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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Kanye compares himself to a warrior

Dec 10, 2013|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys talked about Kanye West's moronic comments comparing himself to a cop.

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Headlines brought to you by precision fitness equipment -- the pros do precision fitness equipment who is Hollywood's most. Overpaid Sargent -- -- Nicolas Cage but probably not anymore Vince Vaughn. Two good gasses than I Nicolas Cage is on Forbes's list of Hollywood's most overpaid star. -- at their last three movies and how much they were paid vs the box office you winner Adam Sandler. Overpaid. Overpaid -- he produces. It -- I'm looking at -- year would you say cues he's paid a lot -- Louise are making a lot righteous in Delaware is being used data gathered. From our celebrity 100 researcher box -- emotional. To decorate how much on average each star's last three films earned the box office per dollar of pay the dividends star returns Sandler -- -- -- -- number. -- in the box office. Unfortunately. -- I know you think of it is the godfather but that's my boy it was a flaw wasn't there and Jack and Jill was a carefully but the -- -- Joseph was a -- I mean it wasn't the -- father but it was Citizen Kane is -- one of the ten best comedies ever made -- It's the most disgusting company of overseen. And. -- They add it's -- star return should be better a year from now thanks to -- up two's success what they like that was as it would've made those films well with the producing. Gets a writing -- -- acting close to thirty million dollars per movie. Thirty in the field and when you see you wonder does he do that. 30000030 million the question is what does Robert -- get where grudge match isn't much you think taking his shirt and stick. In -- six million. That's a lot I -- its third in the budget is why I don't think grudge match is going to be huge it to you. -- of grudge match Meeks forty million that's better -- it was -- X 900 million because this is Alex liked him the same sample six million illegal -- on this list he's not on this list did you become so it was typical -- -- what he's doing some off -- -- well -- -- -- -- small stuff -- -- an -- on -- and -- -- sounds -- -- fun -- to -- -- a good time. You look at it that way do you think they'll have -- -- adult figures it's sad it's sad SE -- to narrow topic of the other guys in the class like chino would not do that movie. Pacman would not done that movie. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I'll post Edward Norton knocked it. And we're illegal it bigger roles whether ego means is acting -- every roll on can be real selective. It is difficult to work with the Asian ethnic fault in the -- groceries are fresh veggies stink but he's a great -- -- is Jeremy -- have a bigger career -- considered good actor I consider Ed -- perform. Ed Norton's performance and primal fear of the greatest acting scene as he won't be fooled me it was he fooled me here's the other is the rest the top ten -- Katherine Michael who's -- -- justice disappeared Reese Witherspoon. -- also -- -- Nicolas Cage Kevin James Denzel Washington the greatest living American actor. Steve -- and to listen to go on its real atmosphere seemed to go and Jennifer Aniston your boy Matt Damon. And Ryan Reynolds whose huge flop some which silly people who are not producing returns on the investment in that -- ultimately now to Matt Damon is twenty million at. When was the last good movie made Saving Private Ryan I think -- made sense it's good -- hits and port to which it's committed good movies made since product which is not really his -- first important -- terrific. But they're -- Mission Impossible thing formulaic. But they're good movies does it matter that Jimmy renders in the next on summit as a matter at all no. In the movie and -- for that -- movie whatever it was called like -- promised land are delighted that we ought to soon know -- the worst movie ever that would it was different layers of his dreams was -- like the accidental tourist. Was called expose -- adjustment bureau just -- that is the single worst movie ever made. There's nothing -- ever made as the worst movie ever ever may well then. That's reports greatest comedy ever noticed -- the -- performance in the book that's what which one which just. I'm just kidding that's my voice is so -- department is not a dumb and dumber is the greatest company government I would -- how's the departed is not a great movie. Department's great move Matt Damon is not that Matt Damon which showed up. By all the other stab at it Leo DiCaprio showed him. I felt bad for Matt Damon and movie. You -- back from pin -- Lee Lewis stole the show shooting at fort that's a good movie. Some -- -- -- that's -- met him a good solutions thirteen because Massey you did not see tons of them we. We certainly would you screen would be. Behind the candelabra did you post script I. Aren't their good golf for -- that's that I didn't know how how how. -- -- -- -- -- -- Behind the job I torture that I watch at the -- you see that the you know I did I read a buffalo merit side. In turn off fast and I was at the hotel we checked that hotel that night ran the marathon but the kids to bed. And there was flipping around and got HBO in. Matt Damon was on pop Michael Douglas I have to -- by its cradle commute nightmare that's right I'd like Matt Damon music supposedly very much -- yet we hung out fairly broad -- made the -- stock I don't -- who like. Yeah -- yeah this guy like all very nice guy. And I thought that moms underrated analysts on the of the game. -- -- -- -- -- -- It is so funny it is underrated Bill Murray should have been nominated for -- -- yes he should Woody Harrelson was spectacular. And even new encryption ankle that mind of music great discretion ankle and -- now I was delusional -- a -- in Russia won the award as Randy -- all yeah. It's a hell in that he's never ever ever give credit from the academy ever I stand by I think -- deals have been nominated for something about Mary. I'm dead serious way for hasn't yet but that was it is -- Peltz couldn't read the old story a moving Kanye West. -- it was Tom Cruise now Kanye West. Is when he's asked a profession I think sort of take things will too far. Particularly changes other times it's just some more athletic like -- just you know give in. Of my body on the stage and put my life that Chris that he went I think -- but I'm on the chance to catch him into the coldest -- moment like that mountain goes really really high. And if I slipped in my life happens thank you never know and I think about I think about my family I'm like wow this is like. You know. This idea of police officers some that I wore some like you you liberty going out to do your job every day. You know knowing that something happens I'm gonna have to TU you know it's our belief from the press bashing you -- something happened to you from. You know people that like you mean -- -- your -- you -- actually slipped on a stage but just like we walk into. You know despite opens heightened for creativity is trying to ideas insights and thoughts. And you know I'll I'll explain to you know my daughter when Dave -- you know me and her mother we had to fight. You know for this position that we'll finally have. Like I mean it's obviously all gibberish but did not cross the line when he said me being on stage sort of unsafe like a police officer and similar or like war and like war. Well yeah I don't -- troubles and Ronald although as enemy soldiers in the audience when you're out there at the on the Vista exploit you -- shooting -- -- one dated Kim Kardashian had to work hard tickets public colleges finished joint. Itself. Praising and you could hear the -- is challenging them on all the I heard Hampton -- we praising this in -- and the guys that little the little lap dog who interview room. This is great. These entities is -- nickname or whatever stage names like -- some price war right swooped in to view and count your mobile show and and and that's how he -- great job. Places like -- soldier. The channel tomorrow and I I swear I don't notice Kanye West is good music I is that time of death so this is a -- of the year of the BIL -- saying that if you like sprite is a good. We're supposed to do it would have to reminiscent. Jerry doesn't offend the I don't know what -- opera. But he's -- hard every day to defend the creativity to make lists are yours -- do this anymore it's risk having sex with -- -- Good morning right yes yes that's like a war that's what are so that -- it for you in the -- eighties. Clark be elected sheriff of Pickens County South Carolina announced that FaceBook Friday that he would not comply with president Obama's request. The lower the flag outside his office on her former south African president Nelson Mandela saying that though. Mandela to great things -- country was a brave man he was not in America. In interviews Clark has said he would -- -- the same decision had been in office the time. For Pope John Paul. And other people not born in America on the trees says well that's his rule you have to be American born and I can -- come out. -- you know Latin America loves you yeah. I don't my age he wouldn't do -- the mother Teresa's -- -- trees. She should two I guess yeah. Just basically geographical. Geographical so if you're born in shine and he likes you flag goes through born in. Halifax -- rules are rules. -- It is the democratic network that was the rule is a -- if I know there's lots of rules pertaining to the flag yeah. Is that giver her that we'll never heard as a matter of the flag -- the big deal of the flag goes as it's respectful now how many times do you look at the flag at half. I wonder -- and under its historical guide. They have to think that's the idea that means it's two parts to -- people you know. Would you investigate like if you buy your home to challenge for. Flags at half staff. Google -- sheltered flag up right draws where. It's a good thing. Well last one -- To the funeral goes for like a week right twelve days from two died. Right now Obama's I think Raul Castro just -- and small. With -- rub. -- can elect -- only -- Gabi in and and -- -- Martin Obama's asking casual if there are any Cuban baseball players could be on his his favorite past. Yeah and all the names of the strange mix you think securities will be his old man outside that. Stadium it's twelve days that it. Christmas twelve days of Christie's. And he's speaking correct mentality I don't know man -- -- that's -- a while and argue that I've met Obama he already did tonight two so someone tweet that you credit was not for once it was not about it was about. Well done. Congratulations is lost to aerial. I don't know. Was scheduled to speak yes and there you know. Belichick you're invited can just took the strategies that no shirt on he's like McNabb missed the -- got a patriot ring finger of this not -- pressure -- You say perhaps he's going to Orlando after that he's in this top -- lock on on on media -- exceptionally excited in the globe today George -- Leo since Franklin himself Manchester railroad is renowned for some. Hobbies -- it's one big model train please all in America. So what to visit yesterday massive model train enthusiast. Rod Stewart. Was there -- -- in model train in -- is spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on model trains and my guess is a picture him. Here with the guy rob looks like he's got to forget -- What that that earpieces that that is a gorgeous Brohm -- -- -- -- that is in the George sellers to the other guy famous musician you ought to contact with before he died. Chairman of the board himself Frank Sinatra was in -- -- -- models trees. It's like if -- as a father in law. My file that's very these these believe -- mentally -- yes he's just active minds a lot of runs the US -- brought in his arm. It's you know on a regular guy. Like people make models. When you repeated. Yeah models now he really good but just look at it now box with a model and now in the -- so if you maybe I'd rather like. Never take a math test the Mecca mall I can't even think of a hobby but I would pursue that I think would stimulate. Mean it'll golf societies it's a sports games to play. I can't think like model railroad. I was stamp collecting your coin collecting not that appeals it resembles Zell the bulls and fumbles fumbles fumbles. Collecting exit you think -- you have no hobby like a great hobby. By the end of this week. You have to have a hobby you have to devotes a three hours to a week for the rest you're like well like -- and pick -- -- -- my grandmother does that puzzle to me like that all those thousands of jigsaw -- those -- should adopt lesser. What you do in the lights go out there I mean how are you have vacation at the you have an Elvis and you rent the house and it's currently no TV radio yeah sure right now and I don't know servants maids -- swimming pool and make puzzles. And maybe play monopoly. Just one of those and copilot and -- puzzle. And wanted to obvious or weird I'd say that your father alive to see about half. Now is not really that he knew -- -- just think it's I mean like I lost the sport's -- does is collect stuff he collects cars. You know toy cars and little signs. Things like along the way in you know probably. Is look at for something in particular rebuild little -- who bulletins are done. Is is just not done and you just bring your grand -- -- -- that -- the hell -- -- -- supporters. What do they do in the middle man and man pants. -- pops when their grandkids -- hang in now on the plate -- always dream now is no TV no very little TV but it while the NPR or -- Asia area of toys you brought around that we you know we were kids that's what that is at all yet in my mind my dad is not building a world that this does not do papers rank. What's -- doing. -- pitching to Rod Stewart have grandkids and. A short ball and I probably a lot of -- joy for the holidays you say wanna see my train. That's -- has never -- something I could valued at Rod Stewart about it is that it's either get 6177797. -- -- -- seven back to your phone calls Mike Shanahan we're gonna hear from Mike Shanahan go to hear from Bill Belichick just just. Spilling his guts to salt and all the in the radio station yesterday. Mike -- have a difficult time with the Washington Redskins and is not getting any easier when he stands in front of the dais with a microphone I wanna raise public picky handles himself well hey -- not he doesn't. It doesn't snap snap right that. What are you saying he's gonna go off for somebody just I also want to hear from moment. And Italy you hear from -- Winston. And tell me if you're an NFL team the worst in the Texans. Or. Those planes with protections that last thought Jackson -- -- and now. If -- of the Texas house Atlanta is an. While Atlanta wouldn't count but right you take and I think there's no doubt it will mean he would be consensus number one actually -- Two years two years from now so they'll -- right but. Could be anybody to be a little nervous about draft in this guy with a number one when you hear Heather Cox interview him. You say -- Hear you say he's not -- not ready for that next level.

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