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Adam Schefter on the loss of Gronkowski

Dec 9, 2013|

Adam Schefter joined the show and said that the loss of Rob Gronkowski makes the Pats offense far less formidable. He added that the Redskins organization is toxic right now.

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I'll wake up the coffee with Cumberland farms farm house blend coffee with football insider Adam -- after all -- a lot with it's surprising delicious taste and it's amazing price. Just 99 cents any size only at Cumberland farms. In morning Adam. -- -- are we doing we're doing very very well to listen I'd be surprised if what we saw happen grunts -- a thousand times on replay. Is all week. An ACL giving new information or definitive information beyond that. Why -- exhibit to report that it -- appeal and -- and I I wondered when he got hit initially. Again in my abductor I'm sure he got hurt at the initial that they when he flipped over to like didn't need -- -- weird Angola crash -- not a goal. When he did what to detonate but the whole thing or loose. Really ugly looking. It's it's unfortunate that the major blow to them because if you look at it. When he's out there they averaged 32 point two -- -- field without a lot of field averaged twenty that there are just some more dynamic offense more dangerous offense. As these injuries and absences of pile up Adam every single week we said well is this the injury that's going to be the critical mass the tipping point Hernandez unavailable. Vince mail Tommy tell Kelly. Former -- -- to leave for a long periods of time and now gras is this the tipping point will this prevent them from winning a suitable. Just hinted it would prevent deported to was just I know this the one thing that you're comfortable in saying safely. Is that they are not nearly as formidable without -- Now this team has been resilient and it is being -- It is being. Incredibly. I don't looking remarkably. Talented clutch. Come back to a group it has. But it -- -- -- that it can go impeachment. A Denver Denver. Or Seattle. Without Iraq. I'm -- can happen particularly compared. It just becomes several more challenging to -- to do without a doubt like that that's our main and -- this sport we see that it's all the time we see and do things. That you would expect that would never underestimate. The patriots coaching staff the front office and the players -- -- that he wouldn't do that but. I mean how -- did not look at it and say OK you lose this guy rocket. Who were -- out there and puts a different element that was interpreted it was not rest. In catching the -- The thing that makes him so good and dangerous. Is that he can't change. People -- You can keep the man you're concerned about you don't you don't like them but he gives you options and when he does god he's dangerous and they did anybody -- -- -- We get him but he's also. The tremendous blocker and you lose that ability as well. Adam get tickets a simple matter in the league office where they said we -- gonna trade knees for heads up. I mean it it seems. Realize what they don't concussions in a way mattered and that's the big broad but yeah it was seeing kind of hit there was no Randall Cobb. And I mean I don't know what you do like you'd say okay we can't hit. You know -- the -- now so now. So so then dole the only strikes only going to be important in this public -- yeah I mean there is no going to be left and into the sport trying to evolve and figure itself out over time as it goes through these battles with injuries we've. Had our eyes open and what exists there. It's just it. You know it's a look at the break the game look at every Sunday. There are pretty sick guy to go out there are and it's not often we see I hit like that it does happen. It's not like -- the opportunity to but it's not likely see five or six feet every single Sunday. Right we were -- the amazing thing is when you look at a guy like Joseph Thomas sir Tony Gonzales or route back to Jim Marshall how did. How do you survive in this league for 151718. Years without ending -- where -- is right now on the it on the operating room. You know -- it. So guys -- pre disposed and I have a remarkable ability. Through their durability. And some guys -- and -- everybody's different and wanted to knock some rocket and really simplistic not -- -- -- what the world was a question is no right it was back. There's some other things there arm. So that was why. Somebody's freakish it would -- the second round. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Great job when you don't stroke -- a good ensure players do that and annually get sometimes. The book probably get him but I don't think it's great that he didn't bet it. Goes down it's that they subsidy land so that they. -- Yeah. I was. I didn't I think the better question -- -- -- my Chinese survive today. That he throughout today and an I don't know the answer to that I don't think he knows it up but I the latest. Last Friday morning woke up nude at Gary Kubiak would probably be fired that day -- -- -- about 530 Gary Kubiak is on the clock. And I think Mike Shanahan on the clock today. Is -- a guy is their. Got ready made to step in and that job for the last. -- -- -- And know the irony here is that I don't Paterno looked like a two quarters scholarship and I just think -- dollar Shanahan and then the I think Russia and -- -- scarcity you know targeted to give as good -- but Mike. It is -- always put any offense like that happening. Thank you -- a certain cure everything. -- -- -- -- give us the cliff notes version if you -- of the dynamic -- going on down there is clearly the Redskins train is thrown off the tracks. The dynamic between Shanahan RG three in the owner Daniel Snyder. Itself. It's appropriate right now and basically just situation I think people. Thought that the real question voice. Which Shanahan -- three. You know again I know I was doing that I I I have always. Never thought of delicate question I mean I always think that there. The dynamic here is that one between Mike Shanahan in. This senator -- owner is and what have voiced yesterday -- day rodeo directories to -- Reported that Mike Shanahan was -- adequate. Basically -- office. Before the playoff game -- QLSU was rated quit after whatever the -- and see it and it. And you don't want to allude to dissect it Snyder empowered urge you to react a -- -- You know like I know -- sports and I talked about some of these things so there weren't so secret. She's question where was gonna go. Progressing had a few would be killed as well which I had not known. And so. It was a case where basically. The relationship between Snyder and Shanahan has disintegrated the point where I think it's fair to say right now that the atmosphere within that organization has toxic. And that's because Snyder aligns himself with RG three -- RG three aligns himself with Snyder and. They could -- Snyder already I think it it's just. Malik watching Dan wrote his organization the way street -- ha okay and I think it debt. Has come across here is might not favor is that it might not approving that and Mike. Being torn up by then and so obviously. In drips and drabs people who are more more more. And you know people -- that he sitting facility -- and maybe that would listen I I don't think. I don't think those guys -- stroke -- -- -- each other anymore you know that's that's pretty apparent. So the question is how they resolve it and that's it. To them to decide. Let's turn the page back to the patriots game at 29 yard pass interference penalty has in the past Adam -- the competition committee discussed changing the do you think they will revisit it in the offseason because this seems to me is the most difficult call to make the National Football League and the most punitive. And that's always been the case and I think that whenever we see an absolutist. Other issues that we talked about a Monday morning so afterwards. Every time we see something that potentially impact the game deciding game. It sort is accomplished -- get a look at it he's a general rule the competition committees to look at anything they can improve the game. If for a reason it never felt that the PI rule to punitive and and and it's tough to make that judgment. -- OK with that severe and of course it's. Significant enough that. Really should be 43 yard penalty instead of this political acknowledged it would attend to your -- fifteen. Right up in is that is that through I don't watch much college football sixty yards is fifteen so. -- I think that there I think the league is pretty comfortable where it's at right now with those rules but it reserves the right to review all the during the off season. You have an MVP vote that I. I do not. If you don't -- it -- if you did did you make a case for Brady this year with the with the rec team at the remaining seventy Jamaica pretty good for Brady no I don't think so -- really. Now I hate to betacast case against Peyton Manning would be a better question that's hard to do. I don't know why I think that you people that that does stand out I think Peyton Manning is. The -- person that has set the record that facility in passing touchdown record you know -- kind of record by the on the -- it and then I think you can look at a guy like Jamaal Charles. Who's been fantastic shot accordingly been fantastic. That they yesterday of course so it's easy to say that the court would be that conversation Calvin Johnson has been. Incredible yet again. How Brady has been really good every time recently but I don't believe what is better seats. Overall I mean he's been strong and tough and wedding of a finalist when it's very it's the most impressive seasons but acknowledges that -- does that make -- You have your ears and I would say -- Jason Campbell. Quarterback this year is patriots did beat three or four games under 500 -- to Jason Campbell quarterback this year is Rocco is team to be in the playoffs it will be fourteen in two with a -- in the playoffs. I don't know but that. I don't know but that you know I think dangerous. Route to every little play. And make sure that it did make it seems so easy out there like anyone who scored fifty tour 63 different games this year. And they may break patriots single season point record. But they've never locked up of course till. Although they're trying to send a knowing -- so I also I just think patent has been a different well. Real quickly and you don't know the answer this amassed you -- speculate -- try to make a list of how many coaching opportunities will present themselves in the offseason obvious. I had it pretty easy okay giants -- I think I was doing and -- don't square garden state. Okay Washington Shanahan got Minnesota Frazier on Tampa -- Schiavo case Atlanta Smith. Pittsburgh Tomlin base. -- we got here Jacksonville to begin -- -- getting. You're forgetting or for sure if Houston that's the great yeah Blair is said to Kubiak right now that's always the jets right. You're right either way I really don't know I think Oakland is in question. And that would be five right there. We as Houston Washington Minnesota. Maybe just maybe your class Louis Tennessee maybe Tennessee. That's the most maybe Tennessee so we got the -- Will Washington. And Houston are definitely take Minnesota that's that would be -- right yeah. And I think Tennessee Oakland gets a question. This Jim Schwartz survive if they call. Philadelphia question did -- crash and burn here. They're -- to be real proud to Detroit. Occasion they'll give them maybe don't will be debated of course in the -- united way to. -- does John gruden take any of these jobs. -- again I think he made pretty clear decrease more so the weekend that he intends -- has been secured to. Be back in the month and -- for public next year do analyst football camp stuff. -- work with equipment an -- list. I know that he was OAA and I really believe that to be the case a case made it very clear and and the people don't say that now. You know it simply that accommodative and offer him a ridiculous nobody and it should be a great opportunity -- each and -- good -- this. Sure that -- -- but but I am I am fairly confident that John -- will be. Back in TV -- -- question. About it but we're definitely there's there's always going to be -- surprised oh yeah in coaching like -- like well why did -- get. I can be very -- go crazy on Jason Garrett at the -- Alcatel Belichick I don't think. I don't expect that. Okay that some people blip in the playoffs. You -- so destructive Miguel look at what their captain there. All right years ago -- used to be that next guy in waiting the hot guy he never came back now you're saying -- does that got the hot guy that never came back who's who's the next. Apple a whole lot of -- eyes in the coaching ranks for the next head coaching job was at. I don't know -- -- hit apple and and that maybe that's where you give to a -- it is no rush to go get somebody. OK I think there's been a lot of chatter that. Through the charge Stanford can someone signed the extension Lovie Smith is out and -- desirable I don't the teams are rushing to go hire him. We got those guys think it was a bit of attention. And Arizona there there's some good young coordinators. -- -- in Denver and Tom Cable Seattle but the real question. And the minute don't go pokes out there but I don't think it was a guy like -- deleted everybody's salivating to go get right now. All right -- it's Monday morning go ice your knees we'll talk to you next Monday. Adam's show afterward -- in -- on the AT&T outline our conversation with Adam has been brought you by Cumberland farms. Fall in love with malicious -- miles one coffee today. DC -- digital federal credit union. What can DC use a view and -- -- -- -- in -- it's -- your phone calls. This patriot fund prominent radio -- news a moment you we always suspected that minute hand. Was evil nefarious. And beyond -- really just pure evil. You have proof I've physical proof they always suspect yes -- all what. What I always wondered about so they go by may say to you guys -- know when you're the neighbor you would say no we do news I think yes it was such a quiet kept to himself you know this meeting with the boss yes this is going to be a couple of detectives and an escalating interest.

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