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SoccerCast - EPL and World Cup Draw reaction

Dec 13, 2013|

YoungBen and Russ Goldman talk about the first half of the EPL season and react to the World Cup draw.

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Another is. Soccer has signed here hosts young men from the -- always show here on WEEI and today I'm joined by someone who we've been dancing around each other the last six months trying to its dual podcast together -- Goldman. Is joining me you might hurt him from cod stock or forced into talking about the New England Patriots. And he could also find him on Twitter at rusk underscored Goldman -- how -- you this morning. Then I'm doing great thanks for having me on. Glad you can join me glad you could join me. I I've been talking. Only about the reds last six months and excited to finally have someone to talk a little EPO World Cup. I'm looking forward to a -- let's get into. Let's get straight in all right EPL. It's been a strange interesting season very unexpected to see the top two teams where they are an arsenal Liverpool what what is being you're. -- reaction to what has gone in the first half of the -- English Premier League season is here. My reaction is that the league is getting more even than ever before. I would say that it's that might not be just the top section might be a top -- I'm not not that all eight teams have a chance to win when that we I think probably about reform. Well -- have that opportunity -- as we get this season but what's interesting about arsenal. Michael Long played arsenal we too and I thought this is an opportunity because it just came off of an opening match spot performed. Actually beat arsenal and -- basically destroyed all of and I -- -- moment that also were really going to be in it for the long haul. They've really help all the parts to their to their -- out to law to make a run for the title and and -- that they really haven't had that. In a very large and I could actually say that arsenal have legitimate shot to win the title I really believe that they did they -- they are to be the favorite to win at all. And they aren't forest right now Liverpool will report -- a slight surprise because I I thought that apple would still be a year to away. But their hand at the -- deal with an entry to. To a few players that might set them back a little bit what you have Luis Suarez playing out of his mind right now scored goals for fun. So law I guess it's a little bit of a surprise because they're really saw them maybe a year or two away but listen sit there right now and then you have the church united. Call the kind of falling falling out of that a little bit with the changes manager. This city is still in the mix so so again he's still absent some really good teams. But I like the mix and a potential front right now compared to what we normally have with which I guess it's that your majesty united. You're you're mad city usually one into the last couple seasons now you have different teams in the next. Circling back to Liverpool real quick there's a lot of fans here are. In away connected because the Red Sox ownership loans Liverpool but talking about specifically lose ours. Is always -- best player in the EPO. You think he's better than him -- -- in those guys. I do I do because because again what what separates and from from them it is you know again they all have the ability to score but -- you can score so many different ways that. You know I mean it's over the petty -- to school this statement that he can create I think maybe even a little step above those guys on its own and I mean he. I mean he is unbelievable in the box you know you know humans need. Two men around him at all times. And I can score some incredible goals this -- he's really play at the highest level right now I'm a big fan of Robin van Percy. And -- prepared Percy. So what qualities. But I guess you could say Suarez has but right now. Sports is play in the dust I think in the league. Do you think some of it has to do it defenders being afraid that he's gonna bite them -- -- Well you know I don't know that's -- to be honest. And it's funny because because. You know I always say if you know on Islam Luis Suarez states in the Boston. I think you know I think the owners of we're hopeful would be under some some certain pressure but -- Here I think it's best that they keep Luis Suarez not. You know. You know if I was them I would never -- trouble we hear Obama on American tour because because that we've been talking about but some of this but if you're just talking about. On the edge unaudited -- better right now. One of the biggest surprises to me has been Manchester United know obviously as a loss -- Alex Ferguson who retired. At the end of last season's amazing campaign by an amazing. Career -- matches united neighboring -- -- end. They're not doing so good they're thirteen points behind first place arsenal and they look like they're. There's not much they can do to really get back into the hunt here when he sees going on with that what's going wrong for Manchester United. Well I think. A -- a good -- what's going wrong is that transition from from voyage from sort out. I you know again I kind of thought that this might happen I don't think that they were dropped as much. But I think that they're really up in a problem and I could say even even in the balcony and listened -- united united have always been -- in the back and I think. Again you're dealing with which some players do a little bit older. And they're not obviously scores -- scored the goals the that you normally see from them and and I don't think right now. I don't I don't think kids are afraid to ought to play. Yet to play at Old Trafford in more technical and and and and and again I think that fear factor might be gone right now. And it it sir Alex has something to do with you know. You know you're so used to go and Old Trafford. As a full support me I mean I still feel this way. That you expect to lose but you've got to go and in their right now beating them. Alcohol and I've got to need to just tells me that again that they're just in the transition say. And then I just happen to see something about this this morning on ESPN LC dot com that Robin van Percy is going to be out for a month. Com with an injury and -- that's not gonna help them either because because they need all hands on deck. To try to get into try to get pushing forward to right now that's a horrible -- and I never thought I would be saying that I thought they would slip back a little bit needed. Maybe six but right now they are really struggling. You know what you do what would you do -- Bruney with him -- out -- you move him back all the way up to that center for a position a -- striking position where now he's been playing kind of behind Percy. Do you move him up. -- you know like you might have to -- because again. You know I've seen it before was with Wayne Rooney and you know he could beat you know you could be -- instructor up front or or like his that are out and play behind him. You know I could see him taking over on national analysts and each and he is still your best player I think that's what you need to do is it just in my peanuts and I would I don't know if that's what -- is is going to do. All blood on it at a -- interest in this -- who he tries to bring him. In the transfer window I do note that I do know that a player that he really wanted and I it would really help them would be from his old club. -- to try to you know try to get Lleyton incident. I think you might try to see them. Are potentially try to bring in a player like I think they need help on defense to be honest with. Interesting do you see them in the January window opens obviously -- in January. Do you see them making I've struck you sadly -- decision making any other kind of move here does solidify the defense. I don't know I mean you know. It's funny what she did they actually have some some good players and offensive to god if I showed you god for small and they used to play with all -- and then you've got you know the old -- like Rio Ferdinand. And finish you know and again you know I think. I think potentially that they're gonna make a push for for -- I don't know they're gonna go for other defenders put up but I wouldn't be shocked if they try to get one or two. And the transfer window and and what's funny is again being beautiful support or. It -- having the X number to a charge now ready -- were actually here and potential players coming into form from Manchester United on loan. Player like Edison might be coming my way so I wouldn't be shocked if they try to bolster -- say say the system is still the central midfield. And Davidson a player like is so long before men in the brain as someone else for that because because -- they -- some pieces on that team right now. And dumb situation with -- and -- they might wanna bring in another striker. You mentioned your team so. They're in the bottom three but at the table right now. Did you expect them to be. This bad right now. No no I I did. If you -- on talent -- -- shouldn't be where they are the but again that's just listen that's -- competitively as. And unfortunately. The former manager Marty -- brought in all of these players and many of them or world. And he brought in many I guess it's it's what our players. Blood on. The issue Marty you know I was trying to figure out -- way -- all these pieces that. And play and play together and he really struggled to do that. And -- you know obviously got -- concerned because the towel was there but how could someone harnessed the talent. Well they made the change in manager and now we have -- -- -- in charge denied since such a dramatic change in two games and not only two games. But but the team is playing together as a unit and I actually haven't seen that since the days of -- -- I'm you know you've got players like Barbara -- -- -- are brokered -- who I would say a month ago really. Really you wouldn't be seeing him tracking back now you're seeing in. Guys they'll -- like Gorbachev tracking back in it for ninety minutes not just not just an up front really. Really really getting back on defense and I mean everyone is fighting for every one now so -- -- different mentality there. Gumbel and still has instilled in the club we had in seeing the beginning of this -- and so. I'm I'm I'm actually hopeful that not only able form get out of the bottom three but actually pull -- you know go up beyond table hopefully. Within within the next couple months in and get out of the agent because I don't think that they're gonna get relative actually believe that. That they've all but was not that's where we are right now and I'm hoping hoping. By the end of this season that I see all -- closest to the top ten. In the bottom right. It's interesting you mentioned -- tough because he is that the knock on him for basically his entire careers that is lazy that musical poacher and just hangs out of -- just kind of tries to stay a little bit on sides -- -- it is just a political leader there. Probably usually because he's -- a full pack of cigarettes a game. But you know -- has some of the dregs of the Premier League ahead of them. West -- Cardiff city west -- I can't envision them. Staying down in that regularly rotations. Neither denied that and -- you know again and if you don't show a little bit and and for the first time and I wanna say months. Own supporters like me feel more confident based on. The energy and the -- confidence that rename Lowenstein has given the squad because they're really playing together the count was there are just. Certainly out away. That count played together and he really he's he's you know he's mobile players of rod shaped formations. And done what separates some electable and stay in the -- from goal is humble and -- is a training ground coach and they really needed that. You know and again I concede the difference in the last two matches I mean. We were unfortunate not to get something. From the -- from the spurs match. You know elegant two matches ago book but we did beat Villa and just looked like completely different team. I didn't pick a change -- manager would have that dramatic. A big difference to a squad that -- performed so far -- -- we're still early on but but I actually believe that by the end of -- season all the going to be fine but it. It's still might be a couple months until they've really. They've really get get a hold on our under the direction forward you know -- we got a tough matches coming up. We have ever attend activists in part on Saturday not. -- looks forward to that match. You know out you know to win but listen it is they get anything for the match that Libya. Don't be a step forward it's baby steps you know out of -- of -- we just want us to the team get better each and every week and I actually feel like they're they're going to. After Fulham -- asked her tough mountain. Basically brushed aside the talks about January move for him right do you. Still kind of sense that there might be and he's playing more towards the form we expect from -- Right do you expect that maybe there could be a move for him since he's elevated his game a little bit maybe -- you can get a little -- form. Well listen before he started playing like this past two matches. You know I don't think that we do it that much or for broke -- -- but he's been like. Like just an incredibly different player receiving and a talent that brokered talks. The last two matches so I actually -- to get something for him. The question is does he -- -- -- -- move. -- Barbara talked and he basically city's darkest -- in the way of apply. These are said that he is looking looking towards brook got help informant to a January then basically it up -- Then he's got to make a decision with Gorbachev. Which direction they're gonna go. I actually hope and that -- days but it if you please I think former going to be fun we still have Daryn back coming back. Down -- -- been been struggling with an injury and I'm open net debt. Even if broke the top we as we still topical scored their debt will be fine but I do all these states because again. We're seeing a different team right now and he's playing at a different level the question this. Does he still wanna play -- perform -- does he want to move on I guess this will find out January. Now we we've been talking about the January window opening. Here shortly are there any rumors you've been hearing about player movement that might shake up the EPO moving forward for the rest of the 2013 2014 campaign. All the wonder and on that I've been here in that would respect fans in America our development here are strongly is on. Is like Clint Dempsey is currently with the Seattle Saunders. And he might be going out on water and I've been hearing some strong speculation. That he could become -- -- for a couple months. Before beyond saw this season against odd -- and it would be a significant move. Performed -- bring back a player that actually left. In a very bad -- -- would just -- Many fans like myself were upset how presidency. Left the club would be interesting to see this action does happen how will being received. But but honestly if you -- to -- a score goals all of my I have a feeling that all would be forgotten. The Dustin mean rumor that I've been here lately. -- -- That deals with -- -- that -- you know actually help help form a great deal you know again it's speculation at this point that that is one strong rumor that I been hearing. Another one that I heard a few weeks ago was not dealing with -- -- in default again it's speculation. That he might be dull and go to try to let's see. And and also I'm a big deal so again. On the window out and opened the -- -- the yet if you have a lot -- -- to be on the what Gulfport because I would like to see Jermaine default. Who killed all of every single time he plays come to the MLS's it would actually make me feel better bet. In what one of the rumors I had recently heard was simulate so he's at Chelsea now -- he's been struggling to score some goals. And he didn't spend a ton of money because there was a fire sale Russia recently. Get rid of all that -- -- but did not anything form. There's a rumor he might be coming to the analysts as well after the season do you envision that being a true possibility. Outlook to see it I mean and here he is -- usable -- it's more for fun. An MLS. What's interesting about Chelsea. You know again. If I'm -- why you know why would you give up apart like but but there's another striker then. Still is still blows my mind that he's not a Chelsea right now and that's mobile. -- -- -- -- At Everton and -- you know they're struggling to score goals watt is what Fox's. Doing an average. An end and playing very lightly at one place where it last year -- -- And dot discipline that they own and he's out on loan again I just don't understand what's going on which helped children between that again. Fantastic manager but I don't understand some of the moves that they -- Now. One of the big rumors in the EPO for the last. Two years basically has been surrounding Wayne -- now. It was kind of made public and then kind of squashed that he wanted out and he had requested. So -- which obviously. Would put him in a different financial situation. And out verses and tonight and it came back in -- and I never really actually happen and the rumors are still floating around that. He might be on his way to. Potentially Chelsea or another team have you heard anything to think there's any smoke there and fired the smoke. I haven't heard anything recently but up to the transfer. Deadline. At the end of August obviously agreed deal about it and -- it wouldn't surprise me if we start hearing that again it's really what it. Because. I stopped that he's one of the best strikers not only in the EPL but in the world and and -- Listen Chelsea Chelsea should do whatever they can't bring him and the question is wouldn't it just not itself. Would beat -- and also what would that mean if they did that. Because Manchester United is the club that you usually you know pretty complex what what it's to their -- -- -- soul group. That's up in the considerate while. Cheery memories aren't while -- Henri has been back. On loan and recently came -- -- that as a proposal is. The best playmaker he's ever played pretty surprised each year -- expressed here -- -- like that considering. The lineage of players he has played with throughout his career. It's a little bit but but if you -- total. He is just a tremendous play just wonderful -- And and again that's that that's a screen high praise but if you watched also and I -- that a lot of them. I can understand it because because he is second and honestly I think he's made huge difference to arsenal. -- in on the -- that he was the missing piece because because they might want it to about wanna buy another striker in the when the window opens to go along we're on -- Bolivia and -- but you know. Because I still think -- on the back -- my pistol but that they're missing Robin -- But I think also has been a tremendous help and all and I think he's one of the reasons why in the favored to actually when we. Interest. Now we've talked a little bit about the EPO we things happening and where things stand right now but used last week. Came out with the World Cup draw. And American fans immediately said. Holy crap the US got a group of death. I personally don't think it is the group of death. And there's some good teams in there well what was your reaction when he saw avenues where. Americans were placed. Or what group they were pleased and with whom they were pleased. Well my first reaction was oh this is like he would be because it's very it's very tough group it really it. When you look at Germany Portugal and Ghana. Listen it. I can assure you of this it's tough. But what overtime Bennett and I really thought about this in -- what is at the rosters of -- Portugal and Germany. Honestly I can actually see the US getting out of getting out the -- -- it was and it's not going to be easy. Because. Because -- Portugal are outs absence there's talent. But I don't tickets you know I don't think it's this what you said I don't think it's a group of dust. Because at some point. At some point an American team US men's national team should should look at that group NC you know what it's time to step up. We have we have Clint Dempsey and Landon Donovan probably. And -- last World Cup. So so why not have the attitude yes this is the year that we can do that that we can actually went to a group like this is difficult when commodity. And then an and that she was out. And and you know like and I'll look at Ghana analysts and they have some good player like transporting. I'm possible currency on -- targeted they've got some good players. But if you look at their roster there's no reason why the US net should not be gone I know they've been kind of the -- game. But there's no reason -- they can't you look at Portugal. They'd they'd they'd probably have the best player in the world right now Christiane we're not there -- player -- and allow doesn't blow Morales but again. Why can't they beat Portugal. I still think they have a shot to beat Portugal they gonna have to find a way to contain Ronaldo and and that's not going to be easy. But but it's not insurmountable. The team that can -- I don't that they have a did you have to be is Germany -- Germany Italy as star studded. I'm probably one of the favorites to win the whole thing. But if you look at the -- I don't think it's as bad as people making -- to be and I think they should take it on as a challenge. You know to step up their game. Because at some point being me you know they need to be pushed I don't that they were pushed as much. In the last -- was -- in salary and I think. I think this is actually approach brought them. Because if they get out of it maybe that'll that'll help them move forward you know again. Is it crazy to think that they could get to the quarterfinals DP. But media group like this to pushed and to -- that direction which would be great for all of us so I say you know it's instead of looking at it. You know it and I seen this well no it's tough group. Look at it as a challenge to get through the group that it might make them a better better overall team and and that's well look at. I collective group. -- that group too because I don't seek on as a real threat now I don't have lost -- on the last two World Cup's but I. The -- this US team has been playing and played through qualifying. Has been the best I've ever seen them really play on a consistent basis. And Portugal really struggled and needed a playoff wins. Sweden. And a monstrous performance speicher shot out to get in and that's why he sees you as the best in the world right now. Germany. The temperature. Now you know you try to put -- shelling you've got a German coach who might understand tactics to kind of help you but. There's not much you can do trying to put a good showing key technical differential down if you tan but I don't see. -- -- the group you don't either I look at -- group DP death which is currently Costa Rica in Italy out. And Italy has been England excuse me has been a team that. Everyone's discounting. And I have no reason not to discount them either but they can always be scary they can always do something to you. They have the talent. They just. Haven't been able to put it altogether last couple years Italy we know it -- is they're basically the same every year they've got. The wonderful hundred euros. May be my favorite player to watch in the world just because. He's a magician with a ball and passes. I don't know what his pass completion percentage is but it's got to be up there with the best in the world and your way. I think they're very dangerous I think there the sexy pick to potentially win at all because. As we've seen in I don't know how much does holds true this coming World Cup but. European teams do not win -- World Cup on South America and so. So. I -- you know you might see -- dark horse team like you're way pulls through and make it deep deep run. Could you see coming out of that group. It's going to be adjusting and and and you actually mentioned one of my favorite players girl. Just like Washington and obviously. I think I think Italy it is doubling in economic. And then it's going to be interesting because content incident can it would come out. Other of this I don't know I mean I mean I'm glad you brought up to tell them because they Apatow. They've always had -- It's not about talent is it's finding its finding everyone playing together as a team. I think the problem with the within -- because they have all these superstar player. Like sometimes you don't need also to stoplights you need players are completely the other and I think that's been the issue with -- Blood on that you look at Europe lie and -- Europe wide. I can see why you're kicking Europe law I can definitely see that because. They again have the talent to go very far so. It's going to be difficult for England are Costa Rica is not going to be an easy out either you know you -- -- I -- repealed their matches. You know I don't see them getting out of the group but I I think basically. I think they can upset -- -- -- to. Our blood on it's going to be to operate and I'd -- I'd hate to say that I'm probably gonna say Italy Europe like coming out of. I think -- you know group a has Brazil Croatia. Mexico camera. I don't know what in the world and not presume to make it deeper on. One of the most interesting players in the world and -- who has moved on to Barcelona. And I think he's done a little bit better than expected this early on and he's had the benefit not having -- on. The field with him which kind of allows him to a little freer. And instead of worrying about making sure that. You know he's not taking every opportunity missed -- -- these messages the most prolific scorer in the game right now. It used to Brazil on home soil as truly being able to potentially win this and make it wrong. A and they can make it to try to I don't know if they went. And you know I I just I don't know I mean I'm in Brazil is always. Thought of as a favorite and the pressure that they're going to be under is going to be announced I don't know I mean now. Listen I think Kmart is an incredible player and they and and they have so much talent Brazil still have so much talent. I watched the confederations cup and and they still again they they ski area. -- -- This ST is this view that it went at all possibly. But I still see other other teams that you know that that I think are bought -- I'm gonna put Spain there. I'm definitely definitely it's gonna put Germany that Germany are your reply if someone next what it is well. My dark horse again I'm not gonna say that they're gonna win it bad. Well but -- you know I'm fascinated to watch the country would be Belgium. And that's been -- a lot of people's minds. People have been saying this could be the golden generation -- -- and you really think that they haven't agreed to have an easy group. On paper -- Algeria Russia and South Korea. Yeah I mean no one's gonna say they're not coming out of that group I don't know who else comes out of that group. I don't see them losing game and that group and I don't see them conceded more than two goals. Right right which might be a problem because again -- won't be challenged and I and I and I think that you know conducted come back to haunt them because again. Our question could amount of of Belgium and and -- -- -- I've seen many of the players in the PL a hostile world. And -- I think that they have so much talent and they actually do play very well together. So I I give them a shot that but not being challenged in the group stage -- the department. Now. -- -- I think pretty fascinating because it is one of the the earliest games out of first game but it is one and second or third game up in the World Cup. A rematch from the final last world Spain. Netherlands now the Netherlands. There was a lot of crap talked about that after the way they performed. And what happened in the Euro. But they've been on fire in qualifying they've looked dominant. In qualifying do you see them coming out on top of that group or do you still think Spain is the team to beat. I don't think its day but what's suggested the ball benevolence and I actually last World Cup where I. I haven't of monsters because I was kind of hoping that they would win and and it's and it's very ironic because. Because I had to make picked for the World Cup and I had to expand wind but my heart was actually with the Netherlands because right. I've always been a fan of the way they've played football. I still think it's -- I do I I know and elect what what you're saying then that stability has been playing very well. But on what you look it's I just stated there there's just a cut above -- you know again I. If I was to tickets in that that I think is gonna win and I don't think it's going to be Spain I just. Now. Date they are. Over the last almost decade that in the -- in the world it's you can't dispute wants retirements in a -- two euros in World Cup. Are they getting do you think they're a little old here you know you haven't seen too much movement bringing up younger players are great demand do you know you don't think it will affect. I don't know -- can't -- -- -- and I'd do today it will hold size and his business and start about that I actually DO. You know because again it's -- you know this group has not really I guess you could -- of all with other younger players -- very good points by you. And that and that could be an issue for them because this group has been together now for for awhile. And dot and it and it really hasn't added to it it it's been this solid group what since what. What like 200620072008. And talk about but there's this core group of players. This might be here they'll last go around I still just to see this this this came out and one. They have the experience that -- won -- they've won the euro's. I think hungry for another one I I guess double -- issue for them but they certainly. With an ice built with a visit that it's going to be you know is settled out of when you're -- did someone have to be your first into an opportunity anymore. So that's why out on until Wednesday. -- Good -- -- staying on Spain for a second. The a lot of people said. This could they could be the greatest international team of all time you know there's been some great international teams I didn't get to see. Brazil 1970. But I got to see Brazil's 1994. I've seen some great teams do you do you think that that really could be the greatest international team of all time that the promise has gone over the last couple years. If they keep going well the state you know it. If they win this World Cup I think they they certainly have an argument I mean what would probably gonna have an argument right now -- that but I think. I think their legacy. Chris you know I was in that they could very well. To -- delicacy by. But what they do at this World Cup and that they went another one again I mean think about that -- about the -- strict about. Think about the last woke up I mean I mean. I don't know. They might be number one at that point you know -- -- but I think this World Cup. Won't make a difference for their for their legacy overall put. But some could argue right now that that they are the best I say -- that we have to wait until. This on the actual cup and that will now. There's a couple of other groups who gets talked about we'll talk about right now -- such as groups -- Columbia Greece Ivory Coast Japan. I don't see any of those teams doing much. In Brazil -- fourteen. Columbia they've got some players. They have talent. But I don't see a complete fool. Soccer team there that really do some damage. Greece I think is the most boring. Soccer team that has ever existed and what was it 2006 they won the year 2002 they won 2004 they were in the Euro 2004 -- -- And they did it all on defense and I you know it's not sexy soccer all it's incredibly boring and again I don't. I don't know how to set up with these other teams Ivory Coast. They were kind of always that sexy team because of the talent they had but I'd never done anything. And Japan I don't I'll be honest don't know much about Japan. They've got some decent players. Group. I think it's going to be Japan and the Ivory -- I want slope what did you Cambodia or not and they're not they're pretty good. That seriously so. And that and like he should they do have some talent Ivory Coast I again I just -- they're gonna come out of this group. And and that it also while it's going to be Colombia but Columbia is just getting back into it. So I'm I'm gonna go with proven experience that's -- -- with the Ivory Coast and and and Dodd and give it to Japan to -- funny because although actually have a player. That's 37 years old. And Georgia is cartoonists and it'll be interesting to watch him but but again like he said that not done as sexy -- Washington. And I can't imagine them getting out of the group stage and like he said do you want an economic abstinence. -- I got some what my good friends is from Greece and in 2004 I was working it is pizza shop -- -- that was a lot of fun. But it was boring. I don't -- I don't wanna see him play one game. I will but -- Group he is another group that I think is interesting in its. True lack of talent he got friends who. -- always do something they have one of the best players in the world and river you might prove to the one of the best players in the world. Last -- that he does put together -- spectacular Ron in in Brazil next summer. He could really launch in that conversation. If Switzerland Ecuador Honduras. Who BC coming back. Good stuff. I think Fred is gonna come out of this group I I think this is a good it is true but I am. Oh boy. This what's gonna happen out there aren't actually. This -- -- are not half bad but Ecuador to come out as well I don't think honduras' coming out obviously so. I've seen Honduras play a lot because of what's it going -- the US -- I'm not overly impressed they have some nice players. They don't have world class talent. No not at all. You know if you got it's going to be -- -- now I'm gonna -- unless this -- certainly come out of France. Group that's a final group we'll talk about it here. Argentina Bosnia years ago by Iran and Nigeria now I think everyone more easily assume that Argentina will -- that group. Even if Massey for some reason his health and it was not healthy right now he's got a lot of muscle strains which at 26 years old should concern you a little bit. But even even if for some reason he's not at full form I think -- easily come out of that group who we think society team comes out. Oh god it's -- I don't know that much about irony going to be honest Nigeria possibly. I do wanna mention one thing about Bosnia. And and again you might find this adjusting. I'll I'll be hoping that bought it comes out. I don't know it well but I'm -- because back to become a little friendly -- Without -- Pekovic. -- -- goalkeeper for for Stoke City he's actually a patriot band and actually on my shelf at that time. So so I do have a vested interest in Bosnia coming out as there's a great guy and I really would like to see politics a lot of this so. So I'm not sure -- well. I was in Nigeria out to be a chance to come out of it bought my -- -- up Bosnia. Right. Prediction time will wrap up this -- World Cup -- sure. Who gets the last two teams standing -- when he at all. Well. I don't you know what I've really haven't looked at how it all breaks down there and so so -- -- get like put two teams to. I was just as they don't worry about you know that the actual bracket of it. If you're -- two of the teams that you regardless of how it all shake out we think will be times. Part because because that would have lifted the brackets the -- that there are supposed to be but but if you're asking me the two top teams that I think. Have a legitimate shot to win it I'm an adult I'm gonna go without -- -- in Germany. Okay good end of those two teams who would you have coming out on top. Germany. I'm procedure -- states. I think it's I think it's that's the answer I think it's their turn. That's why you know again go back to what you said then the whole thing about above bloodstained. That maybe just maybe this group. Is getting a little bit to all of I've taken I've stated that Germany's birdies and I think I think it's their time I do I think it's their time. You know I was and I can go back to see how these players play in the champions league -- -- top -- -- finally broke you know broke through to win when the -- and other knock that door packets to Germany you know. The nation but I think it's I think it's been a terror etc. I think it's going to be Germany. Germany now are we gonna have to. I thought this was insufferable you know I was into securities at last go around. We're gonna have to hear Mark Kirk trying breakdown games in English again. That was tough. Bell was stopped belt was stuff and and my answer to that is yes I I think he has -- Michael -- in fact that they think I just saw him. Wendy on when the rockets were not I think he was on this effort ESP -- of the entity that would be. I liked him a lot as a player. It's tough I don't. My hearing isn't very good so someone speaking broken English correctly can understand that I would say. So it's really really tough for me but I -- is interesting insight I I'm on your side I think that. Germany is gonna win all I don't see Spain making -- wrong. But I I'm with -- I think Germany has the most complete squad. And I think they're the congress because of past disappointments in recent disappointments. That was less -- -- 11990. -- US coach Juergen Klinsmann. I I think they're hungry they haven't tasted knives and they've really really want it. Analysts and they have the talent date they legitimately have a talent when at all and you know. I was I was just looking at their roster of its in its mind boggling the amount of talent. That this team -- and and what's funny about about Germany's state really do play well -- out very impressive when a crisis and it's funny because. I watched the it's called PP -- the US -- just -- beat their became stuck slide. This is there -- can -- -- there if you can beat anyone if there's a very big difference between a Germany beat him in Germany in Germany agent. I think is gonna -- at all. -- it was a great of you to -- -- really do appreciate talking with you and getting some some good insight from really around the world. Roscoe and you can listen to my card stock -- -- -- fourth and two for you patriots fans. And a special fourth into an overtime. Podcast. On it. -- chances moving forward you'll also find him on Twitter rusk underscored Goldman RU SS underscored TO -- and Russ thank you very much for joining me I hope we do this again soon maybe right before January before that window opens in the EPO. I've got a lot of fun. Thank you again for joining me Russ and that was another edition of the soccer cast any feedback is welcome at Twitter in my name is -- -- and you can find me on Twitter young -- WEE I always tweet me if you -- -- soccer I'm always wrong to -- -- -- at 4 o'clock every such event as you can hear me -- -- And that's the only -- -- so. Thank you guys. And have a wonderful time.

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