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NFL Sunday Goes "Around the NFL" for Week #14

Dec 8, 2013|

The NFL Sunday gang go "Around the NFL" and look at all the games and story lines heading into Week 14.

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Our number three NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. We are broadcasting live from Toby Keith's I love this barring -- right here patriot place next to Gillette Stadium. 1 o'clock today patriots and the Cleveland Browns. I'd just to reiterate the situation here a Baltimore lost today patriots clinch a playoff spot no matter what happens here. Eight patriots win combined with a Miami high or lost. Patriots clinch the AFC east their fifth straight AFC east division title. And I mean I think it's inevitable anyway but they could get things done and clinched. Depending on how things work here at the teacher gave. It's featured -- the best potential in the hole -- refer to it on a number of occasions when he definitely there was just. That those the company gave this -- where it starts. This is where that. Postseason push this is where you would -- -- you there's there's consequences that you'd you'd you'd see the next morning sort of results come back the TV -- Here's how things change -- like today's game mattered more -- more about. I let's get to -- caught up with what's gone on around the National Football League. Around the NFL week fourteen Thursday night football kicked the ball off. The Jacksonville Jaguars pop -- that -- war and nine now on the season. Up beat the Houston Texans. A 27 to twenty used not to eleven Gary Kubiak is we told you got fired on Friday. Wade Phillips is taken over on an interim basis Kubiak. We mentioned last hour that got a very classy full page ad in the Houston paper today thanking the people of Houston and the Texans for the opportunity. 1 o'clock games today first at Lambeau Field she won't be cold there as well a product now probably not. Beat five and six Green Bay Packers host a three and nine Atlanta Falcons. Aaron Rodgers Packers quarterback says he's topic at the bit to get back. I was hoping for a full clearance and get back out there but she wouldn't get that and I -- we wanna be back on the field I think. If I'm healthy I wanna be on the field who hate to be in the situation more out of it this is my team on number of them leader this team and you know wanna be out there. Green Bay David Apatow Detroit it is coming down the most went -- for the Packers record with other. I agree. If I had to. Please kids don't try this at home that trained professionals to. I read that but I guess the situation I think from green -- perspective not but I have any faith in Atlantic going -- Lambeau Field -- winning but if they. If Green Bay loses today -- shut down Aaron Rodgers. Confidence because -- lap point at five and -- you're done like dinner anyway. And let the guy get healthy and it's the franchise quarterback he's the guy you build your entire team round. If they lose today I Chatham. Philadelphia Lincoln Financial Field. 207 and five teams going against each other the Philadelphia Eagles hosting the Detroit Lions Chip Kelly. Says nick holt is really committed with older and become a well rounded quarterback. I don't think one area more than the other area. There's a comfort level there as you start to call plays he can finish -- play call think he's really taken taking a lot of ownership of what we're doing here I don't think there's one that's more than the other but there's an overall improvement everything's. I don't know where I read this. Is it series the guy those girls voice on your apple don't. I read somewhere that if you ask series with the best quarterback in the Phyllis assessment -- So that today it's about it's damn near Wikipedia it's hard not to go against the nineteen touchdowns and no interceptions I don't care who did Duff yeah yeah. Interestingly enough that I I heard. Self pal Antonio broke it down ESPN radio earlier. You say -- and it is some ludicrously low number nick -- has literally taken only twenty snaps. Under center this entire year in the Chip Kelly often it's if you don't know during the fiscal year in the shotgun. He's like fourteen for twenty and nine of the fourteen passes have gone for touchdowns. It makes you wonder if maybe Chip Kelly it's got to Alter his offense a little bit. To take better advantage of what the polls can do rather than making it all adhere to the things. The chip Kelly's offense required nobody -- court. That's a good time gap. In that M&T bank stadium in Baltimore six and six Baltimore Ravens. Post a three and eight Minnesota Vikings by the way they're expecting up to two inches of snow and Baltimore today and they handle it so well in that part of the country. Torrey Smith says the offense beats by the end -- more often heading toward the post season. Knowing now score a touchdown that was so long. No we didn't even -- Tucker you know players that we think today goblet saints on a love Tucker but I when he is on the it is you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- then. You know we had to be vetted if you want me to play it. The ravens are getting set to welcome back Dennis that a tight end who. Suffered what we all thought would have been a season ending injury I'm training -- you get that guy -- it's a tough road for them the rest of the way to ever really difficult schedule. But if you get that got back you get things going in the opposite side of the ball. It could be an interesting couple weeks people there are pieces there if you look at the the job that Smith has done I think all the way to old leaving for the West Coast. It hit back there with that piece -- you've got a running game you've got a couple couple wide receivers that can make plays in a tight and for the ball game of that -- In our nation's capital FedEx Field Washington DC the three and nine Redskins host the nine and three Kansas City Chiefs. Santana Moss says RG three deserves a Mulligan for this season. This this RG. Six year and it wasn't thinking you're dead you know -- hope for. You know he had to deal -- offseason just no rehab and UNICEF bag. So you you you almost got automatically feel that you had the game not a chance to really so that day his office could be random -- -- -- around him. First and foremost. Other players critique -- -- other players who say Australia. Don't go to -- yeah I too trusting it historically if it was about today. That says that Mike -- here. Cleaned out his office and was ready to be that evil for the relationship between the and Snyder in RG three last year but they -- to patch things up and move on. That whole dynamic it's not to Snyder but the dated between the coach the order. In the player is yes it's a big trouble. Where we're at the fecal matter will hit the isolating instrument that's about it. Is when Dan Snyder goes to Mike Shanahan and tells him he's got to make changes on his staff and especially its offensive coordinator. That's when things are gonna blow up yeah. If that happens -- Mike Shanahan son who's the office -- court. That's -- Christmas it's tough Thanksgiving becomes comparable eastern general mostly don't have the hotel are going to fight for your kid. Paul Brown Stadium in snowy Cincinnati this great matchup the fourth Cincinnati Bengals host the 84 Indianapolis Colts. By the way you think about dome teams playing outdoor. It is not a nice day in Cincinnati it's already snowing there any adults looking to protect their home turf and continue their undefeated streak at Paul Brown Stadium this season. Fans have done a really good job. Give his advantage and so we're really just need to use that to our advantage you get through the next four home so our goal -- -- season with the -- was when every game at home. I think the real story this game is how was Peyton Manning in animal like cold weather. -- is that there -- more obscure. Public hearing how I look at I you know if your patriots in doing this team from New England -- fuel. You these two teams that are -- right behind New England in so. You want indeed up with a -- this team because you lose the match you lose the tiebreaker was that so if you root for a team you know rooting interest in the one. -- for an electrical. At Raymond James Stadium in Tampa the three and nine Tampa Bay up Buccaneers host before an eight Buffalo Bills than normally I'd skip right by this game but it is an AFC -- moment. EJ Manuel says the -- just trying to get 500 by the end of the season and and see what happens. -- -- four -- -- so you have to have you since the burdens me and the late in the season gets into you have to win and -- really wanna finish the season the best you can do right now in the last 500. And I think you know we deficiencies installer that you -- to move forward to my chest into the playoffs. Feel like we have the same conversation about this time every year every week to December with the bills their back where we always expect them to be him. You know the only thing that matters I guess from a patriots perspective years how good are they about last week of the season is a can be meaningful game for New -- the kind of have their stuff together -- yeah. But the threat at that point so. They sometimes can be a spoiler but. That it gets on the -- it would be fourteen streak yours well so that appears -- the bill. MetLife stadium in New Jersey the five and seven New York Jets host the tornado went raiders Rex Ryan. That both fingers crossed behind its back says he is sticking his guy geno Smith. I'm gonna go with what geno. As our quarterback and I think you know it's. I believe -- you know I think I think he has the tools to -- good quarterback and asleep and I believe that. She goes mom and dad don't believe he -- that that as quarterback here today though you can believe that he has the tools and I think he's right I mean we saw enough of early season and he has the tools. He's not there right now -- I think that's the bigger issue not that you believe that I mean that's something you don't need your fingers crossed aspect deal you can say that say but that I don't believe he's the right -- this week. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- those three not a nearly a third of their offered to drive the worst. Portal in the etiquette Jeremy -- back directly to invent -- -- -- -- to give them a little credit not too much but the article weapons. Your article was to play reform -- for pitchers respect that we don't respect their so maybe that little -- him somewhere to throw the ball a plea. Heinz Field in Pittsburgh five and seven Pittsburgh Steelers host the six and six Miami Dolphins. Mike Wallace -- -- worry about playing in his old stomping grounds just got to focus on try to get it up with. It is what it is and one -- -- -- producer and I don't like that who must no go heaven or of move on excited about another challenge with a playoff race. There's an empty -- well playoff -- -- -- -- Miami's in a situation don't put them in the same same boat as the bills that are on the back end of this -- their relieved that the Eagles ravens and and the angle so much about. They signatures relatively solidified naturally just that six spot that I think the goods and always will be up for grabs. In my advocates like him it's one of those situations of your mind you can afford to lose but now on your dollar water formula would -- to his right here -- -- and it will give them a lot of credit for. The circus that they've endured over the last two plus month. Continue to be able to play well. Are relatively high level for Joseph Philbin. There's 66 now defeated fury need to separate that. Yeah I'm just trying to picture patriots and the rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Because you really do want the dolphins to lose today. And of course here at Gillette Stadium the night at three New England Patriots host or make Cleveland Browns. Shane -- knows he has to be ready to build multiple roles throughout the game. I think everybody prepares to do everything. There's certain things that some guys feel more comfortable say. But everybody prepares saying prepared in all rules of the games that we are -- Leaned close to you know being a 4040 guys -- -- and fall in the new witness. I've done that you're doing little stolen bases and no runs when we don't -- -- -- what exactly you know at forty -- forty -- the -- -- a -- bar for a running back to -- Only definitely fall in wouldn't have done -- the last thank you there's no way I like is ideal preparation because it's cooler here I can get that in Cleveland it's simple report there -- get this situation your later years much of Miami where. They don't get the opportunity to prepare this week during the during the the practice week big advantage which step on the field. Sports authority field at mile high we turn our attention for a five game -- Denver Broncos host the Tennessee Titans they've Manning says. Everyone on the Broncos organization is happy to have John Fox back on the sidelines. I know. And he's excited to be back you can sense that that passion and enthusiasm and a new players were -- but as well. Titans fly in the -- they always tend to be that team they get about a week in week out -- play really well one week about some of the next. -- of all they can do it out there and -- mile high but and maybe. The street the scheduler is the way for the Broncos is just the war to report sixteen and thirty -- -- -- one of their toughness schemes of their over the course the last four. I just it's hard to imagine this you -- run in the it would get in the way that you regardless of what I went there last week Georgia stayed with them -- -- shifts to. And then Bryant surprised it finished things off. -- 45 -- University of Phoenix Stadium Arizona seven and five post five and seven Saint Louis. Bruce -- and it's just focused and try to win the NFC west game right now and if they do. Playoffs -- -- time. We own this game we can't playoffs they'll take care of themselves and for us we've got to win division 304 left in the division. Anyway we need to make a statement that we can play in that. It's. Part of that is strong Brewster deserves to be apart of that who -- on that point when you win in Arizona. No one knows. What you do a great job out there that word never makes it appeared to Whaley this season I agree I'm looking down their competitive. -- -- -- division's pretty rough I mean it's going to be tough to come out with potentially a third team from that from that division and all that's gonna happen but. Definitely good job especially -- I think the general low regard around the -- for person or work out take in that situation on traffic when it. Of course that's a different state -- play pretty well with seasonal. Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego the five and seven chargers host the five and seven New York football giants Tom Coughlin says. Despite their record the chargers have some very impressive wins they have beaten in our division the Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys as you know. Lost in overtime to the Washington Redskins beat the colts and beat the Kansas City Chiefs so this is explosive offensive team. I love Tom Coughlin but and that you felt like -- football group public -- you have you can listen to -- -- to get -- -- -- definitely got a good football team charges are really interesting he made an up and down over the course of the year -- way to -- -- team to try to figure out where they aren't that we've received. -- -- -- -- -- Social public that -- shall the next Candlestick Park in San Francisco beat it 449 -- host the eleven and one Seattle Seahawks. Pete Carroll -- coming down final stretch of the regular season and they wanna finish what they started. We know this is. The start of the best finish time this really this goes though with a real me take a bit of the great start that we've sentence you're so we're looking -- that. But that is you that we. Right there this -- -- -- look at that that the best team in the national football there they just are an item veto when the Super Bowl. But they're the best team in the -- get them by diving divested in the modern neutral field you know but it gets this super boy you get demoted and feel if you could you. Pretty good about where you are at that point but it's awful hard to go to the audience. That's a great game I'd also say Sunday Night Football football night in America at the Mercedes-Benz superdome is a great game at least shapes up to be that way. Who thought that at the beginning of the season. The nine and three New Orleans Saints host then nine and three Carolina Panthers Drew Brees says he can't concern themselves with the blowout loss in Seattle. They know what they're capable -- we. Dumb things well for real a lot of different ways and one game. Does not set them back -- game does not change our mindset. -- confidence level or attitude. And anyway plus streak -- review here. I'd be interested to the other response to what happened last week in Seattle I think that's a good team I think that the veteran team. Did respond in positive way to economic team put. I think how they respond this week is gonna really set the tone for other people or in the post it it it reinforced for me that I don't trust them on the road. It and it's because -- southern dome team and if I know there's much much more complicated things the story about what. The advantage that Seattle has and that NFC by you know home team is so dramatic when you have the teams that are on the hosts on the docket. Who played such dramatic different kinds of environment they're built to win in that don't they stretcher they -- all sorts of different things are tight and doesn't wanna. Come anywhere within the state of the interior of the offense and that doesn't always work and other places but at some point you gotta get in the grind. I don't know if that -- the playoffs we will see. One quick note here and out at this in as he has the and is now reporting that the Washington Redskins. Our setting the stage to fire Mike Shanahan their words not mine perhaps as early as today. That would presumably he wrote in a way to the second quarter profit -- that would bring that presumably be app. After the game but according to ESPN halftime adjustments bill that would be an announcement that it did and finally Monday Night Football is at Soldier Field in Chicago beat ball beater to -- Six and six Chicago Bears host the seven of five Dallas Cowboys mark Pressman says it's very important for the bears defense to create turnovers. So you get those kind of internal reserves less stress on the offense to go the distance. Number he certainly Israeli his actual enemies 9798 in his ratings 65% its completion percentages. I don't know means the I did so that you started in ratings of the document Tony Romo so blatant and vulnerable with unique ability to keep both teams in the game the same time. You know what they've always been better than I given -- that's what has he had a very good everytime I go to knocked him -- -- this year at least by the you've played very he's one of the -- He's the only quarterback out there with a it to a three game three at the completion percentage under 50% or for 75%. You know what you're getting with Tony Romo right out of you to be fair to your point yeah I think there's more good good atmosphere. I had that takes you around the National Football League will connect up with Tom he currency S and any dot com and just few minutes. This is NFL Sunday presented by the plants insurance plans -- they shops or use save -- the Lansky dot com today.

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