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Answer the question Kirk: How many lady partners for Kirk?

Dec 13, 2013|

Our favorite segment of the week, Answer the question Kirk. Today he answered how many sexual partners he has had.

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Inspired by one of the greatest minds ever agrees to -- wings while. First it's time exceptionally excited to answer the question automatic or they do do. How what is your go to -- address what was the best thing at the Thanksgiving table this year. Ask answer the questions of cream and -- Kurt. Just look forward to this segment don't know Kirk thanks have managed the question which means it's Friday. And we -- I have to say we didn't make history today it's been ten months since we added him to this program yes. But yet we made him uncomfortable for the first time today and you know what was. You ask him and his parents funny status we -- our kids his wife all kinds of things in. Just look he had what he was an uncomfortable new killer was was. I said something I should have said during the segment in which set after that was a big -- -- -- Outside the sort of understood boundaries -- -- wise as yesterday Brothers I have so they have to won't speak to one. That's the way he went over the line the other brother and higher and it's a big family thing course and joining me at the top of my -- -- -- answer the question why -- -- estranged from your brother who could. You know -- you know I don't want to be comfortable now I know how does one -- force so. My brother I did the wedding ceremony for yes. I was unhappy with my performance. Doing that the wedding. That the -- only winning how did it fall shall I not legitimate I thought it this far. But he told a bunch of his friends who told me during the reception reception that he was. Real negative moment performance him as -- means pulling some things at work real nice weapons throw for four night at the met as a brother. I was hurt I have not spoken a word to him cents. One of them that just -- -- -- such -- elements not we would always -- and -- for ads. -- text and I said you know just so you know the way and we're not a well -- This is very big for my mom and my dad a family thing and is always a stupid and it says on the -- but. For full disclosure guide the specifics as to what he didn't like about it where you live where -- -- -- -- I don't I did not have a real well and I you know frankly I don't -- not like I -- I start my kids were there I try to -- two different -- one of those moments where it's a good thing you aren't. Drinking anymore and Monica you specifically but that's. That's kind of thing you know these weddings yes your -- him in new if you remember international incidence and I remember a couple months ago embrace that terrible bronchial things for a couple and that was -- -- right around then it's like try to fight through its arm. Little upset. Little upset I know I'm gonna take on the -- have been weak they're probably right -- an effort. He's probably just half mast and I'll let it happen and I Caroline you know -- one of those that -- answer this question. You have a choice between being a practicing faithful Catholic mass every week. Letting your son Harrison played football. What price can pretend church can pretend to go away kids born on New Year's CT so -- pretend to be a -- okay. -- If you could host your own radio show and had any two calls anywhere in the world they want you -- while. Doesn't have to be here -- you wouldn't you guys right that's true on the view us any team in the world who would it be. Radio sidekicks. Probably have to go to the tried and true -- boring everybody everybody says this one but I would probably do you howler in the winter. I -- I know I -- rather the fault I know but I it's there's a reason why it would work it would definitely war. All right this is sort of the same vain if DeDe Dorsey. Had to be let goal. -- WEE got to satisfy your financial contract demands who goes. Stakes question before we get this I would for. Can you host Gerri can you be good hosts a good one good now now -- would give it my best night's hero. A move over there -- value since she's been on the show would suffer the show itself I think. -- The here I feel. The ocean strategy. It's just in my head -- -- just part of my head. That we think -- -- that came up the of the dead and never with a big ball places like kids that never came up you can ask them I said I wanna stay here. A one -- contract I wanna work with these two guys you can ask Phil moonlight that that was it. I don't expression rob Peter to pay Paul -- here to pay Kirk I was gonna ask right that's. If you found 25000. You keep it -- give it to the police. I'd I'd give it to -- yes of course what -- found a million. You do the right thing. Is a question I'm curious what what's the worst book you ever read all the way to the end I'll take the when you will be -- -- brought you read Nablus athlete books -- championships they stink right. Issue and was good. She's just they're Texans that last night I get the Christmas gift the worst book ever Everett beginning to end was. She -- remove your a couple of years ago they advocate the kite. That wasn't that are opposed are really that was awful I I'm off I'm not -- in the sequel but it was good -- couldn't I didn't like -- just been -- -- -- those books you know you'd go to bed every night you open it you have to read the page before because -- forget everything. Published articles I've read a Grisham novel that was the biggest piece of garbage I burned I felt like a Nazi afterwards and that like this -- Fire pit thing in the back had -- so frustrated that it made it all the way to the end devote a part of -- cover. It was about Italy in it was a travel log just to give him a free trip to Italy was no suspense to it I hate Christian now and I know he's written some good stuff but I will not go back and I will not my -- I haven't put it in the fire pit. Yeah with aerosol cans from what mr. After another book at those -- there but he loves the Vinci code -- -- its snow yeah I hated you are you are aunts and your mom was put down the ball. I just Vinci code the most suspenseful books of reverend rickety that you heard him if Kirk that's fair answer this question what did daddy and mommy get you for your high school and college graduation. That it's really not not -- my high school graduation whose car was not a color Flickr or what was his name -- Richard Pryor movie the toy. No movement of current. -- -- -- the adult world of double times some zeros. It was an overwhelming. -- answer this question yet how many maid servants not -- or nannies. Were in your childhood we -- not have a nanny we have had a maid service. We had Maria who was wonderful what my second mom she's my -- -- on Emery had. She was -- -- to review Italian women would mustache or did you Shannon was luckily fantasize about her if you know what I mean -- we each have a cleanly though when I was younger I was about seventh -- she came a couple of -- was not attracted to -- skinny and -- Cause I kinda nice and flirty and -- dour few times. -- -- little -- these a couple of unpredictable ones but I like them how many sexual partners -- dead life. -- vote doesn't count my night. He -- just guess you know to say about one I was gonna say fifteen to two warning here. How large was the largest woman you -- And -- on the go around the table I was -- -- again -- -- fifteen yeah. Two. This week when asked about last night. The largest. It's what don't you think would ever again though it's half what they say. I'm gonna say ten for you like seven have me wondering if it's doesn't quite work that deal -- when one deals like Ronnie Howard. There was an issue the largest woman. My wife was nine months pregnant. But I would like my second pregnancy now -- not pregnancy there was one I would say that she was through 345 I know what that is now yeah. She was she will sell the -- she was under 200 but she was she's she was -- -- -- -- -- -- this question -- are you going to be honest with your drug history with Harrison when he's old enough of course of course that's how works that's how you do it yet that's helped. Let's call -- parents know football honesty. It yet to be its its. On its problems question. We can't be totally honest I mean. -- -- children. But I mean you have to be pretty forthright with impunity -- -- Huckabee -- was for an call this friend. Mechanically Kirk -- -- -- Tom is a good question what percentage. Increase are you looking for its terms of -- when you're making now what you -- settle for. It's healthy increase and I'll settle for helping increase. A couple of 100%. Don't that's not much but it's I would hope for the -- -- -- when it's business I understand -- 100%. Whatever it is immaculate and get some business I admit I can answer this question what is the smallest denomination of cash point or bills. You were picked up off the filthy public men's -- to -- -- I wouldn't like Munich massacre by a dollar bill that would never do what what denomination what's what's ball. Hundred dollars bucks hundred bucks laying there you pick up its filthy bathrooms yes -- protect you know Olympic ideal pick I believe that he has no concept of money -- life it's just airfare. -- -- soccer ordered a bathroom pearl to get a -- in my younger days yeah I would. Point dollars now what to do it yes. By appoint a twenty dollar bill absolutely. Sickening she likes ill be a lot of money on the act. And that's I was raised I understand that your grooming and this is another strike one like halfway. You golf foursome and you have to play golf America any -- And say geez if you want but that's weird he would seek any -- three got -- public office. Bruce Springsteen. -- couples. I'd like that so far and Mikey Adams. Mike you would be good to get to -- -- -- says the sailors if viewers to save -- billboard. -- -- The hung with the number ten days -- -- the event without get old because he seemed like a sprinter well now Michael Will Ferrell on a lot of ways I love -- that's a spot she goes on constantly and he picks his spots really expect that that is an X force them out and give -- credit for that this is related to that what country club. To the minute hands belong to a growing up. It belonged to one -- for a long time you know it was not easy. It is about to lose like six yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- no man's club did what it out yet which -- club go to group also were club and welcome any time and -- joined a Rundle. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Kirk would you choose to be trapped in an elevator for two days with salt or forced to spend the holidays with Koresh and his family. Two days two days in the -- I was a holiday trip to raise an elevator with Kate Upton. I never really what people always say too much all right how about eight hours I agreed to it two days in an elevator eight hours I'd probably take -- -- -- and I just wouldn't talk to each other whatever graduate students -- Obama sit in the other corner how do you want to ruin precious holiday for -- he hates me that much for spending the qualities with -- family you don't have to sit with him on the -- -- -- bounce around little baby has a really good -- but I must but always my sisters and they don't care but I care I understand I had a big -- eight hours a song could be brutal. Brutal that's related that's -- thing you forget about the trip down to Orlando has had to fly down there with them over lay overs. Listen to him we heard you heard -- I was so yeah not happy he was not -- -- pretty ornery after it was also not happy -- for the final hour Dennis and Callahan on a free form Friday the thirteenth -- and butter friends on us to join us on the FM side 93 point seven. Tomorrow is a young rather somber. Anniversary. Newtown. One year later. Author by the name of Matthew. -- Shaq has written a book called Newtown an American tragedy we'll speak with him.

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