Dec 10, 2013|

a horro story of a trip to Florida for Mut and Lou.

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You dole started we -- treacherous putting right -- like this sending them instead of sending -- start going up. I was I was scared for my life on the recruited can smoothly played actually bumped us out of our seats because so many innocent of pro which is find is the front of points but like this anyway. And just when things were looking you know so they won't listen to back -- together. Mrs. dole or did you complimentary drink and be done worse if you don't play the problems that lady was on the way to stores -- know what you were talking about. Judge districts left and right from the majors events reveal her film. There was really a real thick layer haunt you couldn't hear what he got to the fog could see everything much. Removing and -- the -- still marine 43 hours in Orlando. 43 hours in Orlando food -- -- eighteen weeks out of the jacket and left my jacket. On the original flight to Baltimore it's nice gentle winter jacket North Face jacket that -- never be seen again as it realistically what the other overseas go to get. Fish at least thirty guys that -- good film. Brutally cool row stay in the left waitress comes over and says -- last call. At 930 -- for two seconds that was awesome they closed all our. Couldn't get a beer 43 hours in Orlando you know like it barely -- -- luncheon in the in the lobbies they dominated most of by the pool is rock climb -- no playing.

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