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NFL Sunday: Finishing Touch on Pats/Browns

Dec 8, 2013|

The guys finish up their breakdowns on what to expect today at Gillette and give their pick for a winner.

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Our number four NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. We're live at Toby -- I love this bar and grill the place is packed. Rather be in here wasting one and out there freezing to death so that's a lot of folks are doing. Will be here to the bottom of the hour will -- ESPN radio at that point a -- cover between now and then. Dale Arnold Matt Chatham Chris price altogether here with party heard from Tom. CS and and -- It's just ironic to me as I see the -- outside elects its December mostly coal that's not Richard it's not awful. Here in New England will be of December football game. Elsewhere in the NFL it's like Armageddon it is snowing in Washington DNC. It's snowing in Baltimore. It's it it was snowing in Cincinnati earlier the snow has stopped but they said they expect I love this term. Freezing drizzle. By the end of the crystal -- -- -- by the end of the through Poland where I mean it is awful conditions that they're playing in Green Bay today where it probably won't be snowing but the wind -- we like eight below. It is just horrible weather around the NFL on what many people called desperation Sunday. I mean this is some of these teams have got to be winning this thing to dating to maintain their their. Tenuous foothold on a playoff spot. There's a great morass of teams in the AFC who worse docked -- at five and seven in six and six Mark LeVoir looking to climb out of that. That playoff grouping and try to distinguish themselves and got to rise above and be able. Take that number six spot that you we talked about the dolphins before their -- -- 66 the ravens are sitting at six and six the titans Steelers chargers jets all five in seventh. Nor talk about teams that are getting into must win situations. These are teams who are faced with that that the prospect of don't win -- go whole you know in the in in in this type of environment. Well steering this sort of back toward Cleveland and looking at some of the issues I think that they -- Present you know read you'd you'd tossed at the Tommy you know what what could they potentially -- how could they hurt them. Where summer for me some of the growing interest in game within the game kind of match -- Jim Jones gonna have a a tough day today with a -- in the Joseph Thomas he's one of the better left tackles in football fortunately was drafted extremely unlikely phenomenon -- it's great. Two great gig but I mean he's been through a lot of loosing yet he's always played at Iowa he's a guy that that's a that'll be -- very. Typical match up for channel one I think he gets soft on Iran but there will be interest -- that's an -- worthy attempt to run behind Hillary gets some extra pocket protection there. That'll be an interest -- fight that our best who's a guy that we have you know some knowledge here about locally because he was a productive guy for Miami as a slot guy. He's there in the in the slot for for Cleveland it'll be an interest in matchup but presumably between he and tolerate them guys two guys that know each other from within the division. Two guys that can kind of gets things done one other thing to keep and I -- for for both of those that guys I know they've been made aware of it. Within their team meeting rooms -- for the patriots is Willis McGahee and I know this -- a complaint against him. Is one of the best in the NFL shippers. And backs that you all to see them back on the original mortgage pools open defense of -- Aggies again he's not. Doesn't have the explosiveness of the running back position -- Karen is used to although he won't get downhill. It makes and damage still good that way but he's a guy get a sneak you'll cal four win if if Chandler is having some winnable situations. Willis is a guy that they will -- Newport is to shoulder writing your rib cage and he gets broke a block shots so -- make -- a chance of success that's an extra piece just beat you to move over. It gets some things -- I think those were all some of the winnable spots is -- not a lot of them I think Jordan count or or Richard Jordan Cameron with a guy who's gonna -- people. But if they commit to keeping him on the line itself on the can be you know sort of -- as well. Best is the guy who is at least in the past has given New England problems out of the slot when he played in Miami UC career games against the patriots 42 Texas 539. Yards. Four touchdowns he's the guy who has shown an ability to put up good numbers against the patriots. Or the last two years Cameron is a guy who I I wanna see how the patriots strike gold but defending him because they've struggled at times when it comes to those. Tight ends and finding a good matchup between attendance and we talked to recovered linebackers and the struggles that they've had. Trying to -- to track down guys whether it's Tony Gonzales or whatever you know other pass catching linebacker dropped. He has the potential to do some damage today against the patriot. Particularly if Steve Gregory is not able to go or he's not a 100% of -- is that a combination of Fletcher Collins hightower how -- go about defending. In my erected we'll draw -- obviously but they've arms up as well yes it is in it it's at some point I feel like we're we're given a situation where Donald month left. Is he gonna have roared -- is going to be special teams only cost you more of a special teams -- at least this year and we treasure things Mr. Bush JP gotta you gotta earn -- next offseason won't go to the way. -- it's always interest me one as a quarterback the comes in it's hats and successful the places I mean it's a solid years and in Washington. When opted to Oakland maybe not nearly as much put its interest in this you were guy who likes to go with the ball so maybe guys that were productive. For the browns -- we can throw it to your Brian -- where does Jason Campbell like the go with all he's been a guy who's had some pretty good tight in production with guys easily knocked. Chris Cooley was got to go -- balls from him back in the day it was sort of his security blanket. In Oakland. I'm blanking on the name he's now -- -- -- it was a great -- -- was there was Greg -- had a big auto Miller was over Miller's yeah Miller quit but the point is I think -- it has been someplace that you know it's -- few -- lets you know missing Cleveland he's a guy who will feed it to Jordan. It sometimes it's just more based on which quarterback which Cordoba clicks for which ball you know is -- comfortable going another place. I think because of Campbell sort of history with did he tells me that the level of comfort their. May be in the event that you feel pressure feeling issues replaced because it's cooler and it's easier keep the ball. With in the numbers are ashes meat -- that relationship sort of gets. Revisited the that this week. The one thing that people have talked about people who watched the browns over the course you're aaron's numbers have been up in there oh yeah he's been affected by -- -- -- -- the instability at quarterback. And I think he has had some time it's taken some time for him particularly when it comes to Campbell. All right the two of those guys trying to be able to get on the same page that one of the -- policy you know first of all of the republic clicked in second of -- You know how the teachers this article -- term interest exempt. Last year Paula Capra Nik and Al Smith -- bouncing back and forth where. You know -- first -- find for Davis like literally got one of the better receiving tight ends it just wish it wasn't there it's not where I like to go -- my first read is I feel more comfortable for the Bonser place. It was he was Alex Smith has got Smith Scott. So now that this Cleveland's situation to bounce -- quarterback week to week to week to always say receivers out there but doesn't necessary mean that your gonna get the ball because. And there are invariably goes back to the relationship between the duke with things and. I think ending Campbell is. What he's got a bad rap but he's not and I don't think he's that show the people. Kind of beat him out to be I think in 2007 when he came in here with the Redskins. He was just stay in that on the tracks -- you know they were just brought over by the president -- fifty -- -- -- was an -- team you know in the end I think that he played as it is a young quarterback would -- situations like that but going back to re watching that 2011 -- about their when he was the quarterback with the raiders corner but if the patriots. He was able to put some decent prize to. Yeah you know he's he and the record 21 for -- Point five for 39 for 344 yards some of that was. Garbage time yardage the patriots won 31 to nineteen so they had enough of a cushion there picture but I think he's a guy who can make some plays -- -- is. You know. Z he's not reinventing the positional say that but he's not the you know not this group that I think some people. We talked a little bit about that desperation Sunday in some teams were on the on the verge of being eliminated. I said earlier. The jets host the Oakland Raiders today and -- one of those teams that's on the verge of being eliminated. We said at the beginning of the season what would Rex Ryan have to do to keep his job with the jets for John it's it to bring him back. That and I think we also elected if he can take that one -- -- that make the playoffs and we Dutch open -- these the last two absolutely love that you know you gotta you gotta bring him back well the chances are not gonna be able to get -- -- playoff spot. Is Rex -- gonna go. I think he's out I think deeply enough I think if he can somehow get them to eat -- I think the difference why because he's built a pretty good -- there. -- -- -- I think I could wipe it might have -- and historically awful off but I think he could walk in it takes office and they look. I've rebuilt this defense the way it can be competitive you -- me one more year. You you you fight some more top tens of options to put around you know Smith -- -- -- -- -- the -- -- -- -- so concerned with I just watched this organization take Mark Sanchez -- pretty good to. To back within two or three years you know he went from -- -- that was definitely over the was definitely something there but he regrets. And now -- amount invested in -- other relatively top quarterback. If you play pretty good chuckle you know it okay we've put up some numbers against the patriots earlier this year. And he looks worse later so I would be concerned that. Not that it's Rex is fingerprint on it but that he's not someone who's has a proven record of developing someone that I think this at our organization and inevitably swing apart. What would be the the biggest upset in history I'm and it's not gonna happen. What if you could somehow convinced we're trying to stand -- -- offensive coordinator. And hire some of it because literally you're right with the defense of stuff. Or my -- that you can't do much better than he's done it's gangbusters that you're gonna probably have if you go on hire someone else. Expect a drop off that is in his defense -- -- who -- again. And that's that's a good thing that's -- -- in the NFL. But it in a league where the quarterback play just a matter so much the track record on that doesn't make me think him and another -- and it changes so accurate to you walk in there. It under the wrecked it looked -- all bring you back. If you bring in a different offensive coordinator in. A different quarterback to more reported more language yet if you bring an -- beat quarterback coach. In a great offensive coordinator. All bring it you have nothing to deploy calling Rex just go just a spirited defense go out of the -- it's a press conference yes you do to -- that can -- through. But that's it by President Clinton but I was just listen to what you're saying -- I mean why would I wanna head coach under those circumstances don't wanna head -- to -- my franchise exactly exactly why I don't think there's anywhere in the world he survives even if he gets an eight -- I don't the keys sits next to begin went right. I mean I do think that in this case Woody Johnson had a say wedeman I'm not gonna pay -- what -- three million a year whatever the number and pay a new coach. Let's see how it goes. I guess what he was just on radio station in New York a little while ago on presumably the jet pregame show. And I'm gonna give you -- quote here that rich some -- -- -- out Woody Johnson said the team's record won't beat the main factor for offseason decisions quote. It's the direction of the team on -- Exactly what's telling that -- in what went to went three with reports knocked him the department it's more. I think it's that the mobile accord I don't like to -- that way that's a one sided but it was -- the reality is that it is that it really is it such reported accurately that you know the twelve teams. That are in play right now for the postseason. All all -- that democracy will be quarterbacks -- better than average quarterback -- activities through all know what an and I I need it -- mine now I feel. Because I'm I'm mocking man -- I didn't realize eyesight was failing him. What he says geno Smith this quote. Very very talented I see him getting better and better on quote I didn't realize that -- I decided they'll and as a category and a mock him you know. So I think he's he's right of the first half he's very talented he's not to be better -- there is not all bad eggs and that's probably the frustrating portion is forest developmental and can you imagine a scenario at this and I hope it's not this case -- you know obviously I'm but I have a bias I like wrecks like rob -- definitely. Think they're great football coaches. Can you imagine a situation where he -- supported the situation to develop the young quarterback you had established guys there like match you've taken over Denver. Like -- Rex Ryan was the head coach of the Denver Broncos. All my lord you -- because you wouldn't have to run the offense he would have to develop patent he could have an OC that sort of have that side job. What can elevate -- -- -- you got the personality on the kind of stuff. I just feel like if he's going to be a guy that you knew very specific situation about the -- -- coach you don't need him running we're developing -- trying to growing office. Though you. Could argue. That all he would miss -- -- I think Rex I think I could get a job with it -- -- -- I try to give -- I think the open. In secret cell. The civil there's no state there but he consult with that'll you can move season tickets if you're looking at a moribund franchise if you are let's say. -- the jets out. -- -- -- -- If you're -- Accident itself the ticket -- -- he could beat up beat the corporate -- you need -- tickets from to a fourteen. Seven in them. I don't -- Antonio Obama promised. Your -- And he's on the street is he's -- -- next year five the situation but he question what do I think I I think that's where it's gonna -- the question does does he wanna take that step back and maybe not missile may be the -- had coached there. I find it interesting in following some of the newspaper guys out of Houston and there are you talking about the list of potential candidates. To replace Gary Kubiak because Wade Phillips is going to be interim coach but apparently will not be considered yeah. The owner saying he'll be a candidate everybody knows he won't one of the names that come has come up is right here Josh McDaniel. Interest expense. It makes sense I think -- Josh has been able to. In I think some of it depends on how the year plays out the rest of the way but I think Josh is that a very good job rehabbing his image after what happened and then. Will much like we've we discussed with earlier than in the NFL Sunday here. -- the -- you quarterback I mean it doesn't answer to drive. How old desirable job is this is a college football were talking -- because you know University of Texas as TV contract the big money -- Tons of boosters. Obviously the facilities are amazing in Houston obviously yeah an owner that wants the winner will spend money. Point it all centers around what am -- going to be taken over I mean Robert Johnson is a great player extremely productive but he's closer to -- it was for me it's almost like Reggie -- kind of thing you know he's. The productive but for over decade. They don't have a quarterback. Presumably they're gonna hit their -- got to get a top five so I mean he would probably I would think if I'm gonna take that gig as opposed other gigs in Hampshire. He'll be a candidate a lot of places he'd be desirable guys for -- as a young he's inventive and he's presumably learned from past lessons in like I think that bristles a guy makes him a pretty good candidate. When I wanna I wanna know what I'm stepping into what my ticket you know -- take like you like for a good example for me would be Romeo Crennel -- -- all right I want them he's one of my favorite coaches of all time. But really wasn't too bad spots you know you've got to want situation that it wasn't agree. Relationship between -- Phil savage. He wasn't able to shop for groceries as Parcells says while the situation. But the goes back in Kansas City in union isn't able to turn around and they were missing a lot of the -- that the -- need to get it done as head coach is also. You don't want on your second swing. To not have at the table set for you where that where you can be successful you mention religion too little conversation affair of the -- point out that if you Watson. The new kids were injured in the. And you'll have a first overall draft pick it quarterback so provided they can get the bracket area maybe it is desirable -- And then you could see where they want a guy like Josh took to the effort that you work -- he -- -- -- draft -- And it's having it has anything to do with the drafting of the outset young quarterback. Outlooks that ankle on the table parents do we think is gonna happen this afternoon. I didn't think I'm I'm reading the tweets from the reporters in the stadium. And Tom Brady's doing something he said he doesn't like to do. He's been them meeting greeting with Brian -- middle of the field -- said he actually goes out of his weight and not warmup on the field so that he doesn't have those moments. I guess in this case -- camp place so bright sun now I have traveled as a distraction. Traveled to a -- -- on my daughter up their play but. They tried multi well. -- treaty before it'd it'd be his pregame -- about it -- twelve what he wants for Christmas I just dedicate just talked to. -- go around the table -- we'll start with you what's gonna happen this afternoon -- like that before leaving -- -- that at all what equipping them both sides of the ball particularly due -- I just don't think the the author of the options and doing -- I think that Josh -- -- going to be -- -- -- -- numbers that -- shipping -- and get some numbers and I think they're going to be able put a few points but -- don't think they're -- be able to score at this team rate that the B 22 going to the -- would this thing embassy 31. -- yeah you know. This -- thing kind of is a little bit of I don't know sort of changes might think you like it. Thirty use the benchmark we've always been going on here for the last several years a 35 are classified -- -- or Canada trip through -- world and I were back to thirty at least in my mind. I'll give them 30 but I am really curious where this is gonna come from these morons gave scorers who's gonna -- -- who's getting the ball this week. I'll give the pitcher on the go with the patriots is the winner and I'm kind of with Chris I have a hard time seeing three scores on our times in the giving those touchdowns the Cleveland would -- to keep up. Are are making a thirty day teen and he did the teams -- the -- -- -- -- -- work to try to map but the safety quality and eighteen to touch that element okay well that's the biggest change that score a -- Thirtieth wanted it or just. Seventy Melanie. Well I I I. I'm making on my -- -- -- earlier making case Berkeley I can't make the case for playing I just came. I'd like I don't think that they've got anywhere near the -- with this team. And you know you wanna talk about patriotism and with the issues they've got from whose activist who was in perspective. If you the Cleveland Browns within a year with Rob Gronkowski. Because I think he's just gonna have a field day today against this team. I patriots gonna win I'll say 3514. That's that's personal. How Matthew that was very good particularly this. In celebration. Of John -- this is the anniversary of the date but he died in. The analyst satirical musical selections like that -- good job. We gotta get out here thanks to -- -- here that I spoke here. Toby Keith all of this Margaret you guys Specter sprint across the parking -- on NASA and enjoy the football game everybody that's been NFL Sunday. Sports Radio W media.

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