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The Real Postgame Show: Pats beat Cleveland, lose Gronk

Dec 8, 2013|

Butch Stearns, Fred Smerlas and Steve DeOssie discuss the Patriots comeback win over Cleveland and the loss of Rob Gronkowski for the season.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Takes the stand real good right Rosie. And the real post game show is on the patriots 27. Cleveland Browns 26. While. Let's release the Austin you can beat wall. Odd lot rules works well and again that drowned -- -- all. Goodness they school an onside kick in school and Steve the tomatoes. The ambulance that left the might have a chance of ticket if god. It's -- that we haven't got you know he set that or lose it that's elegant and give forty yards and two thirds of -- that -- the it is pretty remarkable. That we have a finish like this at all of them through Seau. Kind of game also create -- and I've lost Freddie we were talking about it and we were talking about what you are gonna bring up with a real close I know you guys are exactly correct -- seven well he's what. I. Said. That's why it blow look at its possible deal wrote it if they get an extra -- These -- and let's -- in laws -- it was lost it lost the game. Cincinnati beating Indianapolis today we'll be 91 patriots and I agree with that because they want them. And it would be the number three seeds. Five minutes in five seconds left. They trailed nineteen to eleven with two minutes and 39 seconds left atrial byte well 16 of what. And they came back in court thirteen straight points in the last two minutes and certainly not one. The first ridiculous to predict. It happens -- alcohol. Without rocks it -- so it will go to tell us a little bit towards them. So that's going on this team that's happening is that. It's overlooked -- these comebacks or just. But we were just wonderful points down the second half against that but down against Houston utterly utterly ridiculous just to think that you have. You have to have one of those these. Monumental comebacks. Once a year paid tribute to readers a monumental comeback like he's like most needed to do with. You what to a three weeks predict but this -- a bit -- that -- column. -- and I got Carolina that they lost when he ended up we come back. As and that onside kick and haven't had not tactic since 1995. And -- onside kick coverage loss. The fact that there was a penalty but let them kick the fifty yard much value we have forty -- school -- words that are. -- -- -- -- about it but -- -- back for the work that they would end up you know doing what's right right. But to have that penalty on on element. They one of these defendants were Cleveland -- have been -- -- is one but has caught the touchdown in the -- got enough -- But it was a perfect contacted. It would exactly. Ten to the Cleveland I touched it right it was an audit of the bodies around on this all those things take its rate to virtually a favorable. That's your call. It's a favorable without personal democracy. Terrible but I -- favorable -- replica -- the the onside kick looked like you might have you that the -- all the way. At one point but -- you could tell about what -- inconclusive but one play group look like you didn't like you could tell you asked that they normalize. Or not you know you're talking about. Just so little things coming together wants. How do you figure this stuff. -- let's set the table for you we're going to be here for example boys. Let me get those guys don't talk to god is on the table -- another -- that Gaza in the building that made it. That's I was -- you guys have been vibe and those restaurants again last amendment if this has been doing because the people the whole. Rebel nation and a Friday relatives here Steve -- -- is here we are taking your phone calls -- 617. 7797937. Better yet. -- lead of the game here at fox -- over -- Toby Keith I love this bar and grill we're going to be live here. For the foreseeable future talking about that patriot post game. I talked about who's 27. 26 -- the real post game show it presented to you by completely -- out -- way to keep big shops that you can save. Visit cup Lansky dot com today. Also by both moved on budget votes we'll have a post who taught -- both players the game. Coming up and the real post game show also brought to you by AT&T. And we'll have about Joseph fish catch the game all that coming up lots of fun real and potential for -- We start off with the view from the rose every week. Let's start with both you what it would start -- you give us we can't but give us thirty seconds or less why they wanted to -- I know what could. That he is not replicate this -- it came out. Flat the first half defense was get moved a lot of noise down by six points which was remarkable -- And -- Campbell plan. But the game was probably -- -- -- plays accurate this pass is sufficient the only offense was stagnant in the stunning injury just brought -- took one of the major weapons and it fell off the field. Put them over to rebound. And do what they did is remarkable I mean could be an expert who want to believe football game you may never see who come back -- -- again. Good girl was cute. One thing that you could point to -- says how the patriots won this game provided overall and talk about a few things. A team like Cleveland doesn't know how to win games doesn't have been asking -- did everything in their power to protect -- anything we expected almost never win that game. Somehow the pictures probably get a dog the other part of equipment that's it seemed like. The Patriots offense not defense patent -- rally where they had to. And made some incredible plays got a couple -- called -- told quite well what to say how this happens doesn't it is you. Can't there's no formula for what happened to. It was a big one like that were to happen more often how often does time with this happened several listed you basically want football games. The rest of life for Nazi come back like this other big news of course unfortunately. If Rob Gronkowski late in the third quarter hit below the knees on -- hit by TJ ward the strong safety of the Cleveland Browns. Carted off after the field Ian Rapoport. Reporting an MRI will be done tomorrow we did not look good. Eagle on Twitter. I have retreated to doubt my producer and -- -- while but everybody took a screen shot. From the TV and if we did -- -- you see rocks -- kind of cigarettes and I was sideways and it's his right leg to see what happens is not -- it. Marginal the about the recall whether -- shot put. Marginal he was targeting these and I understated. 67275. Coming down on him and urged him back. Going that the guy's just tough to see especially because that's just -- -- -- Graphic up there talking about the difference of that office with a -- -- wrong. And it's tough to see when you run lead to such great shape -- form of the what's in -- throughout the -- the Houston. The Cleveland Browns touchdown by him. By. -- -- by patriots element. And then there's a touchdown. And then a period Cleveland past the -- cheap shot that -- -- can't have them out of the gratitude and a huge advantage was moved that ball up okay. But let let me take exception with the term cheap shot in today's NFL 2013. Guys that get to find and suspended left and right -- for the shoulders and a buff so he goes lull now where he went while I understand. To twelve nothing game. They -- -- not scored at that point rock makes that catch I'm a strong safety I'm looking to deliver a blow and -- don't do it legally it below the waist -- About like X that a called a marginally in that situation I don't blame a guy decides -- won't talk like that you know curiously though you if you. Something like I don't quarterback in the in the pocket that's applied. I'm not saying it was a cheap shot never did say it was -- it's it was a marginal scenario were absolutely understood. What -- -- -- if -- to the and the goal Libya had about one was an absolute to try to -- to -- the ball he's the fences is coming forward. And Cleveland -- right in the face before. Absolutely stupid that's one of these porn industry. Cleveland got to know how to win. If you're gonna we will not gonna make the stupid plays at crucial times in the game to give a team a chance of Ron tank hit fifteen for the closer to era. You and I ask both you guys how people want this game and I think you summed it up that's once the comeback started. Once they got to 1911. Once there was that she can't even when they gave up -- eight play ninety yard drive up -- down 2614. Bill Belichick's haters can say what they want about him that you say they want about Tom -- Tom Brady said Ron Borges. An article held yesterday people make the patriots that's what about a -- -- they put themselves in a position to win and win that starts. You know that it situational football -- patriots at Phoenix they -- the situation hopeful. We'll agree there's there's so -- -- bit domed football who votes at the open. But it recall vote. Different scenarios as -- we -- prepared. Do we -- situation when the Bill Belichick but still it's all from the Cleveland brown necessary if we're to. Think about that you're Cleveland you're single made -- through the second half all the stuff they stopped making the move -- and gone. Hold my goodness right this maybe you have and they spent doing things -- -- little. Kicked in the -- To what time all the played not protecting it a practice -- make change things up because they're indicating. Because the patriots -- he is coming right at them I'm Johnny if I'm Jason Campbell and I look at the film tomorrow. -- in 39 -- going orchestrated an eight play ninety yard drive. He gave us a twelve point lead hell did we lose that football. I mean really -- that we came back is not what is by by mistakes by not going there's game. And by a couple of cool maybe one table. All slightly through what's -- that was significant room for getting to the -- go to the phone earlier this is the real post game show because France Carla speed deductibles if you're around come by tell me. I love this Barbara let's go to Lou in Connecticut hello Lou. They were doing guys -- -- Faith does that I'm a huge football fair amount of taxpayer. What I gotta tell -- -- that was. So disgusting at the end you know I give it to I'd give it to the patriots who who -- play. What the officiating was absolutely terrible well received more strictly a solid assets current. -- developed an inmate that's gonna call them. I've seen we've seen on my mind made up until now about one another and entertainment hit on settlement. You know even -- the moral right to the basement of the -- all in agreement got to come down with both feet in the ground. And and you know the guy goes off in the end excess hair all right -- now we -- -- the wrong. You -- made if you went too little too far that you could have made a point about that that's -- -- that was a very close call I agree that could be deployed with that to say that that shot that. What the penalty that that you know -- that's called 24 sevenths that's an easy call. The refs did a right -- -- the two -- were down touchdown in comes and hits him in the face mask with a scant. No question what the -- -- We've seen worse calls we've seen -- Past the first not call. So we've seen a widely if they didn't get that play they still have a shot against the it's filtered -- seconds left they have the ball would replace what. I can't -- quick break because that yours so much to talk about. The real post game show was on the care Bill Belichick after the game on Rob Gronkowski well. Rob was taken to hospital for evaluation observation. About online now on that's the latest Belichick well we will have the latest from the locker room. The latest from the podium we will have your opinion or thought we have from the pros right with -- off. Our mostly but most players. Have are killed page but the game. The real post game with respect if you buy all of them. Insurance -- form but it shops and you've seen. Lansky dot com today and -- moved on to the vote and also by me. -- Say that was. Came out of new gronkowski. Tackle came in very low and gronkowski is heard you can see there by the look on his face. On a day when the patriots may have lost Rob Gronkowski for the rest of their season they win their tenth game of the year. And they do look like on a couple rabbits out of a hat Bill Belichick after the game on rock rob was taken to the hospital for evaluation -- observation. That's all I have on that you Rappaport tweeting out. And it MRI will be done tomorrow to determine the status of Rob Gronkowski and need you're listening. The real post game show -- alive and Toby Keith I love this bar and grill you can join us at 6177797937. Got full -- call phone lines right now for its relative speed yachts and gentlemen it's time for a -- that day. You know what that means you've heard us talking on the -- for years about the truly great seafood restaurant -- finish -- fish clearly as best we found no bones about it. Each week. Here -- the real post game show will feature the catch of the day and -- catch of the day comes with 35 seconds left in the game. And interference call questionable one -- one that was available for the patriots off. And then one play later Tom Brady stepped back only four catches for any of the bill today this was the big. Lady marina is left. Hosted by an -- off the right -- -- Take the stamp -- -- right. -- Danny Amendola with a touch down the patriots go ahead. 27262. Point conversion was no good. But that is our -- fish catch of the day to see the catch of the day at -- -- check out -- pictures that you every day. -- Jo fish. Dot net. The -- but what you. Just it just a little spice and how remarkable that about who has. And Steve love the fact. Cleveland had not allowed 300. -- tie you Brady at 300. When he set the odds in the second half as he did in the second half of these that's remarkable considering you know this is a pretty good defense they should -- 95 got the recovered very effective. Right that's. That's what to pull it from we got a lot of people don't wanna talk about this so let's go to the phones that go to our body. -- started slowly and then maybe Iran even gone on -- why America all they. Not -- victory out of -- job that defeats. That is correct my young friend they certainly did and yet it's pretty remarkable to think about it when you consider the way the Carolina game and it. When you consider the way that she gets in and it here but he could sit there with -- New Orleans game and here I mean. But all guys listen when you're sitting there now. And they have for a snapshots. You're gone okay. That's just not poised and that's it's automatic -- -- respect from the play better as the announcers were saying OK well about -- that halftime two with a with a roundtable. With oversized. -- the victims -- -- with a wanna beat the -- -- -- -- please give me a quick answer to this on why it would be you -- let me give you the number with the -- six nothing. Today you're trailing at the half last week seventeen to seven. You're trailing at the half the week before when he -- nothing you're trailing at the half the game in Carolina. Ten to three you're trailing at the -- for that Pittsburgh we blew them out. The week before that against Miami seventeen to three. Those five games that the last sixty -- happen all five of them you know routes 71 at -- only one. Touchdown that I have I don't know I don't believe the -- stadium to the game's over. But why -- why so inept that I have first -- -- in five the last sixty. You know it's gonna catch a bit later today with the. Both in total reload the I don't know there's been turnovers it's been some. Broke the record because at that time we've offered through the fact that that the number of reasons. Whether it be that effective shut out twice this year in the first half Denver. Here. There's no explanation for this knowledge judgment -- signaled that stuff for the second half pictures. They. Get their backs against the wall and start -- would unbelievable but they didn't use that rip off of what's to know about. We will also because -- started of course last but. You look at it there's nothing. You can't you can't be cautious about anything to off caution is put to the way I the second afternoon down especially about this but we're just chucking the ball. It -- just fine with the guys but to -- in the in the the backs that you can wide receivers a running the correct routes and he's thrown some so blazers. The first half of -- we -- to the -- when there are mixed right -- little if -- there but they were fired the ball. If they've made a mistake he did but he religiously a lot of in this first -- Brady was just off the first play of the game that overthrew -- just a little bit not -- limit settlement -- -- but it gets a little high number one with Armenia over the middle from. So what are those -- -- -- credit when he tells me even after thirteen weeks whose operatives go work in progress. This year maturity is -- work in progress but it isn't in the second. 320 yards passing in the second half that's remarkable that's part of it so it's not bloggers is just not working 100%. Of the game the when the offense has to be called on every second -- you brought up. It has been well with a whole bowl when you have nothing to lose its right. Scenario where we'll with. See what worked -- -- that the -- wants the court does not that -- spot keeps them points they're down seven today. It's let's go to what Cleveland for that little -- I don't know -- -- we will go to Matt followed. -- I don't -- myself what -- that would idea I think you try to do it to other factors come from behind me as victories and one season. I wish I could be upbeat about this you know -- I I don't know if they deserve to win or not yeah I they were there know what you -- the -- -- -- global voices in the event for the to be Carolina game. But there are a lot of bad things this game you guys that have to see as well. I mean -- out because ski holiday got a mountain offense over the life. Like -- -- means they probably didn't work on the weaknesses in the first quarter ended defense can it make it's not what to -- -- I think about those with. But it's equivalent of the time waited longer healthier there were down twelve -- it was -- the end of the third quarter twelve reports as well after. All 2747. Points I think you know game that McCain is right to -- -- oil but the point is to keep that going forward. Especially talk about well. If you don't have wrong. It's over this question was not overcome that all of this you know can't really do like it when advocates question long term that it. I don't they'll come -- of the common you have to compensate the best they can be that's not playable without a but there's a lot of bad things but when you win all those games. There's a lot of great things. The defense looked about the kind of market for some Campbell give -- -- that -- -- lower down please third and seventeen crucify the game right -- let that in the -- -- -- -- and that's haven't been. Can't let that happen. But all all would you won't play these games the -- just lose these games. In the perpetual winners win more of these games of it and that's what makes that would go to but he Stephens Fall -- was next on the real post game show I feel. I'll be calling you next week which reminded me that I should be at night you -- -- that little thought that it probably would have liked that -- for a lot. I don't know I don't know why he could be happy. Above it is I don't moment that you need to be kept out of the gate I was on what I think you want money he just didn't think like this type of with a. They violence that we've just said. Why wouldn't be happy. From an on and on -- -- anyway we wait we have a conversation. As I drive -- you got to remember it it's not Cleveland was. Well buffalo when it's patriots winning it makes ten wins this season so it's not something happens. I don't know what it means we must be so I would have been in his Ottawa -- filing system proposal for scrutiny that the only time Wyatt I happy that create protect and win he. Ten -- An Internet to -- to see that yes we do it can I ask you questions and budgets that perhaps we recognized you question. Review that we you have to pick just one. -- Iowa -- -- I didn't ask you that I did after that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah impact -- going without you know we're close we're not a big they will say again what and they are important but he didn't know why. It's ten wins in the NFL ST that's against the real happy that they -- want. Not the way they want to know I didn't ask him that I didn't ask about the way they once did -- not the answer them. I'll ask -- straight forward to argue it got a couple that fateful. Are you happy that they want to not because that it gave up. You know eight plate so I agree yeah right we are absolutely correct. You're absolutely correct I still last night. I thought we -- to. Who did that that championship game middle and it was like -- -- actual people they are ten -- I feel good when you get what it. It eighth place IE eight yard drive that -- I'd advise you better quit the problem. You must go to what you go through. You don't feel good about this we've correct. -- what they are okay good that's all right he's got to be more hundred miles without asking the question are you happy that they want it. It's you know and intolerance that. C'mon you know -- who are more -- responsibility I'm sitting here with the lines light up -- people lost his -- he's just he's just miserable and it would that the use. It's his victory doesn't leave how well the only the only thing that cuts over getting ugly Hillary gets. He's miserable and they went and dominating you know it's unbelievable guys if it's not have -- buffalo Cleveland won again. It's -- -- OK it's great but what what about it but the patriots were living room. -- in the tenth win of the season that ended three. And they were behind them to get a hold real advantage Freddie have played remarkably played on some very character building teams in all of us are you glad that she would love to -- off the field went a lot more than we did we lost ten of twelve games like 3.2 laps. You don't have made us. -- knows that and live through that pain and I think if you -- by three points to left that -- you ever. Let's go to who's been around knows that a column apparently that was celebrating you can only be between the following out of -- of -- There's gonna start glory he showed that we. Let's go to market now Rockport mass along marquee on the low post game show -- -- I took my. In Austria the chemical that would win the lottery -- like you almost thought but it appears on the ethnic. My god what is there and so won't. So first of all I stop them we can overcome costly got a huge loss obviously -- So I think -- overall. It could -- to Brady. I was -- from their strategy to -- pretty much it with a good chance to perfect game but the way. Like guys Bobby -- actually doing really well thought I I just I'm not a -- to go with it. Well you know there's a one thing with what with. When he got from. For me to me a marine marine unit it would -- we're helping move the difference that makes them think we have a 150 what was it. 150 yards receiving free art institute and that's one of the way -- -- -- not been told promises to cut blocks like that can catch like that. We'll go running back and reflect that -- no -- healthy. And Evelyn play like he is you still have a chance at Oakmont in those guys are you know zero to. The -- as much an open about the guy I think a lot of people have been. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Up where he looks good who -- -- -- when we've -- loads of they're very difficult. When you do you know I reread your point ready I honestly do tantalize and -- no. But here's the thing mark just adage that comment you give me Belichick and -- you got a 5050 chance to win. I could make an argument that they're more than half their games the issue came down to a 5050 chance to win look at it. Jets the second week thirteen to -- the Cincinnati game that they lost in a while and -- The Miami game that they came back from down 73 that then regain the Carolina game. This game. The Houston game last week but it partners -- benefit the 5050 chance of we benefit the personal as they want what 90% to your point. While while they might have abortion you know where in some regards but also -- calls go against teams the end of the jets game. The Carolina game and -- now. But the fact that they want and Apple's thirteen games and more than half four point -- the game. He's the ultimate -- right to Belichick debris in the gains and losses -- right on the he was that the for the loss. -- thinking that colossal book that won him the third game of it that's your points keep what's in it off the top of the show that what you're Belichick on your side. Annual radio and it's not what you'd rather not have this type of situation. Situation before what you gonna win more of those. Schemes than the other teams that went the problem is if you can put yourself review we recruit we -- put yourself of that position. It's more -- problem the problem against Cleveland could be bigger problem with the playoff. They've got to figure out what's stopping them from being at least. 50% more effective for -- -- well they're going to be they're going to need every bit of offense to go anywhere in the playoffs we did ultimately. I don't think the personal defense with the audiences and I was hurt you know really hurt -- -- -- -- a lot of guys four guys who hurt. This just not gonna be great defense while the first. We were talking about we get together after the game was -- -- looks like an extra playoff game for the patriots -- -- have that same scenario down next week because the patriots who went to Miami. And Miami had a tough win in Pittsburgh today. So -- -- the Miami can't win the division really if Miami can beat the patriots Cincinnati on Sunday Night Football next week placed at Pittsburgh -- today. Rivalry Cincinnati in the same boat they could hide the patriots and Miami could beat the patriots. Next week so you're right Steve -- that -- Cleveland at all. I mean what what. That didn't -- this what you're gonna get to talk to the top routine it was with. Saints in Denver they do the same and -- was always the same thing they want to it's. If something like you would -- you don't want to -- -- -- to -- group purposely. What they're winning by any means necessary. In which it's not an onside kick and we have one onside kick recovered since since the ninety's and I recover one you know while we're trying to make sense to this game better. And to come out of his bunker try to make sense of -- -- -- for a lot frank. Why can't compromise my favorite content side go to Hollywood and lose -- -- I don't know if I -- behavior -- of the UK okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Distances it took I took this image that it was patriots I didn't give up very close that I left it iPad but I don't think what -- what we're partly it was -- night. I -- an element of quality. Like the clock back on up maybe. Golf. Have spent appropriately. I don't look like what acknowledge that right well we pick -- -- lightweight vacuum with lots of advice right. I find -- -- -- better now I don't read a book on what the money to find a better book -- -- the -- what was the bad calls. We'll be able to net a bad call against them which one apartment. What you won't look for a while I think -- play that enable more. I applaud that approach that it wasn't -- and ignore the idea of holding call that a problem and propriety. Records are not running -- -- credited with three seconds and -- at the right. Frank they still have if they don't call that right exactly what it was second bounty on the on the third by the -- -- partners are harder proposition. Talk existence in Fall River and frankly at Walter -- act which is more of how it's gonna ask Rick a simple question that Fred who -- to -- live by the Seattle let me say that. -- -- You know yesterday that a real post game show presented by complaints -- insurance. At the landscape big shop so you can see. Visit cup Lansky dot com today and but most foods honey bunches of oats and also bought AT -- come by to OBT. We're alive and Toby Keith I love this bar and grill it's the real post game show to late tonight. Brady yells out to be offensive line. Takes the snap hit the ball up three runs god to. Good field. Into the end zone. Shane -- with the touched on the patriots first touchdown of the -- that came in the third quarter. A six yard run with six seconds left. In the third quarter after it caught a fifty yard pass from Tom Brady down on the left side. Time now you're in the real post game show. To -- about not so fast food. Honey bunches of votes player in the game where would he debate about what he's the he's the -- -- -- -- -- well as -- you think Tom Brady should be our players -- who lets it affect what's -- what was in the second it will blow over Thanksgiving and every week we're gonna talk. I'm looking at the -- to make him before you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Said that before the what was written a revolt on which -- I will be needed in higher numbers pretty that you want its iron. I'll let me I think the print command Tom Brady at halftime. By the way this was the fifth team in the last six weeks what they had scored. Less that seven. To -- we left that yet they only up one touchdown in the first half five of the last six games. They had a doughnut in half by Tom Brady at halftime was seven of nineteen for 95 yards one interception in deplorable. And he of those twelve completions. I would say probably. The majority of -- And in those at least a couple of dropped but you know we did not play well out in the second. He went for 323. Yards to wanted to -- level with very because. Went management and valves of the rounds of the 85 bears that tolerant topped by the golf 2533. Payable 33 the ball almost like much in the first half and it happens left of incompletion. Just in the -- 1% yet no interceptions in yet to touch down when it comes the most Euribor rate is the mean reason. He came back ones here and it doesn't change my mind. -- -- -- -- My vote for the post. Pretty much the vote players to -- machinery. I think it's it's critical. Let out or a remarkable game -- -- -- -- passing game against -- in the finale that's exactly but the second half that was brutal rule. None of the success. So what I would say most people are worried are you make a slightly edges out marine I would actually because of -- -- -- -- I would consider the -- -- well bullets -- -- this all the media the numbers. Shane -- I want over them which twelve Yahoo! won't allow -- -- erected -- president Mandela was one -- the evenly -- -- what -- with the government's numbers or not. Great that -- valued org over optical and one of the things it's six catches 64 yards you know one touchdown. It returns. Adult men yet if -- -- Shane -- twelve catches career high 153 yards. Receiving twelve point eight yards while he only had three rushes for ninety. With the six yard touchdown -- -- I thought you were Ridley did get back it will talk about it a little bit later on. I thought -- green as the feature back today. Was one of the main reasons they want it's football -- you know just like the -- you're trying to do. Simply because. I expect robbery to put up. I expect him does that mean it's -- Ohio but I do you -- your diet yes you did what you were spoken to all of you should know -- wrote. It. Submitting diplomats that the probable that the weekly talk bet you you've taught is that this through right now -- I've talked about it at. Or a like. Hall was part of the reason they were in that -- marine played a great game. Marines went above and beyond what we've seen what we've seen -- and expect of him I think that he gets player of the game. Simply because -- over the top effort which is something we don't normally see them. To your point Tom Britain's efforts are phenomenal what we've seen better every -- golf. -- right now I think I think would give it to them about we had the best that once Natalie -- that. My proposal by best -- I don't know about our votes for the overall. We'll -- the football player of the game he Shane -- today I understand as we started the season make sure you kick off your game right with post. Honey -- the votes -- -- -- local food market basket. Today we all agree to post on it much the most political I -- it's a right now I won't be able to go to next week -- You're doing and we've got to run in Bedford is not a real close. He's showing -- running. Golf -- to go to beer from Iran to the couple points cattlemen's baucus certainly risen dramatically as that which you're what you're here great. But is there any chemical. Slash quarterback hit them in the NFL. Mobile 500. I mean has been able to go all the injuries were out. We're not the best coach in the game and that's quarterback in the game and -- and I think the local -- him at well. -- went around us that when you ask that question I was actually thinking that it literally and it all candidates over the last two years I gotta give the Pete Carroll Russell Wilson combination. A pretty good on a ball watch in this game right now they'll rustle up a good number don't want out of state and there are a lot rocket -- but yeah I mean I'm not seen -- Bill Belichick I'm putting you on what you. You're running for what you can do when you're in Seattle which and that's kind of for two years debuted as the. -- defense you put that defense of the particular I think it's pretty good quarterback nervous about losing our productivity rate at -- his numbers going a couple of -- the seventh. -- not from closely doubles numbers don't compare to the top quarterback to what we call it at all no matter what most unbelievably what did Tom Brady threw. In the beginning his career. Is now look at his numbers weren't spectacular. He had a very good defense is that an incredible coaching to help him win championships. I met -- they want right it can't take the way it worked -- is what you can't think we've Russell Wilson in his second year -- to everything that's asked of him. To help his team win with a wood chip to about that we -- I just can't put the tandem of Carol Wilson. In the same breath -- I can you that you point Ronnie I think it's a really good point to what other totaled about quarterback combination. Would have this team it and it would. But I you know what nobody was playing great if we can play an awful level playing hurt all you ignore -- will walk Mayo. A form of I mean with a walk through he's -- -- it. And grow quicker -- Greenfield. Is what we -- now yup. Look what they do this year. Don't report that all we're getting those people would be eligible. To -- picketing but he problem with this dual engine with -- time. Man whose job of coaching and you're right to the point. Quarterback coach combination that's that's one of the best you'll just review of self. What that you ticket your route would pretty its first over the first game -- coach Rick those who bring that -- to 115. You. I played who -- -- -- good news meetings I've had extensive overseas with -- about football. The guy knows more football than anybody I've ever -- in my life and he has instant recall -- so. I'm not surprised by Bill Belichick and Tom -- -- -- in the in this league I don't think about Belichick it's one thing known football with different -- applying for the the field that's in heaven -- -- is to make those calls reported that the -- to give the -- -- -- not take it over time. I mean those things that most coaches would go up in a ball. Let's go to Johnny came Richard thinks that that's got lucky to. John they're -- -- -- -- was -- there -- allowed -- I called in when he was on the show this factor might think you're gonna above the live -- -- federal of that ever happening about a factor of these -- talks about what you did with. It was sort of like a little bit of -- fledgling inaugural could really do bring anything to the table -- Robert -- well. And up coming up I'll listen to at all because until you resolve and a -- like the moment out of I've. -- okay it's -- pullout by Fred what else do you judge good good. Good. Do called oh my god what we're not there. And then I agree. -- -- he had what are you kidding real quickly did you know. I'll hold on hold off backup of productivity Islamic. Told on chat about the -- -- you're not gonna get on the show and say when a guy's defense this gets formed ahead. But that is that's about all that app through 100% we called every single time which on how to put out that went out what about that interference call that was terrible what. Twitter friends of the -- Foxboro to let you call all right so what absolute joke what's the point. It's karma so what that's why I think it was first now. And it always agree -- -- -- -- you want got hurt but I Eric -- maybe you pump a lot of ideas that one got hurt because of interference -- without the leader of the game. Of course what kind of plot we'll Telecom argue you can argue it would professional -- we're just on the regular -- I don't understand what that would say John I -- Steelers in. Doesn't matter -- And defend -- Tomlin did it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what we do know with -- clown. Anyway shape or form to look at it -- -- -- -- cloud you know that was fresh talent and affairs while that's still had the ball through 1000 through my I -- -- -- I actually I was subject I don't agree with them but it was -- of ridiculous call when it was a if it was a little -- opener borderline call but I know -- -- -- -- the -- -- it doesn't -- borderline calls global -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the -- -- against -- the -- call the -- -- -- -- the -- -- This was the first found. Patriots still had plenty of -- -- -- dark spots and could destroy John if you get too which is why do we have the Cambridge to recoup severe. -- -- -- a lot of different route route if you're just tuning into the real post you've shown you this this one today the patriots trailed. Nineteen to eleven at the end of the third quarter atrial six nothing at -- half. -- time the last six games that they've been trailing. At the half but with 513. To go. They've made it nineteen to fourteen with a field goal Cleveland and scored an eight play ninety yard drive to make it 2614. Game all the 239 to go patriots down by twelve but. Patriots come back. Score an eleven play 95 yard drive Brady element 26 when he won an onside kick the patriots come back -- and then dole out. All -- and a fifty yard field goal attempt likely would fall short. Remarkable comeback patriots come back now twelve with 239 ago. To beat the browns 2726. But Rob Gronkowski eleven MRI tomorrow does not look good. From what we've seen on the film on his -- we go to OT in Chicago next OT. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Obama has -- the ground I think went down the right time. Because I think we've built that often that -- no way he can make the playoffs. I mean it didn't patriots only two witnesses pomp and we had he doesn't let them that we're Bronx and -- welcome drop. -- disappear and we needed. It divides -- sort of a lot of Super Bowl you -- yet he was there he was hurt either disappear it was her night. Well and that's what is it hearing about it I don't know about disappearing as much or go play hard. To -- heard -- the Burton and disappearing at two different things whether or not I wanna say it can be injured not available or whoever it was they need. All right effort right when you say would you -- dispute comes up we took that -- -- he -- -- disappeared. Most athletes they think of disappearing meaning. That you don't show up what accounts told me that you get into OT are you trying to say that if they were going to be without -- for the playoff run. If you -- -- we'll get to that point now. We regalia go to -- how did you know there -- going to be without wrong when you have -- number three games this. Quite enough for whatever election to save as and save them disheveled but used to have a boot time. To prepare for life about the last you're gonna hurt -- and we'll play the best in the season. Yes so if you look at for a silver lined out that you know it's okay well you know I get -- -- too much rather be. With wrong that without them but you you know you you got three games. Should square where your offense can get Hopkins back debts. -- back to these guys help contribute billboard off. They sit up and about what the big item that was Somalia beat him to -- -- -- -- -- Oh my goodness that was a pretty good at least 6177797937. Join us guest -- I was crazy when an. Wearing big feature it's not -- has -- -- makes your life. We just run on Saturday but it got that -- -- peninsula negotiations and audition she should -- -- Join us and -- real post game show a lot of good Toby Keith and loved respond real real toasty jumpers and by the plant's future. -- they shop so you can save. Visit the plants keep dot com today and also -- Most foods will be brought to the vote and by AT&T. Okay. Back on the real post game show live from Toby Keith I love this bar and grill. Patriots -- amazing amazing -- want to -- down by twelve points with less than three minutes to go over the 39 -- you -- They come back. It went over Cleveland 2726. The significant it is to win if you look at the standings. Is that the patriots are now ten and three. Instead of 94. Very significant considering that the team right behind them. The Cincinnati Bengals won today against Indianapolis to go to nine and war and they hold the tiebreaker with the patriots Broncos. At levity to. Playing Tennessee their tenants -- Patriots at 103. Indianapolis at nine and 85. Now and Cincinnati at 94. A big win for the patriots right back to the phones. We got up. Freddie are believable it's go to neighborhood a car alone it and other real close game. What's up Lieberman and I -- occupied Gaza began. And I wanna say that. No other person in the entire league. Would have ever -- beginning of it I grew up in that didn't through coming up because let's talk because -- me. Whether I think -- getting. And the -- And my father. Let the games yet know what it you want to let you get inside and me. You -- it might align him with it right in and yet let that was -- -- that. It you know what a lot of people left the game it's understandable to -- would happen if that group that happen. It's cold team that we collectively we'll get uninspired and political football left when he called gains and a and at about something called we here -- noticed it too. So Broncos down. I look at Brady right -- wrong went down. -- gets it on what was wrong was. He walked over got close turned and walked to the bench and started thrown -- -- path because he knew that it's time. Ironically came out the very next play but I'm Sheen reached that moment to do good things on the -- after it was Mike went. It's like. It's almost like it's not the rule you know scrubs going -- that game up when he knows he's got to go -- it was enough because of the fair but this is yet so. It currently. You should walk out whenever Tom ratings in the game because I think would happen. Especially this year to go at the -- people flooding at seven halftime it would do they left the kids are done by the Olympic Games to go -- -- The Denver. They they never lost game one was up 22 points that -- didn't have a 1120 degrees your your one to two hours or so. So. 2324. Point which reports so. It's it's Sunday night and it's cold we're pretty wicked cool. You blame someone for -- to the -- who the twelve ratings didn't come back. You didn't. You do if you were to draw the pilots are very we always -- defensive scheme you you know. You know more so than any other quarterback problem -- -- -- -- at -- it's possible that the biggest play was involved active. Well in which two on aggregate -- -- today. They haven't had one and thirteen for what -- -- -- -- you still think somebody still needed somebody and junior scoring drive from forty yards down if you get few. -- affected. -- for -- that he gets you haven't called might not happen when the point is my point at this point after all the comebacks this Houston. No -- to -- can be made him the comeback but green at halftime lead but we're going down six. Halftime the group -- this game. This game Girardi who are committed troops of 57 minutes ago we gave -- the people we -- at halftime this. Back to the -- talented new. You're on the real post game show -- -- Account yet they're really -- up felt I read Steve I think you're an adult and now. Good to get agreement if you could set me straight on something. I have a puppet of the opinion that the reason -- Brady has been more erratic this year and that more. That decision making another mistake is because he's -- he hasn't been comfortable. With the offensive line. They happen in a bad offensive line that they haven't been giving him the kind of sign that it. What are the fact -- that he did you think getting the last 45 years. A my radio why don't you. Scored double movie going public wreck path but there's more to it evolved what you're talking about. Earlier in the season he needed more time because his receivers were on the same page you viewed more time we often -- anyway it was getting good protection. -- these exceptional protection there's been a few times lately that the protection broken down when he says receivers. Available. At running the correct routes what. We've also got a third string offensive tackle playing on the right tackle this week -- -- it's been -- -- it was true that you lost Sebastian Vollmer. Marcus cannon was an active today yup will Svitek here here I'm starting right tackle he's not a strong guy and I think it is from of this Tom Brady gold. Published titles have the past -- the clock in his -- That's respect who. What do the colors of -- correct. There's always. It's never just one reason for something happening Tom Brady doesn't look. As clean or as effective as we've seen in years past. It's it's a number of reasons -- of what they used its -- -- quietly is young receivers it's. Any number of other Little League that add up. To him not being. Not booking until recently as dominant we have a top revisions to the reason he's so hot it -- to. He's used to finding reading the defense reading the offensive adjustment to find a ball instantaneously. To accomplish while 1000 to 1000. When the -- of -- -- good receivers going to be where mark the second half when he knows it's imperative we get the ball opposite mistake won't make that much difference of right from the can be used like. That's why the big plays in the second half his -- -- also a lot of tribute deceptive but it doesn't matter is -- much went through if you don't make big plays the game. -- go to -- -- -- car who's next in the real postage no idea where you're at the game. If I was there really what's on your mind. That what's on your mind along with -- us. I'll probably -- I had that look at it that critics see -- the fifty yard line. And I brought out it's just awful. Mean I was -- -- but I'm pretty in the path in this game in the crowd in the game which is terrible. And then people haven't even been I was getting with the big oil there. -- -- -- -- Due to the patriots give the they have a whole lot to cheer about to leave the game. A lot of upon America I'm -- in order okay -- reporters that. I -- the crowd was into it. There were a lot of opportunities for the crowd to actually get it to a group that first well let's be honest this game was given in everybody's mind threw up an eleven point who has played it was a given in the -- for crime -- -- in Iraq -- play well actually. So I mean this. The patriot home crowd is known. Because of all the success has been the most enthusiastic crowd anyway so I was in the -- looked over enthusiasm -- -- -- you at all. We're -- sure it was a mock -- which even mentally in the second quarter it got its first married it was a mock check out the latter's cheery attitude there was. There was a reason not to be if you -- about it I was down six death have not -- the -- looked terrible governor respond appropriately compensated. Figure out the -- but the route between now -- have a home game for buffalo with a -- perpetually. With the patriots will they had the good Sheila this of the triple and a cure for T that's it wiped out and do it shouldn't have been six not that I have been alone won't go for years. That. For better or worse we've been accustomed to some of the best foot forward the best -- wolf you periods but -- football team like that remember what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The fact that we've seen this team awkward so what's more efficiently than they have this season yet they've got that way. It is the real post game show we're live at Toby -- I love this bar and grill. Here for a couple more hours for you come by here in the parking lot left CU here Foxboro forget his call 617. 7797. 937. 2726. Patriots yes they win this football game. Are you kidding me somehow some way they get it done. We did talk about a real post game show presented by complaints future actor Polanski -- shops -- you could say. Visit complaint you dot com today and -- boots on a bunches -- -- And also by. AT&T. I don't know if you know what's the circumstances are. You know we're we're all their weapons now. You know we love you big part of this team consumers. As Tom Brady after today's game talking about Rob Gronkowski you're listening to the real -- you know. We're coming to you live from Toby Keith's I love this bar and grill for external ST yeah I'll see him which earned a monument but come back for the patriots and when -- the year with three games ago they -- positioned to win the division against Miami next week in Miami. -- position to get the number two seed if they win now. And they are still in position to possibly get that number one seed after this week with them right now. Trailing Tennessee 2120. In that game history being made that -- kicking in NFL record 64 yard. Field goal breaking the record of Casey mean when Tom Dempsey and beliefs about him I don't know who -- -- notes on -- but he's. Behind group like that retrieve sports or vote. -- they go through 2720 wanted to -- -- in the lead now quote from Rob Gronkowski or follow him. On Twitter a bunch of them first of all Jeff -- from the Boston Herald tweeting out seventeen minutes ago. Herald has learned that Rob Gronkowski has suffered when he needs to -- Matthew Slater in the locker room after the game Mike -- tweeting yourself what I am totally heartbroken for Robin what he's going through we're going to try to keep playing. For him Tom Brady. You heard that fight coming statement. Tom Brady said afterwards I think we all feel sorry for rob but I don't think anyone feel sorry for the patriots. We'll certainly fans don't -- the country -- along the -- but. He would with a back in the all year and fought back to come up to the point we're playing pretty close to where it was last as thrived. There was a young guy that's a terrible terrible thing happened. One because that is if it happened right -- the season -- to -- because -- different to your if -- acclimated -- -- -- lose a player of that magnitude and often it's a weapon that fortunate probable. You know kind of -- block like that -- that the real. Well -- -- -- you guys played when a lot of stuff with a lot of believe much less is allowed now one of the big controversial thing. -- -- Yes while they're trying to wait to Kuwait and that's to their heads they're almost promoting these it's below the -- but also -- -- well that you have an alternative is to have. There's below them believe so here's my point. This is now been especially after what happened when their star players Rob Gronkowski again here's some tweets right after the game I Shane -- on tackling. -- rule change. Maybe if it made him wary it will hit it's always in the back of my head. It's definitely something that I look out for another one TJ ward made the hit comments after the game saying that you know. He was going alone because he knows he's gonna get find if he was going so I don't think when the clone of the world yet. The new haven't won more than new NFL message recorded when people don't hit. Hi his love message delivered to TJ ward result Rob Gronkowski with a morning field well. There's -- difference between going -- would be what he had if wrong 67. But that he has so probably your group three or four feet above that needed to try to tackle but I guess I don't blame him. Because if public with torn between 220 pound defensive back and I got 67 to seventy of -- coming up vehicles -- I can understand why didn't go well. It is just looks bad on the replay. I don't think it was a cheap shot I just. I just look at -- You know. Have these high at the high tackle me. I would assume the pig -- you wanna hit the ball if you want to make a fumble which rookie. He was stretched out an applicant who caught the ball in the at this window that what was planted if you're running the -- was coming up when -- -- -- -- on the -- One to point out it's very hard hit gronkowski had I could do so bitter tears to your point -- here TJ ward after the game. I closed on the path it would decision I need. Just to make a tackle on a big man unfortunately. He got hurt. But if I were to get about -- there's a chance I would have gotten fine. I've just been seeing -- and he went on to say I've been -- three times I don't like playing for free. You can ask anybody in the league if you like playing for free. No repeat offenders they're starting to suspend people for the year I can't risk that I won't risk that I got to play within the rules point blank Folgers common. You would have had to launch himself upwards to try to hit gronkowski high. You deliberately withhold the outdoor picnics and shouldn't try who would you but that that that's an evidence that's not the true. The truth -- you saw a huge may have. Running very fast coming you with a full honesty. Maybe it was too good with the you can make the choice to say it all about going and hit. You made the choice to say I would take down the easiest possible way is that absolutely nothing do with him saying. I'm Bob Barker taken much to think about. The high -- is the head it's that it's not a drug there's little shoulders that's a little room between bookmark house he's back. And these these so don't try to I heard about sales cheap shot. But don't sit here that you had no choice. -- to whoever is -- like that who had plenty of -- group which the ball. Group which shoulder to -- could have done a number that. Don't make the excuse that because of who knew who had to take. I would governor tackles and big man but he still felt secured it's like -- -- -- -- over the shoulder and then not fuel I took over the capital of big back. Get a -- the legs from upper chest or your shoulder season or not you'll you have and had probably knock you out. But it also isn't legal. For him to stay up and I if you try to tackle the guy not an illegal. That's what Steve said don't say. I try I don't try to avoid -- -- because -- not to hit rock and head let's just fallen down right we've got to go back to the phone but to other comments from work are noteworthy. He said after the game he did not know the house -- until well after the play. He did celebrate achievements thinking you jarred the ball -- until browns defensive back Sean Gibson. Pointed out that we're. -- promptly got -- of -- -- so great group a company -- -- point comment on that yeah that is another point was. After he approach -- to wish him well when rock was on the cause. If you notice that it would Romanov. He said my intention is never heard anyone after the game. That's not what this game it's about that's not -- -- I hate to see those guys without any other injury I just wanted to know what he accepted it or not it was not an intentionally -- him we have to play this game. We have to play it the way that they force us to unfortunately occurred in the treatment again and again what do we live in a -- he's waving some of the for his decision. His decision was to go -- we're told you what we're late. If you took out -- would be -- would have to. The fact it was Steve waited and we don't play the game that we can play at a high level like he got -- -- -- I like a whole lot of Bulldog -- that report I deeply defensive back and I got to say this if a -- A guy twice my size and I'm flying over there is a strong particularly appreciate that it's right and I decide to go -- There's not a lot of time to decide to go from an anti Catholic tradition and that's exactly what I was what you are quite large with them tell him exactly that he'd be. You've got a big man with a with a -- -- the couple that you and your your fifty to 55 why -- you. Yes you Google won't put put call when it was completely believe me to go what. You big that calculated decision because that was the best way it counts down. Not because you mean the opportunity to get that you can't deny them that -- -- point three times -- -- irrelevant. A Republican again but it does to me you know what you thought I don't know who don't know the the reason he went back because he is because it would have been. Couldn't tell you is really good about easiest way to get them not because he was afraid of if you. If that advocates say that low fat philosophy it's an improvement. If you're not well I tell -- how would I if you do that it you. That looked like they took my. But where to hit a obstacle to a month that is applied five times. Yes we wrote about I guess what would it but the fact -- what he got running don't make these -- that the -- -- take raw vote because they'll vote. You do that because that was the best way to take the big -- down without yourself get hurt that's different if -- if the well prepared because he has to upgrade would be. -- -- respect out his leg hit the ground and he hit it it was when it is just coming out that he was easily thrown out. You -- you're not -- it's our big men so please think about -- and I chose to go up while locked up it's the simple fact you're right if your doctor about. I spoke out to these kids have a few public. I'm gonna hit them right the way that's a whole new director had not to go to you don't know what he did it's what he -- it could not believe group force would go low it was this it was Smart sports sleeper. Let's go to Richard in violence not about not constant not Richard. Can ally of the church. -- -- we call him about that yet it seems I had Alan -- How to carry them for thirty years of losing. At that yet but that that happened the wrong. Parakeet and a half that would that would -- that lately but in the actual criminal court and what he athlete with absolutely at record and I mean and pack it up or are you think well you know -- and get everything it. We still have I think we'll see if. Well. Who don't see this the playoffs so wide open especially if see the because he's getting there. I don't see. Anybody. -- Murkowski of now I think it's it's that that with little doubt in my book. You don't believe survivor's they drop. -- -- -- -- -- What you're not down -- there who look at what happened -- -- devout twelve on this reported some which can run all they did have a national intelligence for. But wouldn't think Marco schnabel -- Under blocking goes down -- an excellent block what we're number two. He hasn't got it was downfield sometimes is a quick fix to these were well also in the middle of the game as opposed to leading up to a game as you got -- tell you it's time. It's all if he got a week to put the game plan and you get to scheme against the team without gronkowski now a little different candidates are also don't -- the team -- prepared for you. Has a little less to prepare focused -- not in this I would makes everything easier it's a very typical thing. Richard -- worked very typical -- very difficult to overcome that that there are difficult to look up you know right haven't haven't -- -- -- shoot. But it is now that you have the third string offered -- that would get me. Me and him but he's really done a real strong guys who have the best we can't these -- -- -- their chances down without -- because yeah. Is it possible. Go to NIC Robertson is on the real close to China. The -- go to Britain and see what they're telling you. -- -- You -- it is it is. -- phenomenon you know pretty well now. If I was on the edge of my feet there for a little while and you know now I just got a notification on my phone thing with brown felt for the season. But so you know that he's generous couple is. Well you know the remark. Don't think it's I don't know what you guys stop when I saw him get hit. Any normal violent thought that his leg up I expected to jump right up and let's see him doing so many times he's just so indestructible when you see that need. Yeah collected bend it like it is that he would have been to open them wide notebook so. I saw little stretched out much without hearing it through the big hit its virtual -- in the foot came off if it was grass you probably would have been a disaster. Let's go to. Ryan. In a car who's next -- Bryant. They don't follow up Brian. Let's talk about the match -- Amazon branded its proper -- birthday. Happy birthday. I want to talk about accorded -- -- also help TV out all he completed -- legitimately concerned about the policy thought it was a -- hit. That was clear that. It was very it was -- there was nothing illegal while it. The point is that guys going out to the league maybe they'll look to lead the league makes more conscious about hitting guys I've -- -- got a guy that -- -- struck out there's no. No way gonna do that I just don't want because of the want to -- are -- excuses but we forced them about the cubs beat. He went to quality because that was the best way to bring that live down. What Bob according third and 24 quarter of all Western Hemisphere and don't just going to Gordon -- -- As well who. I mean if I who's -- -- -- I don't know that started seventeenth you have a point just gonna want to know why won't. Well you know I think the Brothers -- run -- watch that a lot today guys. According place. Off the ball was snapped a seventeen. To twenty yards deep. Off the ball any stupid either give up third and long way also is no question that. Don't know critically might include live I could live week to meet what bill Belichick's defense have been about. We said that a million times three about the over the last three years that's -- he's bend but don't break so don't give up the twenty yard pass to go to what you but the fifty or sixty yard touchdown. Yet they continue to give up -- -- -- this year on third down especially -- -- what is who was removed through them. Seven for fifty. Bit too long ones you know I would think that that was crucial because of -- stop will be attic of the ball back that but it looks more about that drive right. There would have kicked a field goal from where the world would have been a huge difference. But I knew it worked on your right I it was -- which of those third and seventeen. I feel like I just don't I can have a strong safety -- free safety that far back -- -- -- because. -- -- -- -- -- He's going to be Hewlett well all -- you given up so much. -- up so much of its own officials often. Lately there's only so to solve all of its people over the line backers in front of the seat -- over the lined up in the front of the corner. From all that you have no personal. But there was no place for Coca. Exact court Campbell once today pretty upset about particular plays it was a perfect -- -- this sort of out. Who won the legal right forum had a clue who reportedly wasn't that obstructed at all you know there was no coverage in the -- seventeenth -- but. It would -- to weigh in with -- -- the greatest threat to -- the world two -- structures and also you know Jones trail Jones is playing on Thomas and donors to alternative to a different. Don't resilient option for you to everybody you know that because of these so you know which -- -- -- his sort of monkey in a -- bogey. That's up move about a group of lower back and what are your own good work pale near Obama we will bring it all but over the preacher well. Girls do make one group may -- ballplayers boldly split up. It seemed like YouTube like big big couldn't get on the roadway and over time where they had opportunities through to do things to have. You know make -- the first -- -- too stupid to make it more competitive they did hold your goals. That's mine but it just -- they could -- other ways we all over again but the good -- -- years with the. About to -- the left they scored two touchdowns and one onside kick which is remarkable we got people had not of the game in their cars -- bluffing your preview it's excellent seven. 7797937. We'll go to Marco. And McConnell -- -- on the real post game show. Yeah they are doing what's up my school. They. It supports it you know to -- to the game and -- and we're just going to serve up the crowd. You don't crowds we've what was that that you hear that the -- -- long time now and the crowds in what they are it's it's not. You got a team that's that's set the standard for excellence over the last twelve years. But you have a -- we renewable fuel performances and when you. Publisher. Question do we something spectacular. Sometimes the crowd doesn't the reactors -- that. It's coming it was terrible I mean I think I just couldn't believe it third down. You know crucial third down in the game and the crowd just gonna -- -- Michael are you. This is the only. We've heard this for -- or -- let me ask you are you someone who normally doesn't -- in the red seats how many games do you go to qualify that a little bit. I can refuse the couple times a year and I work for a company who -- these what -- So you know it's just it's that could say it won't be a way that we could be that crucial third down. And there's no cheering in the game. Through you know. So this meant so. And if the other parts suffered the quote way. It's in Gillette Stadium and it's helped me wanna tells me it's. That you don't beat jam it to the end and everybody's grieving I mean how do you leave you on Tom Brady who really clearance. You know it who really cares if we've had this issue forever and is that a great old do they haven't. It's not -- so all the -- managed to win that matters when you hold. I believe we -- to break. I get it some people to your. So people -- some people eat tofu so we do on until we get through now Steve you know life out of it the favorite to spoil that what we're used to winning 82 to forty fiction section but the -- It's oil over. It's been incredible. And Belichick could review. And guess what Google -- If not connected people why is that we're so concerned about him which. You know what we're here do you. You it's their loss if they're not there or tickets favorable he could do. Five or via phone calls with the pros the PLC for its growth I'm what Stearns it's real post game show presented by complaint -- insurance. At the -- TV shop so you can say. Visit complaints keep dot com today they'll post it Philip also brought by post foods for anybody who votes and by AT&T we're alive. At Toby Keith I love this -- -- Say that was. Came out of new gronkowski. Tackle came in very low and gronkowski is heard you can see there by the look on his. Face. You know partners who have it's tough to see. Not just the team a bit of a friend you know go to things that he is gone through. He wants to be just as much if not more than anybody else I need truly loves the game football. And see and take shouting code. You know it kind of kills us a little bit. We know will be back he's a fighter and I will be there whether. That's up most food Tony much to both players the game machine -- Talking about Rob Gronkowski. -- -- -- twelve catches and 153. Yards today including a fifty yard catch him rushing touchdown. Patriots win 27 point six what was Cleveland big news besides -- win no Rob Gronkowski. According to several reports now -- torn ACL. You elaborate MRI tomorrow to confirm everything they -- to not confirmed yet. It looks like. -- is gonna be out for the rest of the season they -- to chemistry will go to Miami next week is Christian market just told with the flashes. For the late team's efforts Cisco is leading Seattle sixteen to fourteen after the third quarter. Gave -- significance the patriots Denver while they beat Tennessee 3428. Guys have been 62 point scored making with it started the fourth quarter. -- -- tennis he's not a politically it's in Denver and it did it at Tennessee is when he withdrew after. So -- his defense has some holes. At home -- we have more typical is very loud it's not audible -- -- -- count installed on the -- for us but. The unedited Robert all right back to volunteer of the real post game show we're live with so we keep them up its foreign -- actually work in the that lines down here Indian boys back in Brighton ski kiosk for its most of which turns we go to Patrick at Gillette hello Patrick. Are your car yes you are back. If you're on the air right out there and I don't want to go the other way you can't stomach -- older. And artwork and be in the year and not help but iron or a mental one goal and they can pick the Cleveland game -- -- -- -- apparently -- not in race. We you know -- they're free America off though the whole thing and and cart record -- total of maybe. Do regular season ticket holders air America you're you're you're you're you're barely bigger -- tomorrow or -- your heart your whole paper Bobby Parker. Kilpatrick a quarter of a guy who goes to a lot of game we're just talking about this in the break we really care. What the people next you do it now if it's 36. And it's a one point game in the fourth quarter well yeah I wanna encourage the got to get out what. Don't know I don't kill our people know we're not going and I could hear a lot about -- You know. We're all like at a has it correct well you know culprit -- Lorie -- for having been. And in and collier you know we're playing in court or court player when you're there and here you -- in -- care you care about. You know. People with no effort -- wouldn't. Or paper partner also or something we're gonna give our people here is that the weather than this even we -- -- recovered near. Part yeah you're. And we will never leave another and Denver here. -- might -- electric America or non. With more maybe it's -- I mean. Mark after one sportsman or. Britain particularly pre or five or -- fine. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The computer Eric -- to limit their art should but I wanted to make it about are you having him here people -- While miners here for our current market -- all of our partner I forget what what what what we were were you got it figured our he said. We've got to -- our records partly. Five -- One six -- -- about it if you look at the numbers are dramatically improve to -- back to where your other biggest numbers Brady completed 66%. Of 2000. In the six week decline was when I look at the points I was in Vegas -- got the -- point schools but you go back to the ticket. You buy a ticket when -- sit there. It with your legs crossed and not move I'd like to jump out of my seat this kind of reminds -- of that commercial and I think that every guy's not for the troops over to realize it always -- library. Go to the -- for. He's in the guy was I love them because they can win -- yeah I loved it when we did the other guys to sit there. That's the guy who watch the game we drive but what's going on but despite -- should be able to true. Do you he -- I think a lot of fans want. Everybody to be on the same page through the timing of their goalie you hopefully the home team -- -- -- the fact is this is. The home few Beers for the patriots has come from -- -- the -- coaching and so you called brilliant coach Bill Belichick. Who at a very very good. Surrounding cast of characters that it's not that -- he was not built for the always know something to do. Seattle. Deborah state although we would -- -- go in Kansas City and Kansas City you know and you think is. You know the growth of both of these you go to. That's all there is -- but I don't know when it's here. Well John Lewis and little but -- L -- say this that we give you guys have bought. OK I want to thank you provide my daughter and her friends audio quotes wouldn't -- it. Couple by the for the you know serious about this. You you've got a cast of characters over decades and a lot of cheer sort of fun yet ready rancor over critics say internationally has to be given the fifth. Bombs but people hope right there and they know I mean people are not before picking talk about what to do hockey football means to your point about all this with defense. Let people cheer the way they want if they want it over the top rated the don't. The size of Albuquerque of one of the appearances this you'll have Tom Brady there's no wilder swing -- calls are -- make it's just refuses creative. And that's what can -- pick the quietness is but it -- would be nice would be nice when other teams on offense would be nice if you could from a moment that you would CO Sherwood. Never been the case -- can't -- that we're just too wide open that Republicans need to let. It is cheaper and fox were figured whatever it was it's never been the case we go to Chris in a car who's got next on the real -- -- -- like -- They'll younger actress. You know what my efforts have been tonight great spirit game. So I'm there through my LDP. And some people happy apparently the compound -- that make you prepare. That -- you think that happens all the time through some of them. The drive through the section where people want this couple again go to Bryant in a car accident tonight Brian. -- -- -- -- -- -- Although the Bryant just tell us. It's ordered general regulatory expert just stood there and talkative which gets its own curriculum joke. That Joey -- on the real post game show. Oh yeah you're on the air go ahead vigil. Hello Kelly joined tonight could well thank you. I'm double minded tonight so maybe you guys can help me out my inclination is to believe that with a lot of Murkowski and fortunately. Is that we may -- -- -- only -- this year and I say that because the offence obviously was really keep you all again. With his return and unfortunately he's gone. But the economy. It appears this morning to believe that because this team so well coached. And because Tom Brady is still on this team and it things just happen. There's always something that they can pull off. That I'm I'm so let the belief that they could beat any team in the NFL. Would kind of envisioning them playing you know against the Seattle for instance and I think we don't know the defense is what it is unfortunate with the loss of so many key players. That it's gonna have to -- eighty -- fence -- when this part you know these come from behind the great. From a fan perspective but they -- review a lot not just -- -- you guys have the spare part. You have the classic. Difficulty choosing between your -- your heart. Your head tells you correctly go -- more difficult without good content to would have simple that is absolutely true. When your heart says OK I wanna believe that something magical happening with this team and both could be so -- that you felt. You've overcome all sorts but having the Super -- with that that I won the backup quarterback -- -- felt like that. You if you your head tells you it shows you. It's directly caused you to the club -- -- what the opportunity to -- right -- If you have a healthy gronkowski. You have a much better chance of these dart without Gradkowski your head tells you. Not that it's over but that this could be a -- it was pretty -- proposition two would support anyway now which is -- we look. Let's flip side is they scored 47 points they scored their orders of this that's a positive thing what would kick out of guys. That's the most -- about tight end it all football people want to scream well run through about a review of what we'll after the catch. If all the things you want to play out. He hit it gives them to replace him at all. Could -- five alternatives Jo Rupp Arena right now Cabrera is a huge network around here here's since the blocking to get a -- -- -- -- blocking so. Is it all book -- -- we've -- there's going to be more difficult to be people created what could -- from -- treatment -- here if you are also because that would both groups definitely. Money here's my comment on their Super Bowl chances clearly wrong or -- But look at Bradley AFC. And if I told you with a top contenders to go to Q school if you think everybody would say Denver. Patriots. Since he now that the -- beat. Kansas City may -- -- Baltimore because -- is any chance -- -- batting in the two -- citizens and businesses but now let me take this -- for a he says offered -- gonna decide -- -- disagree. I'm a look at the defense is the ball both teams right now Denver's given up twenty point -- it off and on and off but still exist and I gave up twentieth I understand. Michael pointed the Patriots defense is gonna be feasible without while. But they might just have the best complex defense out of this entire group. Even without that we'll -- although not a clone so why not -- this city Cincinnati. They'll leave it there this rebounds. Since that before so we're back with but it. Kansas city of Cincinnati might not end up in the execute him like the -- I ratsiraka slot and also have more frequent that was passed version of the defense. Like that you. Well I think you make my point you might not agree with me that they have as good company secrets but he vented probably gonna decide whoever stops whom. Might decide who gets to the -- and it's I actually think at this point I don't read you kind of same thing you know from different angles. It's too good to be a -- in the office -- Tom Brady. Offense or. Kids these offenses decent but they haven't -- -- on the other woman to Washington today in the smoke when it -- pretty reliable and companies will have to Washington the lead now won't let you worked with related I didn't check this like Jennings got fired yet. He's good talking with -- to move beyond it it took to curtail collective Washington go back to the phones and let's talk with the I'm sorry to take a quick break. What you want well welcome back to you Chris it's the real post game show presented by complaints to insurance act complaints keep dot com. I can play its beauty shops that you could state visit to twenty dot com today and -- Host who totally -- the votes. And by AT&T.

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