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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Evelyn Lozada and Carl Crawford

Dec 9, 2013|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. He discussed the new love between Evelyn Lozada and former Red Sox player Carl Crawford.

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You start handling it well you start and I noticed how as Michael or use our headlines I don't know wireless this -- like I just don't I I do like -- Texas. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I suppose we're not gonna hear about that horrible pass interference called win against the browns again I think it's the game while you three homers today -- was good call. What was the -- barely -- -- want just to endangered jackass that three. Four people called this it was a good call yeah none of them actually believes and I'm I'm. In line -- there was bad call against the jets was called a homer. Bad dreadful call against the Panthers I was called -- this call was were asked and if I I don't know how coach chill -- all. -- Joseph -- and how these guys controlled themselves but after the game that we just go off because that was him the biggest gift I've seen. A hometown team get along in case the president to say well I'm coach -- he's coach Belichick I guess that's the answer that is the headlines brought you by precision fitness equipment chopper the pros do. Precision fitness equipment like he's troubled today I'm gonna go outside run after the shield could use a trio yet so yeah. So the David -- -- Tunnel program and our Camp David Ortiz is our annual celebrity golf classic Dominican a sort of Thursday brought out running a restaurant there's going in -- There in Orlando today it's like a stop on the way of the Dominican right there and -- Mean this has been I think so for quite as baseball offseason. -- nothing has happened to explode down there so our guys on masks are in Orlando starting today yeah. For the winter meetings. And I know you inherited it don't happen but as you were driving in in his blizzard. -- -- -- That's not a bad idea that I feel -- I mean like Franklin Gutierrez are signs somewhere and just happened you know at any moment could happen at any moment by the way is Bradford -- and for Ortiz. To good question yes a good question like I have a playoff -- this is not happy about that get a ring all right degenerate. So David much charity harmonies. Charity things you can do did not least -- the auction items. I looked at before and they are if you go to site it's true despite many -- -- tease what's good it is fun dot org the hair actually especially in a they had around an alternate tees -- batting practice were -- the Brooks one. A the -- practice with Ortiz a million things like -- -- -- like a goodnight -- if you build on date would do any Dell. Does she have to give you good night can I think Belichick I don't think that's that's that's part of the Arab but we did that help. It would depend on how it went -- Heidi. Gut built upon met the guy that was the day you will the talks are there where the accident -- I remember watching and depth after he -- to this year you can. When -- was someone as well -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd say he's -- Nazi who is single he's smooth skin to this guy smooth skin yet. I think she's Bradley junior he just got married. To single. Yeah Napoli had a good -- have befallen the pick of who is David Ortiz is best for the baseball. Top. AJ Pierzynski good good guess but no it's Alex Rodriguez. Oh there -- -- Iran lunch with Alex Rodriguez in New York City it's just priceless underneath -- it is Alex Rodriguez. Is a fourteen time all star remains one of today's biggest stars. It currently ranks fifth for most albums of all time and first among active players enjoyed lunch with a Major League Baseball star in New York City. -- -- -- And will be mutually agreed upon don't need to by Alex Rodriguez. Minimum bid is 100 dollars to start and obviously it's been a couple of days close December 14 Jerry cal analyst you first what is the current bid. Com say five on our goal. -- 5000. Carpet and now luckily produce. It project -- -- -- zero. The it. Alex right yeah. Why is -- -- couple guys that does it diminishing that today we don't want an good tactics yet. Three but what books of what. I'd I'd like to now. It was enough yet it was seven it was there's. Score. It's. And it. Blocks the globe and Europe replace in the city bodies and we all know these people. It's. Everything's about he he would never he would name a million and he -- an even though you name where you're from you know anything about you wouldn't care. I guess he would you could ask him things like you know you really expect us to believe you're not on steroids. Of some real crazy combative Red Sox fan. I'm that it would be a pretty brief lunch. All these A-Rod people who love of the reasons events during -- that are set higher. Where today we can't -- -- in so ever had a perhaps is lasting -- Evelyn Lozada Lozada. She's pregnant. It's hard to believe we have a much like a virgin Mary sometimes -- and I thought here but she kept an and I together I thought -- again. That we the second coming of the yeah -- six months pregnant with a second job. Oh start the basketball wives that you love -- it's. You look -- it -- I'm not around look -- my mother and -- thought. -- This is the broad who would do with the Chad yet whether or dislike about the -- -- they get a kick out of watching Joseph legal hoops right she's announced that she's pregnant in this week and finally after months of T she's announced. Who the baby daddy is it is not Chad Johnson it is somebody else who I would say was. More successful in Boston is an athlete and -- that's right I slightly. And he made more money but it's -- ago Carl Crawford. Congratulations to Carl Crawford -- this is a good career move yet about Evelyn was -- is proper not married. I don't believe he's married and I believe he is right now not married thirteen years old she's 37. -- to take another walk down the -- I would definitely get married again I still believe in love she said. I'm not one of those people -- like we need to get engaged need to get married no actually not unlike that's gonna come to sick with the baby let -- -- I'm not forcing anything so it happens like it happens I mean that's that's fantastic. To -- you get a maker honest woman. I think this is the one yes I do think this is the one and yet so congratulations to. Carl and Evelyn and real faster last ten million calls here Paris Hilton's little brother Barron Hilton. Was attacked this morning beaten to a pulp and he claims Lindsay Lohan masterminded the attack. Teams he reported last night is Barron Hilton the famous development and different things with these -- -- to create -- what is -- actor. Isotope is since. I'll look what what's he do his sister was a slippery -- TV from celebrity. -- he is -- what she's done and we seen the video right now she gets she's got a Gilles yeah it's gonna that was an actress she's a little -- she Scott I'd written that they are -- denied she ordered a hit in fact she claimed she was even on the scene at the time. But -- teams he has video that proves otherwise shows baron and his friends confronting Lohan. Right after the attack and here's a picture of me he's got a bunch of cuts overs it's terrible attack. This woman Connie Hilton was building these hotels and you know had this vision Bozeman and like this. He only gets old thing it's over is there anyone in the family of any. Sent to a regular Hilton -- People rate they'll run -- business Coke heads and losers and help parents and kids of extraordinarily wealthy people. More often quite off. Woody Johnson's daughter right. Right lap Jones through a true guilt part ago cars outside it's hard being raised world then look at minute half men and him and he's got a interview and an interview a meeting a negotiation session. With the boss and the big boss is just and right this is so addresses to the sweetie where's. Let's not pick the bacon to get. Your technical and on -- connect to a heck yeah I can work clothes lectured you know that it's too constricted. And a hat I don't Wear a hat would and you can't tore up the meeting that it would what was the nature of the -- -- in the on shape your luggage and I shared this week on the life of my son I have no idea what this means about not a single Collison broached. Moonlight said of one Phil wants to be with you on Monday in them -- well noted as he's been bragging that he -- Took the morning show a whole new level law because the Rangers -- at -- the -- and -- let's just assault and that they're gonna say acreage to. For another show I don't know that we saw can be some wanna put him on -- -- to exceptionally excited and I have to believe -- its first one but that's what it's do so don't you it's about. I think it's probably gonna try and talk of some financial stuff in my. Oh. But I would think that you guys have my back of -- trying to move -- little capsule we have your back. They all have to prod you a lot of -- dead fingers I wonder that they say you know we have to kick in the -- it is. And it looked like your greedy guts and I think that's Atlanta -- well Bob and Burlington Bob good morning how aria. One night -- acting like much. I my personal spot on the all wrapped in situations and not in the Buick sport at all by addicting peeking into that. 22 athletic. You watch NBA game there's so far behind the play I think kind of -- not apply expert he expecting I think behind football plays. And that's -- -- -- -- and not the worst part of watching any type sports and being a. Bob what's the solution I mean that -- socket change pocketbook waits in the pocket slowed down. And I you know he might have put more people on air it tribe video. But it did seem like the inconsistencies. Call and notes that in the into the game. And it's making it very. A lot so let me see if I can extrapolate what you're saying because there was no call made on or epic. When he hit only Ericsson and the refs missed that that's why this show on the only happened. And I'm excluding that usually aren't aren't -- in general it you seem to be inconsistent. And I think the ratchet it getting out at what the site throughout the feel it. 6177797937. Jordan is a New Bedford before we take a break Jordan what's on your mind. Big did I wondered if current board real quick in a maturity and we are your record but I mean this it. And it. At this we could -- -- he -- -- -- even get not with. Major pledged eight I think that's what happened when decompression. Previously in union history great talking about it. -- about all or predict. And respectful and -- if that was. -- beat down there. And he got what you know what happened quad speed when -- struck back into an all out war on the I it would get -- will be old -- people because it. It was -- -- -- like knocked out of him. He got into hot but it's fine eat my you know what to make the big the -- elite -- people could happen. It is not Jordan it's never happened to -- towards never done this first I'd never been suspended never crossed the line and an easy saying Crosby would have bought. I guess so I guess and I did and I understand you know mum on the post -- so or -- is supposed to fight -- if he doesn't. -- that means or has the right to do with the did too bright that's what it is I guess so but it escalated because he wouldn't bite. What might and he just beat Briton -- up because should know that -- hit on martian on guilt of a Miami they're -- -- -- in much. For the Albright line or -- in America are patriot -- will continue with patriot quarterback Tom Brady next don't go away.

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