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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Disaster Edition - 12/10/13

Dec 10, 2013|

We tackle four topics at 4PM, today centered around sporting disasters.

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And now -- -- -- -- swollen painful rate roller board or the four. Fun team. -- -- -- -- -- Or four brought Cuba Marvin windows men disasters that surprises disasters and surprises and tonight the Celtics. Traveled to Brooklyn to -- finance masters which team's record is a bigger disaster is six and fourteen ads or the surprisingly good. Him in twelve Celtics. Well it took that you can't save the patriots. Lost when they want. Kids today the Celtics are losing by -- Luck. Maybe they're better than we thought. Maybe they can do something special maybe this is neat that we need to win a championship but. Get into the playoffs went around in the playoffs and proved something to themselves the building block for the future I can tell you that. That Brad Stevens. It was a hell of a job. -- I can -- so I think that's the biggest thing that's happening with that right now he's getting the most out of that roster. -- that's right. I think the other thing is the biggest Napster the record. Starting -- Building your team around. Player. Like that Paul Pierce KG. Heading over that gene. -- Jason Kidd goes and taking away the security blanket Portugal where the security blanket and -- right and making him the highest great golfer in the entire national -- -- -- it. After all of it. It is to me definitely the nets and here's why I'm the only reason you would say the Celtics are disasters because they're too far away from gaining the top pick in the draft this year. Well the nets at six and fourteen would theoretically be closer but they've given away that already. Right there is no upside more than that at all they traded away picks a lot of picked to be good short term. And to be bad when you're supposed to be good. Huge disaster for the nets they've given witnessed exactly I -- I -- -- -- -- it. Oh board if this is shades of love Kevin Garnett thought it -- bigger favorites Mike felt like you've done. I think is it's. I've watched a few times this year. How's it. Partly it's probably gonna -- him in a closet with the idea around our air and ground. All of us. As we -- Michael the Bruins are back in the lead in the Atlantic Division. But in recent years we've seen some big Bruins disaster. The first round playoff exits some horrible comebacks. What was the biggest disaster for the brewers don't a couple of years. There's only good answers to this question of for a team that introduced in the upon them 11. There's been a lot of disasters I mean it. The first round exit against Washington and we asked him -- leave that you know afterwards. -- -- entire tenure is Bruins coach Steve pretty -- -- -- you're going way back the fact that when they came that'll walk out. They are completely unprepared the first walk out. For for what the new version of the NHL was going to be -- but I would say by far the biggest disaster of the last few years for the Bruins is. Up to -- pro or are you lose a three oh in the series and a three nothing lead in the game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If the other disasters that you disagree with it. But the biggest so wrong the biggest embarrassment. -- the Boston. Trading jokes sort. Aren't Michael Connell. -- got enough for joke but -- -- -- the -- because you know. What's gonna happen for -- here. What happens when they -- Joe Horn today became the first team and not just hockey or more. Like her feet and -- -- -- -- -- Is that they're never apple where you think about it you're doubting me. I -- I'm not I -- I got I got the security of a lot of. Party sequence I got my safety help quiet ride. Of course there and since this horrible embarrassing moment they would get that it wasn't prepared to Islam. How many -- -- there how many. Cops have finals of these two teams. There aren't. You -- only. What's happened eventually -- wooden Bruins have left the country now who cares they have the Olympic okay. They have to base that they're easier to get -- and some -- in jail but that was that -- administration to. Change argument. Art that advocate now are better off now yes yes and they won't have been with -- -- but bring it back could have a better team. Restaurant here. Surely can now that I. Fingers around it figured out how -- or on expertise and I think it out the way they -- I have no problems within. David to a pat general manager getting fired and and and money to go by aren't Savard and change the what you really because there. I'm trying to apply joke or you ever won anything -- -- and whatever don't know -- -- the other end. -- so it's better to have a bad general manager yes trading a player -- -- and that allows another general manager becoming yes pirate. Coach Dave Lewis it. The coach you want. That ought to provide the joke and art which ironically I don't hear -- year after year saying it would Joseph Thornton gonna turn into the player we want to be saying what a -- sort of finally going to be physical hey how come we don't like Jill or as much as we should be number one pick up and he's never won instead you can. You can sit back but you know what I remember a couple years that was off. A Stanley Cup all that was great all that is right. Except it was Patrick -- Patrick right. Better. Yesterday wonders. The OK. Okay. Victory. The New England Patriots have mostly been very successful during the Belichick -- three Super -- two more appearances in the became an unbelievable regular season record. There has been a couple of disasters along the road. As the biggest disaster in the Belichick era for the patriots only -- that way that interest. He says that Belichick era that that probably got a debate. All time and we all know that right I agree with most of those. Our roster Dick MacPherson. -- -- I'll -- schools. -- I think they're all match and it isn't it every single year until they finally got ourselves. -- -- -- I would say that most embarrassing of Belichick era. If if you don't want it bears lose it this what was my answer that question. What does fifty embarrassment of losing. When you're 180. That's admirable. I think maybe it is losing at home to him that you have no respect more. An organization. Hasn't done any thing significant since 19116. I. A playoff game to Mark Sanchez in the New York Jets will allow. Rex Ryan. Imports -- Talk trash you or your home. Yeah that's -- -- that's definitely number one I would say for number two though it's the horrible loss at home just a couple of days ago the Cleveland. This all for the Cleveland Browns come into New England. And beat the page you got to the final score doesn't think maybe the people we lost -- what. Now that -- only that but if -- if that would have been some -- -- what what is the most I don't get it suggests that it looks. Like out. -- Boston Red Sox fans have been treated to some amazing highs and lows over the past ten years including three. World Series championships. The last ten years which player. Has been the biggest disaster. For the Boston Red -- like your original question that originally it was the best surprise either biggest surprise good or bad. And by far the best surprises that David Ortiz right you expected absolutely nothing from him when he got here he was yet another player that -- brought in the a year and it turned out. That he was he was -- Wimbledon -- -- Going to be a hall of Famer probably for the Red Sox are should be when -- three titles if it wasn't him number one might list. Would have been bill -- -- biggest surprise about positively Bill Miller probably would have been number 2100. -- -- -- I don't tip your holiday that we wanted out. I'd say -- called -- odd about the big surprise. Everybody else because I thought it would I thought you know it was risky I didn't realize it would be that much of -- -- -- in the second biggest. I don't we hear that Kurt keeps it and how the players don't like you know I don't know what you. Who is here with human aliens pitching. -- liked. Him a little. While and haven't seen him gently actually Erin Andrews is reporters outside sort of. -- at least you've been outside smoking a cigarette on. But I'd -- the second biggest prize it is the situation that -- -- on your first place. I I think -- team collapse. Collapse like that where it higher well. Now mr. September. -- The fact your calls. On the Crawford all right fine you know he was over. The city during involved utter failure here with -- for all the way. Now. All realized that. I'd really like. Currently. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The anti note Chopra along you -- -- out there are you know Carl Crawford. Is dating now. I don't. Evelyn -- -- -- Ochocinco. Hello missed one he hit. It with his statements is so. Now I don't know this is it that -- Maybe she's right now about every athlete it -- I -- Carl Crawford. Chad Ochocinco. Antoine Walker. The heavy hitters really thoughtful or a little. Well you know before that was wild but that's the problem with -- your number of well that was that three the -- No thanks -- -- -- -- that today though there is the all disaster and now disaster that. Who's the biggest disaster for Crawford right with -- three guys receiving you surprised that might lose track of him. A torrent tragedy and disaster what do you think it you cubic Carl Crawford would. That that you make him to wiggle them so. Well on promote it there that's out yesterday's news out of the league now. There -- two counts. About Al at. -- -- question is after Antoine with people like that he would do little. -- get done he gets us to get out of bed and start doing a little out the door for a colorful artwork you think it was like like eating -- and I -- that. People -- how can meet you just excited after every aspect it -- mating -- that group in the third row -- journal I don't know that I -- -- I don't know partners that planet -- that thing with the with pepper you want that in order -- an atrocity yet with the likes to pursue mobile version of the super -- meeting to see it out. -- Remember this -- just remember -- We're on the clock there's a lot of them and there was a lot involved reaction of the -- need to hear what our regular. When I had a feeling that the different mating dance that mating dance to in in camp I'm low. Tuesday and back and can't. Referenced that awful movies while -- just grow -- what is wrong with reference that movie from the eighty's what is wrong with that can't buy -- love that part of our childhood. What's wrong -- reviewed recently the African American version of it was. Love don't cost -- thing to share with us I'm not I'm not are watching -- arcane reference the original watch it aired in July did not. -- leader called -- for reference in the regional can't -- meanwhile is in the movie like a hundred times that you -- beautiful never did another thing ever. And the Peterson or something with -- and polygamy have never seen you've never seen can't buy me love now. You watch like lethal weapon three every other day that you haven't seen camp I -- -- watched lethal weapon three once the plane now it's every other day -- I've never you happen to be next to me on the politely. Let her go all weird. We're sitting next -- that is like I pulls out his pulls double file out but definitely the weaponry but really you're putting -- a movie for what 1992 young girl just before. And -- it's 92 week every dollar you just pulling that out like this is that that the what are we can't find all of yeah -- -- -- but but I could reference lethal lethal weaponry but has. Let's go back as she acts like elect resentment toward the street so we -- then we brought this up for yet and that's what you tell me yours without it -- -- Tell me you think the -- about disaster yes it forceful. The Bruins made the could -- at the time that was good trait I think that they got a terrible return I think Mike O'Connell didn't awful job in getting back here value for Joseph the right -- I have no problem with the fact that he traded the he started up six with some enemies that don't return like we have a promise Germans in word in and primo is not enough for jail for yet but. I think they did the right thing by trading for. I don't I don't think it was ever going to work out for him here they have a right by the by the pressure -- with too much on here so that every expectation for him throw your arms and never got. Do you think it was the right idea what to -- yes okay. -- -- I think -- I didn't -- the right idea by getting wrecked it into the right I think they got the wrong package back but I think it worked out because they were able to to use the money that would have been spent on important. On Chara on Savard and and ultimately it led to -- to a title not that long down the road so I. I refuse to look at it as that as a disaster. It didn't cripple the franchise they had some low moments and then they quickly rose back up. A lot of bodily -- that you can't use that logic makes it didn't ranchers now. The disaster of 2012 in -- the -- on them but of -- disaster. It and not September 11 it was after that different. It was it was just it really I. I take more of a big picture like it's similar to what I've said in -- article and it completely analogous but the whole Clemens thing is Roger Clemens exiting Boston. Gave them the space they needed money wise to pay to bring in Pedro Martinez a couple years later was great the way Roger left -- and at that time it felt like a disaster but ultimately. You could almost view that as a trade right Roger Clemens Tony Armas junior and and Carl Pavano for Pedro Martinez. And and and if that had in the trade. It's a great you still won that trade you dominated that trade and because of that we got to watch two of the best pictures of their generation. Each picture and I will thank god every day that I have the opportunity to watch Pedro was long as I did let -- but if you're the Boston beat the Boston Red Sox. Erratically. You could happen -- Martinez again. Roger -- they could at the time I can now I don't know if they could have them you know what I I don't know enough about the way their finances -- I always got the sense they couldn't have it if what you're saying is true then by all means then then yes a group of other at both of them. But I always got the sense that wasn't case -- -- Steve Phillips is standing just in my lefties gonna join us in just a moment it GM's take -- what the Red Sox have done and will do. Here at the winter meetings that's coming up next and Curt Schilling in the next hours alcoholic WB.

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