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Former MLB GM Steve Phillips: I would not take a shot at Matt Kemp if I were the Sox

Dec 10, 2013|

We discuss the comers and goers for the Red Sox and the rest of MLB with former GM Steve Phillips, now of MLB Radio on Sirius XM.

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Today. Yet -- met him in winter ownership be willing to use Austin. What what prospects you like camp what do you like. I like camp as me I think I I think I know what I'm hearing here I I've I've deciphered what I'm hearing what you -- I'm here to guys like Mac yes. I -- that's the name that you focused on and you just like Matt -- -- -- like I like if you gonna take a risk and I have like that that's the countless Hewlett. Where. If you're not given up that much. You bring back that -- him if he figures out if themselves healthy. You've got star. Where I plan. You played him in center field playing right field he's not a very doesn't feel right. You plan about that girl in a well defensively right. -- Clinton and Senator Clinton right has now. If you're gonna put him in right field now you've got Victorino in center where he is not as good as he is in right field you've weakened to outfield iTunes. To bring in Matt Kemp spent a lot of money to bet anybody we'll -- just a bad that a product. He's not a good he's not a loss defenses and a basket of fruit. But he's not a good one you don't have much rain -- he's not a good center fielder compared to what you had with -- Ellsbury what you could have with Jackie Bradley junior I'm just. Let me paint you the opposite picture camp because again I think he's a very good hitters well. What you're looking at a guy who makes a lot of money twenty million a year you have to give up prospects in order to get them. You would have to do you would have to weaken to outfield positions or significantly weakened center field. And he's an injury risk so I mean there's a lot of reasons the blockage at that camp and say I understand what what some of the positives are but. That's the downside of the rescue talking about it I would material I would keep the main. A -- victory in right field. I would like him that are field. Disaster now is you've got to within range now. Let's have somebody. Asked about it notes. A lot more than we do on this. Steve Phillips. Has -- Steve and you're very popular guy here. It's been a lot of -- later immigrants to the guys that can pull it to another to distribute Neal Huntington. Over the Pittsburgh part I've got program I don't you at Amherst College my son goes to UMass Amherst about it. I've asked many parts. -- -- -- -- -- tell me that he go to the library to find out of acres of our neighbors called library I hit it to the bottom of that with the -- so he covered for myself. Like twelve hours straight Africa limited rights are good enough on -- artwork are looking at least got a tutor line browsers and I don't like to come. Gather librarians buyers. Market look at it that way we're trying to figure out what and -- and doesn't actually he sit in the catbird seat into a World Series title. His rebuilding quote unquote rebuilding plan is so far ahead of schedule. That -- look at it saying. Now what are white -- doing does he need to go out. And if if -- if that guy is out there -- him or shoe or whatever it. Is -- guy out there that he could apple tree on to -- -- well nobody. I think the one thing that the reps that do better than anybody else in baseball. -- make tough decisions they're able to let players walk away. When they stood in in you know when they won the World Series -- to vote for the page -- Dirk low. Walk away Johnny Damon walked away they traded Nomar Garciaparra. Away in many organizations would you have back collateral -- -- the star player. What World Series you lock backup -- the -- didn't do that takes those guys in the Red Sox let them go away. And I mean there there's such value of that mobile artery is not worth the project that the Yankees do they actually the curriculum will walk I don't I don't get it. The title runs sixty RBIs. For runs scored I get all the stolen bases that the stolen base that would -- two more runs scored. Meet a score some runs and that is the most notable baseball he's a good player. Without that kind of put Coco Crisp numbers from last year. It's what it's almost 2655. More than Ellsbury did he scoreboard to -- less than Ellsbury did he hit less but he at a better pace since that you want more. -- which ever think of co workers in order -- effectively doctor I would. Now I guess for the Yankees it makes sense but like lightly -- -- Red Sox -- walk away because it was not work. Contract all right we look at the Red Sox we which at this time last year nobody expected the Red Sox to be World Series champions. In December 2013 to you're talking about World Series champions. Was that a fluke or when you look at their court now you say it will open Sheraton is doing the right thing because maybe he's got a better team that then we all expect. Well I I thought that -- playoffs last year I did and I thought he was gonna be Lester -- bounced back with a Ferrell could really have an impact on those guys and it panned out that way. I didn't think Lackey would come back it's like Lackey did you know the -- it was very good they were able to you know. Almost avoid after the close situation and really can get that -- stabilize itself which is critical. It was funny for a while many of the teams that debate play -- hit close were issues that doctors are closers used to of course the pirates lost to be prepared to. -- Israel -- to put that back the other did. Never really -- there attacks have really good team that got back there they're offensive ways of on base percentage work in the count make pitchers work. Beating up -- middle relievers in the formerly worked for them for a long time -- away from the little bit. But that that's their back to that yet and yet they're really good baseball team and they need to keep reinventing you know they leave the pitching needs to keep you reinforce put put. You know I think there's every reason to believe that got a chance to compete. The rays are gonna probably trade David Price the Yankees are maps the blue jays are trying to figure out who there was going to be -- Orioles are doing anything right now so. I would go the next big Red Sox in the division are or the Yankees. Well they have they could play an outfielder Ichiro Brett Gardner in Jacoby Ellsbury in the bite. Not hit belted two home runs -- for the year. In and they that you enter Jeter who's not been hit pretty hard work. You wonder what you gonna do at second base and he brought those with third it's gonna have a lesser you to be technically they're based where's the run production comes from. Mark to shares performance declined in multiple years now he's coming off an injury. I did it in and yet -- -- -- pitching CC sabathia is not CC sabathia or Kuroda is 39 he's going to be less than what it was last year what it was last it was good enough. We don't have any -- the end you know I just Hughes is on. They can recreate purple and -- -- recreate the starting rotation they don't ever reversal what the real world. Welcome to our world there because I don't think -- I really think that couldn't believe that this is just west of the day. They're gonna understand your closest a couple of states in there will be -- in the city where he won't blow shape would it be so Dicey. It's gonna get jittery about it that you can be sure that it -- goes out there in the people feel that impact as well they don't know what it's like it real close. So you know from my perspective they go to majority. In my view was candidate community bureau mr. To a witness protection. Beat Vernon Wells and in Travis Hafner who were wanted for three or four years ago where they -- They came back they were killed while over involved I think 180 plus you know he's fighting sixteenth opens this week that he directed at the meeting job. What but I look at the -- I don't see how it works and a look at the starting rotation adults who have worked in the gonna repair so other than that there are primed to via. To implement releasing a flexibility -- that committed all that money and all those players are awaited minutes they've. Got no flexibility to commit all the money all those entirely they have is that they rod gets a four year suspension and I got his money to play with I guess. I'll -- but that released BCC Phillips is with a son now series sex and of course former general manager for the Mets if you look towards the future for the Red Sox. One day they will live in a world like everybody else without David Ortiz one day in and he can't be too far off two years three years four years maybe at the most. How do you prepare for that if we know that finding that peak time power back who can also hit for high average in the middle -- order is the hardest thing to find him baseball. How many resources do you devote to finding that next guy. -- at DH roles. Such unique role that the -- it'll get teased well. Beat me you'll find the pats me you'll you'll you'll they'll they'll they'll be able to put -- together it'll be the guy the -- big situation. That's what Ortiz is able to do he's the face and voice in the personality of the team that's the things can be used definitely don't -- -- -- -- -- hit. But but you know he used the personality years he is I think they're kind of the heart soul he said he thought that the Yankees look to her full colonel I don't I don't buy that. But I think they were to really use that. For the Red Sox team that that you know he is kind of that guy that stands up this is our free compounded in did you believe. So I think that's the thing that has -- find another hitter. They'll find somebody with power they'll be able pay for that got to do would ideally be great to get a guy like you were legitimate yet you know kind of a sleeper guy out of Minnesota Twins to bring admitted he blossoms into that. That's not that and have very often. But they'll they'll be able to replace offense it's its leadership that they should be big challenge for. When you walked up while we were talking about Matt Kemp and I'm intrigued by what do you think about Mac camp this they I would touch with a ten football I'll miss about Richard -- like I am. 220 million dollars if I he hit he was. Ellsbury with a speech. I mean it nine home runs and I understand he's had sold or used in everything else. But I sure need to know that he could be a thirty -- I get about gonna commit 220 million dollars to lift somebody up two -- -- -- Eckstein. We'll keep -- -- -- fifteen million out of fifty million and then here's the Red Sox are could be the only team in the mix on this one. And you're gonna have a for the people getting involved if they're gonna throw fifty million dollars the question is public to -- -- really. To pay him a year to find out if he's if he's going to be until 2019 right the guy he used to be. Or the guy that he is right now which is a guy who hits the 270 greens. That that he would steal many bases and facilities hamstring issues to get her quite a bit in his power was -- because of the shoulder problems so. Will be better that he was -- we're gonna see the 303440. Noble guy that we we thought was out there. And that's what you needed to be the 3030 guy. I don't take that chance to OK now let's say that 3030 -- about 130. Great to do you think he can hit home -- -- let's say the stolen base it on you it -- -- thirty homer and rhetoric. I don't have any reason to believe that. I don't have any reasonably therein I need to see it I don't wanna take a -- I don't think they have to take a risk like that. To be able to do it so -- you know I think that from my perspective I would let him go easily -- once by the way easily hit thirty home runs once. All right Steve we know you got to -- thank you so much we -- -- run as well Curt Schilling will join us a little bit later -- reported record is not going to the library and at least it was Steve and his partners great series sex and they both -- and then Collins is a good friend and they -- great job together brought to -- DC -- -- federal credit union what can DC use the view -- come back to the patriots it's -- patriots -- perhaps -- calls on the -- in the Super Bowl hopes. Are they did it because of Rob Gronkowski are they did because you just don't like what you see. Or you would like me are you encouraged by the late winds are you encouraged. By the fact that they'd find a way to deal with adversity and still come out unscathed it is salt and all WB.

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