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Red Sox GM Ben Cherington joins Mut and Merloni at the Winter Meetings

Dec 10, 2013|

Cherington sits in with Mut and Lou to talk about the Red Sox heading into 2014. Ben breaks down the signing of Edward Mujica and what’s on the table at this year’s meetings.

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As I said to mobile target here at the winter meetings peaceful people walking by. And they see Lewis want talk baseball and sitting down the right house general manager of the Boston Red Sox and -- invent. -- up -- what's -- -- Gloria funny guarantee here it's doing the beautiful end of whether. It's better than Boston. Better than national pro so. You -- last time most out here was three years ago at this hotel it was the Gonzales. Crawford offseason winners. Big winner for you boys headlines that the most evident that's got to -- -- Yeah it was a pretty -- are you know we were. We're -- I think we're in a position where we can take advantage of the rest of the time we have here in the rest of time offseason is to explore you know authors. Things we can do to make us better then. That makes sense for a long term will definitely work on those things but. You know if we had to start season -- the pretty about the -- we -- the show today talking about your lineup and potential that you could have Jackie Bradley junior apartments will -- through relatively young players all that one of the city feel comfortable. With a lot of that was set up that that way just the idea of three younger players like that making up a third of your lineup is that. Preferable. For you is that -- can -- -- -- -- any part of Mickey cuisine that much you'd make up 31. Yeah well. As couple things for so we wouldn't we wouldn't consider. Committing to -- player in the league player. And we think we have some guys -- are worth believing and Odom and not just any young players. And they're different guys. You know the middle Brooks obviously. Is an up and down year but if you look at you know 600. At roughly 600 at -- -- appears that the big league -- Penalties -- numbers are it's thirty home runs. He's produced and at bats certainly towards the end here he came back but it. Were much better more reflective we think who it is. Bogart's. You know certainly looked comfortable mum on the stage in the post season. And we know Jackie Bradley is the former winner. Every team has been on so there's actually there's quite a bit of value for us. Finding spots to commit to young players. Because at some point you have to. If you never do it and then you never you never have a good young player and team you have to have yet to Internet somewhere. We're not an opening day we're on spring training. So we don't have to write the lineup right now we have to make sound decisions. And keep our eyes open minds open about what's available to us. But we think those three guys you know. Put us in positions but strengthen and give us a chance to be. You know count picky about them how to go about the -- offseason. And -- we -- area. Very comfortable in and do it if those guys play from girls. Bill Lester of the starting pitching was was key for you guys but you know apartment was depth and he has preached that John and we talked about before last year and a great spot right now. In triple A you had an alpha and it goes down Jackie endured it goes down -- middle Brooks -- was. And it's starting pitcher bull that you had arms that already. How important is that when he starts say okay now we can use that depth in their now starters force -- any concern that maybe that depth behind them isn't there. It's important and in the depth. Is one reason we got through a six month season. Never lost 13 in a row now. We may not replicate that would be seven really good year next year and might have a four game losing streak -- -- -- that doesn't happen very often but what I think one of the reasons it's certainly that we had were so consistent. Most of month. And really had very few. Have a down period valleys in the season was the depth that you're talking about so we wanna maintain and build on that at that much we can. Basically again the simplest way to look at it is. What are we lost from the depth that's basically it's the free agents that. -- -- -- -- here or or -- mean may no longer be here with look at those positions and and find a way to. Build the appropriate that -- there's different ways to do it. We feel like. We have some of that already. And there's been different different ways to do it again -- that surprised it's more prominent player which is young player back that's one way to build depth. It's gone the amplifier top fives and one behind them and compliment him that's different way to do it. -- -- and all those things but. Definitely want. Wanna have as deep team as we possibly can and I agreed that that was Q last year you got -- -- rotation right now the key is you have to make a trade between now and spring training you have. One too many starters right now it's rotation I don't think so. I don't know somehow. Somehow you -- he's the starting. Pitching surplus in general tends to work itself out by the time it's opening day. So or -- -- proactively make him which is for the sake of making one. If -- makes sense. Will listen. But certainly rather go to spring training with. You know more than enough options then too few. We've been on -- side that doesn't feel there is good so. We'll see who comes of that but you know could very well carry everyone's turned. -- him he could signing because you know its greatest coach he was last year it was 88 innings all year long he is getting a little bit older so that. Beckett insurance so Alessio Dellucci was probably fourth option right now in their. What did you guys seat in the year what was the drop off fastballs with -- it was you was at the groin injury and he just fell off. Yet and he. He had a -- had a groin issue that cropped up in September where he just couldn't push off the way he normally did. He was used. If you look at the first half that this would he care retirement if the first half percent this season use. Dominant. He was used a lot. Leading up to the all star break. If you look gets. Workload -- were leading at the all star break. And then there are some different -- his -- pockets after the all star break there isn't much usage. And you know and he had a -- little flare up then it just dissect his mechanics that club where he couldn't couldn't really finish it that is the way you want to. So we looked at all that obviously and checked it out we don't have any concern about it physically before it's actually been. Remarkably healthy overall for his career is never had any. DL time for our -- like that so. We we think he's a healthy guy we just thinking in an. He along with his and coach -- others in the whole -- allowed John. In the staff to manage -- workload not just coaches but also he and has now that are out there as well. Miller we expect them back in and wanna go manager -- workload over the course of seasons stay strong in and we thought that it was important at someone. Els who we could use the back in the game to do that. I got a run got -- -- -- work to do -- stop by for a few minutes thanks yes bench -- agonized brought to you by DC you digital federal credit union what can DCU. Saved you 61777979837. -- text this. On the AT&T text line 37937. We continue with your phone calls Jarrod Saltalamacchia 1230 Kevin Millar at 13.

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