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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 12/12/13

Dec 12, 2013|

No Jenny Dell today, but Mikey's back and we're answering questions bitches!

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Weekdays and 545 don't miss answer the question. -- a segment so popular that Dennis and Callahan have stolen it and even this woman wants to play any. And it is standing ally in the Red Sox reporter for new England sports -- answer the questions jerk you've never had soda in your life is -- -- -- it is true what I actually tried -- before but there has been any liquor component to UN what are your most embarrassing or awkward shopping experience. Getting stuck -- clothing feelings -- -- -- off -- if your -- I'm like something that's a little bit too small. Any kick out of it you're just stuck in a situation dome has answered that question jerk you're sort of weird peccadilloes like that -- little weird about you. -- -- this segment so you can fully prepared for bowl and then you -- what you told me the other night. Al I don't like getting my face let. You never wash your tracks where you don't. You know I wanted to like a little make up towel remover I Jenny -- the worst part of your job worst part is truly is. How many teams there are the different. Comes down with -- answer that question jerk weekdays at 545 -- so generally. It's. Time for answers the question -- answer the question which -- Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question what. Re jealous of Jenny yesterday that she got to -- -- answer the question and not you development terrorism and he went to me again very very put out of that. Why would you very territorial. I should be you know movies here about ten of every single day last period in the classroom you know study hall -- the day that's what this segment was -- for -- This segment was made for you this is tailor made Mikey had a special pressure and I wish -- would take them jerks out of time and I feel bad about a Michael aboriginal I've read. And you had some really cool keep background music going on it was quite distracting -- -- it distracted it was that this is the music. Those players new phone that was excellent -- distracting. Yes I -- -- Everybody's what was column I thought -- AT&T. Rethink possible. It's just weird bit of a percent off it's probably some interest -- deals starting at 45 dollars a month that you know but that -- Answer the question in my career here at the struggle and ATT America. Autographs to visit yes visit and look around. You know caustic about the he got a shot -- yesterday yes she really kind of -- your -- like she could be your sister. -- -- -- -- -- my socks that don't they have the same chance but also. Clinched -- just -- -- Q yours doesn't take much and you think she needs more shape the way I do word. Got to open up the -- Sheehan and actually get in there with a razor. Outage undergraduate. You talk what that thing -- -- -- population I have to I have to spread and opened up old stuff. Now here's the -- -- -- highways are police so I have to didn't answer the question is sponsored behind. IRS restaurants extra diligence. Your property your facilities manager or an insurance -- call -- it's -- -- have a disaster restoration game plan plays 8774611111. Or go to -- -- dot com I'll probably have heard them talking about spreading butts on the radio how she and him in this the -- and it's important but some people -- impure thoughts on them I'm talking about my -- you know did you if you -- -- -- appreciate that -- -- ago I had a -- briefly in that -- Series so. It appeared that the better your next question. Jerks since its Austrians birthday today in my father's birthday. -- What is the best best birthday you ever. Yes whenever. First ones. That members. Remember great birthday on had a great one I had a great -- notable was they. My wife through a surprise party for me now. And she had in this is the great thing he had soul fire. It's so it's that so so far it was indicator while. Those caught up my boy -- if it meant there was surprise party for -- And his birthday is this day in. -- got confused so when. It was not the day of the party. We should resume -- you don't go on the -- -- snowstorm. We weren't talking about vote they do it opens we call out for food gonna make food. And I -- Look at why did just that he's got bags of food. This is great. That is what the -- it would just talking about food and she's looking at purchasing. The guy guys brought by -- food. Now Rhonda -- -- if I don't about this one wrong. -- -- the food too much of anti semite but it still -- the -- actual party was fantastic and I don't know first of last year maverick is pretty any in the united and any chance to go to Alfred I like it does state. Likely -- to -- -- surprise. It must -- -- and what was wrong with the support surprise -- great regular have surprised party an adult you know like like question Reverend Wright wasn't surprised I was able to control the music then next -- to prepare for an invite people wonder about it does surprise part of it worked -- I had. A reverse surprised are different from. How's that I was surprised them. I was the first when there's at a bar from a source -- in LA and -- the -- I was the first one there. I didn't know about it and Mike and Heather had organized on my friends I got their first and then they'll just kept coming in I didn't realize where you last to leave probably but I was there it was great it was a surprise and everybody showed up at the forward to next question what is your favorite part of a woman. That's in my body action. Andy you've got to take out obviously. You. -- And therefore the victory her -- to Korea -- -- lies right area air hostesses. Okay that's factory. I. Rich -- is your favorite part of my favorite non sexual politics. It -- -- and -- every part that doesn't talk. Every week ignored it themselves and then what is wrong with. What is inherently. Wrong with -- -- earlier. You weren't what -- -- to dictate it and they're like I. My daughter I can't imagine people like you guys don't I don't worry about meeting -- -- it's more people like you are problematic pleased the damn thing again. Next question this thing let's go to different direction. -- direction Mac and cheese spoke for. Welcome to get easy sport neck or. It's four or does anybody disprove from Utah -- -- -- -- -- -- mom's. Mom and make Mac and my moment -- Kraft Mac and cheese Argo -- If you missed. Rooms at a sports -- -- -- -- think it's -- disease defined. And sports. Next question. Only -- silverware sports Twitter question via our Twitter grip on the Twitter from Shaun who asks what's your opinion of the recordings ensco dollars. Helped keep -- as she went. I really like visibly Ashley white. That's open that really that's something. Avoid unnecessary -- Almost. All of these schools. I -- you guys argued filming. -- -- -- call -- we think you're right. So yeah Gael leader that ever white person use the term actually about them so never peace the peace so yes -- to a couple have I get the job done. Only -- heavier. Question from then there we have been questioned in exclusion of -- Next question please answer my question what is an acceptable amount of time to wait before turning on the TV after your reference about what is she crying. That it doesn't matter I think I know what matters that are upset that. -- echinacea and sadly. Don't you know I did something wrong. You did something wrong after turning it returning to -- -- to make or. -- After watching lifetime -- electric -- or drowned her out. That's all she's crying turning on the T third minute and heart goes out argument from thirty minute that we're there. -- it's like swimming after eating. If you if you really -- -- -- -- You've -- -- he's lost value that it's got to play the entire time she's crying sixers agreed to talk about this is really. Tigers aren't just broke alert on right where it takes its effects of hard. It about -- as soon -- the pause next question what was it that arguably worked as a kid. We -- yours Jews accuse each long. And have a nickname but you can. Mets. And I don't know it would use that some variation. That would be -- in front of the mystique among them. -- Terrible and I guess there was the whistle stops -- -- -- -- -- Q and -- that -- and why. And now that's. Is that what you gonna -- though that the other way around the -- and that connect us. This is a registered but this when you go shopping these self scanning device to check out fashionable. -- depends of the -- You're never stops short. Work you put the stuff in your -- To tell inning because I'm judge -- -- -- -- -- always longer if we get somebody's -- about somebody's -- out of work if you -- it's not that -- tries some -- and -- -- -- the line -- forget the ticket. -- I'm -- again here Mikey of one hour. Yeah. -- are -- -- from like you could see him after that in the subject line pulled it over to local government. By Mikey by Michael Steele tomorrow will be back tomorrow at 2 o'clock with the patriots Friday with -- pitches Friday. -- It's on you'll never you'll have to ask then. Conservatory. That adjustment. Chris Carter Chris Carter. Tomorrow so we'll look forward to that we'll talk your market.

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