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Rob Bradford live from the Winter Meetings

Dec 10, 2013|

Rob Bradford joined the show and talked about the activity on day one of the Winter Meetings in Orlando. Rob told the guys the Sox are in a good spot and plan on waiting out the Stephen Drew market.

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Yes -- fans that that's what the it and that's -- it's hard the that we talk to rob Bradford from WEEI dot com joining us live the winter meetings on the AT&T hotline the nation's fastest and now most reliable forgy LTE network. Good morning Brad well how are you. We're doing very well I tell ya -- here -- and I've never seen him happier peca meant that it with a smile on his face -- what that's what's -- -- about he's a nice guy with Bradford yesterday and Bradford was only wearing his underpants. Yeah that door but not quite be true but my parents' consent -- the entire alarms are saying you know. Is it cold -- I rotten -- gotta speak up with all the chaos going on behind you at the winter meetings that we can't hear a single thing you're saying you have to yell into the phone. And and other guys epic that you guys look at get a whole level for the upcoming couple show -- -- -- it's a look strictly at the winter meetings. What's happening today. Has eskimos signed or Ellsbury signed McNabb signed yet. All of our battery happened didn't it. Can grow. What -- evaporate into I told you guys at the GM meetings I told you. That it could be going back to the Red Sox do you believe me now. Going to be the most expensive utility guy in baseball because my man Sanders played short. I'm I'm telling them to pick hostages if they don't tell us how this works they don't play short. Does -- work. COLT go first all that big of and a very good position to ubiquitous went out today standard group which -- market. If you find the market than pride you have been a -- to short you will little -- took third that that very viable plan. And then I. You don't get a market and routes like they look at it two years. Really looked low and you elaborate. Then don't part of it sort. Bill used up though maybe you'll manage and work out too well the ultra platoon but. Against some lefties aren't you working middle book I think more likely you'd probably exploratory the billboard. Because you have Petitti coming up next year the ball long. You know I've ever had not perfect but other before we didn't really like Stephen Drew and they're willing to take a chance of having acceptable up the infield. Also our are they on middle Brooks -- -- this sounds good for the third baseman doesn't. There's an -- -- that you go to work in progress can be he's still have some stuff to prove here right. You can say 159 games 32 home runs a lot of potential. That you can't do that particular player you keep what you want from a guy who has been the Major League basically one year. But if you look at what they've been here in the now. But I think that before they love what you've been through brilliant defense completely like they think he can be better offensively. They obviously like spin the ball got -- -- like six under Bogart's. So I don't know everything at its effort if it's truly gotten saying all we don't like little middle brought as much as -- saying we like Stephen Drew and we certainly like -- -- You -- one of these starters. Beyond that I think -- that the market. Most of them it's the same thing got a great position if there's a lot of teams out there were gonna have to pay a lot of money -- starting pitching did you look at all the momentum Ervin Santana into the world. But you can play that -- Ryan Dempster and say you don't different cheaper option for your I don't think there's good I don't think there. Right now I don't think they're got anything close to what any deals with a starting pitchers and an -- to me I would rate it tick you beat them. A guy like Jake Peavy has the type of stuff -- the type of potential. That's what's gonna separate you from the Yankees having that type of pitcher that type of pitching -- So let you really get a good bargain then then I hold on these guys go to spring trying to figure out. There two other teams looking for starting pitching who of those three candidates Dempster Lackey and peavy would be most attractive as a possible site Lackey would be the most attractive to -- team. Yeah I hope -- do a good question but there it is but he's also the most attractive to the Red Sox -- -- that you you guys know you about that. Bat minimum contract. Coming up after this year so. You know a whole lot to -- it's. You can't correct it's great he's got that note and say -- it was six starters but. You can figured out you can figured -- it did you -- -- -- might -- these guys that you might need all of them if you haven't excessively can put Dempster in the bullpen and they go from there. But I'll say it again. -- me you bet that the separation between the Red Sox and yankees the Yankees still need -- -- of pitching in the Red Sox have a lot of tension. Final question as -- wind on this last minute Jackie Bradley starting center -- are they going to add a utility -- to back them up just in case. It doesn't work out well for Jackie Bradley junior early in the year. Well right now I don't I don't know what they're good and I really don't like do you obviously another infielder on the left side. But it sounded like the commissioner yesterday I don't know figure -- out another outfielder I thought I got like -- stadium which would be a perfect fit. But if they're gonna keep the car. Then they already have enough outfielders. And really you look at what -- payroll -- -- -- actually Obama you have to play -- if they don't rate anyone. So as we've -- here right now I think what you see is what you yet. The drug just last night at dinner. All let's see him. Well Georgia is a bundle up here yet so the game tonight -- -- The decision yeah well I don't know I can't say it was me I would just like Dunn -- -- in the lobby at 2 o'clock in the morning. Joyce saw -- -- -- played his blue and -- weren't period so -- either soccer hall right you you pick rob. No listen I I don't dog dog was in the lobby. -- with nowhere to be found in with mr. Beckett threw just roaming via the lobby of the hotel. They don't let this separate I don't know what that was to about what's -- The trip to where the so far for Sox aside tweet on the yesterday here in -- Don Watson Marko wouldn't in the -- and -- a good run of -- he was different guys what the hell yeah. Money well spent. Well look at him. Don't talk about is one of all -- My -- did you get to meet him too. -- -- -- I met some of those from the great. The from the great for the industry so far. You can -- -- -- victory double B you know where they are released Keith law and I don't like all -- in the -- -- -- -- -- Are you don't love who isn't there -- can't and -- -- Johnny Damon brought Chris gets a little -- him and -- You can keep it. -- awesome stuff. And it would Georgia -- -- Would only be the best when you were -- Diet Coke last night where you stirring it -- your index finger does Kirk says that's one of your weird idiosyncratic Abbott did it drives them crazy insane traffickers. -- what could -- if you if you wanna get -- -- -- without the down the laundry list of. -- you have besides taking baby wipes with him in his briefcase to -- is but. He -- you know that -- -- -- -- But unfortunately I didn't know that yeah that's the sense that you don't know what's -- about that it is bad. Actually try to get everyone else to do what you at -- thought it would be. God strictly. And the help we should go but then I had what's the big thing today rob what's gonna happen to me I could talk a little what's gonna happen today that -- we don't expect what's the big news going to be. Them the big news is that could track down golf course to try to get him to save the the market for Stephen -- that's my goal. Are we we have a similar dilemma because men has you know had a big meeting without losses. Yesterday out for a thicket of signing and collect a five year -- multi million dollar deal but you know I have to give the green light of this. And he's been okay for the first top ten months out of 60% but you've known him forever Robin you guys this is -- Two guys can be do you think will regret it having them around all the. -- say that there are some concerns about the cut some back issues. Connected people vote for something else vote these guys do that and definitely work you'll be okay. Back back issues. Like here you're -- Why we're all always talking about it ninths nights. That's that's that's a very good point I got -- -- -- -- enjoy your day and -- -- tuck it down the road I don't darker rob Bradford WE EIU because. Our updates from the winter meetings brought to you by DE CU digital federal credit union what can be easy to say view. -- the final hour Dennis and Callahan we'd better friends asked to join us on the FM side 93 point seven. We'll be right back.

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