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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 12/09/13

Dec 9, 2013|

Live from the Winter meetings, questions will be answered.

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It's. Time or answer the question generic answer the question which sunk -- how -- is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question it's answer that question would. Of course a answer the question brought you by AR Tressel -- here in -- in the -- public. Oh yeah man Mike. Oh yeah. Hey you know I can't believe -- a thousand miles we've you guys. Does that make you feel. Like I wish I was at in Orlando. Talk -- have -- you know except you guys haven't talked baseball ideas now go tomorrow and Wednesday. Out of baseball author as we go to Disney. This of course your racquet and a public park in Orlando would not but it is this is one of those fraud trips where you guys just gonna screw off UV used -- an excuse. House effort -- effort play that's I think I think definitely the fifth on this map -- credibility interest and answers your job that are my and I did not. -- does not become -- it was a bitter when you guys went to Saint Louis and I didn't know yes yeah a little bit. I don't -- the ramp like -- -- -- -- they had every -- person I would tell them what somebody's got credited to go on you. I don't know -- you know you've got to do questions -- our -- our guys last night I was watching sports extra on channel seven. -- -- casino had a shirt on with his nickname MO AM oh on the tip off how do you feel about initials on a shirt or even worse -- Style. Of you know MOO. But. Today. War -- has never my nickname money -- might. Argue it's bullish long everybody's that. Michael you can assurances Jews here and I'm sure I. It next question. 82 prong outlets in my house -- have to go to my house wondering. What's the easiest way. Three prongs there's. -- personally maternal. That's a our second. -- Beautiful direct about it from the most important usually current is to Wear rubber shoes -- But -- which rubber shoes. At him. Strong two prong outlet without making some adjustments to wired. -- -- At 2222100. Not giving out performance improvement advice ice. What like like carpentry -- is gonna come after years of like I have one of our listeners electrocuted. I've I've equities -- number -- where go to Google. Say what you call electrician and get him a free market here. Myself and like I was treat it like that. The numbers which. And another in this line of light. -- -- which way he still not really that's not true. This is controlled like two different outlets but they were pulled under the -- -- Yeah it was definitely. Raised an industrial arts. -- -- you for electric you know and he took a moment. That. Panel was. Not an apple. Has taken its. English. Too busy being Smart girls well -- -- -- Next question. With the Celtics played well though on the clippers play bad you still think it's bad the Celtics and I don't think it's bad now I don't think it's bad you play your game which -- supposed to do and and -- There there there -- What are your plans to name. -- -- his critics by forty did not go well -- extra breach -- team an extra problems situation. But. That's the way it rounder to the playoffs they've become a playoff team and ground. If your lottery can please post beat anybody by forty ever. Urging its currency that's -- think. Which doctors -- do you think we should just cut ties with rock after season. -- you know you can -- to the world guy. He's he's been through hell for this team got a at a meet and greet him back in the same injury right. Any reason what you -- but I do -- are preparing for the fact that he's -- he has some theory here. If it cut lines will be cut ties next question. Reality announces retirement. 203 career -- at 330. ER and he all day. Victory. Appropriate yet -- -- at that he had world he was to a five and one. 10500. Game department will issue that we thing. We need to -- those majors before we start to recognize these writers are giving. Up. -- -- -- The BBW I know what Roy Halladay yet. It. You look at that you -- year. When he Russia. It was. The dominant pitchers of this study is always in they don't picture of his time -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the whole thing calls players appears all but if you hit -- on the future of your time you should be -- -- he -- -- to one of the top few. But certainly if you were the dominant pitcher in the how it was was arguably act for. Years. Be more like 56. There was right it is great Richard and I think he can hold his team against -- with a lot of guys have. A third of their teams and Mike Mussina. For eight years. And Roy Halladay early in his career Toronto. He won't. Get the benefit of I don't think output and -- yet we're. Or here which is worse living with your home shortly with an ex girlfriend who was made coma and brings out. It is -- you get for your opponents don't -- Personally and asked -- benefits. What about -- unless they should do the other I went to break that literally shot out single -- all a couple of more bonus and expect it. Stuff but it -- which your other. Well. I don't like. That yes this is polymarker is how it work for well. If -- At all if you do that question what's that if -- -- York. What do you have any girl your girl it's good to have it be fresh -- all the time. Hiring. The real question is will -- fresh prince or. -- And did so by extension but no you're just like -- I got -- not to throw at. -- it -- -- -- look at his resume. As I realize voters went to. War. -- Okay we're done -- he's coming up next Mikey doing until -- our card may -- mundane. But now two hours of Mikey. We will be back here. Tomorrow it had promised -- easily -- -- degree -- yet there's certainly. All around -- here in Orlando we talked to guys at.

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