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Jacoby Ellsbury is "excited" to be a Yankee...Really "excited"

Dec 13, 2013|

Mut and Fauria break down the Jacoby Ellsbury's press conference with the Yankees in one less than :30 seconds clip.

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If sports is your thing this is your stadium Sports Radio. Definitely very excited for us. Excited to be here and I'm excited. It's it's honor and -- exciting golf there. You know excited -- And it really was excited and honored to be here and excited it's exciting. Is I'm excited be here for the extended period of time but you know -- -- -- to be here you know excited. On it's it's gonna be that's what is really something. Exciting time graphics -- And from -- -- -- non. You know as they're excited. In the New York Yankee. That less than thirty seconds is the mobile -- press conference from New York. We'll live united 37 W week in this song. Under -- -- -- and maybe may have my excuse for every afternoon I'm dead perfect. This one's not on the -- -- fair for me but it was heading how I managed to make counting -- -- Let's all try to keep track played again let's count how many excited exciting or excited like count yourself hosted tournament -- -- Ellsbury said go Reggio. Definitely very excited for excited to be here you know I'm excited. It's it's honor and I'm excited golf there you know excited -- And it was it was exciting. Honored to be here and excited come it's exciting is I'm excited be here for an extended period of time you know -- -- -- to be here you know excited. I'm just gonna be -- that's what's really sensed an exciting time if we're excited to. And from that moment on. You know they're excited to have him here can -- The quality they are OK I -- -- different I have my core my devoted to apology I'll pull before you tell us -- scored differently. The goal is just. Excited are exciting so that I don't know high you could escort -- full out party you have there -- and I've -- to -- -- to. I'll I'll go first Erica I counted exactly they've seen. -- it's exciting news or said that some of them are very I had fifteen. Excited work smells very -- you have okay same number of how many exciting figure out. You broke it down -- about half -- apple I wrote down you went Chad Campbell we there's another cut off season dollar briefly briefly I just went totally excited variation is fifteen walk. Used excited. -- coming Tuesday. Want to agree or six. And -- eleven times he was excited. And three times it was exciting one time it was just excites. So you broke it down eleven. 310 yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Other words the sort of excited you resort to you're doing -- -- opera itself fire to be to do the same do the same speech but you can only use excited twice. I'm excited to be here it's exciting times. Fired up to be part of its organization. And then from their like you'll see you -- -- might get a little bit tough a year I've -- I've been camera I've been looking forward to this you could use that have been looking toward early part of the Yankees that's how we felt. It grew -- an opportunity to -- quite a bit as well. He's got to go to the source before and you it's got ports and go to excited. And -- he -- -- his -- -- -- listen I want to play this were to you know. I think I might do that night I don't know you wouldn't you have more personality. I don't know does I both I know you do not under. I here's here's some other words I could use a passionate about this opportunity. I'm thrilled have a -- to -- great. -- -- is not a good one that's -- eager. Exactly diversity aspect. Yeah and I think it's awards it really dual. Elect is like a -- I don't think -- refutes that or is that the same exports aroused your car. Yeah behind with voted by a problem I I am stipulated to be here as a Yankee today the flowers that you gave my life. Stimulating. That's stimulating that you love that she's are you excited right now this excites me about this -- I'm -- up. Me you read a lot of things -- in the baseball. The meat and eggs that many more -- A lot of them zipped up on zipped up that's a phrase that means excited. Get over it and I dropped classic at zipped up that feels like that means but I had to go to try to go to the source dot com and plug this. Inspired to be here ecstatic ass site still -- jubilant the Texas or money on this yeah at 3790. I've made different words you can use I've. I can't -- have been in that situation before the cut by half a bright lights so I'm 53 he had not haven't had that -- You know at that point no big deal so -- like the word exciting hurt but it's body refused to dissect it. Like to sort of other words you could use energy to do you're point. About the personality and how the Yankees are looking for some. Slow drizzle. For some spice is not gonna get it on there you're gonna get -- what's worse than Vanilla what's let's look more and -- Vanilla sugar. Like cream milk none of the Nellie is even now he wants -- -- the -- to say what do you put him and -- on the little back of a Vanilla bottle. What what makes Vanilla. -- I don't know. I advocates is that of the bell flower but out of Albany it's only -- it's it's it's a flavored being a trail of Katrina makes the bella it's what if he's a military. You just called Kobe Ellsbury and military that's the first ever have a -- Charlotte that -- anyway. But that's got you got fifteen excited you and you broken down theory exciting eleven excited. -- -- -- This excites me a geek to be here -- said yeah but you're an idiot Joost dot means -- suspension. Phil's gonna say whose job pumped and jacked big -- on Pete Carroll and a pizza there and checked that -- -- -- fired up to be here and said he stuck with the. -- done yet I got -- start. Well. That right there and -- six seconds that had more energy in Ellsberg prince Albert city right they're looking for sizzle they bought a Vanilla tree. They should've brought that you go. Something morbid -- and -- about an hour for now before you what's on tap the original segment the and we see what's coming up this week and you can tell us about every a planned for the Christmas holidays. The Egypt -- your listeners to go to FaceBook dot com. Slash WEE it would post a picture yesterday. Lou going down a waters lateral edit their for a couple days -- for the the baseball winter meetings. ABC in the picture yet I told you architects of the picture I have -- its infrared now you have the picture if you. Or. People have commented on the pick -- of comment in record numbers why fox morning. There was over 300. Comments. On this one picture of of the side by side of Lou. Sort imitating Tom Brady going to have a lot of memories of five now Borg out we're gonna take some of those -- -- why you've seen some of them we take some of those who put him into our voice activated text machine. And the voice activated if -- they spent a lot of money on reads. Some of the text that some are saying well I don't pick you pick out one give people an idea -- and he Rican Christians. Pick out one and give people an idea what they're commenting on the picture of why you Wear a sweater in the pool. Advocates see the picture yourself at FaceBook dot com slash WE eEye knows the role that we have some better comic hero for. 145 -- what you might add summit of the computer. It seems to be trend though from the about the sweater and being underdogs you pop out of the hairy dogs and by the way. You exceeded -- get out of informative to smell well. -- -- we had a Brittany spaniel property Spaniard named Abigail and weak even when he -- -- -- your bath fraud she got -- on the rain. She stunk. You stumble -- dog smell all -- content like you know bath time. Like dog should be like -- not before wash jeans no other soap involved in the washing -- -- that that cleans them in the wet dog in the rain or Tuesday pool. Is different than actually beating on you realize that the so as a is helpful but it is still at a little smile. Missiles that totals -- the show opened a little rushed down at turtle Shipp who all dried out rothwax. And wet dog smell like -- dogs -- -- and I've not raise some water and a dollar in a life so when no. -- and what other what are the -- -- -- -- -- going to do the job in -- -- great -- this break this break -- -- doing his own version appreciate yes. Which could be at any could be -- living. Rooms. But it's a great product Christian or be -- today it's -- I'm getting. Some will I heard you were doing I was listening to the show I don't know what was and I wrote I was gonna get some bit jealous or my lady. And -- skin we just ruined the surprise she -- that was believe receives not listen to their passports are I don't actually does not know if magnetic. -- so in this break coming up -- why can't go anywhere as Christians gonna do his own version of immigrant green and then. And next hour Mike -- could join us an hour now exactly 145 voice activated text on the picture. A blue -- the pool that -- FaceBook dot com slash WEE I saw a million reasons for you not to go anywhere.

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