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Jarrod Saltalamacchia talks about his decision to sign with the Miami Marlins

Dec 10, 2013|

Former Red Sox catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia chats with Mut and Merloni about his decision to join the Miami Marlins after hitting free agency this winter. Jarrod also talks about his relationship with the Red Sox during his time in Boston.

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Back -- -- here for the winter meetings in Orlando baseball's winter meetings but -- united 37 WEEI Red Sox all season seats and players part of the World Series one -- of left Jacoby Ellsbury headed to the Yankees Jarrod Saltalamacchia catcher. Edit the Miami Marlins and Jarrod Saltalamacchia former Sox catcher joining us here from Orlando Jared -- Lou -- you. Hear your -- we're going good did the Miami Marlins uniform. -- will be different -- -- awkward put up that oil for the first time yesterday. It is smoke more color them amused group. You know it's. It's so different obviously. You know I'm excited and start to get down there and let's start working with these guys I'm numb you know just trying to. Have a new beginning in you know start over again with a new group of guys. But I and we dug that article yesterday LS UC question giving appeared check where we had a we stick with the Florida it's awful -- down there meant. Not accurate at all wrong one -- found Ireland and comic book and I. You know -- owner right the stated something like -- you know. Can't Wear beards you wrote in Boston. You know but it did and he you know there kind of -- -- So -- tough was it for your notes in Texas it was an up and down thing to come to Boston you find a home and it and you earn yourself the right to -- test read she beat the best -- yet but how tough visit. That it looked back those years now and think that you know you're moving on. I'm thrilled. You know you don't wanna just go to different team different game -- regardless -- -- trade it doesn't matter you don't wanna. Since you morale on us as he got electrocuted. I think I want spot but it. He does the and turned it's something dominant bird you know cochlear. I was open their. -- -- negotiate -- -- then turning turning it didn't matter. You know where it that it Wanda -- want to keep waiting and then. I'm kind of had no choice but to that of the street market. Human numb. You know unfortunately. Malcolm back but I -- that it can't go pure bloody young. Good pitchers that are you know brilliant start to begin their career in the other -- you're part of. Was the sticking point -- years yours involve the what you want -- what they're willing to give. Yeah. We've talked I mean. -- I would open two years well it. You know obviously as a player you want to have ability on courier news. -- -- and it's obviously in game. You never know reviewing future what's gonna happen but you know after years is that you don't want to have to go back -- -- free agent market or two years. I'm more a year not so you know I had something to do it and you know also -- A decision you must have had to make. Wet when it gets you make that decision get the three years Jerry in Miami. Is it -- when negotiation with the Red Sox is get to a point word. You know they just say look we are going to move on did you feel like up until they signed AJ -- there was still a chance that something would could get -- was that the the final note for you that this spot what's gonna happen in Boston. I think you -- Lou it it you know we are the talk almost until. You know I think recently heard from. Did before they have side and -- itself. But you know I think we -- kind of felt. Going -- that it is you know we're not gonna get something done. You know and I was the -- and Miami's very interested in Miami so. You know kind of thought the between the two but it -- you know I think my hundred -- mean you have a better deal in. You know there's something they're reluctant couldn't pass up a little bit you know negative hopper I'm from -- left. -- assaulted a World Series what's in the post season again I think we all know the he put individual things aside -- about winning each and every game but. How difficult was it for you of that conversation between you and John Ferrell them. Lets you know that beat David Ross from -- catch that game game six and if you other. I think every player wants player regardless you know like you -- -- You know especially in the state that the World Series but -- you to gain figured that point the end you wanna be in their. You know you gotta be able to put everything aside and beer you're seeing on -- there could have been Iranian and to record of in nineteen -- prepared be ready. You know last thing anybody needs is this somebody. You know certain they're upset about not again and again I mean there's there's not a god and wish they could be in that game. You also I wasn't you know old -- Berger wasn't you know proper art curator. You know wanted to be there -- beer be supportive of my teammate and let them knock out there are. You know as they would -- for me. It -- there's a story today the Boston Globe nick for a writing that. Other relationship even after the World Series between you and John Ferrell Red Sox manager became strained. Is that an accurate report. I'm hurt and let it became a strained relationship was the way it was described between you and your manager at the UN John and not talk very much if at all. Off following the World Series is that true. Are not open so onion. Yeah I mean probably. You weeks -- -- and they are not part -- leaker know it is. During the armored a World Series of parties. You know pretty -- -- get a chance to talk. -- actually a couple Texas that John. A -- some I don't like week. Did any less -- -- earned beaten her you know turn it off my. A bit -- So the age jeepers it's QB the pitching here and just squandered. You know he's better on the game at the -- perspective right look at these pitchers as game plans to go against him. How public but just think that would be just that one year about the face going to a staff. With this staff the Red Sox at the you know so well for dialect at the committed jumping for when -- Every I respect. That I -- -- -- I mean that the guys its you know on the other. He is obviously because he's such competitors like bank I -- it's an -- or whatever it. You know up until I actually met him for the first time. You know like a lot of -- -- -- I used. You know this thing when you meet the idea that while I was really rock and that it is me I've always vote. You have to remember -- great guy is. You know -- respect that he wants to win you know to number one priority and you know no matter what you say about the guys out there and plan you know -- aren't thirty or forty games every year up during last year that now when tanner. You know put the one point signing. -- -- -- -- -- -- and use your god and he's fortunate to come into. Our organization with it's not like they've got and you know it's kind of you know drawn post the American values -- back in you know let them pick their game you know that's the governor about. You know we at the end of the year in -- you talked about the situation and after the year the free agency we talked to buster only he'd wondered. How how you were physically chaired you know how physically heading to the offseason where were you giving lingering issues heading into 2014. Not through good. You know hardness like -- there is currencies were. You know lower maximum I think it might you're you know -- -- armed. You know I talked about it argument that the army's Diego about this -- laughter might. Well you know at least he didn't papers by extreme in my sort you don't anything at all in the papers on her brother get. But it meant so you know our fingers was a lot going on. -- -- -- like I -- -- not downloaded more. You know spreader who's around and you know we're not limelight -- people so. Newly acquired about everything in Garland who goes on behind the scenes earlier you know -- a lot of phone called -- Angela. If you thought about what you gotta walk -- it through and obviously the money congratulations it's well deserved this and three year deal with. You go from a place that you've seen now in Boston where. The crowd is into the passion isn't to go to place in Florida where you you could be -- -- elected to spring training -- -- -- The crowd and intensity -- -- -- in our I think there. You know we dictate what that would happen that kind of weird character like your baseball. You know in the year ago you know that we in Boston. Now lost 9304. Games so my now. You know we are struggling next -- not to get. Sandler I mean you know there -- -- support and beer -- -- in a lot of people chalk this -- -- or less sleep these and you have a big name. You know all that but I think giving millions and of this whole world watched the Marlins -- Hewitt cut his they. You know bear I think thirteen or fourteen shut out the means that the matter or a couple of runs your -- you can everybody go on field. You know I have to talk in ownership and then all of our aren't -- You know her. I couldn't be happier with the way they were excited and ready to go and ultimately they orchestrate an error they're. You know do we got there -- you -- who think the you know Chinese input -- and -- and that's what we're gonna do or and it goes out and we were gonna we're gonna live or where. I'd be honest with us -- the restaurant what's the restaurant the Boston area charity you're gonna miss the most -- their Miami which -- Oh man. Jeremy must -- to you later thirteen thirty regard the army's record low is dictators. What. I got here I loved obvious those that are unbelievable. There's -- it'd take take out and nine deliveries in honor that he loves so much. Well -- lot of Red Sox fans are gonna mission Jared held at the and you don't talk about you don't want the recognition you just do it because you wanna do it but the charities you work with behind the scenes. And the job that you did when asked to help you never said no you're a huge help. To a a dozen probably more local charities here in the Boston area. And they're -- issue as well we appreciate the time and best of luck as yet but a lot of the next chapter in your baseball life there in Miami. It's there are pretty sure itself regular chairs Saltalamacchia joining us here he's brought to you by DC -- digital federal credit union what can DC you. Save you were here at the winter meetings or your phone 6177797937. Campbell -- will join us at 130 V. Rob Bradford will join us now live here and -- radio WE yeah.

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