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All quiet on the Winter Meetings front for the Red Sox

Dec 10, 2013|

Ho, hum. We're live at the Winter Meetings in Orlando, and it seems like everything of merit was done last week. We still discuss the Sox roster moves and potential for 2014.

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-- so it's been quiet and I will be honest that the winter meetings have not be in the the incredible buzz that they can be that they have been in the past that there where meeting took place last but that's right I mean it it just last week it's so funny and I love this week for baseball I think it's one of the things. They get right -- -- baseball that marketing PR it's so many things wrong where the NFL usually gets it right this is one thing that baseball gets right. Put everybody together all their media all their GM's everybody just allow it all percolate -- rumors and stories and interest. Is generated unfortunately. All happened a week ago it's -- you're not getting all of the same rumors in the ones that you're hearing like Matt -- -- almost being dismissed out of hand immediately. Yeah but if you look at it from from a Red Sox perspective for four Red Sox fan you got me he got a championship didn't expect. Everybody and did. Media members of the organization itself there's no way they thought they gonna win the World Series last year when the World Series. And -- and you lose Jacoby Ellsbury and -- Saltalamacchia and possibly Stephen Drew. How do you look at it. How do you look at the 2014 season is there any urgency to. Beat back to back champions. Or in this what I I get the -- that more people are excited about seeing some of the kids that so basically you work you were bought. The luxury of seen the kids and when he fourteen without having the pressure so called pressure of winning a championship. And more people are excited about things under -- every day. They are about how do you put together a team that won't repeat. As World Series champions the most people expected or Michael this is the they're not demanding. Demanding championship. No because they pick it's it's sort of this perfect storm and we did spend some time on this Liu -- last week and we get into some calls them as well six point 7779. 7937. I agree with. Mean last year was. Way ahead of schedule it was supposed to be process right it was supposed strategy. Hey you know what we're gonna put the right groups of guys together where we've got a lot of good players in the minor league we're gonna put together some some strong short term deals to help get us ready for when those next guys -- you're gonna change the culture in the clubhouse. We're going to see what happens right they've -- their own. In total numbers that they were gonna win what you say Eric's. The -- that they weren't expecting to win the World Series with the team they have last year the question is with largely the same team this year. What is their internal expectations now. Are they now at ninety to 95 cannot -- -- 197 last probably it probably lower because you think about 86 last year that's with older right so you have taken away Salisbury. And you have replaced them yet maybe -- replace -- with Jackie Bradley junior the map projection about desperate for that one on one -- so to speak. Our public think. You know with the pitching staff with the -- pitching staff coming back right. And what about Osama they're a bit of some of their projections gone up he saw it -- I don't like what John Lackey for one. What you really projecting John Lackey is gonna be -- was last year at the beginning though. A Buchholz was better than was expected although it pitch as many games out Lester ended up the year having a better year than expected Jonny Gomes exceed. I don't think I -- -- don't I don't love her to Muster probably have a better year than expected this is it good hit a bad year 2012 but the good pitcher can look at his career. And I'd be surprised if they're numbers crunchers. Well. He's come up -- we have 48 ERA. You can't really expect anything better than before February 2013. Look at you look at Jon Lester look at. Clay Buchholz you look at it John Lackey you expect decent seasons from those guys. More than the next question would be Michael -- if I take your point that I'm not a 100% -- -- but I'm very close okay so we're we're largely on the same page. I don't think that they're in their projections could be for 97 again based on losing Ellsbury and not doing a whole lot of other stuff. So. Do you expect them to say -- We won last year there's no reason we can't win next year. Why don't we go out there and get that player who's going to raise us from 86 to ninety wins and maybe it it helps us or. Are they still committed to what was the long term plan which was -- to have some of these short term guys. Who were good character who would help bridge the gap. Before the young stars are ready if that's the case that you should be playing Jackie Bradley junior and not as Curtis Granderson suggested trying to sign granderson to some sort of a three year deal. If you don't want -- -- to protect him but on the shore -- got some you've got some flexibility now the talk about the farm system that'll make -- case. The Red Sox. Going out of their way to say our kids are great because. They're trying to drive up the tree you -- out of there at the prospect -- -- enough people outside the organization. Objective people look at the Red Sox kids -- in Tripoli -- that it. So the flexibility if you won it you want to look ahead a -- it -- so the short term -- things done. What's gonna happen portraits who's who's at the end of there. In the secret stuff and accurate no we now. That's edible -- is starting to rear Jon Lester thirty years old. You know coaching probably. Older -- almost forty years old. David Ortiz. Duplicate your core players David Ortiz is the guy who had anything close to windows. Small windows. So you could do you want. The -- -- fixed at least yeah. And the leverage them thwart something that you really want that you haven't you're in the face outward like your guys -- I don't know if it -- -- it's obvious answer but somebody. 888 you take your prospects for somebody else who is coming up through the system. I can't but it would -- by yours it will I will -- -- and not him but I'm Myers tightly stand tonight. Because you've got enough assets like -- You're speaking my language in the recent Stanton has -- guy is only because he's the only one I know of that is potentially available in fits that bill. If there's another guy it's not that I'm specifically marry the ideas -- it's just that I agree so whole heartedly what you just said. They need power for the future they need to replace eventually David Ortiz. Doesn't necessarily need to be 2000 fortunately or order out cryptic book by 2060%. Ready to. You have to be ready to replace David Ortiz is he is he is still at the base of this he is still the only guy who was on all three championship teams you can talk all you want about the chemistry and the running and the speed in the defense all those things matter. But he needed David Ortiz you needed that that the post season you needed him to carry you when everybody else was slumping in the in the regular season at times he is short guy. And he is the guy partly because of his personality and leadership and he's your -- he can hit he can hit for power he can hit for average get some days he is one of the best hitters there's a reason you want another Edgar Martinez worked the best DH this year. -- they aren't growing tree Eric rates make the Red Sox. As specifically and sharing and -- -- the guys earlier in animal that got into this this part of the conversation. Which Garrett and number on it. He's at a point where he knows he has assets. Have pressured to move. So he can be patient and wait for the right deal. Now maybe maybe a night and we the Red Sox are going to be the St. Louis Cardinals 2013. That you look at that team and all the guys were developed. In that system you know Michael Lockett was was here traffic in in you know I think all the all the bullpen guys. Not yet so I don't think I don't think. All of the prospects that we talk about what the Red Sox all the talent that they have all these guys going to be future -- -- don't think that's gonna happen. They've got they are one. It's like 45 teams in baseball they can do it this way we go on spend time and money we want to. Content on the money would give a 189 million -- 10750. But if we want to. But we also have a good farm system. And we -- deal and the Yankees can spend money on good farm system split it out there liked it at you like at the parts aren't going. Those are kind of like that to -- and they have developed at guys with. Last year to payrolls -- 116120. Million dollars you know so let's -- and that is that. Refs decide to participate so it's a strong its spirit of its competitive with welfare. Haven't about it compared to compared like Tampa. Compared to people who with. And it would have a 110 -- some really get things with so. Vince -- in the position where -- view. Over reacting he's not responding to any pressure I don't think I hope. I hope they're not automatically now. I think he's in the really the vibe coming out of the Red Sox and everybody talked to around -- lobby is that they -- in the experts. If they wanna go out there make the type moves were talking about think for the future not not just the long term future but the very near future about a player like Stanton or some of that deal. They can do they are loaded with prospects in the right guy is there if they've got somebody in the right position that if they wanna deal pitching. They have a surplus of starting pitching if they dump a little bit salary or say hey we want to move on from right Dempster. And there's enough teams out there that are looking for pitching short term. Maybe there's a team I think they Larry and static IP out of your -- because you have the option work out sure. But to say that their options out there that wanna deal one wanna deal the other for the right package. They can afford to do so like that because they have so much pitching in their system. And quite honestly if they wanna sit back and not doing anything. Digital World Series last year they can do that. The expectation obviously Red Sox didn't want them to win again as soon as possible. But this year it's about developing Jackie Bradley junior in the vendor -- all the while still trying to win with David Ortiz and the rest. I think and fans would be and should be. Perfectly okay with that I don't feel like they need it. To react to any pressure to go get that free agent who's going to help them right now in center field I don't think so little. If you would think that the pressure is not coming from John Henry Larry the keynote Tom Warner you think that. It's certainly not come from the fan base from what I hate. From what I can pick up here I would I don't I don't think we've we've heard from people who -- they must go out to go look at that jacket that jacket that gap. For example Matt -- Now you mentioned earlier how that's been dismissed I don't want it to be dismissed. Out of it he's interesting he's intriguing player and he's he's risky got a big contract. But. Caddie helped the Red Sox in which would you take that risk on Matt -- I'd be interested in talking about it. As long as I don't have to give up along that I have to pay 100% of the contract -- they would have been picked it to help with that. Don't give up you know prospect 123. But. You know every interest in acquiring Matt -- could you not are not about it a little bit. While the only issue is just this this. This reluctance or at least stated reluctance to get into bed with long term deals for big money and you -- the dodge prior to pick up some. But it up on finding the the Red Sox conversations to the a little -- faced I don't think they are a 100% married to what we've been talking about them doing saying hey. No long term deals nothing over five I mean. -- carpets and let them think that offered elsewhere. -- here that they wanted to get Curtis Granderson so it's not like they are so impressed. With Jackie Bradley junior that there will be given the job they need a legitimate run to try to get granderson for two or three year deal he ended up getting more than that's good for him I don't think it would have been great fit. For him in Boston but obviously they thought enough for him to make a legitimate -- what you why wouldn't you. Give along contract to a player deserved what they did last year that the philosophy. As much as it is old fashioned common sense. What he's supposed to give Shane Victorino come up figured it was six year contract that crazy exposed him Mike Napoli coming off the the not not not only your that he had but you're asking -- to play position full time but he never done before as a full time player. Give him a five year contract and give David -- big money. -- give Ryan Dempster big money. The guys that they brought him last year. -- -- They didn't command long contract that Portugal and that's who they were let targeting. But they were they were targeting those guys there's no announced target while there Josh Hamilton. But that comes with rest and as well the point and I would think what I'm saying -- needed it victory -- in glimpses of the world instead of the Josh. -- -- Hamilton nobody Hamilton they went after those guys instead of it I don't think they're done -- I don't think they believe has long contracts are bad. I don't think that's their philosophy that we will go away from long contract just fine. Dustin Pedroia -- -- Lifetime contract essentially it's gonna hit regret but if it hurts small markets. But as long contract on arms and how open -- -- -- -- as long as Smart money. Thirteen and a half million for dostum the -- it's pretty small money compared to. Jacoby Ellsbury 22 and a half compared to -- you know in twenty what those guys are here to Matt -- get twenty in the you're talking about a different level of -- Price point it got such a great value. For Pedroia that by all means sign tomorrow but I think if you're talking about letting the guys that if -- gone free agency. If it's. Today what should go to free agency but it what you -- for a long time some guys -- willing to field trips -- would -- to have done something like that -- -- I'll play the guitar don't do it at Scott Edwards is my agent -- So. Save your paper. Save your breath I'm not doing it but to go up but -- -- Dustin Pedroia. It's all it for something like that. The national. Think you know about Pedroia you know with injury history better than everyone else you know how we handle Boston you know what he is in your clubhouse and how he fits. I like back by the way and you mention Mac camp -- -- his numbers -- love his game like his personality and always had some injuries. He's 29 will be signed twenty million a year through 2019. So there's a lot of money left out there for camp depending on what the doctors will consider. I'm throwing into it if you were to make a deal with them but. Don't get me wrong I love -- camp. It's just that they are so many more unknowns in taking on twenty million a year with him. Over a long stretch than there is with the other guys that the very least you know who they are how they handle Boston all of all of these X factors. That are up in the air you're gonna take that chance at a major free agent or trait so -- look I think it's a philosophy but I don't think it's one that they're bound to do I think the goal is -- We don't wanna get involved in too many of these long term deals that answering is down the road but if we see the opportunity. Two to replace David Ortiz with our next big gun and if that is Matt Kemp for the sake of this conversation. There's no way you should. I think I think the Red Sox basically -- Steve Jobs Steve Jobs. Don't overpay never overpay for -- right I think the Red Sox overpaid for average in some ways they single out. So yes it it in the in the case of players like that that's different category and fight it with the respect. Victor Reno in -- and in Dempster -- a different category somebody eight. Josh erratic glad that it. So ultimately let him go -- that I was on board with that and then I saw that would disaster turned in Q. For the angels but if you have elite players out here. It's still your responsibility to look into it felt like -- -- win. You've got to win a World Series without a league players the Red Sox -- talked about chemistry. -- players David Ortiz. Jacoby Ellsbury Dustin Pedroia to a guy who were talking Jon Lester but there. Also built for value deal with and I -- -- expert that. Jonny Gomes took a couple shots at war right during the World Series in the -- community came back with like he Johnny. Your team at the highest war they were in fact you're a good war player I know that you don't wanna hear it because you don't like the idea. What you actually -- You are a good war person themselves aren't that did the idea scares you it is and -- -- read it isn't about what was it that great artists up by that. We -- it -- concern about war record award for us you know currently out there every I like -- -- -- that's good for you guys but fortunately. Your general manager is concerned with war and that's one of the things that -- personality. -- -- -- -- -- -- I think period a great spot I think -- -- -- -- fantastic position as good as anybody here at these winter meetings he's got money he wants to spend it. He's got flexibility if he wants to trade he's got a good enough team in some. Support from his fan base immediately after winning the World Series -- -- wanna do anything he's got to cross. He is in arguably the best spot at -- -- cell. What does he do. 61777979837. Of the given name you know if you don't know every free agent entry candidate baseball that's fine enough to say the exact name you're out there looking for. But what you want. You want him to it to make a run at 2014 to bring in the the pieces that can put you over the top -- the nation's car or do you want to sit tight you wanna see what Bradley ball marks are or do you wanna see that at long term. Young player that's -- Mikey come back six point 77797937. Saw Ali from Orlando to meetings that. First -- we wouldn't consider committing to the young player in this really believed in the young player and we think we have some guys to. Are worth believing -- they're not just any young players. You know -- the -- -- obviously there's an up and down year but if you look at roughly 600 at -- -- appearance at the big -- he's produced and you know the -- that's certainly towards the end -- -- -- came back from the target were much better and more reflective of we think who is Bogart's. You know certainly looked comfortable on the stage in the post season and and we know Jackie Bradley has been a reformer -- a winner every team he's ever been on. I will never get over how much sounds like -- Ever there -- -- shocking. Every time your bench Harrington I think it's the hotel I realised that -- -- -- and so much of the of the rhetoric is similar as well. Like what he had to say whether it's been Jarrett and Sauna like himself for stuff like you know I agree with them you know -- -- -- them with two of the guys. I think Jackie Bradley junior. Clearly not ready yet -- yet ready in the field probably. He has to be an overnight. I think if if if the season starts today but if you don't have anybody replace replace Jackie Bradley do you have a veteran in here. Number nine -- Zander -- -- probably you know that seventh. But I I could see him by July being a middle of the order guy. And I'm not short -- Brooks. -- it's six you know look at 600 bats and he's produced at least reduce and he had to be sent back to Pataki and when he got back from protected. He's right in the beginning. That's a half truth be told that it beginning yet can expect a different guy and then kind of relapse exactly. Well he he's interesting because if you are looking to put together a package to try to bring -- on power -- he's another -- you can give back to try to offset some of the he's a risk factor. Brooks could turn out to be a very good player I don't know whether he's going to -- -- -- he could turn out to be -- thirty home run guy who hit 260. -- puts up some OK on -- that could happen I don't know that it's going to and I don't know that he's got the consistency at this stage. Where I can feel secure and it occurring but. You know could be intriguing piece if you look at -- making deals six point 7779. 7937. Start today with Johnny -- for my job. I got no idea I like -- -- Oh. Yeah wild youth unity new. You can complain -- the guy in the Red Sox. And that isn't about. In -- he would insult. But now did this Philadelphia police announced today that it listening on opposite. Apple -- to get out pitchers Cole Hamels and it is. We know I don't like believe I I don't -- that he levels contract. As much as I would like the league contract and that -- asking -- back. In the league contract. If you trade for -- the don't want it they don't want anything not -- to take the whole contract. I guess what would you do that. We're on the air. I hope. -- -- -- Now now we're off -- -- we have percent. Our on the air hey all right sorry about -- -- several minor technical difficulties sorry about that -- the caller. Maybe it was the excitement over Cliff Lee I don't know they used Dominique brown. But sorry about that Tuesday a -- -- Here from Florida and start yes we are joined Florida the answer is so much so that we got -- excited. And now north they would be adjusted to the table but -- these things apple will go to. Any baby can helped Kevin is in new norm lying to they would put money thank you. -- doing or truck or Jake Peavy. It is now over the years. I think he's like yeah probably number three of four which. But wondered if you think you could probably go -- -- shall be subject to try to lake -- this step through the course the issue at. That's sort of reward that you are saying that my brother Billy banks. -- I don't know I don't know Jake Peavy in the 200 inning guy I mean I guess you could I guess you could. What what we saw from him in the post season was not to -- used it against Tampa. And then that Detroit start not much going on there Saint Louis start. A little rough in the beginning to do so in terms of getting through the season a regular season got you. Jake -- On number four starter. Number five got. But you know. Are you are. Count on 2522020. Innings from Jake -- no I'm not no not out of his age now what I saw last year and I still think. And I still think that if I thought it was wrong. I don't have a problem admitting that I still think that trade makes sense for what they were trying to do and what they had their arms combination of where they were trying to go at that point in the season and having Bogart's tomorrow in the -- But. Jake Peavy 2014 -- look at them a little differently than it did last night. Your you what you're saying is if right now you can have your choice between Jake Peavy and and who -- instantly sees you would rather have -- -- hot right now I'd still rather be right or rather have I'd rather have an eight. Yeah I think I've -- Iglesias right now than people would but I still would have done what they did last year be quick to what you need. Got -- start I think about Stephen Drew spend that money out of the picture of the there's a lot of a lot of ways. You can handle it but but but my point is just the and then have -- any would have been have Bogart at third base. I mean I think I. I still think they needed to do even though I would rather now happily -- then then PP. You need to do you needed depth last year he didn't want a repeat of 2011 with -- everybody going down down the stretch your rotation. He didn't know you're gonna get from Buchholz that he was get a return. And by the what you want a World Series Jake Peavy was helpful in doing. You know I don't illegally sent well if they'd like it but the reason I wouldn't take -- right now. It's because you're not going to be happy with him and it's not going to be happy with your honor because you want to play every day he's not gonna play every day year. He's not going to be everyday guys they are gonna bring back Steve -- But he was here may -- that. I mean if he was here he had been here maybe that area where we can afford to give Stephen Drew fire and just take the take the extra draft this this this tells you. Stephen Drew last year colleges that they've made values the opinion of the manager. The manager wanted Stephen Drew -- maybe other people in the organization. Wanted to Clijsters to start every day and other people lost that battle. And eventually -- year down the road you've seen more from him at this point I just wonder whether those things would change we don't know because this fictional situation but. I understand why I understood why he's saying that I just disagree I I think I'd I'd at this point rather have a Iglesias. Myself no problems with the train I mean that's what happens when you trade of a young player for a veteran eventually you would rather have the young player than the veteran. But if you succeeded in the meantime especially winning the World Series. We do go back and it was a bad move six point 77797937. Albert in product -- up. Guys you know it's up Albert. Think that we don't on -- -- -- say that allow these -- -- -- my favorite attribute about the Red Sox in that we that would. How they can Wear down opposing pitchers and we saw that with Detroit in the -- than. You know just seeing a lot of pitches and you won't be you know taking walks. And now. You know in Iran regarding your question I think that you really got to look at. Shouldn't YouTube because. Note that on base percentage and Milwaukee takes number pitchers CC. I think he'd be a great compliment with Mike Napoli and Dustin Pedroia. And continuing that. And strategy. Well you know what he's gonna cost a lot of money and to me he's one of those guys when we're not Jonny -- takes a shot at war in a post game interview. I think what he's talking about him today he's not specifically talking about you but players like him where the numbers look pretty. But -- nominally player and his numbers are good. But. You don't you don't go into a series fearing him me they were there is nothing about the player. That says. He's dangerous but the numbers -- pretty good. So last night. -- mean what's interesting is he's mostly been on that -- silly to you never really got into a series fearing a group of players together they could do damage. I like -- a lot of know the numbers from the against lefties are not great. And that could be an issue especially in the American League east but. I'm in the numbers overall are fantastical with -- another name out there just sought an adjacent start tweeting a couple of minutes ago. That the royals have not given up the idea of of trading Billy Butler. And now you're talking about another player who could eventually be your DH to replace David Ortiz. -- mean if you have just resigning Mike Napoli it would look so much more inviting right I mean without that. I'm not sure how you handle has no morals Napoli can complain. But. I love a guy like that because of the on base percentage that you just hearing about 364 his career 37337. For the last two years yeah it's probably too late packed almost definitely too late to go after someone like him. I'm still intrigued by names like that that's not possible I mean yeah I those NATO like. At which had to sit beside apple. Evidently if you have Billy but -- -- -- -- -- you're just replacing Ortiz were a couple of years in Iraq as Billy Butler these days 2727. You're going to when he seven -- to -- our -- haven't -- -- it came up at age 21. -- and that's what happens with these guys that come up young he's only 27 not exactly been around forever he won't be 28 until he. Seven I mean you're talking about a young players so. But maybe that's the kind of thing that party explored so unique to read too much into this I understand product happened Mike Napoli here. But I I just always find my cells are found myself intrigued by name like that -- memorial change Chicago Ohio. They guess producing more call I -- see what you guys summit will be somebody like Corey Hart. Real driver got his name is chief of power bat. That they are right handed -- to bring in and really what he uses these orbit spectrum. You look at Matt Kemp and baseball reference. He's number one on the list of players -- camp is -- terribly compared to at this point in his career. Initiatives are -- -- its right handed pitchers in camp does so I think that you get -- -- cheap you know maybe. Look like I always like -- idea of sending maybe Henry Owens and download over two guys and her. I strike a member of the minor league but really probably are -- cannot be more than middle relievers. But at this point -- -- elements could be attractive. -- -- -- -- -- Of course hard core part to free agent reporting art yeah we are afraid to send anybody -- Dario and and you know what. -- -- -- it's an ounce on. Even here he's a free it's free agent you have to treat. All I'm sorry about -- -- contract I apologize for honesty and eager to get him that I. I'd buy into our values a -- -- MacArthur yeah I think he began -- that we look at fighting. Just her what to create a climate and you could actually play him and laughed. Why not call -- write in victory Curtis center until Jackie Bradley -- Yeah I think they wanna keep we -- John Ferrell on last week in and it sounds like -- want to keep. Victorino in right field the other thing is. I don't know it is that you might you may be right and we're all guessing. On the prospects. You know we think baskets going to be a pretty good -- my -- can be pretty always Webster I don't know but I think -- -- rejected. -- -- real went to the aid to release more vote number two number three starter yeah not a normal one thought that you're gonna -- -- I understand that let. I don't think that's where he projects that are. He gets you speak about pitching and you talk about each like that right you're talking about how how guys can deceive you in terms of how old they are because of how long they've been in the league has talked to stories today. That were completely on related regarding pitchers whose names you absolutely no. That when looked up together may be one little bit about the future Jon Lester I would that is neck sultan Ali from Orlando at the winter meetings here on WB.

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