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Mike Reiss, ESPNBoston.com: previews Patriots Dolphins

Dec 13, 2013|

Mike Reiss joins Mut and Fauria to discuss the upcoming game against the Dolphins and what the Patriots will do now without Rob Gronkowski.

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Act by 607080 pounds against Rob Gronkowski. You got to form tackle you've got a kick left me notes and happened. There are playing across. Start playing baseball -- joining us on the eighteenth the hot wanna got you work with what every week right -- a boy Michael Reese our boy to Mike Kris habeas PM boston.com. Like it is on -- Christian Fauria today ideal but. And doing well christianity -- -- -- but -- III all every Sunday night it over. With has turned away what I call it luck call for a so Mike I will do this Sunday night sports final ons for CBS and sometimes I show doesn't start till 1230 on time is 1135. So what time I missed it because I took a nap. And and mild alarm clock like -- -- it's like to drive an. So -- -- -- does now is -- always calls me every Sunday at around 10301045. To make your -- way up there but I figured you Celeste is to get prepared couple coffee when you -- into the studio. It -- trade I I like -- copyright around 10:30 PM get -- through you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Without Rob Gronkowski. Beginning this week Mike and -- I disagree on this Christian believes that. The chance they Michael Moore possession game in -- the becomes -- fact writing that in the best route might be spread out and work with these wide receivers let Brady try to win you some games. How do you think the offense to look these final three in a playoff push without Rob Gronkowski. I actually think you guys both could be right because -- depend on you know each weakened and the plan they wanna lay out a cute feet. This week the idea when you look at the dolphins defense may -- I'm you don't -- weakness that you will be in the defensive back field when you get there or if maybe six defensive back. Like you like the idea much like instead of trying to spread it out a little bit and trying to play a little -- simple of course. The key there is that you pass protect and like yup and -- gonna be key in this game because often have a very good defensive front. Yeah you know Mike it's it's funny if you look at the matchups of the guys have as far as running the ball to decide on the -- small again in DJ Williams. -- that tied imposition is gonna change. Well the main -- Christians like that that the way -- -- -- paid and you know there's like eight. When they goal which -- yet hurry up package should normally be three receivers and gronkowski. At the tight -- along with a running back now I think. You look at that they will they -- that -- you know in that role he's really more of a short blocker. Will they use. -- our union now lol maybe he didn't afford -- he's coming back from a knee injury and you know you're probably gonna need to have limited absence from the back that we can. TJ Williams just thrown at me and so. I'm sort of looking at the tight end spot specific said that we. As may -- being limited in turn by how they use it will be sort of in the traditional sense. -- when they're out there I think probably more in the blocking game. And I think we'll probably see more of a fourth receiver. I'm instead of a tight ends in terms -- hurry up package which is what we saw. Late in the game last week I think they ran sixteen snaps out of the -- receiver package and all of them. -- after gronkowski got hurt so. I think it's sort of not an easy answer because there's so many weeping sort of packaged in an apartment but I think it maybe a little luck usage on the against this week. As a follow up to that group how about the role for DJ Williams in these final three weeks and as he guided -- still be here come playoff time Mike. Well I think he could not but I think he's probably more on the limited side the first thing and I know this is not great radio he's probably gonna be on the switch in the kickoff return to emerge. You know from a coaching perspective no need guys in the was different spot so we'll probably be -- that he played in that role and and I would say. Limited now since you -- your move tight end. I'll -- -- in the heated comments wouldn't that that have paid and that paper variety player not ignited garnered a blocker but the move a little bit. -- -- -- to buy so Mike let's look at the Miami Dolphins offense. In regards to what the agencies do on defense who is the guy. That we're not -- don't know what he's talking about that you stake the patriots need to -- on for the dolphins. It will probably I mean there's a couple different ways to go actually Charles clay that I then that Bill Belichick -- the boat you know I've been this week. He has sixty catches and think about you know top items in the league obviously is not enough discussion but they played some good ones this year. It's in the grand court -- can ultimately clay concerns them. I'm you know maybe not the same level as those guys but maybe not bets are off and I know. And content there's some of the players that's been a big. Focus of discussion that's sort of you know Charles clay yet. And maybe more than a little bit of a move Qaeda or not these better catching the ball but he blocks a little bit so. That's probably the one guy you look at -- that they're targeting that maybe we're not talking about a lot and also the running game I mean this is probably. Where it starts with the dolphins Christian because patriots ranked thirty or -- -- -- And run -- -- still experimenting. And trying new players on the defensive line item in the late in the season tells you that they don't know what they. I'm -- still trying to find answers there I think. You know between Miller and obviously to running back -- and they're gonna -- -- the patrons of this is Miller gonna play. Good question don't know the answer my father. If you're Miami you need this game and keep your political allies -- yeah I would lean toward yes but where I'm not bear. I don't know. Sure obligate to -- -- bad back you know hundred yards Latin grammys will be -- and scholars it's that guy ran 400 yards. We could go against Pittsburgh we're talking in my crease to be champion boston.com I wanna talk but the defense on the outside and it. Jason Campbell I held a day and Matt Chatham and -- -- -- or attitude that he eighty yard play and that the broken play for touchdown wasn't as bad but it was still. -- -- whole modern sixteen quarterback rating against the -- guy Jason Campbell like consider a middle road quarterback defensively against this wide receiver cores. Mike -- specifically. What I think they'll address that is to leave the in a position where he can match of the Mike Wallace one on one throughout that -- all they do something different would a speedy player can be explosive downfield. So we're actually look at the format a little bit differently and turned the -- -- be going to talk about maybe matching him up like we did last week which our sport in which she did. Virtual wallet is the guy used you know fairly matchup against because. Can you probably more of one trick pony type receiver you guys that -- you wouldn't -- be so. If you play side that you just make sure you always had help. Over the top of his side. You know where it's more complete receiver like Courtney -- could be trees down the field can be cute short yeah immediate -- of the field. I don't think walloped in the same category so that the project -- my thought that maybe they. Play more guys -- team -- wallet. Did you think. -- go back to the opposite side of football real quick do you think this is a time. That Ridley comes back and I sat out one game some a little bit last week. You know you didn't get into the second quarter. But they gave the ball resisted the week that they kind of refresh -- the reset bottom third go get a kid. I don't I don't necessarily think so Christian and -- you know it's -- -- -- -- gut feel because -- really -- think they're gonna have to throw the ball you know it -- to move it against. -- and -- -- from the -- and -- this is -- -- that ball considered top. So -- against all the -- don't necessarily bear it out there 23 in the NFL in rush defense I think. Bigger -- bigger offensive linemen they got to pick your spot in the body you know you're not thinking it's -- be -- I get out. Take a plan for the patriots. I do like it here maybe more machine arena and Brandon Bolden played. Those guys need be in a little bit of a big part of it to because they're more of their sort of accepted back in the factor -- in more what happens I won. Yeah I they spread it out and you attack I'm curious like the role for Danny -- their coupled situations last week where. The other two wide receiver -- -- just a bunch to our receivers on one side of the field and it wasn't and the Golan settlement it was Josh Boyce and -- Andelman is that a case where it. -- he's being passed in the depth chart or they get a managed -- dole is health and his groin. In a final three games of the year where he's just not he's not a percent and can't play the in my snaps they will like him to play. I think it's actually a combination of everything -- you know in addition to. Just trying to have a little bit more diversity you know in the receiving record so. Yeah I agree with good -- that it probably some management with a growing and and also the idea that they. You know like him as the third receiver. When you consider who your other guy is at home and entitlement in him though are somewhat similar obviously not. Carbon copies of each other but they're almost similar you know to each other whereas if you put a police out there. Josh we would have been different -- -- maybe a little bit faster from the tree lined -- perspective little more size there -- -- and yet here. -- -- particular month rent it instilled that sometimes is a little bit more. Are favorable -- you will when you're picking a book you quote they're sort of like what we saw. I'm Deion Branch and Wes Welker as the top guy when channeled through the glitter you wanted to be. Ochocinco could -- a little bit bigger keep -- little bit more of a target on the outside but it turned out those other two guys who were more similar to each other. We're just more -- to be -- and so I think. Lot of factors involved and accountability is a guy that you have to discuss. When part what the top inconsistent. Post -- -- you think I think they're gonna go to -- three receivers such now. And he's the third receiver so he should play more and I could see that production -- -- -- Mike how's the author of the line health. So right now that -- are saying is is. What we have to keep an eye on because starting left tackle you know missed practice Wednesday with a concussion was asked. The last few days and and was limited yesterday I'm assuming -- limited today and you never know with concussions my -- would probably he plays so I think you're gonna have. Your offensive line out of the older making them less guard Mandela center Connolly at right guard and on the question -- -- Canon. They need to come back would be but the ankle injury and packet practiced this week for the first time. Not sure it will play Christian by. No became part of the operative line is what the Balkans are due respect double -- -- pressure where they bring the two linebackers over the center try to. Stretch -- pass protection. I think. I don't really think he -- to me in addition to be yet it is probably guys inside Ryan -- the center -- and Connolly -- I think it'll open. We haven't seen him before this even but I I I I think we've got up into the wind -- -- area focus on the into the key for the entry. -- catch on this thirty seconds. Are you picking Miami in this game it sounds like you're leading dolphins to make. No mutt I everything until you get picked Miami and Monaco at the patriots only because -- on -- hot streak with them. That top spot for the patriots against a team that need to you know it is to keep their playoff hopes alive -- Something about the pictures here and it's resilient lot and they you have that against equipment business. Mike always appreciate the input keep making sure you call Christian Sunday -- mixture of mrs. TV spot and we'll talk the next product I have a -- that.

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