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Dr. Tony Schena on Gronk's torn ACL

Dec 10, 2013|

Dr. Tony Schena joined the show to give insight into what lies ahead for Rob Gronkowski. He said a tough road is in front of the Patriots tight end.

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Doctor Tony -- and a doctor -- the -- is an orthopedic surgeon at New England Baptist hospital he joins us on the AT&T on good morning doctor -- how are you. Are you -- worked on very very well how devastating and I don't know how we can quantify it is on a scale of one to ten is this double injury the ACL and the MCL and other. Degrees of damage in that -- within those injuries. There are certainly degrees. You know the end yell in general should heal on its own without too much intervention. It just takes over 46 -- to do so. ET -- unfortunately. You know days. Although people mention partial shares they usually taller mountain and you know I'm assuming not happen in -- -- -- that he complete authority -- -- that will ultimately. You sort. Do you agree with him most the experts doctor that it's at least eight to nine months may be more before he can play again. I I would tell you in general that is probably very safe. A modern times to give people unfortunately there -- As you got to know some I usual characters in football who have bounced back a lot quicker you know if you keep cynic -- for a I would that they don't know what to get back especially in the in his -- You know six to nine months is probably very reasonable time. Don't think -- a knee brace could have would have saved him. Spared him from this injury. You know simply -- Britain. Have been shown to help. Boat maybe ten to 15% of these -- direct blow injury which is across a capsule potentially may have saved him from the all this ligament being -- In general mostly healed and non contact injury. And no matter how much bringing you with an internal force. Yeah calender -- there anyway unfortunately. Are -- in 1980s. When we didn't have a great reconstruction. So we put people races and it still under to finish it. You said at the beginning of the conversation doctor -- that the MCL often heels by itself what percentage of these kinds of devastating injuries. Require the MCL to be surgically repaired -- 5% 10% would be in your estimation. I would -- it is less than 10% you know with the grade grade and a lot of people have great want to injury you -- to break a little bit and they deal. The ones that are really badly it's completely torn off the ball and there's no chance of -- back down. And it's a very rare injury in the grand scheme and you. If the worst case scenario that's what gronkowski suffered does that set back his rehab and set back his recovery time but with the additional surgery on the MCL. It it would it would slow down the initial part of his recovery because with that type of injury -- did more damage can be. To what's called who here in the -- capsule of the civic petition that surrounds it and -- as well. -- and so you can get Russian producer Kenya -- absolutely -- down in the yet sixty and Seattle and it's without your initial -- -- protocol which is ultimately -- to -- -- -- if indeed move into the -- -- -- -- Before he can really. Work on the on. He -- I protocol and unfortunately and no I think you guys have mentioned it earlier today you know. Tyrone Matt Matt you're the quarterback that is partly yes you know lateral collateral ligament injury and that can take a little bit more time to heal. And if DM CL is not surgery. What is the schedule going for -- they have to wait before they performed surgery. So generally in this that they that this can fluctuate a lock -- and -- the -- then so be you know currently training that I had when I was going to ravens. Fellowship was. You know vote for we -- open surgery to pretty good timetable. But you know sometimes people -- and they need to look pretty good it could range mostly don't have a lot of swallowing. In UK and the -- well I think peace -- stability to -- wanted to injury. You know within a couple weeks -- can certainly go ahead. In victory -- you may wanna be a little bit slower which your initial we have to make sure that -- completely healed and before you just attack didn't yell. But you know if it's not quite that cement like it used to be 81015 years ago dollar 46 because that will go to. Tell -- that this dark of this 53 guys the NFL torn ACLs this year we hear it more than ever. In college in high school even younger kids in pop Warner. Is it my imagination or does just heard there is seals more often these days I don't remember even here in the term ACL when I was a kid. Yeah you know I I. Some of the recent literature shows -- really been no change in the meat of these injuries over the past ten years. I think one everybody's more acutely aware of it because we can six. So you know back in the -- people typically elements that appear as if into the -- -- can they were done we can have a way to get them back. Now we do that we'd get them back also I think just the sheer number percent and you know under high school high school college and you know in the pro sport to what they are you don't have so many people participating in the sport. Soccer has taken not in in the United States are pretty -- contributed to the UCL injury. I just think that it's not so much of the incident has increased its just that the sheer number of participants. What would this be what Bobby or did. One in his when his career ended though. I -- you know notre unfortunately I was I think I was one winner Bobby always the way to do it is neat but yeah down. It sounds -- he -- there as I possibly in the backfield but it seems to the 49ers with two -- else. You know I think a lot of the I'll be happy to -- careers ended. Sure they should have been in the sixties and seventies and eighties yet they've probably adding calendars. Doctor showed up I assume this is going to be done arthroscopic -- correct it'll -- the zippers are no longer in play correct. When the lights -- really you know so. If the if call arthroscopic that it especially if you -- to do a bone tendon bone reconstruction still have to make an incision. Due to harvest that crap to make the grab the -- -- -- -- Yukio. Although it played in the knee arthroscopic -- you still and in particular party. Operations he's on the table. As long as they don't have to do anything with the new collateral ligament in the long it is dome in the school's image that they have to deal with and occasionally in the MRI doesn't quite show that. Have to deal with at -- time. -- Republican about an hour after surgery. You know depending on where and they're going a lot of these places will not only have the attending surgeon but of these fellows. You know the other assistance so that way you know you don't lose too much time kind of construct in the -- And finally doctor show another question everybody into wing liberal like to have answered we hear people say. Once the -- is repaired once the ACL repaired they will come back. Better than ever day is that humanly possible and B what are the chances -- will be a 100% and the old growth a year or. Fourteen months from now. It's it's a great question and I wish I -- keep your -- perfectly great answer but I would tell you that. Our techniques I think -- topic we cannot recreate what they need to be -- -- practically. Wrong always know -- his -- is not quite as payment and the other side and as far as functionality. I think the position he plays in his favor he's not looking to be there'll be that -- have to sprint. You know backwards in twisted -- himself all over the place. Which is good for the PL confirmed you know as far as. Last year expectations are from -- -- I think given that he techniques we have very very good chance of getting him back. Getting them you know a 100% or close to 100% that only you'll know what the differences. But don't be shocked if it's -- it's you know immediately. Exit you exit good. Mark time and some of that because every time isn't physical it's -- yeah instructing. Doctor Anthony shut out orthopedic surgeon doing the Baptist hospital we appreciate the information this morning thanks for taking a little time. Thank you very much good morning doctor showed up on the AT&T a lot of the nation's fastest and now most reliable or GLB. Network. Rob Bradford joins us from the baseball meetings at 845. -- headlines next.

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