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Tom Brady, "We are 10-3 for god's sake"

Dec 9, 2013|

Tom Brady joined the show and discussed the loss of Rob Gronkowski. He said that the game waits for nobody and that the team has to go forward. He added that no matter what the team is still 10-3.

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Welcome back to -- patriot Monday our conversation with Tom Brady has brought you by northeast electrical distributors the cancer center at Beth Israel deaconess hospital. And the crescent credit union and as always Tom joins us on the AT&T hotline according Tom. I -- we always ease into a conversation with you with general overview questions about the game today epic requires something different. In the New England Patriots win the Super -- without Rob Gronkowski if it comes to that. Well I mean that's looking good it's perfect for these guys have talked about David that's a vote of no -- You know engaging in her talk let those types of things. We bought. Covert -- -- platinum and I don't know I didn't think about your injury or severity of the order where. We've got the talent in a group of players are playing and and if every team has players that unit which throughout therapy get -- and about their regards to return to Italy and so. Aren't here are our thoughts are with friends and know he's a tough it is and how much you want to be up there with that so we'll we'll see health Plato. I I guess this can be qualitatively and quantitatively. Assessed because the broadcast had the graphic up there. -- for -- came back the patriots were seventeenth in points after you were first. Before he came back you were sixteenth the first downs afterwards you were first red zone thirtieth up to fifth. Passing yards ninety -- the sixth or no question he has quite a positive impact on your guys' ability to get things done offensively. Remainder great football player so that's -- really incredible big effect for 100. RT that's that's why he's in the position and so it. It's -- term. And it's the key he wasn't with virtually in the minority in the last season and for the most part. I mean he's big he's a big factor anarchy in the big player -- in there. Currently in this ever -- fully believe it's called are being there are no regrets. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Whatever we get to deal with we're gonna have to deal with the -- -- -- in you keep going off on it without any of Munich. We go down there to Miami and -- -- the first play of the game with a bogey and still going to be played. So it's a mentally tougher out there are at least Latin. People vote still gonna win. One more -- questions for -- We think we know the injury in no one knows it better than you do will you call him will you text him and what would you say. Yeah I I of the Arab. There aren't sure there are people turn to Google MySpace you know there's always unique -- in the -- -- just. Confirmed -- and of course wish him I think you're called number. You know Republicans sort of treatment today. And and is it psychological more or physical when you think of what he has to go through. What you went through. Law or -- -- differ in -- you know he's he's just got a guy is buried under what he's been through last. Nearly two years for your vertical. And in the post season and then you -- -- come back from our Hewlett. You know exactly that is -- that there's bureaucrat or you know and I hear all of -- and Egypt he's got guys that thought it. If there's one thing you have to develop -- we'll be back regardless what is that. Now who has stood on the on the obviously answers everybody who has to step up in his absence is. Is it possible for some culmination of Mulligan and whoo man and Devlin to. To do what prompted do what he does. It's your ship you interpret part of the performed -- I think that's important part of you -- provide you know a certain margin -- -- because about how to play units and Democrats played different -- for so. Those wilderness leadership cardinal. You know ridiculous plaster garden in rippled coworker she -- a point. Are different point you know we -- -- -- would tablet mode on the field so we're gonna have to make to mean whatever combination guard. There are caught without -- that we got to try to figure -- so. And we're gonna go down to Miami -- culture that we went to get another competent third third column and to what we're doing it won't have to. All the players to do so it maybe different from what. The game that was of course compared. You know what it is is -- we just we've tracked her cigarette. Understanding it. You know you can't replace what -- he can give you does it make it a little easier than it was the first time around this season having marina around. I. Well at etc. and you convert anybody at any point so they have served. In every week he got a third -- couldn't incurred. The Pacific and could play and keep current windows particular -- and so. Remarkably easy about who's really in a great player and try to win a bird brought. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So we gotta we gotta try to fire -- To get the ball on the until drew more consistent basis. -- been around long enough to know that locks and breaks play a role in success and failure in the National Football League I assume you've seen the pass interference call. The jets call the cost -- -- game was bad. The Carolina called the cost -- game was really bad I think this was even worse what do you think about that was -- lucky break for the patriots. I didn't know truthfully I'm in the clear vote. Not much there. They're not mature -- there over the rest of some of them and there's a lot of close calls and you know we still primer on the clock so. You know those big play -- you know the result of those huge place so. You know what political party had a chance for certain. And if so reflector or type I -- it's beautiful that sort of lets you know he sorted -- Hey -- what point if at all. Do you start losing a little bit of faith that the hole that has been dog is too big and the second part of the question is is part of your job to can be injured teammates but the hole is too big. Well on the net I think we're. You're right we respect ourselves and also this year different cards and -- from the Monte Carlo without a bit. -- you get your career haven't. So who ultimately will get -- order to be able to. Played from -- it from port which would make a lot easier on us. Offensively and defensively and then we'll see if we -- what we can do we complaint from it but we gotta gotta get a head at some point in. They're -- -- -- pressure on the other team because we're just are plentiful but argued that there's too little margin paired in the game. You know go to the orderly put ourselves and it was a daughter got to dig out of that problem that we dug out of yesterday and hopefully we don't putrid in which are. Tom some computer somewhere said that when you were down twelve with 239 to go you ready -- percent chance. To win that football game you thinking at that point when they scored that touched on what twelfth. Well we got the ball we got bought back critical plays pretty quick ridiculous if he squirt and in a minute ago but it comes down to the onside kick because we got a couple we know about mr. -- as. We're gonna have pretty good field position. And we have what -- incredible on site care or are people grows. -- -- -- -- took around forty yarder forty. It depressed the and he gets passer threw Coleman. A play later hit Cuba today and that was. That was pretty sweet so. And yet you draw about you know I -- -- I know emotionally straining throat doctors. You right you'd you'd you'd ride highs and lows in the ways of thinking but it. How are you get a win to get -- restriction and that's owners can. You know Carolina got beat up pretty good yesterday Seattle got the number one should there were rescued so. If you just never know and that's in some games you know. Based on the way to play. Jason Carroll put an incredible game that's very clear collector a great quarterback so immediately is a really good quarterbacks are just. In northern -- -- -- our offense -- that Josh -- in dorms here are most players they have -- principally. To quote Jackson made an incredible player perception and you'll really get much going offensively stroke every converted a lot -- You know we've got to remember -- would have matched that in. You know we're -- -- -- returned three recoverable secure networks. Now it's tough dude get your reflection at this point in the year but can you remember a year like this you look at just -- three wins at home we look at the new -- game the Denver game. And yesterday it just feels like every week has been you know last second. Yeah we haven't had any of those. But I extra they're pretty -- when they do and I think we. -- we got booed at halftime. And I think we. We just got such high expectations bird you know -- -- and people. You know aren't satisfied with it would have been less than you know our best every single game and it -- Just where it is right here so. -- if we don't. We're just try to go out there and do our best new governor out there were trying to make -- to help win the game but it. It's -- softly and he sustained injuries and and -- trying to find Kuwait. To make different combinations work the work and the three for God's -- so either. It's it's and and -- that this year there -- few decent about it. Is there a collective sense that you can get down no worry about a we don't have to be at our best in the first half for you in the first three quarters because. We come back that's what we do. But I think their defense so we're never out of it and I -- and are trying to get down by you know by where. We turn to play well and -- submit it. I. There we just. Get out of it means a rhythm early -- -- -- -- -- and then -- you and your momentum going. It. Probably passed you passed for 418 yards yesterday with a passer rating of 91 point seven how do you think you played -- the reason I ask that is. When the patriots were behind. The the comments on Twitter were just crushing and of course they all went away once you won the football game how would Tom Brady assess how you played yesterday. And I -- leopard are good -- -- so. Well obviously got off to a slow start in. You know likened to a lot literature and so. We try to go -- there into a better job this week. Does that onside kick does that work in practice. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There are especially in this statement earlier in the race he's played. Her best years ago or can ever remember kicker Aaron and Ryan Howard is that the -- over the water for a and so our specialty industry due to all the guys to contribute to our first. Like later made at -- work or Q school. The so a lot of guys split their. That's a huge stretch for you -- here. Aren't a Gostkowski got a kick out of literally got a kick out of -- because he got to be and hopefully we get to be an actual player on the play and not just a kicker. Welcome to kick and pupils most the time Berkshire port so. Mercury more and more we -- -- -- more particularly. There -- quicker than those for this year. -- beat cornerback question of the week is brought -- you by crescent credit union the question is as follows Tom. When they're doing the defense is out on the field how closely do you pay attention to what they are doing. Or you completely focused and engaged on -- section and analysis with Josh. Yeah -- know we're we're pretty focused on what we need to do what we shall we. You who are two different characters and changeup student but for the most forward to talk about our scheme and what we need to do better. We think we can attack. -- -- -- so. That was pretty certainly it would just ensure civilians. Are coaches always. You're depressed government adjustments. And so much conference which -- want to do and and and the culprits that you brings thirteen. Well based on the unpredictability of the National Football League the only thing I can predict about next Sunday's game is Nabil it'll be a lot warmer the most of the recent ones -- Played Miami. Yeah it's been juncture will be its -- you know it's such a critical appear so. There will be -- be a nice. First beat Alberto. In December and they're trusting that put -- So it's going to be computer can. Good luck double talking next week. Brady -- Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T our nation's fastest and almost liable for GL TE network. Quarterback question of the week brought to you by crescent credit union is now serving Boston Providence and beyond. There's a crescent credit dot org you know you can experience the great feeling a better banking press at present at that dot war.

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