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Kevin Millar, MLB Network, joins Mut and Merloni at the Winter Meetings

Dec 10, 2013|

Millar sits in with the guys on location in Orlando at MLB's Winter Meetings. He covers all the bases with Mut and Lou on all the Red Sox free agent possibilities and potential trades.

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I lost this bet my outlook 937 WEEI I was convinced we're gonna get big time by big -- -- both. For the tenth straight time -- look at just sat out where when I think it's a picnic table. However I. -- along parts of sort of black and white checked the help we got a picture here a little bit yeah I'm here with what picnic table just rattle off. True story true story behind the shirt is Johnny gold shirt we were in Scottsdale or Arizona okay -- dinner is birthday night. -- some restaurant dinner and in the in in the ballet. A Kepler mission like dude -- player's club you know and I had I had a little. Time bahama shirt on -- -- but he's not that they'll tip that typically you know my doctor of my flip flops but he's not. He's look at my shirt and look at his shirt. Wait for a cars outside -- wells and Astros places you know did you Paterson as a rep reps right at all that that's where we are restless -- on airport so what shirts off. Jeter in the ballet at the shirts -- outside ballet that place which all of which were hanging out -- -- right there. Johnny go publisher right here so I decide aware. You can't Wear -- my whole camera -- sometimes I -- to camera discount fizzles. So -- just bring a special occasion for WTI here. When it means. Smart guys on to senator envisioned this in your front of City Hall. Outstanding -- with -- I have what they have rare plus Hollywood where I -- my Prius wait for the Prius up -- I don't Jonny Gomes admire each other sheriffs that -- take off the switch what size you excel it's disruptive role. We're -- excel he's way stronger is currently more tattoos he takes a share up finally like a pain in African peace our yeah he's got he's my -- You've got forty ran -- -- an -- on you you know planet. I -- you'll you'll want more -- so. We we we shirts off immediately you can tell who the former ballplayer was obviously. -- And that was me that all of us yep that was me. But yeah right they're souls pro and I think you do. By the way of also learned here that the first and you guys are actually meant. For some caveats -- and every single round of interviews and members out of out of. -- getting used behind the microphone as -- lost on on a bridge in New York remember him with a bad GPS in the background liberal ploy here to tell -- -- -- in Harlem eight minutes later -- talking you guys about -- going to be traded. Lately I have a -- you're enemies Kevin I mean you -- -- off the bat colony and everything else right uncle that always monetary look what's. He just bought a house and it to me you know not -- to the house -- like Austin as a broad network. This Pleasantville. So now aged rich she's -- -- pleasant and I just closed out two days -- like that in Austin, Texas that's my neighbor. I don't think he has a trade and and we'll see -- based on block straight. Average on broad -- -- yours only on Trent Guy writers don't value out if Chris sales on the block like buckles on blah self right kill everybody -- Your reaction when you saw Ellsbury 7153. The Yankees good for him. Abraham got. You know I mean there's a lot of money out there I mean it it shocked me that was the team. That came so quick I thought Rangers I thought Seattle -- -- those kind of club but you know what. You know we should hear about it is the money team it's crazy money who has worked that the humans were to nobody. But it's it's a healthy game. It's either in the in the owner's box smoke cigars jet fuel in his pocket or pay the players. Bottom line Ellsbury got tremendous amount of money there -- for the money he's with an organization that shocked and replace world and is he going to be. A -- yeah. -- -- at that -- 25 get the kind of money out -- wrong yet the Yankees. You really played adds I'm replacing -- that was Ellsbury though but to -- it is and it's a no brainer right. Listen Ellsberg as. A different kind of players -- that -- canal could l.s batters spark plug elders are very good player on the baseball field you know -- -- -- compare a lot of that was CC you know deal with a 142 over 44 million with the Red Sox. He -- very when he is healthy. He you know he's game changer in his own way he plays defense. He you know he steals bases. He hits for little power -- for elaborate she hit breaking balls each fastballs I like Els birdies game. The one thing that was hit up to me was in 2010 I believe when he had the rib problem went to Arizona for six weeks left the club kind of got to abortion information and you know. I'm not a big fan and I like boys' club if I get hit by pitch elders in my team he's not there we have a -- claim brawl Pedroia breaks his foot next -- he's taken ground balls on his knees and cast. That's what rub me wrong when Ellsbury as a as a player. I like Jacoby Ellsbury is good player we have short term memories now a couple of years go look at his numbers you know guys MVP type -- so we didn't hit. Thirty home runs he ever gonna get thirty who cares still sticky bags can still seventy bags but he's good player not to Wear Red Sox and listen. So he's out they also -- -- we've talked to him he's going to Miami together please Saltalamacchia woods' age jeepers it's yes I as a Summers there have been in the clubhouse -- player I read reports Lech Kaczynski the bad guy. Kevin people around baseball hate him last year the most hated player baseball -- the men's journal. This guy fit if he got out of. Guys feel if he felt that mr. on that he loves that took us a do you want to -- of course you want to be bill. I just got magic four days ago aged -- -- could stand play against right. He does stuff on the field he's gonna stop early when you try -- you get him out for you go to the ball second -- he stops which that you turn. He -- quirky things AJ Pierzynski. Is a awesome player. Look at his numbers healthy potter forty games 125 plus games the last 111 years. I mean this is a great player and I love agent he's a winner he's a winning type player when he's in your fox hole you love them. We've played against him he can't stand because he wins. So they tapered as he's not a -- -- he's a very likable guy he's a great guy he's a perfect pass that told and as a welcome the big leagues on. You finally got to the big White Sox he dabbled -- adapt welcome to the shell and opt out. That are Red Sox Nation will love agent do you feel great that clubhouse he'll have hair he'll do whatever it takes but I like him he's durable. I'll mall about a guy that takes the field he's on the field once played him in his place. Yes you were to promote this on the sports field that you often feel in. As consistently upbeat stuff on the radio AT&T and actually -- attitude she locally to tease but it doesn't mean you bet it is yeah it does -- yells at all that up. -- But it doesn't mean the bad guys -- in Milwaukee and get out first you know walk over the their rent pitcher's mound pitcher in the pits. Did you -- adult baby innocently groundout to first base eagle to keep that means that those like -- -- -- that maybe some things like that. Well for one year the guys spokesman at bat from the left side. And I and I actually like you come back against these guys game and yet. Joseph left the game when it bought -- John Lackey now he's overseen this now as we saw from new ethic that it analysts do. He's good AJ Pierzynski he's good he's exactly. A perfect dot signed deal and eight million dollar deal he's a left handed hitter seventeen homers last year drives and seventy. He handles a staff great he's a champ he's got some no hitters -- belt. This is a great sign for the Red Sox you -- salty leader you know he heard McCain and you heard all these kind of -- we whispers that you -- he was a perfect fit for residential. They're trying to repeat it's not easy to repeat we know that a lot things apple placed on my side. Let me ask you always talk what are you spikes now out listen -- -- and you got -- it but it does sound right now. Bogart's we saw a different level you know it that's what he showed the post season was amazing so bits and pieces of Jackie Bradley we saw -- some will little -- good and bad the last couple years thirteen spike -- the Boston Red Sox and maybe the fan base that we just won the World Series you don't mind. But if you're -- Cherokee with a comfortable with. Bradley Bogart's in middle -- three guys. Thirty your lineup to start the year. We'll see I would feel. Comfortable. I think -- people have seen -- -- -- have a ceiling. And it Bogart be in the guys I think -- has that star yeah you're around him you look at him the presence of size smile. What he's got star power he's -- there's few guys when you walk into a locker room that make you well. Good looking guy big guy but he's got a great demeanor right I am pleased that you receive very similar five foot four lives. You know Italian. Out of -- everywhere -- back here ear hair but. -- Bogart's I watch him and -- just being around him. You don't colonel closers are reluctant skewed you know met him when he walks early stops the room right star power and it's got. Mel Brooks has that potential we've seen some clips we've seen a few homers recent. You know -- make up at times like you know I like will -- -- it but it -- insecurity you know a little bit you know is worried about -- is right and taken. Who cares play the game but will compete at the players felt about not discount will never brought by any means he still young. Which is what we need jerk. We need your personal failures or we have already forming it will motivate -- point four and drive an 87 would surprise you would have little. Now we'll be right out of it's there all of a subject for granted and now -- much actually in the spring currently know it for all for it comes out he's gonna start and a great walk -- CC lead -- -- we don't -- -- good at bats. Another great yet I haven't seen him enough to give him props yet. It's -- you might call a minute or maybe the past you don't walk you win the big leagues. Heard that before the soul but then again attacked at all for the -- no -- about it a lot. -- -- -- Hitting it John Bates but you know I just feel like -- you eat up ready run port eighty -- not Jacoby -- you'll still -- it based. Jim aren't I know that Jacoby Ellsbury Louis -- league until it was Jackie Kennedy you don't want it. It's great just instinct guys -- because -- 600 -- apparent Jackie Bradley asked when he -- -- he's gonna get thirty. Unless he's gonna hit about twelve to fifteen homers cracked. Point Q what if he plays great defense he's you know this isn't. These are these are spot that's that's a little bit of -- boy that's like. Also a -- that the -- -- Matt Kemp and a trade and its aftershocks rock while right they did it again this isn't exactly like the eight. Seeing but it you have to go this direction they've got three players that are dealt. Seek help me out with camp though he got a lot of calls on him just today Campbell arsenic and now does it. He played 73 games last year 106 the year before Louis -- the shoulder surgeries as a hitter he's talking about at a friend's shoulder shoulder ankle. It was -- lot. He was doing a great job radio television and listen. Let's not let's not have a short term memory the -- camp is 2011. Season. -- his 2000 dynamic forty bags thirty home runs in BP 130 RBIs two years have been injury prone we got. You gonna give up on the -- know if got a chance -- -- it didn't mean anything if we start next couple years I failed. But I'm not gonna give up on a talent he's six foot four. -- power so why the national so why the doctors telling everybody that they wanted to very disguise -- not -- -- by that not everybody is available CC -- here camp but he's the biggest that's why. That's why is your biggest. Because we're talking about -- here if he's available not a great player but he's not the star CC not to start. We can camp probably that you got that trade wake of the control five -- right -- -- -- like it would back Oscars at Stanford -- wanna once it would happen bowl Stengel back to LA. We Eagles in Miami close to opt out. -- trade right but can't ship that's just wants to bring that ultimately as art. Yeah I just I just depends the -- some money a year want to give ice won -- five million dollars the left shoulder two seasons in a row now -- surgery the offseason. You know idle hands -- front shoulders when in the bad. There's a lot of risk reduced that risk who doesn't have surgery this game Lou. Ever pass surgery David Ortiz had nine certain guys back to back years and -- respect you be concerned is theater. Orszag surgeries mean it was a -- they're after. All. That was back -- but I'm sane with American you're the only team did not have an emergency make it make sense for you. And Tampa for price if if if that -- -- gonna eat and ninety year. Right now don't they make it for a vastly deal about it which makes entry -- because they have so much money. How much are you can make that meet that each song wanna trade him they're gonna eat some. Camp but they need a lot more via Red Sox you know the price up might need that much we can make it makes sense but I mean. It helps out there. That's tickets and two years perfect that's like stock -- I lol yeah you sell high but that was the best player based on 2011. So -- -- you know you go through profit reached -- One of best hitters in baseball announced Seattle JC -- guy Robinson Kendall yeah. That that is you know. -- is due to get the cages and it doesn't Beckett Kenny is about how does it -- to group. It's is just kanell is it that the put peace around -- Hernandez now that it's as simple say we have a great hitter. And a great picture we're going to be a good team now about the vision is going to be tough year in year route out the last. That evidence of -- besides just signed an old Seattle -- they wanna be of course that that the competitive team. Of course but let's give the matter some credit that signed robs all else Leo pace of just start there and that's real money. We need a remote stopper offensively I mean as soon -- says it is jogged -- the field you go to sleep the commercially come back to pitch and they're kind of watchable. Offensively they're un watchable now they're kind of watch what you got -- -- -- so of course that's not put him in the pennant race they know that but watch out they might end up with a Mac camp. That might happen to David Price now you start trying to but they need another hitter visit Nelson Cruz go over the district. You know chaparral is typical bad morale as I mean I -- Morse has been -- not go back up there but they can trade him now of course we need somebody else but I do want to give them some credit. They have to -- they did. And they got they got dynamic -- players and in -- a canal I was surprised that he left New York -- quick I was surprised the number that that America become too but I mean. They're gonna definitely out I think their their -- they need that fan base back. Right they have some formed systems Donald interrupted that -- I walk -- -- so we have a blue chip piece to cut dimples we'll see what happens. We talk the goal is about this yesterday he's he's in Scotts has come back to New Hampshire tonight for an autograph signing but -- us. Then he -- now they go win as the defending champs if they come back this year it's a different feeling last year he walked in opening days to win the World Series. You were part of a team that broke the personal for. What's it like on the back the year after -- -- what these guys in for what. What do you tell these guys what's the mentality they have to have now having shocked the world and want it and now they got the target on their back what you guys in 2000. It's tough it's hard teams -- game better right now as we speak the Red Sox lose a key thing pictures -- a year older Lackey had a remarkable year you get peavy and -- situation there out there gambling around forty. Last it's so hard it's so hard and into winning -- a lot things got to go right it's the way it is a lot of things got a white we saw crazy World Series. We saw two different things and back to back nights -- I get picked up an obstruction call that we've never seen in the game before. So that it will -- a lost in five and Saint Louis when you -- to match definitely right walker calls dominate -- They grind it out opting right -- -- home -- things turn. This this team now need to come spring train. -- -- they -- don't try to be perfect for it resolved by the way is wearing glasses just say you know -- Freddy Gonzales was my manager. For 46 yours mark now -- got glasses -- -- you know what it now you know would I start I yet it was last look at my kid is like. Brilliant -- but -- actually -- The thing about it is is that it's hard to -- thinking -- we can repeat repeat you can't be who they are -- Lucy Lucy they've gotten back. It's critical some announcement is not the exact. Hardly the -- hockey gods -- with just the -- factional violence got to be like that it's got to be asking what it was a White Sox that year the you know that's their role and that's that they do you idiot it's just human nature at a but they -- all the veterans last year came in with a chip on their shoulder for the 2012 people doubt them. Notice you gotta keep the -- you got it it via the invent something right they don't think we can do it again this guy still the -- of that good. They want to be traded you got to create a chip be surprised at manufacture. It just as it is currently at play anymore to motivate yourself. Right you're exactly right in it's it's gonna be somebody. Some lazy after a hot start you know this year -- Red Sox -- -- they might after a hot start to build but it it's very tough. I think they're still gonna go out there at a pitcher I think you'll see one of the three go. I think you're gonna see another big bat coming and so this is all fun winter meeting stuff but I still think yeah they know that they need some point. Still. Will say that the two -- that the lineup what's the last G Ellsbury Pedroia Ortiz to meet the constant. -- a guy's gonna give -- six months Napoli gets hot for a month okay it will end Victor Reno gets hot for months salty it's not for a month drove it's not for a month yeah. Picked -- a constant right they lost Ellsbury -- Pedroia and Ortiz certain everybody else kind of streaking it's like you look at it maybe they need one more contact. Think they I think they know that I think they know that you look at that team. But they still have a nucleus of the boys and I think now that's been Sharon to his job in New York based job deceit. We know we're behind the ball may be for one big star and we -- big camp you think they're get Mac cannot -- on -- dream for you to. Listen I I think I think their in the mix I think there's a couple teams that are not in Seattle in the Red Sox I think you're gonna -- can't go somewhere fun. Was a Rangers bills retains its really. Enemies noble sports club players out of Iraq throw stuff all right now on. Here's the problem I have and it's not a problem yet but I'm watching -- LeBron James commercial the other day. And he does little thing on his own their egos got he'd want his phone and -- antibodies each of these four years. MIA thing use. Your heads already shall be and I got LeBron jeans brought the best athlete not to -- with is taking your thing. Below are your gig on MLB network you're kept rates if you -- LeBron James took it. Listen to -- Much on a text used one short you don't that brutalized and the house and a few days. They -- biggest -- -- and actually do some horses Indians but days. In the el Al security you know I got immediately LeBron James -- appreciate that you don't have it. He's gonna go god I feel tweet about it he's got nineteen of followers to demand -- an -- -- -- floor. I can't afford LeBron LeBron James -- -- the only will throw BP Fenway guiding him. I would not only that audience what that's great commercial seem to be -- -- -- Eleanor Dixon ran on the -- so Joker today. Economic don't know -- -- If you got -- get a dollar watches Ali partnership and a so you're working next you can -- penalty network and a couple -- you work in your week on your show 5% -- five to six boys club -- wicked outlook grows to walk on it gym clothes -- You know what's funny roles like he. Yeah he's right it's about time. Rosie is gonna get out right at 43 set up so that it come curl. Curl and I wanted to make it to the course golf -- all morning. Tough political a couple of tough tough deal string not -- on not die all at 600 watch it added to it touches it it. How's that I got a little -- -- with me you know but immediately bring up last. When all these guys I'm not good golf on the fate that I just love the game but. There is at a point that make it look too. It's that don't swing and now. -- -- -- It's just -- right but the straight goals are like. Ice in the trees and grind them. Chili dip chips -- don't mean it's. Five degree that would probably out of enough that it is nice. Hats off. -- -- -- -- I third. -- what's up. About. -- -- it's all about it reported. Not that no we say thank you Kevin for Europe picnic table shirt yourself come down and I I got -- bill -- -- -- -- Every day DVR or watch live we're gonna go watch -- -- to go to Jeff Fisher right from the -- guys -- right right. -- copyright and got a Christmas spirited -- that we Cleveland Orlando Florida. With me you know Kevin appreciated -- I meant I get muscles like out of LB network like you guys. Iraq. Pro -- that some -- the real 15 at cable are 15 tweet him and get get LeBron and LeBron did this LeBron cellphone number you have. And I don't 19106 followers now like -- game is -- Very much quick break we'll come back we'll wrap it up landed a new assault and -- -- at a Sports Radio W yeah.

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