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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 12/10/13

Dec 10, 2013|

Answering questions, its what we do.

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It's. Time for answers the question -- answer the question which -- Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer that question -- Of course always brought -- you by a are as Mikey hey guys Mikey how the travel it. We're better there -- a little places. To work. -- -- -- -- -- -- Here Lou -- -- diatribe losses Jack is in its allotment it was cold on usually eat maybe and then the real problem. Apparently was that he lost his fantasy game bye week to seven points. That's the guy who played baseball in Cleveland beat it about that stuff. My prayers that we got a -- thank you for the electrical device yes I did go to Google. And fix the outlets in my house but now I can't feel left side of my body in the right spot. That's -- like a problem. The only question but after. Question. For some advice on what next a practical option is an assault analyst for -- there's your voice. Given another event next question. Next question. Thank you -- as disguised as perhaps the microproze college graduation Saturday with your family Ottawa survived. In the school the typical thing with your girlfriend's family. College graduation survive by being supportive -- as it. Their -- and I think we pretty boring but your girlfriend graduated. Yeah happy fourth minute little thing is getting. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Trimester can -- nobody's gonna be really pay attention. Don't pretend to listen it is shown to zone out for well until it hurt her collapse. Starts to move toward me that -- cheer when her parents ask your fervor is an easy one. For example that I have a -- I think -- to tell it's a relationship do the aptly Robert Ehrlich. It's another six. What you gotta have dinner with him without seems like that whatever. -- -- -- with -- family after the college graduate up the -- -- yesterday he got part to understand I don't have any help for you there maybe weeks ago what would -- we're -- He loses jacket speech about next question of why don't -- -- payers -- paying. They taste crappy. These. Inequities of all voters north. -- also we also taste -- You know you're tired and when I got a few things in minded really that's -- idea go after a penguin it to if you if you have pressured out of bed. We're told of the best way to prepare thing that I question if first elements could not be a very good day for him. We've got guys that -- imperil your problems guys that Michael for a threesome whatever friends. That thing go. -- -- -- -- -- You're in the game -- house itself the question earlier in the game but it's not go to I know I -- -- go to -- but it. It's it's a conversation. -- -- laughing ones if they don't tell this time you leave cousin and out of it. Next question. A working -- here's a home improvement. There you go -- are working in my bathroom going to do my own plumbing and not have a plumber have you ever done anything like that little. What you watch these shows. The -- Stewart yourself DIY. And edit it looks like it'll take a good idea at the beginning. And then after the project is done they all say you know we should've called it. Click here frustrated if you think if I -- talk with football. Eggs how -- things arise that you have no expertise you have there's no precedent for you. Don't know what to expect you always need more -- up. We have patio here who you know are used to driving forklift would -- your performances are under no circumstances that players. What's the hardest part about what's what's what's the moral thing most likely to trip -- -- It's to a pro is -- and it said it axial offset. But he's that you settlement with the Iraqis to -- -- you always knew what was caught. Well what god that -- car. Ultimately. If there's different there's different types yet to know the -- colors and then yes. -- colors -- is that the company bought white car black car muted pink. Anything you want really next block next plus plus plus. Plus -- -- If you sit up with a joke that you love so I think it's. A necklace. Of. And our first date should you split or pickup the umpire -- we always attempted to have combined but she -- I'll still committed to definitely. You want you to -- -- Surely take the Celtics a little more seriously now yes yes now you have to -- -- I think. It Atlantic Division leader they got five guys averaging double figures more seriously yes but seriously. Question with a little work hard to find a little more. But actually seriously know why. You're gonna take them seriously ask you take them series -- and until you can't as -- -- -- like a participant. Did beat in Italy did a whole different openers -- coming off the bench tonight really I'm gonna start. Ups to that they won't you won't be introduced to the ground. That's lame. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Approximately. Dock tomorrow night -- checked about taking the felt like that seriously. My girlfriend loves my beer but I have to -- it for work to a point in new girl or new job. That really question yes what's your name which had to -- It. Margaret we're done we're done good today are you back tomorrow at 2 o'clock -- talked to a lot more people here in Orlando operate until then enjoy Mikey am shocked him. --

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