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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 12/13/13

Dec 13, 2013|

If it's answers ye seek, simply text or tweet.

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So can -- now. 3793. Set it on Sports Radio 93 point seven. Yeah I don't know. It's. Time for answers the question jerk -- answer the question with -- and Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question what. Are we answer the question the end of every show in this case the end of the week John writers and today some man. Guys has gone taking us deep into the night I am yeah well if ten -- 10 PM is deep into the night there's -- qualified pretty deep in a pretty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't expect to see him in much Friday Friday activity for biking and Obama. 2014 OK so Mike Adams around no he's not -- my English as a bigger question could surprise you by -- Our regular session -- special -- there answered your own question -- your property your facilities manager or insurance broke a lawyer -- to ensure you have a disaster restoration game plan in place call 8774611111. Or go to -- serve dot com now the planet Mikey show that you brought up earlier Michael. And it happens that I was thinking that today as I was on the treadmill this morning and by the way one pound away from my goal set I would lose ten pounds when New Year's -- nine. -- are -- pounds are pounds out of the house was -- about how do you feel how to look pretty field. Up to look at it from down nine pounds field field and in Israel that are deeply do you like -- look down I forget it I'd be another ten -- because you may have more muscle groups which kind of throws off the recognized immediately better today I don't have any more -- -- -- -- in better shape now. But it doesn't that you're not reaching your goal -- don't get caught up in the pound yen also always more than -- that's -- -- they always say that I think it's Barack I think that's I think that's scaled pretty we'll tell you what's going on in life. You were so I was thinking today. And maybe it's a federal might even be subject for a for a whole segment at some point but. I heard a song is I was as I was on the treadmill that I thought was one of the great songs two runs what's -- -- Florida that -- you animals are at it because it led me to the question. It will shorten it for for the sake of answer the question if you -- ten minutes left and long run. And you can pick any three songs to get you through the final ten minutes herself. Of your Ron what are the three song should -- -- something relatively angry now. Well it's got beat. Well and always had to be upbeat. You have to be a little a little angry and -- got a look at little edgy little confrontational I don't always need that. I needed edit the I got me the energy to it into me by my three favorite songs that are going to be in a -- about it just get me there are so how much you -- -- three years old -- or policy either. -- Rodeo Drive faster machines councils or no you're going to be. Faced with the other day. Public service announcement. By JC can't. And high of actor or some not the other day but it went in I think I would go -- live. Something from black star most offensively we've. Those of -- year your final three to suffered either it could be it could be anything from that said I don't necessarily need anger I just need to like fast -- lots of energy something makes you want to move facets of the three I would say. Our our bombs over Baghdad -- okay. Sandstorm which the ridiculous zone and Koji comes out of yeah that's -- dare -- to stop running moments. And that to finish it off would be the song that I heard today. Losers evidence. You can't stop it's okay -- that it would not stop running time one the -- Motley crew that I consider put on there. -- is on the list. Nobody -- and well -- lists. And what's your latest Andy. The problem is we have my iPod for him at the rehab playlist and were look at him because -- -- the last three songs. This doesn't suck Barry Bonds -- -- and you're right now there's also that to be in an actor and your defense can run. Picture even close to call it it's gotten beat me I need to I like I -- I confrontational. I need anger at the I need to be engaged in some way and with that respiration. Is. But -- ridiculous. I -- him last night like if it's. -- that the eye of the tiger. Lunatic fringe c'mon Red Rider to get your your work out. Now it's fine if you're watching these you don't need to get -- Well. Yeah. The hard all of -- felt that. -- -- -- Yeah. What are gone now get back. Out there is a definite deal breaker really wonderful moment here and sought. Robert breech baby breeders' -- most overrated and ally like well second most well you know I was number one I don't know we're -- And most overrated and it got to be. Great if the president -- -- -- -- -- is -- -- In -- Notre. And and and a garbage. What do. We get punched in the face -- -- or Jerod Mayo or Michael and order question. Take Napoli and group. Drug treatment -- while stroking is an option but now I know you're gonna get punched in the face. Choices there. Napoli Napoli and I -- happily -- Next question. What are your opinions on sponge past. Literally haven't been giving us a little flat broke and good to see yeah. Enough to -- that right there that I think important -- -- taking Brett always taking up that it political voted to go to. -- legacy here in the hospital. Even then I don't really have much sort of didn't. And Ryder no I've I imagine uses went -- and -- to comply with it the same year over it and I'm really it is and hopefully that. Is a really funny inappropriate -- about somebody wants Courtney Love to do you -- the student immediate yes. -- It's yeah its particular company. Policy of terror attacks were -- -- as awful what you have to say that it's more authority to speak for record -- the horrible that is an awful thing to say next be ashamed of yourselves there. Would you rather be stuck in a room full of forty old women or a room full of young attractive girls that want nothing to do it. What -- you -- -- room with people who have won them do it. And made this self esteem problem that the horny old women and -- -- little -- about -- -- -- we just dogma like Ortiz what is important legal limit you right. I'll -- day at a given age he still volatile moment of their life we -- and hot flashes talking golden girls and -- forties and you know France -- yeah they're -- hard to implement the Arthur attacking so -- -- there. We are extremely. Which the seven main host has the highest -- IQ. -- Not even close was the only all the way it goes through those ladies for high level of my keys out stuff that 1984 right. We're going quite generous and go to -- today IQ and the knowledge right. That's I -- highest support intelligent sports -- -- sports but that's just about knowledge and I Q would go beyond all that it -- to be about. I think through all the answers -- -- for every two. Days let's accept that. Except I'd go look at it it's easy that's an -- Shot John Kerry -- head I think it's actually just let him play it straight start -- is he challenges people sports -- -- -- sports content related to answering all sorts of questions on ESPN a number. -- -- natural response from one of those networks yes what those networks. That he has not. Or as you figure it's no different after. The file in case. It's it is absolutely filed with -- throw it pretty desperate who is the heavyweight boxing and what about its. Try and it's there it's children. But you're so conscious about the way they -- wells. They answer to your previous question is Klitschko potatoes and just have to know which would likely go to it was equipped. Most of the built their cost flavor talking to me personally that flavor of the cup just to -- it really. And that's what this does give information guys next what's -- today is my 25 birthday I was given a choice for courtside Celtics tickets against the rockets or. First row balcony seat for the Bruins against the can maybe ads which should I true Bruins. It's just so easy courtside you have courtside. Seats mean how how often. When you get courtside seats. I'm not talking about as often hectic towards that -- -- that take advantage of this opportunity. -- wouldn't do -- can. Not even close. They're not even think you're one of the court ruling party that coordinates to these are the greatest needs in the world it was Canadians not even close. Easiest easily -- have some talent. Do they got James Harden your play -- -- and Stoller via the system that dig at these these are -- up right now I'm sorry I cannot quite. Much story in progress it's got to end it because he's just not like an additional platforms he's so good for that short amount of time. A lot of people that runs like that haven't yet despite what 1012 games there has gotten. Next question thank you it's a good job of the greatest you guys are -- that John has the highest -- -- he hits army do you find you get many sports related gifts for the -- an affront to give me any good at all. -- -- there definitely gives us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At the stations report critical of them I would just a couple of years ago when war room in rare and very -- an effort marriages apparently here. I was really hoping to get and egress is book of Boston's sports and that. That exist. Now it does not exist and it's where entire. Feature throughout Boston sports editors of that -- and Eric is Julie's favorite. Come on that's no way to answer -- exhibit -- the office we do. Please don't give me department art everybody have a great -- -- held the note that one on tomorrow I would still while not till midnight. -- is gonna throw Robert Green quickly. Q are you not a meteorologist. Obvious he -- yet. That it can I just won't work during a world -- in the next question written very quickly would -- for the next question. Have you ever worn sneakers that have velcro -- notably -- If you're you're either for it never or -- I think really. Do you do when your -- right. Remember that you might you. Have bill promoted it when it first came out it was Q -- there was definitely a little kid this article -- -- about my. Children yes I had been as it went on Saturday here's what you rocketing brokerage. You know if -- it's -- that signature and bring it back to our uniforms Jews in factory. Mammal program and aside the -- If you go formula and while that Nike like leases with one they'll rooster on the back. On note that you -- though so let's all go -- only -- or. In. -- where it now when he's feeling it one velcro thing. There was and in with I topped out like yeah. Obviously astute and Joker wanted to -- right. Place that maybe even relevant issue that they are now -- -- coming up next. Weather permitting Michael and I will be at Mohegan Sun on Sunday at 1 o'clock to -- patriots game. Come join us and we will talk to you from Foxboro with Bill Belichick on Monday and then.

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