakes and and and he's been yelled out by Philip Rivers are not being in the right place at the right time. As the adventures you get with a with a relative rookie -- -- anything exactly so looks in Springfield I look. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or no or almost all but giants yankees and turn out that -- those are for it's weird comment that. It's I'm from may not come together and work but I am defending Tom Brady. -- -- about argue against Joseph Montana. You know compared -- guys very much similar. Picnic -- the defense -- them but not in the Brady adding that John Taylor. You're right. No larger Craig in the back field Brady has. You know don't -- your -- with a view receiving corps. Can't you know a couple of years Welker. You know initially no matter what it takes to get -- in the park. Yeah I got made it look if you if you if you wanted to say. You know is if you wanted to compare Brady to Montana and and look at. Hall of fame members members of the off of the offense who are. Either in the hall of fame -- hall of fame worthy obviously. Obviously Montana has has worked with more talent. But panel battle particularly if it's hard it's hard to hear somebody criticized Joseph Montana where -- It's like criticized him. We get -- criticism of Montana say that he had some consistency. -- around him Brady has not have that there have been a lot of changes around any candidate there's no doubt about that but. That but you know Montana's force who grumbles about losing is is still. With different nobody else's done that Brady have the opportunity and unfortunately. Crazies -- got. Morse a proposal Brady got two more Super Bowl -- and Montana did. In his prime he did have some -- we're talking about Tommy term isn't here look at having -- was 2930. Some pretty nasty playoff losses in either back to back seasons or or think it was three straight seasons so it's not like the way I remember it. As an idea was -- 87 out of eight the giants Jim -- wrote them over the bears -- -- and sent the ball running back him don't. Good teams -- I mean the way the way I remembered are times where other people remembered you thought Joseph Montana right ever lost every time we got to the postseason it was over he was gonna take his team only to the super Poland in the at -- -- This like Brady has and -- Manning and amassed six months. And at 77979837. Still yet to hear from one of these patriots fans who was said hey. I don't think they're very good team I don't think they can go to the Super Bowl I think that -- -- flawed and then what do you think after you watch the Broncos lose last night I thought San Diego had a great game plan and get a -- fantastic job of executing what they were trying to do what they -- more team should try to do against Denver that's one number two. I don't want. Maybe this is a cheap shot. To kick a guy and the way out the door but I saw some this morning Michael and I heard about it first and I already thought it was lame that I soft. And just so it was that the exact opposite reaction to Doc Rivers. I was expecting to think doc was kind of a phony and then I I I saw and heard the the press conference after the game and you couldn't come away is anything but impressive Doc Rivers and really really looking up to everything he stands. This really kind of dollars. This this one per guy that I never really said anything all that negative about. Really paragon and rescue -- alcohol WE.

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