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Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 15 Sits and Starts

Dec 13, 2013|

The Fantasy Football Playoffs are underway and Jim Hackett & Pete Davidson are here to help you get through all of the tough decisions due to injuries, matchups and with a deep dive on all of the latest news and issues surrounding the trending players. Some big names may be back in time, while others linger… Jim and Pete will get your ready for all the Fantasy Football Playoff action right here!

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This is the fantasy football. My kids and Pete Davidson in the -- Does he flew home. Presented by a Mohegan Sun -- and don't. Welcome to week fifteen of the NFL's season in this week's. WEEI and it's football podcasts and by our friends at Mohegan Sun a world the plate I'm Jim Hackett -- -- as always by offensive football expert Pete Davidson he's the chief fantasy football writer. For Audubon dot com -- the fast track to Tennessee football domination it's week fifteen of the NFL season and it's week to. Of the fantasy football playoff season as far as I'm concerned the. I do and you ready. I'm doing pretty good I I hope all of our listeners there are also doing well. You -- they're listening -- -- -- published a lot that is good and hopefully they have a stake and we can Opel -- little bit. Do you think anybody got knocked out on -- Sunday or Monday night goes skeptical of the it's actually. We have a lot of publicity. Well you got someone who got knocked out on Thursday morning oddly that's gonna have -- -- also podcasters. -- morning I did so you're gonna go there oh my god it's. -- treated and you have to shoot them mintier Pena called. Wanted to take the floor on this one as as a commissioner of the league. Well I in the third party now yourself in the that's -- the data rate is essentially folks. I was segment -- league rules. -- of this segment of fantasy football pain yeah. Could be because what happened to you last week is one of those like that it's a rare occurrence but it's always sort of out there alerting it could have -- anybody. It -- just get the real quick skinny on this. Hack saw -- and his playoff game. In the closing moments of Monday Night Football -- one side's 211 all correct. And in this particular league. Jim the she was defense go. And there's a scoring change. Late in the week on the Steelers which knocked one of the -- off their total brought you into a tight game. It's even loses tiebreaker based on the rules so it is game that's what -- -- into a tie. To essentially a loss and out of the playoffs. And that all occurred late in the week of big dust up we controversy people scream and -- and dogs and cats were together -- mass hysteria. -- and and and lucky for me. I was. Just like the eye of the storm -- with people kicking me from all angles. I was called a name at what point so. Take away folks that are listening is simply this don't have. 212 year old as owners and -- league which we have even though -- 45. Let's not look at -- that you're issuing. Did. -- expect let me earlier today. In -- best advocate right now. Public you know yeah I would do what we learned here's how painful it is people ought to shooter and is -- you know you -- sucker punch to what happened. On the tour it will Wear you out on this program but you know -- all the stuff between. Apple pays such as the life of Tennessee the place gets sucker punched the lot and I think one of the things that we can do it to help people it's just. You know here we are in the thick of it we've got Thursday night football just behind us last night it just in game. But ahead of us. I -- I -- to say this every year but it really seems like it's been a tough here like so many injuries already. People so coaches in the NFL now acting like Belichick it's very mysterious with injuries and who's good who's cracked an active and who isn't. That's definitely one of the pain in the you know what factors it is the way. Everybody it's just not care about fantasy football they're unaudited NFL and care about that was they would keep reading these Thursday games down on her head right. I mean you know I did not. Obviously a lot of people like watching the Thursday games but for fantasy footballers. Stuff added nobody likes having a lot of guys don't -- Not ready to commit to whatever decision like this happen to me last week and now of. To make decisions based on incomplete information based on interest on the weekend if you read my line of protection yesterday -- I say it right in the intro. Upstart shakeup can beat tonight I hope not because I want to -- it is because I've grown cow ski. You know obviously East Coast that I -- Jordan reed who. You know they're saying he could be on IR and you know in this particularly its deeply there's absolutely nothing on the waiver wire. Because of my depth at tight and they traded. -- is obvious for Shane -- a couple weeks. I remember that well done by the way. It was well done at the time it's you know I don't know unfortunately you know we've had locust and stuff since spent on. But tell you what the real quick wrap up but what we're talking about your your personal -- sir -- It's just just just to give. The quick -- therapist appointment at 1 o'clock. But that's how well this sort of to record this particular problem but now I don't know if this is what what I want to do here and there. After the though this is -- folks but you know what what we saw in our league last night was was a rare example of you know fantasy football sportsmanship. Because our league rule basically allowed Jim to take to win. Even though he technically didn't win. -- because when those scoring change reported. Jim really technically could've taken that game as a win even though the scoring change occurred and any didn't do it. He can essentially gave the commissioner the the ability to overturn the game which -- didn't do so. You -- mention this show. I appreciate them not -- apoplectic fit and I appreciate Legos and ugly situations though. What do you do the right thing and I know a lot of people would have done it. Okay -- did you live close and personal moment of this yeah that's that David and Goliath moment of the -- the -- and draw on I've received that surveillance. Let's one. Goliath thing you can watch it -- when I was a kid -- ecological wonder -- Exactly brutal and. That was on the list of a preacher to watch itself. Look at -- Netflix really conservative with Clinton in morning. In that. Bill. It was as simple as that. Those that we've got our analyst I would lose chat people and we can do much -- indoor. If I can if I can do it but I trust us with Tennessee football information they need to know what trustworthy people's. That's yes that's true god and and then at least we'll do is we don't. So back back to -- is saying I appreciate that we -- you know -- -- lot of lot of injuries and and a lot of things that you know now now more than ever in the playoffs so. As a as a lot of as a private. Attention to the rankings on Thursday when you can't expect questionable running back and -- -- good guys out of it. That's why we always update over the weakened position still -- it with all the especially the utilities increased. It's harder -- rankings early in the week. It is and and and things change you know like a couple weeks ago I picked up the jaguars defense which you know if you listen to this podcast three weeks ago I mean that would even be a consideration but there hasn't run. But you know I'm reading the stuff on Tuesday morning and Tuesday and in Lebanon Wednesday. And I pick -- -- I would have for a zero -- it elect are at this recognized matchup play and they had a nice matchup last week but it's Thursday night I'm like I don't know if I'm. Emotionally. Ready in an informed enough to commit to the jaguars turns out had I I would have not tied my game a little one making payments will be in the playoffs though. But Thursday's tough. Hey I I left Josh McCown and in my bench. For Monday Night Football that's great guy he did and I probably little one -- -- definitely. But I left feet first because I said it's no everywhere yeah I was trying to react to the weather and trying to keep as many guys and good weather games as I could. I'd Calvin in the snow and you know of course the great thing about that game -- the -- Is having trouble with his route to LeSean McCoy was not a problem dropping like a forty. Army -- -- number around you that great that it was like Armageddon -- Guys are fallen down and it's like I remind you this cold Turkey bowl game we had in mind. My close circle of friends as I was about it was about twenty years ago but there was what we can reduce the mud bowl and there was one guy wearing cleats. Because didn't do it like -- mr. -- became abundantly did you see just falling behind him you know it's like slavery and the karate class it was like alfalfa land for the touchdown a little rattled -- -- bodies flying I couldn't open. That was us. That's what you tubing if he can folks that that's a good image. All right have a little that little rats go below the golf course. And the one where they've built the goat cart ball. -- class. Right so hopefully our open our listeners. About. It Jack. Hopefully they're all there you know ready for Sunday's action of week two of the play us. He put up an article yesterday called Tennessee news as of Wednesday. And I'm just gonna it's it's a pretty cool concept it showcase on -- a bond. Tweets from pundits in different markets across the country. Not talking about players in their markets it and then now you can translate to your fantasy roster as solid a little bit about a lightning round of the just rattle off some names let me know where they're. That's -- the idea was you know -- -- I mean obviously I re tweet and I think I between a lot of information during the day that information always comes up on the road about Twitter feed and our homepage. And obviously for people wanna follow at robot. I strongly suggested especially during the offseason when we're going to be. Every time we dual player review which by the way you'll start in January this year we will hope we will -- the link to that players reviews so. For those people who -- interest in following -- global information during the offseason and really. Dominating this year's rookie class. We're gonna be able to help do you do that in a big way. So against the people -- interest in reading scouting reports during the off season and getting a real jumpstart on the you know the -- for next year. All of that Rabat or if you're not a Twitter person periodically checked in with us because we are going to be chock full of content to -- That's right new coaching in the chart how much does drag but you and young college Girardi. In the scouting mode now. I've I've not taken coaches calls are doubts ridiculously cold like seven times today that would try to tell you about this guy back guy and I'm like coach. Ultimately control which if you. January -- assistance but I mean yeah he's chomping at -- -- that he. -- so far we really like this year's class there's a lot more talent coming up this year than for the last year so it's I'm really looking toward this offseason and really get in the college players it's going to be good. Michael so let's not let's get -- jump back a little bit and look at at this week arrivals names up that it just. -- the impact players on people's Ross is the first one. -- attention about this week yeah it is really brief but a lot of the situations were where there's a player. That might miss the game there's a lot of where there's a really good alternative sort of -- option that's what sort of makes this week interest so what's. -- -- as we go through these and think. -- I've taken the first one that Alina mentioned might be right in that category -- is Green Day. But Eddie lacy and he's got a he's a sweet matchup but Ozzie has a look at it. Well I mean you don't focus that I you know I maybe he'll practice today I think that's the hope is at least he can put -- a full practice for at least a limited practice -- -- he's listed you know questionable or better. This thing that I assume when I say in the article is the James Starks is just a must right now if you can get it. James Clark is back element. James Starks is definitely back and he will put up you'll have a career day if he ends up being the starter for Green Bay is I mean you'll put up career to date numbers to. You know isolation thing. Whoever gets that. Start is gonna have a big -- If state to a situation where they're gonna split carries in both of these guys are really strong flexes with Barbie Q upside so that you really if you can get a piece of the Green Bay running game this week. It's a good idea. And like insulin in leagues that participated. In the waiver wires are shut down. It in your in your experience and understand is an -- being in the business I mean are most leagues -- like that or I can still make actions started out there. You that I played in mostly large traditional we yeah that the is that quite frankly creepy. Not the Internet but they predates fantasy football are the Internet sure and I think this is a rule that really. A lot of the older league -- but most of the certainly all the publicly allow pick -- during the playoffs I think most. Privately now -- pick -- during the playoffs. But you have most of what you actually did actually -- -- freeze yeah playoffs which is obviously very challenging. And I -- -- Starks. Ownership percentage across leagues that -- city. Arab I don't have the exact number. Madrassa like yeah I wanna say Yahoo! league she's probably only rosters have been about 10% -- a lot so he's he's a little bit but again Yahoo! you. You know you're looking at smaller leaks. In -- yes. He's probably roster a little bit higher and I get that number rather quickly but to come. About different. Absolutely but Netanyahu leaves the point is if it's this Maliki probably picking abouts in you have to cut somebody right that's that that's what -- problems. Yet well yeah but if you've got to keep at least any Yahoo! league and you don't have starts. -- to cut. -- -- do actually happened to have a running back and your bench that's -- good luck but even this week I mean it's gonna have to be like at poppy growing back because of James Starks. Did he if you if you -- -- got active -- -- starts as the starter. I I think he's an RB one in the top twelve back. I -- got guys it's playoff time right to it now you know at -- at a gets take that tactic like sometimes it. You might be in love with a name but if it that names not gonna help the erratic at this guy and believe me. Monday morning elect stocks if he does get the law love like -- Did you really just that's your question in my comfort out -- -- -- if my voice starts afraid there's still -- doubt in my area I will call back and so. That is work. You have -- -- -- -- there -- -- -- -- but yet call myself a -- to protect. This is not scripted folks. OK and so James Starks. 3% don't know ansari. In CDS -- she's 50% ownership. So tonight pending that you're talking about largely big leagues. He's still 50% available so if you're in this situation there's a -- -- are going to be able that this guy out. That's great good advice -- this to argue ones there. Ticket you'll see we'll see what. What what comes out of Green -- this week in and play the right guy. Over Jacksonville interest team. And JD. IE you know he had -- you know. But it is an all of those situations where could you trust yeah and information. Jones-Drew is saying he's optimistic you have to play but I mean any kind of an MRI and hamstring yeah. You know I mean that has stuck on some level means something. So I mean I've just to say my gut feeling is that it doesn't play. You know maybe the reason he ends up giving it goes to get a contract here the -- doesn't wanna be labeled as -- -- that -- so I'm sure Jones-Drew is working to get on the field. We're just gonna have to play this would buy a year for those people who rely on Jones-Drew and who. People who would you know if there's going to be a hole in your line up -- Jones-Drew ends up being deactivated. Did the -- Jordan pot -- and if he's available you know you wanna go get him. He's out there that he's out there. He's gonna be out there it experimentally to just one of those things you're gonna have to check your waiver wire and hope. You know obviously you've got the road Obama lineup breaking just -- that's taken go. Go to the next fight back available in the rankings and and you know used it to back shots. But this is definitely -- week and I think can be and JD's 5050 at best. And I see this morning is Cecil shorts questionable so. Aren't sure has been questionable for weeks he was playing through it so until he misses practices in the end of the week I you know. I'm not really buying into it but yeah he is banged up there there's no doubt about that I just got a good decent -- actually -- adoptions practicing today. Did you surprise an idea that could not be more tightly for delinquent. Yeah if you could come back 02% LT that would be huge boost for the. It -- it to -- we we would I want to get into the page it's obviously a little losing Dragan. All of them the land mines that they've stepped. Done a lot unintelligent servers -- the pitcher came last week so I saw bits and pieces of it. Yeah I will be getting like a catch a couple of football this week listen real lot of fun with their country. Was that the week but. Nobody. He that the past you know the interesting things that that emerged in that game and dobbs coming back makes it even more just because somewhere between. Dobson if Tompkins returns. -- cattlemen and Amendola. You know that is a lot of options there though in what it always feels like a decimated receiving glow it. Rocket and out Amendola in and out you -- -- greenback which shut out to you wrote -- -- way ahead of that he's making people happy the playoffs -- here that does a lot happening there. And to get your arms around it with the last three games of the season and now the potential for a number one seed. There when it's really interesting and always is but and now it's now it's -- fever pitch. I have not personally gotten into the combinations and permutations of the playoff situation but I did I know yeah I tweeted last night I caught it a Twitter that. The patriots control our destiny I don't writer from Denver -- the opposite that it doesn't around the table they still control our destiny so. I don't think it is the tiebreaker head to head a New England has. When when wins yet at temple wins all -- games into a woman's all -- games to islands and a buoyancy. What did. It is his head to head of the first tiebreaker. Excellent so there you go out so yeah I mean what what's the feeling right now in terms of the remaining schedule that the likely that the patriots can do that. Too tough once this week in Miami is him down in Miami that is always tough one. It's pretty AFC east division games always. In my the pictures of one's seventeen last when he too. Against Miami so it doesn't feel that way on paper but it's always tough game. Yes and Brady historically hasn't played wonderfully in Miami now it is that -- -- it's a really interesting to watch how we how we disperse as the football. Then after that they've got the one that I think patriots fans have been sitting back and saying they can run the table if and it's at Baltimore. And now all yearlong at Baltimore hasn't been that scary. But -- -- is back in the offense kinda looked like their offense -- of last year let me. Threats though they've got to look back and yeah I think Baltimore is definitely especially if it's still healthy week seventeen because by that I -- -- a couple months. What a play under his belt. And yet you could be facing a very different ravens team that people were facing you know eight weeks ago. Oh yeah so it's good that we got so we seventeen page should have no I don't haven't for a fossil and on our case -- -- -- -- take their business. Yeah tactics I think if they weren't if they -- in Miami this week. They go in supercharged and to Baltimore. But that this is a big game this week that you're coming off the groin injury. It's a division game thinking clinch the division. -- can -- in pole position for the them once he was sure would have thought that a month ago. And so I I I I really think. You gotta learn a lot by about 4 o'clock on Sunday about the pats them for the rest. But -- uplifting or no question yes they're minimum was its architecture physical work of the small violin for the right now they can they can. To -- birds are now I. I can't I'm collecting -- to look at again urged a quarterback in the draft you know architecture -- gauntlet in. Hey you know -- Pakistan's army every week I get the opposite. Opposite jets. Is saying on the injury thing a lot of touch quickly on Minnesota. With with Peterson. I side I mean after I saw Sunday I am amazed that he's even on the radar to play but. -- -- Maybe it was a that it it thought that maybe it was. But plants are -- or Alyssa frank injury edited middle district fracture he obviously would be in big trouble and I -- a lot of people don't understand this but let's break -- Peterson source -- cl yeah. If it's if it's a legitimate blue district there and they had to be surgery because that. Drastically affects players' ability to cut. And just to give people few examples of guys were trying to come back it was -- -- terrorist Santonio Holmes you know I have good if you consider that. It helped us. Yet I mean it's it's a very tough injury do still yet in pretty much ended his career analysts -- For those who go back about a decade. So it's. It's it's definitely Dicey situation you know to watch and GT road this year you'll notice that the cuts are not as. Instantaneous. They're not as speech trolling the lead into an Christians Jews used to make eye popping cuts -- I would say he was a little bit more like LaDainian Tomlinson yeah against. Just really authoritative quick cuts McCoy is a little bit more of did you -- what have you had. Yeah he's a little bit more of a showman but you know there's guilders in the but but you know Jones-Drew was really an all business kind of guy -- works out to his -- -- But an extremely good cutter especially at the hole and the I think this year what you're seeing is just how good back two years because she's still producing and he clearly doesn't have that ability. So I mean I give back a lot of credit for playing her for playing hard at crippling it lasts about 2%. That in addition to seat if he finishes the year relatively healthy that they entries just you know a couple of weeks thanks. Position player this offseason you can you can go in the economy was -- -- to -- -- -- freeagent most likely yeah. And if he can demonstrate help with that -- he becomes a very ancient citizens sweeper for 2014 old. And GT I would say he's about 28. I still he's not -- and I don't know what he. He's not washed up I mean you know he's definitely. You know I think he's I don't think he's looking at breaking the bank in terms of contract because of what he's been through physically. But you know and it might be the kind of thing he distorted by the -- it's a problem. It might be the kind of things where he takes a one year contract because she feels like OK now I'm myself. And goes -- their principal whopper here next year yet but but he's definitely a player watch because of that list break. Is all the way back next year and it can be a two year injury yeah. -- -- of very interest in football player if he's not a guy I don't think where ages didn't necessarily knock him out. You know because remember Maurice Jones-Drew to -- earlier in his career and so people forget this at this point but he was that a committee Patrick. Split carries for itself I believe you know you tell these guys who came in like LaDainian Tomlinson and it was -- 200 meters a year right out of the gate you know. It is like the Spiller the -- is the aura that two years ago. No like a Patriot Act last couple years of being you know five years from now. Neither Ridley your marine would be high mileage backs because they've been committed. -- they speak -- -- topic but this equipment were describing when you're describing how Jones-Drew guns in it it may be thickness of the thought of earlier in the week. I was just thinking about like Arab -- and how he runs an edit in. I just you're very astute. Watcher of. You're watching -- geared towards. How running backs one but this does that as a recurring theme when he makes a a could -- like in eight to fourteen yard gain just a good. Solid Gainer and one -- it took its in my high which is a little. More naive than yours but when I watch him. This. -- I don't know that if it's a scheme that the patriots offensive line does. But it almost looks like time stands still for him Mikey he. So of his size and speed doesn't normally in this league it's have to break around the end and he I don't know what it is yeah. What you're seeing is he's one of those guys where defenders are very cautious in terms of how they attack him because if you attack leaderboard with a bad angle. You'll you'll you're gonna ball properly you know like. You know like basic things strip off the Earth's atmosphere within it the wrong angle that's what's been happening if you got your order for the the wrong angle if you get a shoulder. Or lag yeah -- get him. To run over you. So what is it it appears like he has more time. Than anyone else ever watch from the ball particularly to the outside. I still well. I think one of the things you're seeing that you players don't just drive actually scare aboard -- they really try to pick their spots they wanna get a hold of them. Because it's easy you know doctor did you know he's not like it. You know LeSean McCoy I can give your shoulder and has been. You just go over yeah yeah you know and he he got -- into one cut and go kind of runner I guess there. But this thing about him is. Teach -- very hard to bring them yeah. I mean he always has been there's nothing new that's the way you -- in college that's the way he -- Tampa. You know in the end -- clearly he was an interest in pickup by the patriots because he's one of those people. Where you always -- he was competitive. You only knew he wanted. To compete yeah that he wanted to do the best pristine but he one of these guys is incredibly emotional. And you know and and I think he's headstrong kid so you know he keep butted heads Austria Schiavo -- got him out of there. And you know if he's the kind of guy I think Belichick could maybe really turn into something I don't -- lead back. But what they're doing -- this is really perfect and I have to have surprise that they gave in so many stepping achievement passing themselves. Yeah I hit it big catch last week you know for -- about thirty argument it's interesting but I was watching Sunday's game as a lots of patriots every week and when I watch the Garret blunt run it's almost like watching NFL films like its old school and I don't mean just like. In his running style but again how you said it is right on how they approach and defensively it just doesn't look like modern day football when he runs fun to watch. Well you know listen if you're if you've got. You know. You know -- they're trying to tackle ball Powell. Yeah okay you're doing just to get after it was quickly you can get in tight out and try to tackle what people with foot care -- That there -- little special that they wanna pick their spots that are -- that you're going to be a little bit more tentative about how you attack and try to bring it down because let's face it. I mean I I don't it was to have an exact week but I would feel at -- about 255. Yeah I mean he's a huge back so you know if you call me in the hi I would hair -- And you're a defensive back. You know very small chance of success. And so you know it did it again that's why you might see him go untouched when you're like where it was the defense. They might -- trying to light -- up a little bit better deal a defensive back which I'll give this guy an extra yards. To make sure I've got -- you know I that I can wrap and tackle because if you don't wrap him. You know. You're not on tackling the airport. It is -- unless you are. Children Richard sit on the jets totally unless you are a dumb you know it's too nice you know -- are huge -- you can play his game physically. You know don't don't try to be a -- so just I think that's part of it. They don't -- -- you probably just a pitcher Ted loves what shall we get or what not people. It's true but it's it -- It -- just almost like you're watching a video game when he -- it's just it's slow it's. It's not plotting but it's not not plotting either but it is like time that's I've been thinking about it like four days time stand still when he runs the ball just. You know and some players just actually have a role with delight like check it all -- in the world LaMont Jordan yeah. Why because he can't even at the end of games -- wedding and knocked people over there downs and everybody like -- -- come and not get to some people would hear about the -- You know again baseball. Russia closer stinks to -- -- when you see him do. The only game in the last time out a lot of demand. It's a felony that. It's it's it's a positive yet ecological thing yeah. You know whereas you know maybe certain -- you don't like as much to their conflict coming up your rundown there's quarters and scoring position and 66% of the time if they're good example. You know and a lot of it just. As -- there was stuff like that but. You know blunt. If you just to be just the typical -- ago. And what does this week in terms of -- flax. Which go to far. We'll see that would stop it's hard to second you just don't know what the patriots and until I mean I think I think I would grade this reflects. But he's -- -- but I prefer not to play exactly because like I could get shot and he could he could -- for a hundred yards and a score who knows maybe two yeah. But he can also treat such as intense trip to right. So it's it's it's a different you know that -- talked about this. Ad nauseam. Over last year and this year. You can go broke trying to figure out page which -- been reduced strategically -- a week to week basis and I and I feel bad accomplished I think I'd probably burn some readers. Recommending Brandon -- But again we got into a situation where whether it was game plan are more likely sore knee. You know we just had no idea that just aren't going to be used. They Paul Ridley and I think I -- I was salivating because I had Goldman and -- and you know you got 33 and Dawson I was -- later -- Yeah I mean they're noted the irony is the week before we're saying be careful Bolton got a -- me. Then when -- get spoke to bring him all the equipment and it touches. To it okay well at least doubled in -- like all the look at Iraq all the I don't know where the bulls that -- You can definitely. Get burned trying to figure out the patriots are gonna do. Which is why you know we get behind the Gradkowski in the Brady's. And Celine yeah it's because you know agreed to -- -- they would be psychotic can not use his skills. Basically -- to the patriots weaknesses so right. And now more than ever write with with gone down he's that. Actually -- that weapons so that it's the -- Pushed out of wrote Obama at this point we were recently the number one back just part of so that you don't need to tell people. Did you have started any more than two. Yeah he's he's an RBU one for sure right now. I don't think there's any doubt I really don't mean it stated that they -- You've got deliveries and for quite awhile and I I really do think that the -- -- it. I think in August the only way discuss sales of the guitar. There's no way he felt -- Yeah aggregate over sixteen game schedule a healthy shame -- But I think the monster. And he finally made that long catch they've they've tried to hit that. Long catch on the sideline the last three weeks and bingo -- Did have that one -- -- -- in the open yeah yeah yeah I think about not mistake these drops that a couple times but let them. But yeah you know he was wearing that stupid thing -- -- artist Paul -- directs our. Yeah about the actually no I think back up blog isn't there and Israel's ambassador. And I noticed there was not favre's that's right. It's amazing -- four to eight. Wonder how large and does that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah exactly so let's see. Let's -- so I. Doubt it maybe than expected but a couple of names on it again. We at that idea at the start of that we're toggle bit about EP. And that was and his I was frankly kind of transition back to and JD did you think what what do you do -- -- and -- and -- the AT&T -- -- right. Now. Right now you got to pray I don't think you're getting pretty late I I mean. I don't know maybe it's just me but it Minnesota played Richard Peterson this weekend. I I really Obama Minnesota fan yeah I really starting to lose opened my brain trust yeah I did what what could they possibly of the game by playing it computers. -- and they they got in the rolling out Matt Cassel at quarterback Jimmy. I don't know article on wrote about the other day I don't know if you saw it but it was -- it was it was -- of -- rare non fantasy articles it was really just opinion but it is called bench RG 300. Benched him. But that is just the idea that Washington should Blake Griffin. It's crazy. It's just crazy -- -- have been treated you know value wise more than in the in the entire draft to get this guy. You know the idea you're gonna let him play are you you know it's still improving ACL. At the end of a lost season and I actually lose this guy. It's crazy and the other side of the -- It is. It's ridiculous not just do one thing you're just sitting Griffin is taking a guy like Kirk cousins in your putting him out there for three weeks showcasing him. Right and it gets of those -- back. Hey you're talking about an NFL draft it's got quarterbacks and it but had been so. Back conceivably carry his value to it makes all the sense in the world to go out there show him to change retreat weeks and day. Why trade up in the first round. Where you can just take your second round pick give it to us and we got starting quarterback. So for them to not do that -- would be criminal that would be cutting up their own nose to spite their face thank -- -- and it's kind of a football a couple of the -- already sold. Yeah and -- Datsyuk they can't match credit for hamburger at the traditional media than on why don't bother. And on Santa Cecil -- on podcast media the traditional media they don't get it. I heard a guy yesterday -- Trying to sell papers. Yet they -- they think I controversy or do we can -- They think Mike Shanahan is doing this like maliciously do despite the owner it's like it's very obvious you've got -- an asset you'd like. Had to choose to do that anywhere in New York fire tomorrow you'll. Exactly and that you know they have an -- that -- is he just said indeed the deployed a lot of resources to get he hasn't been himself since his injury last year just give a break. And yeah. About the media. Is the media with an adult coaches say things to the media for their own purposes and the president if they think -- fly in the face of reality. And the media will then turn around and say we'll ask Imus be creepy. Quick note if he's not crazy. You are stupid. Yeah conference is really different because you obviously. We just can't see reality can liquid Rex Ryan says this was obviously an a plus draft -- your media straight fifty articles about it. Well what a bunch of idiots you all aren't of throwaway comment on right now you you're sitting there making -- total -- basically choke it. You know like when executed are not the best jets team we ever had. What anybody would have a -- -- he's trying to handle this team like that -- put the media runs at all Rex doesn't know he's talking about no -- doesn't care what you think there's pick. There's a period different cells right sort of searching -- RG three thing the other -- shot -- -- -- John Madden quote. I like Joseph on that page -- -- shut up you can figure out what you're just completely clueless. This is he's drinking strained -- and. Yeah losing time and that stupid stupid Winnebago I mean I you know I mean. He's giving you seventies football answer to a 2013. Foot -- situation -- it's just stupid what -- -- you know. -- don't know what I only know you started doing basically you're gonna start this -- hopefully you know admitted. I can go look at the court but it's just stupid yeah just it's easy for your fastest -- that -- I think you're sitting there with no consequences like -- -- -- RG three goes down at the position Yelp for the third time. You just go back to doing whatever you're doing the Redskins. Yeah basically called the upshot. I agree to give regular had to get him healthy is a great asset -- cousins. Cousins as ability if you can showcase having -- value form. Who owns content has a lot of ability I think -- you know that it coach and I both think he's a very underrated football player so you know I think for the Redskins. And it is what you have to lose. But I think that's. That is -- but got little play well maybe you have betrayed you maybe just keep them you know maybe maybe just continues to beat the video Ryan mallet if you will. But if you get this guy goes out lights -- the falcons have got a couple other good matchups on the docket. You could turn this -- into a second round pick and again. -- -- Cassel got pats in the second -- American. Absolutely do feel and the list goes on you know match up. So again if you are the Redskins that you're going to be responsible to your fans your team to your players. You've got to do it's it's an absolute no. -- -- yeah it's been no brainer a no brainer should start against the falcons started the week sixteen against the cowboys. But it wouldn't shock me. If if this guy had a little 23 touchdown passes in the next. You know -- in the next few weeks the only thing working against cousins of the fact that they had injuries and other places like at least one. But again that's all reason to not play Griffin because you beat George Griffin up there with nobody open. Now he's getting killed. Well he's there running getting hit and you know I don't I can't imagine -- the fallout. For the rare instance. If -- that this guy or another ratio and how disingenuous. Visit of the media and slaughtered. Yeah I mean took him to the woodshed. And locked -- then when they left. With all that stuff about him playing RG three of the playoff game last year and how irresponsible. Wright is yelling at the -- you can achieve out of it. And I'm wondering why they were put RG three I mean I. Really can't make it up. That's autocracy. Yeah absolutely. You know people wonder why did telecheck saying nothing. Like I'd just like if you don't want to get embroiled with these people. And I blame them. This is why it's like Rex Ryan has learned about talks for the -- People slowly learning Belichick -- shot up. My little -- adults who laid them but that's about it a similar feel to it we can talk about Rex Ryan the other day personally I think the jets are stupid -- -- admire him but that's just me now I group. I think you're with a few people in the entire organization that even a clue but yet I grew. Up the underneath it would be -- -- could bring -- -- our daughter were on the show yeah I don't -- -- right. Right if you can bring a really high quality coach you don't -- that get really serious the jets and bring it really serious coach of the gonna give an honest look at like another. -- Chip Kelly kind of guy. I mean I can get our -- right. You know but it is the idea that you just going to be I I think you know double from Seattle as the name up starting here and I mean -- have doubles -- -- -- It's they keep. It looked like he is a bad gig out there I mean inflation he can just tell we're running toward defense does something you know. You don't have that luxury -- and checked. You know you don't know you'll play at a place were nobody can function offensively and you don't have to -- I mean that this job can play as conservative as they want the most we can just. Wait for the game to open up for the right. They just pound pound pound Italy beat teams up and then they start hitting absence. But you can't do that if you defense -- giving up such -- now so. You know I mean Apple's been good but he's also been playing a very strong and. Yeah. You know. It is UN but the jets which. -- that's what's so we've got we get -- the under thirty minutes as the wanna get into. These starts to sits article that's up on WEEI dot com today he threw it up there today lashes and so that again he worked diligently on it. And yeah we'll put it up -- don't know yet. No you don't. And so but but now again this week 152 round of the playoffs it's the final four let's dig in and get some people some good starts -- to consider. As there thinking about their rosters now now one other. One of the names a quarterback it's interesting you teased it a little bit earlier. Accidentally without McCown playing really well Monday night. But it looks like it's gonna be -- this week right. Yeah I think you know personally I think. If you're better off of Mattel just because you don't. You know he's got hurt right you know the thing you worry about Cutler's got to take the wrong let me just get knocked out but that's led. You know the bears match up is is definitely decent match up there's a really good chance you're going to be chasing in the game. -- sure so it correct the wrong -- at Cleveland right yes -- so you know it Josh Gordon is probably gonna go you know don't which it will pass on the -- It's it's very unlikely that there are going to be you know just protecting illegal game right so I you know I think you're in the season throwing of the football that would. And there offense where from the quarterback's perspective. You know -- didn't take away whoever wants. If I could go ahead take Roberta Marshall -- the -- -- does that announcement council passed a similar to look up front exactly. So Cleveland is a good defense but they. You know the bears are a very diverse office. Yes that's harassment is not getting enough credit for what he's -- with that offense is going to happen you're gonna hear more more about trust and a lot of out of a lot about him in the off season I think. Right now he's a little under the radar that guy's done. Just a phenomenal job coaching them. Yeah and they look they look good on Monday night against Dallas and they really they looked like. From from jump street that they can do what they wanted to do. Yeah that's an end and that's pretty much -- -- without the last couple weeks but you know. -- isn't that the bears have done until a couple teams not just balance. Let's let's look at a couple more and interesting on the on the starts and it's good it's on WEEI dot com which is based here beautiful Boston mass which is the home of the New England Patriots and people are probably concerned you know it would clock down. But you've got Tommy Boy as a does start this week. Yeah I -- and and that's one of the things I'm not saying hey make sure you start Brady this week but I think most people who have Tom Brady issue number one quarterback yet. And so what's the option wellstone your number -- so you know. If there's any confusion I mentioned that a couple times -- the rankings to go to the road Obama full rankings and you'll see where. All of these players sit in the in the rankings list for this week. But -- -- feel as a guy where. The less you have a really strong second option and wish you picked up a couple of Mikhail people -- the drop them or whatever right. I feel pretty comfortable with Brady this week ended may not know cart obviously takes maybe a four touchdown game of the table or whatever. But. You know it might be a little bit more to -- to page technical and get back sort of picking away at people. And they got the weapons -- me that the event and I got him until they need to get tops and from the back -- These but he's got the will -- The patience to do that you sit there and peck away at people and he'll put up those 1012 play scoring drives in. Just basically to lean on utility -- to -- Italy gets over. That is the bottom line and how many countries simply do it that it nobody is better football which at this before. But nobody is better football than Brady and Belichick when it comes to week to week preparation right back. And there's a lot on the line I mean now suddenly benevolence he is there I I don't see them relinquishing that however they get there you know I mean they've. The east to an audience of rounds and it's it's kind of however they get into the scenario. I kept an extra pitcher wins I I don't know what's gonna happen with this one seed but I. I feel like -- is not going to be a problem. I agree with him makers -- other adjusting one on the start. Sheet before for quarterbacks is Andrew Luck who's edited you know the typical sophomore season but they've got a good match of the delegates actually do. Circumstance not it's not anything that Barack has done wrong. -- it's it's it's been weird there you know they have this which. -- will happen there is that the reality is that the colts I think. You know and and that that it spreads over -- -- I mean you know the colts. It's like OK -- you stole it probably just happened yeah I mean I think people are. -- -- Hamilton is getting killed. And I don't really think it's fair to kill -- able to because she's had a lot of injuries. But I can't say here's what is fair I think. He's -- percent. And I think what we're -- I -- now I think you're starting to get. -- -- coach's move a couple times you start to get what I call three dimensional view yeah. Because you see like located this year than you would to a different team he did disagreement with thirteen when he did that and it all -- -- -- -- -- to be he's proving to be back on the coach of the Pittsburgh and boy you know it's trick or even though they always -- little better than. They were gonna do yeah they did but there but let's. An office that he dropped when he -- -- all of a sudden -- keep -- forgetting probably should never saw that would you know and that he goes to Indianapolis and everybody was shocked at a good offense last year to the point where there really -- -- this year. There isn't there. And look what's happening meanwhile. In Arizona right you've got that off since. You don't not a great quarterback just an okay one playing very well. So you know right now -- -- you know looking -- -- you look at real good he's going to be back in Arizona dictionary I think. You know I think we're going to be recommending a lot of their players conference. You'd be still even this week they still like lock. Against the Texans as I come -- -- you ones yeah absolutely because first of all he really hasn't had any injuries killed -- You know he has had -- eleven -- -- thirteen pointer. But that's really. This is Slorc. That's the ugliness yet and you know he put up. 38 feet as he points at Cincinnati last week there's real reasons there's no way of telling people what they should have an adverse detection. Yet with the stuff on the line and end. And this person team -- I'd probably don't go of the ball more than. That they were actually contacted at -- like this week. Right in a couple of young receivers their emerging. Did Derrick Rodgers and -- -- Brazil wanna go well to -- that a little. Give our audience a little background on those guys -- -- smiling very wide but it. Do Rick writers the guys -- the people back that we -- rookie rankings were. Very -- this talent and very. Concerned. About him from the back up. Because this. Well first ball just died on occasion. Just consider the fact that historical Rodgers had not been a complete Bozo. Got himself kicked out of Tennessee right. Stop and think for technical Tennessee wide receivers with a bit last year. Coral that is. Due -- -- -- a -- perhaps it's an exciting. That's. The best and that's and at the -- believable. Like receiving -- college so for those people would think Tyler bray was some kind of special talent. Yeah it's the -- receivers but they never had those three guys on the field because we'll Patterson gave me. Rick Rodgers got the boot now riders did go to Tennessee tech and we saw the same exact monster until the result of this yeah. Absolutely it's just he's just too physical for defensive back. These are the fastest guy in the world but he got it up speed. It is a very physical player so you know the bills got him as an undrafted free agent. Vet bills. Did not really. Indicate that he was a problem for the backup with. But it's just -- you know they drafted Robert Woods -- Betsy Johnson drafted -- -- -- -- -- a couple of players in the system that they liked. And I think -- I think they wanted to keep them. But it -- it was just a numbers game. And it you know -- snatched it up that their practice gut for a practice squad for weeks that they activated in three weeks ago but didn't play him. Ended last week at its first catch second third fourth fifth sixth got his first touchdown his second touchdown yeah and you know now you're looking at a guy. Who. There's no doubt that there's a lot of downside because he can be able police blotter next week. I would probably say this -- and analysts say. Folks so Josh court but yeah -- know before we get too excited about judge Gordon it. The book by my understanding he's he's -- it was last strike as well yeah. You know he he can beat Justin Blackmon scenario for all we know so it's you know didn't enjoy it while he last. But yet direct Rodgers is. I would say he's got Josh Gordon -- but he he sort of you know Josh Gordon without that high and speed he's got back kind of. Is good how well above Brazil. Brazil and I don't -- with the -- we talked about first night back and if you go back to recruit about required maybe. Five or six weeks ago we were saying you know folks. We don't all look on Brazil. It was it was the BenJarvus green Ellis and Larry yeah it's but we'll look at what's happening here you know Reggie Wayne Garland. Darrius -- based drinks. Title and does have an injury factor. Discussion Peter -- a receiver athletes and it kind of dropped a lot of balls yet he was picked up and then when. Last week when they said that both of these guys were finally got to play. Our but he ended the week before. Look we we several apologist just that these guys up. They might that might help you they might not just pick it up Daschle. Because it got monster upside and yeah for touchdowns between two. That's good that's a sort of bonds watch list is all about I took the advice. We're good and probably if we're good at one thing. I -- I'd like they were doing a lot but if we're -- once saying we're good at getting ahead of the curve on talent. Yet I'll see you you are gonna lot thing I used it you know I think that a couple people you know into this that it was blond. Dennis Johnson on Houston and as mark W egg got in heaven now I'm. You know hundred brokering. We know we know which guys to recommend when it comes to talent and Justin Blackmon if he hadn't been. The more the more. Would. I mean it was going for easy before he got suspended -- but he was beat people up you -- -- into shape it's I don't know what I watched every snap. Boy you look good and it wasn't like he was out there you know making good plays against bad defense and he was out there he's played some really good football it -- the I just I really it's depressing for me which it's totally like he has it's sad because he's cuts or much ability. Yeah for sure. And another guy analysts -- yeah I had it Keenan Allen was a waiver wire pick up for me it's easy touchdown a two week. I would secure now and it indeed did you know you'd probably be one of our biggest misses this year but you know our defense. We know we had good things to say about to -- on but the reason we've got stardom there's two primary factors -- You've been injured all last year we torture feasibility of healthy right because it's still pretty significant piece TO entry. -- and that cost them a lot of time. -- and he ran a force seventh that the combo yeah you can't play wide receiver the NFL of course that you cannot play it can't do actual work and I did get open. Because people all over yeah. But if you go back and read our review. But Tito go from memory but what I'm almost positive that I mentioned that we did not. Put any stock in the force 740 yeah we we watched it once -- -- that I remember that we didn't think he was fast. We felt like he was somewhere between four fighter -- -- and that's fast enough for a guy with his sister -- it is still so we thought it was a player we spoke to take a year. Because -- -- remember this is a team that would we reviewed you know still hadn't Malcom Floyd. And they still had -- Alexander yeah. So our feeling was that we Floyd and Alexander locked into the starting spot with Vincent brown coming. We sort of such you know that the guy who will. At the development the year ended probably really hit the NFL -- 2014 I hit it turned out to guard Alexander ACL. And Malcom Floyd really just a couple really awful injury -- talked about for the year and all the sudden they got nothing left but keep in jail yet. And once she got in there I don't have to tell you mean he's been he's been possible awesome. It's been great is that why this roster. It's just so this is that the ethics act if the they want more quarterback the -- is again you know that there are. It does the top of the guys is the -- I don't. They keynote not a fluke that we fully expected to keep doing this supposedly helping the guys they can't charge what is. From my plan to have the many many years. But did you know our owners out there that are in that are and a bit of six sticky situation and it doesn't Andy bigger than this week in terms of the playoffs. And one of the guys on your stats and -- Let's get just -- -- second we got up this Sunday anybody who's got lined -- stuff. If we don't address it here if I didn't address in the starts its. If you want more information that you're getting from our lineup rankings come to the chat Sunday morning -- AEI we kick off at 11 o'clock and only answer a lot of questions. -- -- That's a cal remind people at the at the close of the show of that drop yelling to go when you go to WB -- dot com on Sunday morning. Rob Bradford the boys -- will put the live chat up on the of this Justin section of the website. Get the questions and early summoned there every week and down dare they're tripling they paid him into the questions coming. Now I try to keep it up last week I started early because I'd I had that. I've had this troubling Internet stop all these holes that are coming outside. I started early I had some good Internet don't know what -- just -- answer questions a quarter of good ideas were that make you booted. Armed and didn't gosh I think we would go after after Newt but don't mistake yeah we had because growing -- of people in the chat which is great. That is straight. So I can't get him in quickly so now back to -- the way. Wherever there's one person to ask their question about fifty times each week and I don't know who you are ridiculous thing. Kimono and at once is enough have a heart. There's or just some people understand when you're when you're entering your question when you hit sit and you'll see a little blue -- mark. I'd like to read your question for second that'll tell you that the question did and what it did I have it and it will give it to. They go bingo. Right now now. This quarterback on asking about and on the starts. Not a name you would have seen at all this year huge game last week against the pats Jason Campbell's up there if you need and right. Yet what are called for another huge game necessarily an end and I I'm pretty sure recommend are I warned against the potentially bad weather in that game yeah. But you know we -- the bottom line is there's a lot of people out there who have suffered serious QB David this year. You know Roger's obviously the big example you know some people had Cutler lost and never got expelled and they lost QB spot there are some people that Matt Ryan. You know he lost to -- whatever the case they'd been. There's a lot of people -- QB. And you know Campbell is definitely guy where you're if you're like me in -- this semifinal this week without a quarterback -- RG three was the only living quarterback I have laughed -- team. You know I mean my my starting option this week I I didn't I didn't really good team that could win -- my quarterback options this week are bad for him. Jason Campbell and Kirk cousins. -- I'm not sure I haven't decided yet it's gonna have a lot to do with the weather and you know I actually -- Jordan reed is active. Cousins is becoming a very attractive option -- you know if it. You know obviously that are Rodgers it's -- you know return as a potential factor deflated them Monday night game. You know if they're saying Aaron Rodgers is even doubtful I'm not gonna take the chance to play -- -- lose my quarterback spot sure you know what riders makes surprise start. Because I don't Rogers so. You know other to make sure I get a QB play I may end up going for the state. If they won't be nice -- have to rule Rodgers out and so you know I'm it's for me it's gonna be the game time decision that right. Yep I think all of our guys have a decent shot to do well. Erica says it in a similar situation out there and you need a quarterback Campbell. My cousins those -- those guys are guys you can look at. I think people were talking that for people who read this starts to go. Jason Campbell Pete what you tell me about Jason Campbell first of all I understand the impulse to say that. But this is why because we get in these situations where you lose players -- you know you're streaming recorder back for the second half of the year and sometimes deliberately and -- -- stability. Yet they look it's all matchups in the match -- right summons on a streak in the playing good ball you know. It is -- don't get like a low number immediately get twelve or fifteen and I can help him. I mean nobody likes having to put a waiver wire quarterbacks but if you if you apply yourself and if you do your weekly homework used you can still window and it. Yeah that's important now let's think let's look at a couple running backs and when you start -- article on WEEI dot com is a name that I finally adjusting on there. This is the matchup and usually right Tennessee football's all about matchups -- -- the Buccaneers going up against the 49ers and you'll like him as a potential start this week. Yeah I mean I don't. I can remember exactly how I worded it's not that I likely need this week what what I'm saying there. Is don't be afraid to play -- you sort of you know and I don't believe it it's a terrible match up I think he's a longshot to score. But I think he's a very likely guy in terms of getting twenty touches. If you don't some of those might be passes out of the backfield to appear. And -- -- that the advertisers -- -- but that's who they're really comfortable history you know the 49ers are so disciplined but. Did you guys -- -- touches. Anybody split official although it's football those about towards something certificate if you're a twelve team league in year hurt reflect certain RB two spot. Hey the guy's going to be in the game he's going to be getting the -- there are no other running backs their at this point yeah. Right so you know I essentially don't -- he jerky -- him out just at this point the 49ers make sure you have -- -- -- that. Really -- a shot to do well but putting it you know I would we have a -- I think about it he. I will confirm this but I don't think green is about are pulling it back this week. A series an RV two and again guys yet and yet the rankings will be updated on Saturday morning. Series of rankings at quarterback running back receiver and tight end. To get the minute time for you want Jessica to get it so that you can have them in time that there isn't a football but they'll be refreshed. As you have a full practice on Friday you get more news in the in the Twitter sphere on Saturday. A lot of frank it's very fresh as it stands that's probably pretty accurate he's an IV to Bobby stated. I didn't have -- -- -- you know we knew when I write -- starts -- -- it's always tricky. Because you're not breaking these players these rankings. You're just trying to -- players that you have a feel for writing you know I don't. You don't give up on this particular play this week it is not the top six quarterbacks the top six receivers the top six running back -- that's not what it is. It's players that maybe we feel. Are stronger than they appear debate. On a given week he will. That's it that it's and they said it is the next two people. How I was going to reference from the article the you know wouldn't be -- V ones -- twos that maybe. Naked slipped into low RB two or a wildcard for -- Rashad Jennings at the raiders. Playing -- achieves sub defense and Chris -- and -- the browns against brightness. Good examples because Jennings and the reason getting to the list starts -- -- -- wanna make sure people know hey client he's talked to play. Can beat. Don't go chasing it's more more so leases stats against the jets conducted at the -- is this week so it's just as much about warring Marcel -- people. Who might wanna try to get an extra bite of that apple. You're you know a couple of the core. Yeah good Smart in the -- and I have. OpenId. I think a couple of pretty well the -- but you know essentially what we're saying that OpenId is. Ron Burgundy teacher had a swivel. Because if followed the diet is the starter. Against. There's a tablet -- right yeah. I mean coach got the bears -- -- -- -- operate so you know who whoever the browns starter is that is a person you want your line up. Our initial take on it is that it's probably going to be open Diana so he's out there waiver wire and you work -- -- looking for an RB two -- flex option. Pick him -- You know that is the possibility you may end up not starting him because you know maybe -- makes a miracle comeback. Media that you never know with Norv Turner -- you know it'd -- the defrauding -- show you know that the speaker show you we don't know but if they. It's our but I is starting that game. I think he's a really defense. -- that it will set let's look at a couple receivers quickly before need to wrap it up. Wants an interest in one on the stock com. We talked. At the beginning of the shelled out. You know people on the watch list I mentioned Dennis had a and you said and I said you know that ravens' -- to study the camaraderie -- but the patriots it to go to Baltimore in two weeks write music yet they're there Romney did -- game is back. And that's stories -- -- start this -- -- -- lines. It's okay it's you know to respect the guy who really do we restore yeah right. But the reason I throw -- this week starts system he did not think last week I I don't I don't want people that I wanted I've noticed in the chats. People won't give up to -- player yeah you know people -- a bit to what you last week and you -- -- at Torrey Smith this week just because he didn't have a good week last week he's got a great match up here he can do a lot of damage. Hey guys there's the possibility there to do nothing of course blood. By the numbers by the match up keep -- -- you -- to -- this week don't be scared off because last week. Yeah you look here in the Tennessee football plastered around two year inches away for a ball he's a got a can put up a hundred with two scores here. There's a guy the chat last week who wanted to bench Gordon against the pitcher. I saw that those crazy. Yeah and it it is like in my over thinking this -- I just put capital. Of six different. -- thinking because you know maybe he had similar decent options but. I don't know you cannot take back on the outside of the board and Torrey Smith has three touchdown upside. -- two -- and you Petit. After remember how you felt that the -- you got that guy. I executed at that you just can't get too worked up over a single week. You know Eric Decker parked across but did not have a lead they ultimately kill me but doesn't mean I was sort of put my lineup. Astros tonight exit five -- last two extra. The person who yanked Eric -- out first four touchdown game that he was upset about the week before and so players you just got to leave it there sometimes are gonna -- -- five points. Sometimes are gonna get it 25 points. It's it's the totality of upside in north of the I think it -- throw. Yep and I probably believe it too. -- when you line -- has that could match of some good upside someone's gonna hit you know -- if you've got four guys that really are. Feast or famine. Someone's gonna hit is the standard. If this is -- you know it's not. If -- can -- that did not take part harmony. You know sometimes certain players are gonna be off key of the -- because just the way it is but yeah if you've got enough guys with monster upside. A double double and hit a mostly true you're going to be whether. Right in and it's a good segued to the next two guys. On the same team this is always an interesting dynamic now there was always this way when Julio Jones who is with us playing. With Julio Roddy White -- Roddy White Harry Douglas for the very favorable matchup against the Redskins like them both. Yeah I did and you know you hit the key instead it's the matchup. You know I mean yeah it's just. You have to expect from my point of view you have to find a reason not to play a guy against the -- which are particularly compelling reason why this guy can't. Cut through butter which is okay is that you know that's what the Redskins are other soft. Water. And then they can't sit -- -- The Redskins. The vikings cowboys the bears right now these teams -- -- They're they're defenseless. Think you got to start everybody against. That can be that spells good news for Matt Ryan to -- the people who drafted him -- like a top five quarterback that that's a nice. Breath of fresh air probably late for a lot of people but hey if you have some quarterback issues. You know that that combo. Could be a good -- this year. Yes obviously we got Roddy White as -- start this week we got Perry -- start this week I think it makes sense that Matt Ryan it would also. Just start this week yeah it's going to be tough to have two people perceive to offer the quarterback -- -- -- did it. Except. In the last one I wanna get to the receiver position to go went and what it does such a great story is is Julian cattlemen and again. Every time. Our favorite yeah. Yeah favorite. For the WB a physical problem no -- and a little all the way back -- last. And it -- up on him mind personally he's a really good player. And and not only that you know whenever adversity strikes in new England and has been held at a lot of the. He'd like he's a runner he's a rock. He's a rocky gets an out expecting. I'm not surprised when it last week against the browns. And I expect more coming down the stretch and you like the match up and -- got the green and Amendola out there and it and I think the way you wrote it was just feels like an adamantly to me I agree. Yet that it. And I think particularly in actual reasons. I don't ever -- is -- I don't feel -- -- -- you know. I don't need to -- able. But I been out of bullets and I got a feeling either accidentally targeted and I populace as we -- the reflected some logistical stuff to go with that. And so it would accept them. I wrote it just feels like an -- week to be more importantly. He's one of the few reliable targets left from the radio and greeted him until. Yeah and I think about -- -- is what a lot of people didn't realize what he was short cooling in the middle years she was still playing huge step. Right there is -- live 4050 snaps a game more. He's he's he's been he's been heavily involved all year. And I think the thing that people don't give element enough credit force a good blocker -- yet for 511 receiver yet they -- guys out there. -- people scurrying and running. Yes and I just he's he's a player that really to -- isn't under the radar guy if you grow if you look at it from the you know hole and Apple's perspective you don't hear it off about -- I got and if you -- got a picture candidate like back -- now. I don't music that's as -- you but I mean you know I have a patriot and I got IR word overtures. Yet he's like he's like at the Jonny Gomes but all of them. Yeah. And at. And then finally. Just because it's an interesting conversation of the tide in position that -- Tight end. -- than any other position -- life. As has been ravaged. This year in terms of injury. Yet plastic tube that. What's interesting about tight and his its its. It's refurbishing itself like we're seeing. -- that the top. Let's say 20% of the time. Is quite. The could you come. Yeah it's 20% of the top twenty tight ends have been in and out underperforming hurt you know lingering injuries. They keep getting replenished and as a couple guys. On the list. That you know. That kind of define -- Charles clay and the dolphins was on many people's radar coming into the draft. Certainly -- the -- right elaborated. Yeah he's a pretty week to week performer. He's a start this week Delanie Walker on the titans was someone that you know media had as a depth option like -- Such a purpose to put together because essentially these guys are running backs playing tight end. Yeah I don't think -- think H backs kind. And and you know those two guys are that they did almost the defining type of player of what's happened at tight end position. The other one I want to hit quickly with Dennis Ted because it's been a long wait and done he came back last week and I know I'm an owner that picked him up late with the hope that need to plan this week. And he he's he did it last week he gave most people in a touchdown and and down 4050 yards sixty yards maybe. I was a little hesitant I was gonna try to -- first week back of limits Aspen. And it did you know I didn't end and all all three of those guys. Can help you this week to protect Miller. I did. Q that's sort of sanctuary when it's your team. It's our decision -- -- just sit there and start thinking about which seek to recover that and all the sudden you make a decision that may -- as it is. You know good if you were just sitting there is what -- you -- a quick decision but it is different decision let's. And that's what there isn't a football. Yeah I honestly think -- and it's you know that's that there isn't a football hurts because I had a a player I I would. Had -- is an equal on Sunday I would have played on Sunday. But I was I didn't wanna play him as a Jordan -- lingering you know and I was sure I'll I. Jacobs did last night just 100 Reid scored two touchdowns and so yeah -- -- that's -- you lose by twelve. Eleven what are. Today those guys appeared -- clay and and walker. Are all starts this week in and look at. And walker obviously we will people stay on top of -- -- yeah and I think I threw him under him but it's true for a couple of these guys. We are starting to see this evolution. Of concussion recovery yes and what we're seeing is when guys get placed into the NFL recovery program whenever he would call and where they have to have. Independent. Non routine doctor's cleared yeah I get back it was feels that these guys are staying out an extra week sometimes so. That a -- of last couple weeks limited practice and that he doesn't pass the test or has the slight headache in the Italy they knock it down so. You know that's the that's the situation that walkers -- to his great play. And should be seen the pitch of against the cardinals who can't stop the donated to save their life but make sure he's active Sunday. Let's assess your right -- and -- forget it around and fuel week. Now and that's a great and that's a great way to it's a wrap it up to come to the close of the week fifteen podcast. And you know heed that advice but good things could tactics that she can do. Heading into the 1 o'clock games one. Is that -- -- one dot com Pete will update all the rankings at quarterback running back receiver and tight and. Generally the way we do it as we update the security's tight as it receivers. Saturday evening we update the running back Sunday morning. I do running backs coffee of Sunday mornings that I do to -- Yet that's generally are are content flows. Sort of job. No no problems so so as you were you know wrapping up the workweek and heading into the weekend you've got a couple of homework assignments one is listen to this podcast. Dig your way through its if you pull a couple jams out of it sue over the weekend started and let's tonight -- tonight feedback. We don't have as such feedback as we can handle as to Jackson it's so bulletins it. So Saturday and Sunday in a lot of rankings at quarterback. Tight end wide receiver and running back will be updated I wrote a bond dot com. That's he'd still Maine is the chief Tennessee football right there and keep you updated at hop back over WEEI dot com on Sunday morning as he does -- 11 AM lies checked it all of your questions in. He is you know all over the football universe on Twitter and getting information re tweeting it. And would be is prepared as prepared can be fewer questions for the as 1 o'clock game so that. About the Chad is that I've been able to digest all the practice supports all the injury report obviously there is some stuff that happened after the chat. A lot of our. 123012 o'clock. But we're as prepared as you can be at 11 AM and Sunday for the Chatzky you're getting good information at the -- -- would be better information and you even get on the Saturday rankings because we you know. Every twenty minutes at the end of cellular consultant. So much there's so I mean it's I -- that'd be about an injury information practiced information comes out since Twitter it's just a political. Cherry is actually yeah. It's it's it's endless and with that said. You know analysis per Alice this is consent in I would just say this. You know play a studs trusting god and them hopefully we'll review yet hopefully we'll give you enough and inside information. To make you feel confident about a lot of sort of -- of luck to everyone. Customer can trust your -- template even over -- rankings. You know again if you have a snippet of the for the people out there like an excellent second opinion. And we're not stating it could -- beginning is that bad guy who's gonna not play Gordon. We're really good for you there cause we're gonna such restraint really quick and we're gonna -- via a second opinion on all your players but it will when you have a strong gut feeling. -- -- recommendation is always to go with yup because that would finish football's about it's about you and your tenure decisions if we can make if we could help you make better would that also. But I think we've all been there -- we listen to someone else. And when it gets startled -- yet and yet you ended up being right that source field of the world. It is yes avoid that just -- got players stuck. We're going to be -- it to try to help you make good decisions. You know but. Part of giving the defense you're you're the you're the guy steer the bus attendant and at the end of the day you wanna win because -- so that we -- you wanna win because she process that information and make an informed decision. And wrote above the security net to catch -- that we do -- that -- way to look at it's a -- good -- up there -- one is still in the playoffs all the -- the -- when I know it's probably not. The cases some -- -- be playing against each other but good -- to law and ethics is always to our presenting sponsor Mohegan Sun. And that it with a -- long we appreciated. If you have some time you wanna have some fun hit Mohegan Sun and you can check them out at WEEI dot com slash play. Until tell the folks at the -- Obama. WEEI. Mohegan Sun -- to football podcast -- you. Exactly it's exactly our guys at best she's waiting excellent good luck good luck this week at one thing TP appreciated. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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