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NFL Sunday: Looking at the Special Teams Factor Today vs the Browns

Dec 8, 2013|

Dale brings up Stephen Gostkowski and how he's becoming automatic, almost as automatic as Vinatieri was during his time in Foxborough. They discuss Gostkowski's ranking among other kickers this season.

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I preface this next comment with the very real knowledge that in patriots history. They have been blessed to have truly in my opinion one of the great place kickers in the history of the national football -- And took took to the day I die I will say that his first kick in the snow in this noble game was the greatest single field goal kick I've ever watched in my life. Adam Vinatieri. Happy opportunity and and made good on the opportunity to win Super Bowls and in my opinion should be in the hall -- some. Having said all that the guy that the patriots have right now performing at that -- the place kicking position. Not only will be the probable kicker for the AFC. I think he should be the all pro kicker as the best kicker in the NFL. You can make a case and -- just talk in regular season you can make it duties that Stephen is -- keys having the best regular season REV ticker. In history repeat retreat no going back and looking at the numbers obviously Adam Vinatieri looms large military's best season. In Italy to new uniforms best regular season with the patriots with 2004. Windy US 31 for 33 a few cool with -- which is maybe 4%. Or 41 for fifty plus yards yet all forty of his. Is extra point attempts this circus cows used twenty for thirty. Which is 93%. That includes four of five from fifty plus used to hide for the league lead when it comes to fifty plus yard field goals. He's been perfect on all 34 is extra point attempts. He's had four major field goals what it turned out to be do you winner. The one to beat the Texans who gave winners builds the Broncos won -- yet the regulations and -- in overtime. I think you can make a case for somebody other kickers it's actually really good year for -- -- coach -- In Seattle have a degree you're -- full with the jets Matt Prater Justin Tucker -- all the conversation. Discounts keep in my mind is having the -- you're pretty technically but I think we should have been treated last year I think you. That's they're really should -- -- Arabic. Skill. No I think he's had a phenomenal year in again with the week moving towards this you know. Touch backs are good thing he's the guy bombs to the museum there's so much hidden yardage out there -- balls please simply put in the stands at the other team does a chance to. Did you with soil literally give us -- literally that's that's exactly. So -- -- -- watch athletes go down -- no it's not professional kickers but to the UConn game yesterday and comparable weather and we we saw a lot of flat balls. I think we were down another degree I think that's the -- probably benefit the fact that played in the probably worst -- situation -- it's already a couple weeks ago. So you know I'm I'm expecting more returns but you know -- still puts -- the for the ball sometimes it'll happen even in this weather so. He's very much a weapon that the -- -- an -- on your honesty I would go back to the percentage the total field goal percentage lead you can look at -- -- -- -- 96% 26 27 phenomenal numbers you know. -- full with the jets 252696%. Crater in Denver not so much fifteen to sixteen before you know those numbers to be functional but just a talker. In Baltimore have a great year 83 point 5% 29 to 31 discounts -- twenty to thirty. He's right there it again for what he's been asked to -- here and it's -- diffuse that one was fifty plus last exactly -- is it to his -- have been fifty plus again. He's starting to build the kind of resonated you're looking forward comes to a big season -- The kind of guide you feel comfortable setting up their -- the irony is in the past Belichick has shied away from using fast in those situations. You get the feeling he would even think twice about it at the at a similar situation -- you know this year. A game winning kick in overtime some like that from from the reasonably long distance -- house is coming out exactly a lot of that goes back to. The special teams unit as a whole the specialists the long snapper the holder. All of those guys are having very good years right now and not just as a punter but the older his first you're beautiful too with -- job at the next would jump at this point. Do you deaconess towards the rules are very good job at this point working in that situation. Yeah and I would almost make the case that from last week's game. Those may very will be -- MVPs -- mean those kicks loomed so large in the grand scheme of things worked out. And you write something that you only notice when it's bad looks like the left tackle you're only knows the job he's known if he gives up a sack bright and it. Daniels the great and if there haven't been any flops and I think that's. That's an under sole point I think I think mediate and sent it -- immediately Aiken has been solid as well I mean as long as you were -- -- -- talked about a release them. And anything other than NFL Sunday that that we know there don't what are there to be paid the we have all almost every single week when we've broken down the matchup between the patriots in their own. Almost every single week week with check mark on the patriots -- when it comes to teams and doing it again obviously this week you don't know knocked on. On Spencer landing or Billy Cundiff for -- Whitaker in all of well -- famous -- these sorts like you you know. While you're -- prop. Up. Look I think the patriots haven't decided advantage and I don't. At this point our listeners are probably sick of me. Singing the praises of Julian settlement as as punt returner sorry he's the best in the national football -- the most consistent. The policy that that's gonna be bigger and bigger as we go forward -- to really bad weather I think. You know you'd -- almost as important. To hold onto the ball with the situation says it is to retrieve the ball you know when you're talking about read it we didn't know it's legal and other consultants. In it that he has proven to be the kind of guy who is Frazier those constituent. It's it's it's it's a -- opposition mover I mean and I think we're -- it's not only possession which is obviously huge in this weather the first -- policies just to catch the thing you know it's tough it's not easy. It's one of those things that I mean as a -- and you watch this game you can appreciate just how big the dudes or you -- -- even more when you get up close. But the difficulty of fuel lean that ball in this whether it's horror like a rockets capture him just like. Like it is literally a piece of granite. Catching that. Possessing it it's too will be able get up and he -- situation this topic up and I actually think sometimes and errors were the workers favorite given this time. That the situations occupier of of the cover teams the patriots as well you can't stand quite as dramatic ruling have to be very disciplined in your lanes because. The return -- we simply as the procession issue in the if you can get north and south as fast he -- it's half the -- ruling. Dramatic open fuel cuts in the stuff to -- -- a little bit cooler it's the guy that can get a possessed you go north and south the past -- we can really make a child you know liberal picked up almost 21 downs -- office. With once a specialties like given the surface here I'm curious future opinion on this off big effect no effect horror or you know negative effect. They played six high school Super Bowl games this field yesterday and I know they were playing at 11 o'clock last night. Though the one. Casualty apparently is that the end zones or it faded out there today you might expect. Given the surface no effect what it does is those little blades to commanded down so buffalo has this feeling. The old buffalo field -- are mine remembered you would definitely feel sort of pushed down -- there'll like blades of grass much that you -- almost like document -- what they do out there for maintenance but the kind of laughable -- you don't agree but we're basically talking about a surface that. Can have a sort of mimic real way to acquire grass but Tennessee gets flattened -- -- -- morsel you know the the perfectly council blow the little pellets pop up a little bit more. In it's often much slicker to the outside outside the numbers were sort of sorts that the toughest losses for sufficient off the back side. USC receivers -- but more guys have the sort of break down a little bit earlier. I don't think it would be dramatic it certainly doesn't -- is hardest as the grass surface change late in the year but there's something to it it's just. Any where the plays in the NFL. Learned that you have to have your -- on your little more later in the year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let me give you one are quick note before we go to the break in the -- from out of town but I I just founded interest today in the Houston Chronicle. There was a full page ad taken up by Gary Kubiak. Thanking the the Texans thanking the people of Houston saying what an honor and privilege to was to return to his hometown. To be given the opportunity to coach the team. And it was signed by he and his wife it's a pretty class move by a guy who got fired a couple of days ago when that town and I know how that mustang. Pretty impressive that Kubiak took out full page ad in the Houston papers to thank the people of Houston for the chance. All the guy who's going through -- eventful year if they don't say that politically. You this the guy who you know how to team at this point last year. There was really poised I think the minds of a lot of people to break through -- potential Super Bowl contender. End to have. The situation that he's faced last year that health problems. The if that the job you always wanted to depletion live he's now about the head coach their but it sounds like he's still gonna have to live in the Houston area -- I mean it's the right move to do with -- still part of -- community to work out that team but. I think all indications he is a good guy that did his best work but it was time ago. It's funny I heard Scott -- on with the -- -- couple weeks ago. And was telling the story they live in Kansas City. And -- -- you know -- I didn't know exactly what my future was gonna hold. You know whether it's gonna be media was runner up franchise somewhere. So why disrupt my family anymore why uproot my kids and go somewhere in and find out a year from now and take another job somewhere else. So they -- then and still. Maintain their residence in Kansas City -- how hard that. Out of Delhi. You know astound me well and especially especially now -- how the chief's -- you know what the record is like this year in. I I still have -- -- York that'll -- and I used as a rental property but it is always weird when you go back the closure. You're connected to those years -- didn't go as well one you know there you know it's it's -- like users sort of an uncomfortable feeling when you go back -- -- we still -- public I think less overtime -- -- I would I would think that would lessen -- that we would tell -- at least to -- it's certainly -- -- it's not what they're nice people -- -- people of the country that's not the issue I think it's just it's a common thing that NFL players go -- -- different -- a lot of players but frankly -- -- -- here in the area of the we're necessarily support of great patriot team but there's a lot of that is a very. Desirable place to live and I think a lot of guys that come from Cali from Alabama come from Michigan -- -- We'll take you around the national football lately when we come back with -- all hope no one wanted to throw this one little -- thank you and I want to knots -- we wanna do a sort of thank I think it's. From the Twitter dining and work follower on their. We were -- -- the earlier segment trying to make the analogy with Julian element right that means we were looking for was Ronald -- guys remember Amazon. -- NFL or you know top football and basketball prospect as a prep was the quarterback in North Carolina went to the raiders. Transitioned as the seventh trumpet much like Julian to wide receiver that's a productive years six and 720 yards. And have a crew that that was -- overlook -- think you -- more. This is NFL Sunday presented by the play Penske insurance at the plants -- they shops or use saved visit the plants -- dot com today.

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