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Christian Fauria's XMas gift advice plus Shirtless Merloni Voice activated comments

Dec 13, 2013|

Christian Fauria delivers some superb advice for men shopping for their significant others. Plus, Mut and Fauria listen to some voice activated comments about a shirtless and pudgy Lou Merloni.

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You keys this unbelievable grabs -- I was just for the justice for the men. -- know we're we're waiting here's what you guys if you find your girlfriends or wives. Picturesque account. They all -- -- guys don't know if they are they album and what they got a hold us already showing what they do is they post. Pictures of everything that they light in the categorized forty they've basically get you to the and the answers to the test. Thought you need to do is look through their categories will be style dolby home. It'll be beauty whatever you look through that and then you push that button brings due to a whole. Bunch of pictures. -- click those pictures and it's NG to a another link to where you combine that particular item. So if you're curious you're not sure what to do. Find the interest account and just pick something out it's that easy ego question for the teacher Borger yes my hand yes you an affront. -- as many pictures -- employees. And other tablets and have won but thanks skirted a bit L worst. All lower limit. But I agree 75% of women have them yes 75. Yes well you'd be surprised how many at once you know by now you're a woman texted right now pitched the count now I don't think it's recently authorized name. Jessica Jessica Jessica -- will go to -- you'll probably have won what she -- started like baseball it's addictive at. -- not -- who. -- -- Which got pictures the count of -- now all right so you see in the picture right Lou yes FaceBook dot com slash WE yeah we took a picture of Lou the other day and we took it put up whatever it's gonna count much in Maloney trying to draw some people -- Global joined them on FaceBook and holy crap. This morning while there were 300. Comments. On a picture -- going down waters while we've taken some of the best and voice activated and are very expensive voice activated tech machine was and about the pictured it you know. They elect -- letters in the -- question my question my. -- why are you wearing a sweater. -- man knew the guards to take his sweater definitely. I've never seen an ugly sweater Christmas party at a pool go live looks like a Chia Pets. That monkey means -- game for his chest oh wait that's not the monkey -- -- Bloomberg officer -- stared and paste -- into his chest. Didn't need that we -- -- after wrong. Dear city sports this is the size Lou needs for his free jacket and -- just wanted to prove to everyone that he's never done any PET's. I Don't Ask Don't. Tell that last one views from here that needs to do some sit ups. Lou. Wouldn't hurt to mix in a salad. You fat you know I thought. -- That's enough to -- I'm coming down not trying to talk about it they're burned out for different vacuum cleaner is getting appear under the -- Entering a pool cleaners nightmare. If -- Steve -- from forty year old freshman year. -- and -- it hit the treadmill. Or it could go there driven very eager I've missed the royals are they want they'll last that that that that -- nice warmup but those last couple we're now. You guys did a great job FaceBook dot com slash WEEI. What's on tap -- -- It's time for movement on these mile its own. -- -- show -- Christian you have -- something to -- up coming up to get a TV appearance we have something you wanted to -- charity event like that we call that what's on -- with moment. WB's the this Sunday. Be there with Dan -- shrugs it 1130. You guys who watches their other that I got a lot of lacrosse -- lot of basketball games. A lot of football as usual. Catalog shopping on line. Sometime what's on tap for Bruins fans is waiting for an announcement -- or 1 o'clock today -- important. Is is meeting with the end of the NHL in New York there are expected to announce between now and I guess 6 o'clock today very soft and Holley during their show what the suspension will be feels like it's going to be. I heard any vertically or -- 1015 he's already served three games so. As of tomorrow before I think you'll get a twelve game suspension today 121110. Somewhere in the air for the hit and take down. A Brooks or thick and it will be deserved it good guy he does -- for the area. He lives by the code of the hockey player but case where he was in the wrong and he admitted it -- on -- suspension. I'll beyond happens of them were talking about stuff on Monday quit work with that sort of put your -- a lot of fun learned a lot today. Any truth to -- and a -- reinvented the jam -- -- game. You're gonna gonna gonna sell millions now they -- are and -- gonna play that Rihanna we are right now and -- guy get out of here salt and -- -- next. Have a great weekend we'll talk you Monday Sports Radio WEEI. -- -- It's all just love this he's the home of the 2013 world champion Boston. -- Free points. He died.

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