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Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick with Salk and Holley

Dec 9, 2013|

We discuss the improbable win over the Browns and the loss of Rob Gronkowski with Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick on Patriots Monday.

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Well well we'll see what Lou what Bill Belichick have to see about that today but yet that was the huge loss. Rob -- yesterday -- very tough. And Bill Belichick joins us now. Bill I don't today. Doing pretty well -- Orlando here in Foxboro. Not gonna rub it in eighty. 86 degrees bill. Hearing. You know at night you know what's -- about. Forty those period up here. Yeah you were tried to will -- -- trade that way let's talk about yesterday's game before we didn't you. The comeback which a lot of people didn't see coming outside of the team. Uh oh what can you tell us about Rob Gronkowski reports out he's out for the season with the Tories TO and in it in CO looking Telus. But that they're still due to work up on the birdie. In office with the concern -- almost looks real good oh wait so we have a little more depth and mission and -- We were talking about this before you came on bill. You know like I know TJ ward said after the game that. He's either he's back out here to hurt people and that the NFL rules make it so that. Guys have to hit lower and lower what do you think of the hit on ground. Although the road Bermuda doesn't exit from the you know the league has issues that they should think about her. They don't position. -- the league has made it you know obviously -- a huge effort to eliminate hits to the head which I think we would all tend to. Support to me nobody wants head shot after head shot guys walking around CT years they as they age. But do you think that that has led to have you seen more examples of safety hitting -- potentially potentially dangerously go and after players like. -- -- -- -- Is that something that did that. At the NFL's in a bind I guess is what I say and that so I wonder whether. Whether this is -- damage -- to help coach who's gonna lose somebody for year. Potentially with a knee injury but is it worth it. To try to save. The back end of players' lives when they're in their fifties and sixties potentially dealing with serious problem. Bona picked up question as to sort -- league and accomplishment. In all. If we've heard in the current defense. Different people on the -- players as players. Because -- that position. The doctors you know them. I think that of them. She just. That it and all the research on this in. -- my final question -- rock would be. Related to ground will be what you teach your guys to do in that situation you have a safety it. They are defending big receivers the tight ends. What do you say you say hit a blow to avoid -- penalty the same wrap them up to me what. What do you do in that situation. Although instructor players is what the rules are and them. Try to put them. What do you learn from the first six games of the year playing without rob -- we don't know how long you're gonna be without them I mean if it if it does turn out to be any Seattle beat the rest of this year. What did you learn about your offense during the first six games that that you could potentially use going forward. Oh well you know Roland really. It was all of this training camp either so. You know we've. We had a lot of practices and in some games. Unfortunately without his services and their you know it's great to have him back. The player. But he. What is it out there on the team. When when he's not seriously enough there's an old. Whoever's out there but then the who is that they can't imagine. Let's talk about the comeback -- mean you're down. 26 to fourteen and it appears to be at least from the outside it -- it appears to be hopeless. -- use that after the game and that was it seems that it took every every little thing had to go right and he did. As you watch the game today. What stood out -- what -- you think one of those critical points was or were very critical turn around for you that allowed you to. That to be in position when that game. Moon. Don't mean all everything really. You know the the two seam passes almost. You know those going. We're. And two scores down. That was obviously you. -- of the naval you get the green get out of bounds. You know from the -- finishing down there then to Europe on whatever was. There have been able to -- and we had an extra time now read it on -- -- once because we. Didn't use it when Cleveland at all. When they scored on. Urged. -- -- And so we you know took a shot -- -- run there. Chain that didn't get and so we've remedies. I'm out there and we have thrown it in two trillion on the next which came with only. The they've. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On the -- was. Certainly we went on without that -- Vertical -- On that on that on psychic by the way it was that you. What was that the plan for them in the way discounts keep did it or do you say. Do you say eight years. Do what you do Stephen orders area is there a they've met that that madness reciprocate you know. They're vulnerable the middle we've seen this on film he'll try to hit the ball this way what would you say to him. In the in the twelve I'd rather like in Australia announcement in a replica of again at some point. And what we're thinking we're trying to do and if -- there was. Bob long was it was. -- that we you know we had a chance to get. Their respect in the common room the Clinton event yet. In this kind of situation. You know we we go over -- over all the political most phones like they're if you don't get the ball then is effectively lost the game. Without that slavery. Questioned the old one of those. -- -- -- -- -- Quite a few of these come back to the couple late comebacks -- late in the games this year. What does that do for the personality development of your team. The personalities vote. Of the team in general does it does it change does it help does it does it add something to the character of the team what does it do for them. Narrow I don't know the answer a question of just in -- teams. You know seeing that -- shown consistently that they'll they'll keep fighting. On what situations with them just keep playing hard and well once we understand what it is that we need to do. Score stop bone. Walker -- maker here you know whatever haven't been the try to do it. -- Had a number different situation in the game. The things that we're practice. When you -- thing. We practiced that haven't -- and we just have to be ready world. And with whatever whatever the situation. But you know when mr. Clinton supporters that there. Alerted them and responsive enough to you know be able to do the right thing at the right again. Not that by the situation where you have that alone when it was -- -- he's got a note do. If we get them properly. I don't think that. Part of the preparation. When -- trick or chambers -- -- -- corporation and and situation. When we talk with -- after the Denver gaming you guys are obviously shut out in the first half there you said. Were really disappointed with. The offense even though they had -- point to a more disappointed with the became the week before. And Carolina when he came we went three in the first half public yesterday. You going to halftime without any points. -- it was it a matter of poor execution bad luck and he how did you view that first half yesterday from your team. I think we -- here very well hello we're Moyer who along returned the ball over. We troubles. We just didn't. Didn't really do the things that that would give you a good chance that he's successful you. Create that many long yardage situation. Obviously -- -- We've been on the -- we'll. It and it throw it in precious. So just just to the negative question to a former agent. Certainly not where we wanted to go through if he. He'll Woodson -- it seem like it is we've been included -- long heritage. But they're decent feel awful. Is that the duke it out. And we -- all over -- All. Not do what we want to do. Do you find -- theme at all with the with the slow starts to me can you connect. A slow start and Carolina slow start in -- slow start against Cleveland. Wish there was some on magical -- -- take that away. We certainly talked about it. And we know looked at them look at the things. We physical things but obviously. -- the answer though. The -- so. People. -- people and out of coaching and then. We've we've been there on a little improvement. They would take questions. -- We can and so. I'd say the good news is there's something. There's something in the water it's not just -- fox room and look at the end of your game yesterday. The end of the Baltimore Minnesota game the second half of the the Philadelphia game in this no Pittsburgh Miami that in we've talked about that before he came on that play almost worked. At the end for Pittsburgh. You know broader steps out of bounds by about an inch. It's just I know coaches always talk about how you have to play sixty minutes but yesterday it was full illustration of that was in the. It is then. You know so many games in this league you know I'm just come down I mean I get over. This they have the gains or touchdown or less than. Quarter against her or three point shall also in the -- cancer going to be and one of those kind of games every weekend. And you gotta gotta be ready to handle whatever the whatever recipient of the game. That you know they felt really good of a thing that you you know you work on as -- and -- -- -- be ready for you know different situations. It's really impossible to practice every situation. Every week there's just too many of them. But you try to you know that the main ones that the ones that. You know we think are most likely come up and also things that are. You know for whatever reason more more appropriate for that game possibly than -- another game but at. And then you hope that they. That you can carry that a huge amount once once it actually occurs. That's. It's not always either. From an -- no perspective we see so many of these games where they they can be low scoring four. You know 55 minutes or so and then the last five minutes or two minutes or whatever it is the teams seem to go up and down the field almost effortlessly is there a common theme. Between the games that they attend to and that way that that you would understand as a coach that I wouldn't understand somebody who's never played the game at a high level. Wrong home. And certainly there's a point where. Defensively when you when you're heavily here. You're more concerned about the clock and score when they run out of time you can win the game you know. Please stop on the Indus. I'm gonna expire but. And so you know you don't want him at times you know -- two meters of resources that haven't because that's olive import as the tunnel on the but more than that sometimes it's just. Execution and then just the way things match up you know sometimes you have a certain defense in the certainly couldn. That's a great match up than it could occurred economy could occur in the first quarter concurrent fourth or the and sometimes it's. Interest and he can play it at the end of the game and it's just. Whatever reason just happening get good against the right thing or maybe the wrong thing here on those sort of false. And the outcome bought different than than similar play that happened earlier in the game against those different. I don't really have a you know specific and removed them. This time zone defense is instrument. Just conserve time where America really stop you know. -- Wish there was some magic to it that. That we can all understand. Wouldn't. Our -- time now for the coach's question of the week is brought to buy your local Mercedes-Benz dealers. The all new Mercedes-Benz CLA has arrived see them on the web it in the USA dot com this week's question. Comes from Mike in Medford Mike wants to know is a popular and -- -- were asked this question during the week that you. He's got a different spin on it he wants to know you're the coach of the Cleveland Browns for five years there anything special. Or anything you learned since since leaving Cleveland thing. They can learn on -- now. Is there anything special about facing the grounds and anything you learned since leaving. -- and special benefit from the browns from when I was there -- fifteen years ago. He wants to know if there's anything -- I think he wants to know if there's anything special about facing the team. Two part question -- -- anything special about facing the browns won and then to. You know -- that was the big thing you've learned since leaving there in 1995. -- -- I'm I don't think there's anything that that's special. Mean every. Every -- a big game we knew it to him than me in that we've that that game. -- during camp but a Preston and every single game. So many times does the two things probably. Have done a little bit differently -- Cleveland would be at the number one to -- a little bit more. And number two to feel a bit more aware. Those things that go on. Off the field and rolls of the things like chemistry. Ammonium. Players' family isn't wise. -- transitions they have to make. From to a new team. Policy approach and it is not just immoral were some of these. Think that happened all feel the affect what happened on the field and nothing pitiful. Just about what happened in the -- -- all of them. Lawyer and walking just -- But there's the big psychological wounds and no chemistry and aspect of for the team and professional football the I'm not saying it wasn't aware of it's but -- more. More -- more emphasis into -- and it. Well coach we certainly appreciate it you the Sunday game in Miami next week division game -- deal Monday. Okay great sound good article great daughters Bill Belichick a conversation with the coach brought you -- was by this Bil hi. Gillick Teddy Bruschi didn't get affordable dependable life insurance for -- be alive the company that is protective over a million family since 1907. SPL. Hi dot com it. Division game coming out of Portland he's got a very excited about it but what is it is you know one of the one of the -- you asked about the personality of the team and and we'll talk about on the senate take the Beirut but no but I can see you. You can learn a lot about a team I don't know if you if you learn a lot from games like these -- that drive toward sequence that happened that kind of defined team. Last year to me last year the patriots. Head B he's free and pretty big defining. Defining drives. Then let me dealt with the fourteenth. I would do it -- alcoholic WEEI.

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