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It's a baseball round table from the winter meetings in Orlando, Rob Bradford talks with Ian Browne, Scott Lauber, Tim Britton, and Jason Mastrodonato.

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Welcome to another edition of the hot stove show today we are -- fumble Blake. One of Vista Florida where the baseball. Winter meetings have taken place ever since Monday in. A -- like a lot has been going on but that's -- is a lot to talk about the world of baseball laughter. When the craziest. Weeks in offseason history last week we stormed on down here toward Disney. Where at the swan and Dolphin resort and spot. And there's been a lot of baseball -- not a lot of baseball action a lot of baseball park and I think a lot of it. Is really just setting the -- for the next wave of transactions we get the big ones will. Previously -- yet Al Barry -- and all of those guys and now we're gonna get to a there's a lot of names out there and really start coming off the board. I'm rob Bradford of WEEI dot com Alex beer usually co host the show -- me. Is on hiatus today for good reason he had his wife Melissa have brought a new child this world Gavin Walker's -- gradually they have. Alex of course also WI dot com in announces plays because he is sets a driving force of the show. The hot stove show which isn't brought to you -- be -- a Fort Myers and simple eight schools distinctive clothing. Alex is sets a driving force for the show that we need three people to step in. And really they've done a great job they've done a great job already utilized because this year and they know what they're talking about when it comes to the world of baseball. On my right first of balls got clobbered the Boston Herald the guys are below everyone. Tim Britton Providence journal has -- -- gonna do -- -- -- one -- the don't you welcoming the people of the hot stove -- How's everybody doing all America I cats kittens. Jason bastard and I hope mass life so happy to be your policy their -- he told me he would -- you experience and they -- All these guys have been here in the hallways at the brilliance at Dolphin resort spot we only see you outside of it too much. But they've been here ever since the would be started on Monday and what do we do start will go around the table here. And let me ask you guess starting with Scott. What is your biggest take away having gone through four days of this now what is your biggest take -- -- of the offseason but of what. We've seen here in the Orlando area. Yeah I forgot to keep that Red Sox specific which again I assume you -- -- -- takeaways is Stephen Drew is we've been talking about him really for four days in. Now where it is the market stand for him will he be back with the Red Sox a what is their competition for signing him in. And we stood here yesterday and heard from Scott Boras we talked all about how there's a great market for him in and they're gonna get multi year offers a numerous offers and you know the more people you talked to around here the more you wonder who are these teams Morgan admits crazy right yeah I mean. -- the New York Mets go outside Bartolo Cologne and and now they are probably not likely or less likely than they even work. To go three or four years for Stephen Drew so where is this contract and come from and I can really see. This winding up right back with the Red Sox him falling back to them. Then resigning him on of one or two year deal in. And going forward with him as their shortstop at least to have most of the time and -- playing -- well if it -- any event and I agree with a lot of what you're saying you bring up good points and -- of elaborate a lot of -- but before we do that -- keep going down the table here. There what was your biggest takeaways from the four days in Orlando. I think the biggest thing win the most intriguing storyline kind of going forward in the next month the Red Sox is how. The starting pitching market for the moment is going to be held hostage by must secure to knock -- They know probably the best starting pitcher if he becomes available. -- still uncertainty over whether it will be posted in new posting system and kind of what's that domino falls that you'll see that next year. But starting pitcher go the Ervin Santana as the Matt -- in all the Hernandez's. That's a weird worked -- it. Records he's -- a perfect score that it -- on not to argue if that's what that's my biggest takeaways from the would be that we're in that. Jason what do you guys. Well Tim took mine so I'm an adult with a that -- I'm gonna go with a different story line which was really I thought it was incredible how. Truly excited the Marlins people I'd have to help Saltalamacchia. And on his left in me. But it was a slow week who is that your it was a slowly but no there really mean tomorrow the Marlins think that they have in of course are gonna say this because they sign him but they -- talk us into their front office they really believe that they have a guy who's gonna change their team I mean it's not just that. He was a very productive offensive catcher last year getting better defensively. It's that he works so well with the pitchers has been on the World Series winning team in the World Series winning pitching that. Has been working with one -- is and John Farrell and in the past Gary -- in Jason Varitek and he is gonna bring all of this knowledge. To the Marlins and their young pitching staff and it just you know kinda makes me question a little bit. If it was the right move for the Red Sox let him go on to bring Pierzynski and I'm less than now learned that that staff you know and -- -- from the beginning we're supplement you started -- Pierzynski who by the way showed up at the winner -- -- narrow window area and he said everything that he actually said a week before but writers were so star to do anything and everything. They listened to him and some people wrote about it I did doctor job. -- -- -- Well so that you guys all raise good points in and they're good conversation starters is this at the winner -- it wasn't a problem going on but really does. Doesn't mean that there are some stuff -- -- doesn't mean this what these were important for days in the off season. And -- start with what Scott said with a Stephen -- because I think from the Red Sox perspective this is the be all and off every single day we woke up and we had tried to find out how can -- -- Stephen -- differently because this is. This was the lightning. Yeah I mean I I think that was the question was what's going on with him. Where's he going to land. Why I think what became clear to me is we're not gonna have the answer that question for awhile maybe another month maybe longer. -- look let me ask you this and let me ask you all this all -- guys this. Is that so we'll look at the through situations and the worst case scenario is Jason Varitek from few years ago he turns on arbitration. Potentially could ago weapon -- instead he ends up with one year five million. Now Scott -- that here yesterday and sensitive there's teams of the market this is multi year offers. And because he's found them in the past you have a semblance of belief that matter but. Still if he -- it Kyle Lohse is the guy right we look at from last year. Him sit -- think it would not going to be able -- the contract and then they found the contract albeit on March 25. Now Michael -- Yes but now the difference is with the with the it's Dixie -- -- the difference is that the pitcher. There's a lot more jobs as a pitcher than there is as a shortstop. So to your point guard and two of you address this. Is this going to be one of these things the that it does drag all the way up past January all the way into a war. I don't think we'll see it's you know -- into spring training you can't really every. It and it seems different for pitchers than a -- -- for some -- -- you know there has decent chemistry on the middle infield. Can't just put a guy you know I'm on March 25 and and haven't sort of opening day it was later. I tell you what you can if that means more money for that sort I mean if it really -- I mean that's one of the avenues that they can take is that. Maybe someone gets hurt. Maybe something opens up that's the average they were taking whistle blows right that they said I think that's that's a pretty risky proposition right right and -- withdrew I think there is enough interest Liu where you'll see him get that two year deal -- he addressed. Oh like the price drops for it fits in Boston -- to new York and and the Mets and Cologne. But you know it's not like Ruben Tejada Lleyton in the world so you say so you take two year you're here identifying this is a two year contract. Jason you tell me if you agree with -- -- not two year contract you have a draft pick attack how can you justify. Signing a guy to a two year contract in giving up the draft or do you think that that that you -- sell that to a in basic your team -- to me. If you're gonna give up a draft pick -- -- -- three you'd I have been on the anti -- trained son you know about the guys that backed up. Broke him for two years and give up the draft that. Well below you'll probably you'll how to sign the checks I mean if it's the Mets it's it's the third round pick because no matter what that it went okay so you have your first round pick. And now you have a depleted farm system that stinks and -- giving up the next two picks. But it's easier for them to swallow that and and another team give up a first round pick for two years sure but that's my point is as it were a team like the mats you need every one he picked to build up. -- more valuable team like that. The Mets also have a pretty good farm system and I heard some things. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that they wanna win you know this isn't that these are moves that you make you know paying personal loan for two years if you -- really care. About winning so I think Stephen Drew okay well could end up -- -- makes -- think that the real possibility I don't think the possibility in the game. In a comeback to. Pitching it to your fan. Is it in that this is the be all and all this -- the New York you shouldn't care too much about the fan base respect them. What they think announcement right decision. But Stephen Drew is what he hit seven at -- rate. He signed to a two year deal. And you could say that that's your third pick in the draft but it's still -- valuable thing. -- -- it's tough to pitch that to a fan base that Celtic fan bases latch on draft pick -- if I mean that that they don't know in in any sport really especially well -- -- New -- yeah right by AB's if if Steve Baker who. If he -- this is Stephen Drew is a good player he's a valuable player to a team. But. -- fan bases are Smart enough in baseball where they can see the value in the draft that maybe I'm over valuing. The intelligence of fan base it's. I don't know -- I'll tell you how this -- longer I mean or -- net not necessary I'll tell you what with Stephen Drew and cup ports are rooting for. There waiting to wake up in the morning and -- that Derek Jeter had a setback -- yes in an offseason conditioning and a program. And the Yankees need -- shortstop or -- -- -- woke up it was all right with not being Derek Jeter for. And which thing and I yes which saying we're well I don't have to play short as he says the Yankees deciding -- will not play shortstop for us. You'll BR permanent DH. And they have plenty of those but. That's what that's what would be the best news of all here for Stephen Drew beat the Yankees somehow got involved. And the Mets were involved at least on the periphery and then all of a sudden. Scott Boras has two big market teams to kind of play around with and I think that's the only way that. This market that they say they have for Stephen Drew ends up being a -- -- once garlic but now there have been a premium -- to patron in the complete third base a -- yankees. But that's that's the other point is that you're talking about a guy. In Stephen Drew. Dating who who it's coming over rate your defense that we -- that he never felt better about himself defensively. And this is his time to get that contract as a shortstop. It is it might come down to that -- -- you raise a good point. Is that a case of -- your best offered here's the best opera the -- -- you can get from the money in terms of years. But you gotta play third base and he didn't live with the Yankees and other son Brendan Ryan it's going to be Jeter's backed up but. I think both of us expect year after DH a fair amount of the time maybe even a majority of his starts. So it's not like shortstop is it's completely filled up there in New York. The manager told me a note to utility excellence and nearly as well. That he wants the -- of a sudden there's no question I mean he was what he's gonna say oh well when he was drafted I mean they asked them to it if he could play some of the positions and he said -- -- doing that. If I'm playing sorts and I do believe people -- I'd definitely be totally lose yeah but as it is an interesting. Thought processes interesting question because we talk about the market where is the market where is the market. And we've seen this before where you can play you can come here and we'll pay the money but you have to play this position. In in players are very reluctant but guides this is Stephen Drew its contract this this this is why. May be why they don't accept the qualifying offer because there's no guarantee. You're gonna get through would not be here and come out of it on the other side. In this type of position right well especially I like him lucky worked so hard to come back from an injury he thought would have been might have in his career. You know we played on a one year deal this year I think the last thing he wants to do. Would have been to take a qualifying offer come back and take his chances -- -- -- with another one year deal. He could get hurt again he -- and updating you know plucky or whatever the defense could fall off so. Any number of things to happen on the one year deal he wants at least two year deal he wants more I'm sure I just. Where's he getting it have you guys heard it. It even that even if you -- here in the lobby here in the hallways or whatever. We keep focusing in the Mets for Stephen Drew right in the in the Yankees into the conversation. Name -- some other teams that could potentially. Not saying that you hurt that Stephen Drew to that from the could potentially have position that you shortstop position open. You know I was kind of going through that in my head the other day and you know use the teams you could -- think like I needed the Pirates. They can't afford. -- -- now you're talking you talk about the traffic again right in the draft picks and you've got to think about what bigger market teams or teams that will give up that. Are are are out there for Stephen Drew and I don't have any. Yeah -- -- -- that the Cardinals would seem real focused on coming into the offseason and they signed for all the right and you know there's still lose. It with -- treating freeze they're still the option if they want patrol that third. -- drew -- short if they're not -- -- longest active. But that that's probably not what their -- Jason you're missing divorce yesterday where you buy when you sound. I wasn't buying anything -- zone on the and does that first interactions with Scott Boras and I'll tell you this this is somebody you know grew up just hearing all the tales of Scott Boras announcement first time here meeting this. This legend. He is everything that I thought he would be. In his -- network in his his sneaky type of each in -- lane. Let's be honest that but that's his job in this job and defense jumped in defense of that the -- -- golf course. It if you go to down the lobby right here all these are exactly the way values he'd been building up their clients. That's it he takes it too extreme and I'll say this I wasn't buying any of what he was selling and Stephen Drew. But I would not bet against him finding a multi year deal for Stephen Drew he finds these deals for everybody. And it might take awhile you might get it to January early February but we didn't think last year at this time -- find them multiyear deal from Michael Ward. Yeah and he did it -- in and we we're sitting here early in December so in my early in December and we say you gotta -- the -- it upon market as you guys have pointed out. Were you born with it floats. They've shown an ability and willingness to go deep into the in the offseason to find the right deal as long -- decline can be patient. I mean for me I would be patient Saltalamacchia. He he would have a tough time with that in and we're gonna get that little bit later. We're also after the break we're gonna talk about something -- brought up which is the pitching market the fascinating thing the Red Sox have these six pitchers that went talked about will they view them. But it's more than just that it's more then yes the Red Sox their six pitches you get rid of one problem because. What happens the rest the pitching market really translate to -- the Red Sox should view one of these guys. That's what we're going to be talked about it the name Tanaka is going to be brought up right after the break. Welcome back part stove show why wait when it's the floor of course spots so it's all on the side. Beaches of Fort Myers and all on my friends. Schools distinctive clothing which I'm married right now yes he was by far the best dressed writer in the lobby very instinctive and good as cool. Last year where you -- reason we're going to be. Without that power. But it's hard to do. Alex makes it more routes the year goes to show is on paternity leave revelations. This son. And we're doing. Now used these before the break you people now we're gonna have more people. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jason masters now I don't -- -- -- -- -- replaces Altman wrote. We have the rate you brown while obviously I've been on the hot stove show for Phil he would be when I've been parts unknown last year how much the Lenny Harris in Russia. That. -- yes. Elected to give you is that Vinnie Johnson at a microwave. But my car on the subject of Alex and his wife and we see -- -- say he's done and -- -- well it's. That. Gavin will not be a switch hitting. Outfielder woman formats which it. And he will bat from once -- only to switch hitting is what evolution early wrong you know according to Alex that is there an -- -- wearing around that -- -- on Easter. That's distinctive clothing that there's a lot of -- ways Alex's bull and signed him to. Great view this as well he has had -- infielder and he well no hope or vet or have his rock -- -- put pressure on B we have to work so. As we -- before the break we had a great conversation. Stephen -- everything that -- might -- Thomas -- in the market talk about the market we talked about the -- we talked about what happened in the four days we've been here at the winter meetings the next thing we talk about. It's a -- -- Britain product. Which is the pitching market in him you didn't mention the word tonight. I want to explain why that worked and it's so important -- only in the pitching market but in regards to what the Red Sox made me. So you know that the Red Sox have this issue this surplus of starting -- you've got six starters and you don't sometimes we have six starters and you have a guy you can stash away in the bullpen or you can -- away in the minors and right now they don't really have that with Dempster and you run at the back end of that rotation so they're probably going to have to deal one. But -- the starting pitching market as friends he does everything else has been this offseason has really but just because you've got to -- or the Specter of snuck up. You know potentially hitting the market if he's if he's posted. There's changes posting system. Not serve for the recruit and Golden Eagles. Are going to -- him or not if he's posted. Then you've got he's the he's the top gun in the market went twenty for an hour 25 and oh last year. It in and -- be. So he didn't he beat tough guys and they need C then the market goes to them that next year. If he's not posted than the price probably goes up through all the bananas or Matt Garza Ervin Santana if those prices go up. Well then Ryan Dempster one year and thirteen point 25 million which a lot more appetizing for another team yet if -- to pay for years and and whoever much for menace. And we targets on the vote qualifying offers to wrap it warns and one of the things up on the radar. Are the pitchers who are left out there like you have traffic if that's your. -- -- although men. I'm Andy comes back to the right side if is the mark you can get to a point where what the Red Sox have to deal is much more old bull or much more practice. With these teams looking for pitching and so on the start with the game. If you let's see here right now and you have these six pitchers. Obviously pitchers that's expected be -- -- laughter they buckled John Lackey. Field sobriety he'd be in Ryan Dempster are all of these six pitchers and abuse there -- league is so omens at that. Eat it that way it's. That weren't in denial about it and then about it. That they're -- in favor of the right there and -- Ticket eat chicken once again February 50 I think all six of those guys will not share -- -- blue. This spring or -- point because all six are going to be there is -- Create to a to a circus and the Red Sox have made no -- bones about how confident there are all these young pitchers they have. So why are they gonna keep six guys at the confident that 11 of these other guys to step -- an -- who wants to. Played doubles that I will focus on because I thought Scott opera house because I think that September 2011. Is still fresh in their minds and not because of the beard kick in the it's because. They had too many starts that month me but Kyle why island in the Andrew Miller and Daisuke Matsuzaka and Tim Wakefield. Guys who at that point we're not ready to give -- quality starts when they needed it. And they understand I think that is surplus becomes a scarcity very quickly especially in in terms of the starting rotation so. I believe them when they say hey look it's not the worst thing in the world to get to Fort Myers six veteran starters it'll work itself out. One of them could always be moved during spring training. There could be injury and we on the Clay Buchholz is not gonna make thirty starts that he -- twenty so. I I I can see him going forward with all six. Unless they need the salary for some reason to it maybe maybe if it comes to hey look we need to offload pictured or bring back Stephen Drew or something like that. What do you change your mind. Now he didn't feel that the random -- I think Brandon Workman is better than Ryan Dempster. Are right him Jason to -- Jason masters. Yeah I mean you look at the -- -- -- entered spring training with the veteran starting pitchers and they needed to trade Ricky Nolasco in July because they didn't have enough guys left. But I mean I'm more toward -- here I think there's gonna come a time in in gently January or it may be in spring training. -- dancers value is greater to another team that it is the Red Sox and that's when he's been off for something you know I don't know if it's gonna be a Major League return even but you know say. You look at a team like Atlanta that tried to trade for cancer couple years ago there's some uncertainty at the back in their rotation work and some new guys in he could have value to them as an attitude that -- on the cusp of. -- plus let's not forget that the issue here. If you could unload Dempster salary that also in the Stephen Drew contact with much Spanish I think it's just much. For that reason unloading that salary as it is you know as getting rid of one start -- there's some you know we talk about salary in this it is in the pitching conversation players some. -- mystery but there's them conflicting thoughts on exactly how much. That we Red Sox have spent years ballots via I trust now and Alex do -- often. Study report you've been keeping track of it he thinks they have about a million cap dollars spent. And so. That's assuming they wanna you know maintain somewhat of a war chest right for during the season in order to make a move like he did with peavy or. And and that's fine I'm sure that that's what they wanna do and if that's you know. I've looked at it and and that seems to be the case and if that's the case and if they. Find a deal for Stephen Drew that they want to that they wanna exercise and if the if the the corresponding move of that happens to be we have to off -- pitchers then yeah I think that they will make a move. I maybe the question needs to extend to will all sixty on the opening day roster and I'm a little less sure of that. But I think that you know if they don't see you deal they like -- if they don't need to free up that money then. That sure spring training at the -- the most filling your I don't know how long nobody's -- I think that that it if if they need the money then they trade one night my only question and all of this is. -- as you mentioned the other day they should keep Jake Peavy because his upside is too high for a team that's gonna be. Gentlemen here and did not to -- with -- that that that statement. That -- I just look at the Yankees -- look at the Red Sox in a guy like Jake Peavy is the perfect case of why this operator between the two teams the Yankees and Red Sox. Yankees still have pitching and and the Red Sox do it not only do they have pitching. But they have back guy who has at least potential top of the rotation stuff continue. Former Cy Young winner. So are you gonna trade Jake Peavy no he should probably moment whom is as -- -- I think they probably wanna hold on -- -- knowing how good he's been at times and made a lot of improvements last year. So the guy is Ryan Dempster and realistically what are you gonna get -- and when you're -- salary that's what I'm wondering yes if salary if you think. Twelve million dollars after books next year so -- Houston unload him just for salary -- salary relief and it's you know that's -- other questions that were you have to have -- Jewish or supplements -- right and that's that's the X-Factor in the whole thing is whether or not a one of them asked ago. In order to do other business in the offseason and if that's the -- they'll do it. But if it's strictly hey look we get six guys for five spots and that's too many mean it felt. The keep mile round until they feel comfortable. Unloading one -- we came full circle there it's even -- this is like reading cloud atlas everything's tied together everything -- that's even true. I wake up in the morning I think Stephen -- like it better and I think it's. At least four days here at the winter meetings anyway so you spent some time with Scott Boras is brainwashed. And everyone here is thinking about Stephen to have big market friendly -- -- yeah well first -- -- -- you reproduce what you Browne MLB that -- network sometime right -- Technical -- golf. Scott -- Boston Herald I'm rob Bradford W yeah I dot com New Britain Providence journal Jason masters and auto. -- -- mass lives in and we talked about golf course before but you know that you've gotten conversation when I ask you real quick. Felt -- talked yesterday. Was it where you buying when he was down. No I was not. Buying and selling because who are these teams these shorts that the Mets maybe. I mean who have the Yankees and Jeter hit really. Thought. About it there every Saturday I mean that's how it is -- -- no it's it's -- and I sent I sent an email them all thirty of our. Mlb.com reporters -- thing. You know it's of the teams become a who's who -- shorts and who's not Stephen Drew. One tepid response from the Mets and maybe this happens that happens you know maybe the Mets might no know which seems to be honest. And you know admitted he comes back to the Mets look at look at the comments Scott Boras made yesterday keeps needling the Mets about how you know Durham there's -- -- -- there are two astronauts on their -- and things like that if he's not pushing them pushing them toward Stephen Drew. Saying you need to have this guy he needs to be your shortstop that's clearly the team that he's trying to bring into this process and the fact he's trying so hard tells me they're not there yet. Sosa basically what we're doing here is that we're bringing up different subject they're all from back to Stephen -- so we did you withdrew its golf course those are obvious ones we do the pitching -- market to knock it clearly obviously thanked him for. Having to knock six degrees of the night and coming back Stephen Drew. And but this is going to be challenging one next race. The next race and we will vote counting that we're gonna talk about what Jason masters not -- said struck him the most here at the one of these -- here -- Saltalamacchia. If we can get from Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Drew that's the challenge of -- do you -- Except here the weather plotted -- if we get there that we have accomplished something here in the hot stove show but we're gonna try it exactly that right after this. Welcome back. No other great segment for the hot stove show this great statement. That's all great segments which are basically all the segments on the -- that's the yeah yeah I mean it's it's it's a foregone conclusion. They all brought to you by the beaches for -- in dwelling schools distinctive clothing my peeps Margaret last year. And that is unless the Margaret Lester no doubt be Lester Lester and it. Is this blog Los relative to those guys know what to do it and you view Jackson but these guys are filling in for the great Alex beard today. And he used gadgets and mastered now I don't -- five dark on Tim Britton Providence journal -- opera Boston Herald. You Browne mlb.com. And you guys you are in the Boston. Concord active area you stuff like move distinctive clothing you say I sent in. Barbara -- Tokyo I. It's positive but I thought says it is for people who replace Alex about the viability equaled his IQ no. Good -- -- though believe me I've been living that life five years so we've talked in beating up to this moment. We've talked about Stephen Drew we talked about Scott forced talk about Stephen Drew we've talked about. How low to -- the Japanese pitcher affects Stephen Drew. We've talked about the pitching market affects even now here comes the big challenge here accounts. Jason masters now I don't says that the thing that struck you the most. At these -- -- his first winner beat him report he's been on the road everywhere over the Red Sox here rightly -- your job. He said that Jarrod Saltalamacchia signing introduction was the thing that stood out the most. First of politics and what you explain why. Here it's awful this -- Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Coronation struck you the most and then I wanna try to figure out a way to get back Stephen -- Well I it to be fair Scott and him had great points in front of me excited about the something but I'll defend my point of view with Hugh -- I'm sorry what it. But I'll defend my point and say that I think if I just keep wondering if the Red Sox made the right decision to lecture -- month ago. And you know that the rumor is that he I think he was Alex reported that he got a two year eighteen million dollar on -- -- -- with -- -- incentives from the Red Sox and I wonder how much how far away is that from -- so here's what we -- with incentives is not to -- eighteen million and we have incentives. If you get to that eight team there was significant incentives that you have to achieve. So and I understand why -- think that but. But if -- -- say to report to whatever that's all that's a whole lot different than. Lock solid use your three point yet I still wonder if it was the right decision to let him go and and as I was saying earlier in in the show is is the Marlins -- They really think that this the gap and you know who's made drastic improvements he's worked for the World Series that. Can you talk to different catchers. And and coaches that. I've talked a little bit -- and meanings here in a -- is not that easy isn't operating in the learning new staff and and in. Get that close with them and figure out all their kinks the -- it felt -- he has over the years and we saw on the David Ross who by mid season to late season. Had become Jon Lester is personal catcher. It and you really good points and before you guys start arm and say this because I if you agree with you. -- they've -- value Saltalamacchia certainly. But they've brought a -- presents if you -- he has his merits but. You talk to people. Who have played with the people -- the last couple years and they will tell you won the watney he presents you game. Izturis he'd -- the baseball is as a catcher which surprised me that they would. Take this week with the keepers and again we can understand what you bring to -- the law of the park he makes a tonic contact with important a lot of -- but it's going to misses. But what they do last year the first call to David Roth because they won the start of it effects the pitching staff. And they've got away from now and I think -- Saltalamacchia was decent in that respect. I don't know why you guys I'm not all that worried about it but on the play for a few reasons I think what he's worked with one yet it's before. For a lot of years in Chicago. He'll get up to speed I think pretty quickly about what these guys like to throw in. And how they wanna pitch he's been in the American League doubles one year of his sixteen year career he knows the -- He knows most of the hitters I'm not as worried about him behind the plea. You know and to me this whole thing was less about him. That it was about Christian Vasquez and -- why aren't they did wanna block either of those guys they think that wonderful. That that makes sense this whole locker this whole line of thinking because. You resent salty for two years which I think that should have done by the cookbook my ability -- laugh it off from a fair offer more freely -- -- that brought David Ross are on. Obviously you're who you -- like you need to -- David -- back. After next -- -- -- -- -- to another one year deal and Burma for years that you weren't able to it to make another signing you aren't able to sign Edward Mujica. -- it would but I think what would surprise me was that. If you signed Saltalamacchia for being a few -- the same thing Miami just just three for 21 I'm assuming it's 777 straight through -- nominated 670678. If you look at Saltalamacchia two years from now. He's what 31 or 32 at that point there is no one year and eight million left on his country he's probably tradable asset Grasso. -- got to worry so much of a blocking Vasquez you know it could you could have. You know if you kept Saltalamacchia. You don't have to excuse to -- catchers next year. Which would I -- -- think -- -- -- -- Dan Butler who's kind of on that back up track I don't know how you guys feel I know -- that I don't know I don't I don't think. Penalty penalty case and you know wonder whether one of the two veteran guys comes back here when you're into in 2015. That's taking for granted just you have any deeper agencies and hit like he did last year but that's another year of mileage on and we saw. How quickly Jason Varitek lost it offensively one wants you lost that guy he lost instant news is there one half with presents you next year especially as many games on over the. And if he doesn't have the power which just came out of nowhere two years ago and slowed down and you even came back a little bit again last here the what is it. He's -- 270 hitter who doesn't -- many walks and has seen less pitches per plate appearance at all but two players in Major League Baseball that's. I guess the thinking is is that your present ski and if things go south like you're talking about. You find a solution. Right I mean you just find a solution and if you talking about you get to a point where you're so concerned about defense. The new player Ross a little bit more maybe you integrate in Butler made it and maybe with Vince Christian baskets it it's you know we've talked about this we talk about the Saltalamacchia in the Pierzynski stuff because it's one of the few moves they've made. But it's not really one of the things well I think it's gonna make or break this. I'm concerned about profits through. Well at the and a -- well I like that in the whole -- businesses don't get a from Connecticut -- because David Ortiz -- -- automatically -- -- what you did last year and up at the production it held there it's all on. You do you view in some work to I mean you're you're dealing with probably less production in center field I think definitely -- in center field. Maybe you -- catcher where you can see the increases you know they're -- they're hoping. Shortstop they're hoping for for an increase Pedroia they're hoping it's for more power now that he's healthy or presumably going to be healthy. But I don't know that that those things necessarily outweigh what they're gonna lose and yet the media there may be dropped off there. I think there are also passing judgment in some ways on Saltalamacchia is 2013 as not being exact you know a federal like you can't just put him what he did last year next year. Because if there with the batting average on balls in play was up -- walk rate is kind of be consistent the last couple years. So if it's knowledge he showed drastic improvement. Last year in a way that's totally since. It was also isn't his first year as a full time catcher in the enemy in the year before he put a little bit -- there little to lessen what little you last the year before I mean -- It yet -- and that -- is that as the former top pick who hasn't had a chance in the major leagues in -- came to the Red Sox. So maybe there's some even you know even more hidden in there that we haven't seen it hasn't played yet so weird thing you're looking at him -- of all a lot of its offense but -- offensively a lot of people are left with. The image of him at the end of the post season. But you guys remember in in August than some of September he was playing with a lot of confidence defense he was throwing the ball better than I'd sign him ever throw the ball. It's just a matter -- you do -- and this. Don't you think with Saltalamacchia that the you know the writing was on the -- also to speak not only mean look through most important games of the year benched him. Doesn't have like any kind of an exit meeting with -- tearing him before he went home. You know talk to been a week later only after the you know or right before they decided not to qualify and it just. -- like all things were trending toward that David Ross and call him Tacoma Cambodian Colorado is also things were Trent nova Dolphins were trending from the team outward toward you know. Hey thanks for the memories. See you guys it's just we're a league where it was -- -- the weird thing about the postseason your left foot last memory write their emotions were a still -- images are still raw but I think it's important to look at everything salty has has really delivered to Jason's point if you could play. And you can make the argument what he's worth pretty good player. And it's very easy to make this trip before we get going -- wanna talk Uga brass you guys it's. Real quick about that new rule change no collections go home plate we'll start with you and in this is obviously will translate or ruled for this imperfectly to Stephen Drew South Africa his ankle. But. You like this or not I hated I leveled -- home plate collision with I don't like thinking -- I'm kind of in the in on it. I really you know. You know I think it's part of the team I know guys have gotten hurt severely. On plays at the plate. But you know like that. No I just like I just like keeping waded their way it is I just like keep me in the latest. I mean I don't know -- legislating against injuries and I'm not sure that that's the way -- our but he catches physically demanding enough without having to deal with collisions and if we teach catchers new fundamentally some -- it that this -- you know I think it's better without collisions. And a boring answer because I'm kind of on the borderline and with the end that I think. It was a traditional part of the game that a lot of people are gonna be really sad to -- on. But whenever we see new rules like this that going to say to protecting safety. There's always some kind of -- lessening -- didn't expect to beginning in the beginning inning with the NFL you know. No hits the head and people again taken out of the lake and -- is out for the year in the I don't know what it's gonna be yet but there's been the there might be some kind of backlash that we don't -- seat right now our normal though have a room where the Posey thing came off on a couple years ago. And Gary -- was still here and you ask him and says. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That was just a really hard slide kind of news of really awkward play that that you don't see very often and it was bad for but -- play -- member of Terry Francona talked about that -- -- relation to Jason Varitek but watch him he -- the -- That's the way to do it. And and I remember him talking about that after the Posey accidentally if you do it correctly you're going to be fun. Yeah I guess I'll just comments I'm kind of would be in the sense that. I don't really have a huge problem with it because it's been around forever and it it this isn't one of these things where you say. Well he's got so many guys are getting hurt because it's happened once in the while happens. You know ten times that you're -- are probably -- my numbers wrong. But we don't see the hole but we saw a couple times in one game in the World Series or in the in the American League Championship Series that's fine but I just. I don't know I I could be completely wrong but that's my gut feeling anyway guys thanks for joining us safer -- routes Ian Browne mlb.com. Scott law over. Boston Herald Tim -- Providence journal -- -- not though. Of mass live on rob Bradford of WEEI dot com. We will see you next week out here will be back.

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