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Danny Picard Discusses the Red Sox and Yankees Off Season Moves

Dec 7, 2013|

Danny PIcard opens the show discussing the Red Sox signing of Mike Napoli and the Yankees signing of Elsbury and Beltran. Also the impact of Cano signing a huge contract in Seattle.

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-- what's up welcome to the data because shell -- there on WEEI. On the air until 4 o'clock this afternoon I have a feeling we're gonna talk a lot of baseball. Offseason moves. Mike Napoli as Brees signed with the Boston Red Sox that's the story today. Joey is 32 -- sixteen car were at basically comes out 283 year at 45. Million dollar deal -- last year. Before the season and he signed it three at 39 million dollar deal but he failed his physical do that hip condition. And he only got one year at thirteen million so basically now would be to -- 32 million. On top of that one -- thirteen million comes out to a three year 45. Million dollar deal but. -- beginning this season it's only a two year deal to his 32 -- Mike Napoli back with the Boston Red Sox this is a no brainer. I'll get your reaction on this rob Bradford WEEI dot com he's gonna join me. At about 2 o'clock bad -- -- as a conference call at the with the media at 130 rob Bradford will join me after that. Mike G body Comcast sports net New England will join me that at 3 o'clock I'll get. To some Red Sox offseason stuff with him as well and also little patriots patriots this weekend on tomorrow against the Cleveland. Browns how jacked up -- you about this game McCain not so much. I look at -- the playoffs. With the patriots on I see the next four games. As winnable for the patriots I think they will I guess I have my -- and I Baltimore again. Maybe a look at a Baltimore Daniel hoped that that Miami damn well be some sort of trap game if somehow Denver loses. One of their last four that would be the only real chance that the patriots had to get that one seed they gonna lead Denver to lose again and patrons from the to win now. But we'll get the some patriots -- Mike Giuliani at 3 o'clock I don't get to open hip brazen. Chris Humphries even know we had a game for himself last night against the Denver Nuggets in a Celtics 106 and 98 when. At the TD garden this one was over early but the nuggets did sneak back did it. A little bit. Early in that third quarter but Chris Humphries. Really the story last night 24 minutes eighteen points I tell you every weekend the more you watch -- on the Celtics team and the law -- see him get. You don't like them. And he certainly the Mormon -- he's -- -- impression. With the Celtics you know I don't get open without I don't get open with even -- -- that's men's basketball with a big game. Today against BYU the what are you want even a country is giving him a shout out for some people that might be on the way up and ready not to watch that game this afternoon and only difference optional. Are they wanted to mention that put there we go let's get the baseball and are you got a reaction to what's been going on here in the Major League Baseball hot stalled offseason whatever you want call. Mike Napoli is back if that's a no -- I mean did anybody really think that Mike Napoli wasn't coming back and we're -- now that there was a deal that was out there for Mike Napoli that. He can donate more money. Mike Napoli coming outside to deal with someone else to make some more money but the play is at the last minute I -- that make the push to get Napoli back. And even if they didn't make that push I think the Red Sox was still gonna do what they could to bring Napoli back in. Sort of out based around the three year deal that they had given -- last year before that hip condition came up and physical but I think it was a no brainer to bring Napoli back and -- know you have a situation in which over the week you lost Jacoby l.'s very I'd look at this. I look at the -- very deal that I look at the can no deal the Mariners. And I really think and -- Beltran last night after an apple he signed a three year 45 million dollar deal with the Yankees fifteen million. Three a deal for Beltran I think that's 12 Madea's. If you're Yankee fan out that they are pure Red Sox manager against the Yankees first -- all. You wanna you should bank -- you should be -- in -- You should actually be -- yankees because I think the Yankees absolutely not stop their entire offseason. If you're if you're Brian Cashman and you didn't wanna go out and give -- pay anybody twenty plus million -- or lock anybody up for 78 years. Then that's fine. Maybe you look at granderson by the way -- signed with the Mets a four year deal I think that's a good deal for the Mets I know the money is. Forty is sixty -- fifteen -- -- That's a much bigger ballpark in Yankee Stadium. Granderson strikes out a lot -- 33 but still I think that's a good diplomat like it's a forty a deal. Yankees locked themselves up in -- feel that in Jacoby Ellsbury who's thirty years old. And a seven could possibly be an eight year deal. They're paying them over twenty million a season. Since. They decided to pace shocked that they were gonna pay someone for twenty analyses of why wouldn't they make that priority Robinson can all. I have no idea what they would they -- they should've never signed Ellsbury if they know it again if the Yankees wanted to go out. And say we're not gonna sign anybody that big -- deal at least rockets on anyone to a long term deal would not give anybody over twenty million a year. At at for a span of any contract. Then that's fine then maybe they don't bend the Belcher and -- might have been good but am I still don't think I still think they gave -- wait too much money. You see what's all the gets. With the Miami Marlins three years 21 -- Can with the Yankees -- -- 85 mil 170 -- I'm from Brian McCann what he's a good touch -- a couple of if -- the Yankees didn't wanna go out and spent one email on a guy that 78 years. You know then then -- but if you would go to do that and you had to pick. Which god you're gonna give that long term deal and all the twenty -- to a seasoned repeat -- Barry okay no no -- right Robinson cannot. While the Yankees played their cards completely run and they completely messed up their offseason. Because they get Ellsbury can no goes to Seattle and is 240. Milk. Is -- a bad deal for the Mariners well out of the new TV deal auto -- a bad deal for the -- this can always a very good -- economic plan. And obviously the Mariners need -- they wanted that big -- they went unpaid. Money you're Red Sox fans they should be bank and the Yankees from us and it's up like an Alberta. And they should also be -- JC today. Red Sox fans should be -- in the Jay-Z and roc nation. I keep our people say that -- messed this how did Jay-Z messed up. JC one out and he shot for the starts this was his first big. Contract with a Major League ball player. And I think he -- a couple statements. One well we're gonna shoot for the stars 300 -- -- heavily -- -- three out of they'll put it all so we failed didn't do his job he messed up wait a minute. If GA easy actually thought he could get 300 -- foot -- asked at 350. That that's called the negotiation. US for 300 I think you're going and no one tool meant privately you don't gonna look we're not gonna get 300. But we think we can get somewhere close to 52 what we're gonna do is we're gonna ask that would ask for three. And we're gonna we're gonna -- would act to access where Telecom what's Seattle that's the second thing. That -- went out and and really made statements that -- did with his first Major League ball player big time contract as an agent. And professional sports I think everybody assumed I was one of I mean I assumed. Every single day. On my show like amounts and I don't think that the Yankees elect and I'll go in fact. Not only that I think they JG ultimately would have a deal would -- offered legal doubt debts. -- can all in the free agent market I just think that he's gonna come back to New York eventually. And he's gonna say hey this is what I have with this team -- -- -- X amount years to X amount dollars. How can you match I honestly thought that the Yankees would match. Now. What ever happened after Seattle off it. Jaycee and you know ten years 240 know bottom line is JC JC made another statement. Which is just because you -- on the New York City guy just because you think. Or represent a Yankee. Okay and I'm a New York City got all those factors combined -- Let's be serious here I'm gonna -- all the best deal that would not for my client. My client wants to go out and get -- Well I'm gonna get in the money I'm gonna get in the years comedy get him the money and there's going to be no hometown discount. And I think that makes a statement not only to other teams in professional sports but all the play is that may. Want to sign with roc nation I think this is grateful for JC. I had Jaycee did a great job it. Does not only did he go out and get a 240 million dollar deal for Robinson can all but it also tells other players that. I'm not just gonna I'm not gonna make you go. Due to New York City because a New York City got. -- I'm gonna get you the best deal would tell him. Even if it means asking for a ridiculous price off the bat which was ridiculous three under -- for Robinson can all but guess what. Nobody and -- -- roc -- can't not gonna get 300 that's why that's 300. If they thought they could get 300 they're desperate -- the. So they did their job JC did his job. And can all gets 240 male doll and there are people let's say call yeah. You know how could you know doing that I'm never gonna criticizing got you going around money for not. I know that people want compared to Pedroia -- contract please stop. That did Pedroia. Was someone that obviously had a different motive. His motive was Spain at a place that he loved to what might. I -- he signed what. 88 year deal with that with the Red Sox right extension. And I didn't make -- the economic thirteen point five million is that -- the Pedroia contract so. You don't think that the -- it could've gone out. And got a whole lot better deal and that of course you -- you see -- money is thrown around a Major League Baseball aren't gonna wound up close the one you know. Million. Absorbent. But he didn't but that's his that's his decision. Not to knock another guy if he doesn't wanna take a hometown discount -- why don't. I can all came out and he went for -- JG shot from the stars. And you shoot for the stars and and you get pretty close that is they win the. For your agent that's it would be a player and if you ask me today. If you ask me today on this board Saturday RWE. God this is also went for the Boston Red Sox a win for Red Sox fans you get to know out of the division. They wanna bring Alberta and I'm not I'm not saying that -- Barry won't be a good play the first couple years that deal he will be. If he stays LPLs very will be a very good player but I can tell you this. I think I was over Ellsbury sign with the Yankees for the first five minutes after I saw that. I mean I just assumed that Ellsbury was gone anyways didn't we all assume that -- was gone two years ago. What we want that's taught courses is agent Dick and I go -- test the free agent market but as we got closer to sort of that Jackie Bradley junior. -- I guess you could call because I think that that's what unexpected to happen at least. But the Jackie Bradley junior ever begins now especially seeing that college Beltran signed a three year deal with the Yankees and he's no longer available. You know I always -- this notion that -- -- Red Sox maybe you would try and bring Beltran is in the and you could find time for Jackie Bradley June yet. But because you know 162 game season what a 37 year old Beltran is going to be two days off with a awaited victory in a place he's gonna need some days off. Don't be timed to fit Jackie Bradley junior and if you wanted to sort of entertain the thought of bringing Beltran and for one year. May be attributed deal I could see that. Beltran got a shot at three a -- the Yankees. I think anything over two years of Beltran is -- and want to money so. Now he's gone. An elder Berry is a Yankee Beltran -- yankees the Red Sox I think you move into the Jackie Bradley junior. Eric and I think it's got to begin opening day in center field -- OK with that. I am I'm on I'm fine with that in fact the more you think about it the more makes cents. I know there are reports that's this week. That the Red Sox made -- very a five year 100 million dollar offer. Well I can tell -- that's. I have people telling me that multiple sources that the Red Sox didn't. Didn't make Ellsbury once sing one single formal offer it happened. Did they make one up one office that's what people tell me so. I think it was ESPN that reported that but I respect ESPN and everything but. That might just be a message to say hey you know we tried but that's not true they didn't it'd make Ellsbury and often -- -- did not make -- and often. I tell you that right now and when you see that. You realize what this organization. Has been get ready for -- is ready if they're ready for the Jackie Bradley junior -- And I think we've heard this now for the last couple years we've been anticipate it we saw Jackie Bradley at spring training last year. We saw him come up opening day I still have visions that at that it's the season. Happy -- what fell behind wanted to -- don't draw Lok -- Jackie Bradley. Our debt jerseys out. But obviously he had things to work out you probably still does this going to be bumps in the road with a young get it will be I mean look at Dustin Pedroia. I just told if you went on the fridge -- anybody got a got close to Torino and absolutely. When he first came up 2007. Big couldn't get a beach ball we had the argument yet. I -- just don't have the webcaster UMass -- department and the document I had. We are you and Alex Cora burst Dustin Pedroia how stupid. Does that argument look now. You can't give up on these kids if they do show signs of struggle at the Major League level it is anybody that should show you. That it's the Dustin Pedroia and his career. And now look at him he is a great play one of the best and again he has. And you have a franchise guy. I -- you get a Red Sox you'll look and -- Jackie Bradley junior not to step in the senate field. And now you bring Napoli back and what's the governor's stated they signed right handed reliever Edward Marie got Jerry is nine point five no. That 37 saves at Saint Louis last season. Whatever happened in September they obviously but the Rosenthal they add to a good reason for -- Rosenthal the roads smoke. So you saw that why maybe they need to move but -- is gonna come the Red Sox right hander reliever Napoli. Napoli was a no brainer to me. But also. I don't think that anybody is or should be too worked up about -- -- And not just auditioned too worked up about ElBaradei of the Yankees because -- yankees did was. But yet he's not a decision yeah wanted to pay somebody twenty million dollars a season this year twenty plus mil a season for a long term deal. At thirty years. But they picked the wrong guy they pick go wrong guy. They messed thereof season up big time they overpaid for McCann they overpaid for -- very. And they didn't bring one of the best players in the game back to the organization. Because -- picked the wrong guy in Jacoby Ellsbury they did. And this is a good day for Red Sox fans you should be you should be -- and Jay-Z. You should be back and Mike Napoli for coming back. But I think that was a no -- now we're gonna get into this because I think the -- set I do they Jackie Bradley -- is going to be the guy. And I think he should be I think that only makes the most sense. Now we get -- development Stephen Drew whose name comes up and I tell you a lot. It makes absolutely zero sense to me. If you watch trying to bring Stephen Drew back or it's I don't care what they say I don't care what the Red Sox tell you right now. That makes no sense to me why you would bring Stephen Drew back that -- makes no sense. It doesn't make sense for Stephen Drew I don't think because Joseph Morgan for a multiyear deal of cigarettes why would you give Stephen Drew a multi year deal. And that's not a knock on Stephen true because I don't think he's a very good player. Regardless of what we saw offensively in the post season. You saw what he did defensively and the regular season I was. I was OK I was called his offense the bottom of your. You have -- Bogart's. You have. Will middle Brooks. You know to go along we get back to that conversation I'll bring it up the young kids let them play well let them play. What will -- -- -- led Pau got what short that's reveals what most comfortable right he's even said why did Cameron Steven Jordan. And why would Stephen Drew no one -- guys in there knowing that they gonna get one time why would he even come back to Boston. That would make sense for him. Now one thing that might be hold up that Stephen -- process with other teams is that draft pick that China over chat. Because the Red Sox did it make him a qualifying offer of that fourteen point one -- now he rejected it. People bank he's not hide the Yankees actually spot I do think at some point -- get a multi year deal. You see all these Simon's early before the winter meetings don't worn out what to mediate Tom and I do they drew gets a multi year deal another team. But the the idea that he could come back to the Red Sox doesn't make any sense to me. Let the kids play. That's what you're committed to let the kids play another reason or another thing that showed that they committed the young kids and -- -- such organization. Com. Behind the flight you know Jarrod Saltalamacchia gets that three year deal when he won now with the Miami Marlins. And. It changed when they bring an AJ Pierzynski one yeah eight -- Well. What I'm being told is that bit that's the stage for Christian Vasquez. My sources tell -- the Christian Vasquez did people insider it's -- organization. A calling him the next -- Molina and they think he could be big league ready by June. Okay that's why they want to bring anybody can have on the plate for more than one yet nobody -- matter -- They were brief -- and on a one year deal for as little money as possible. For as much skill as they can get they got better Pierzynski. Now people who say operatives keys are bad at GMAC is about everybody hates him while he's the type of guy that. You hate him if he's on the other team if he's on your team you'll -- that's the type guy he has. If he's on another team absolutely despise the guy. On your team well. -- they'd bring -- then put the main reason I brought NN is because Christian Vasquez. Is ready to go they say to be ready by June. They caught inside the Red Sox organization they are calling Christian baskets -- next yeah idea Molina. He works out with the moyers he's a catch and throw guy right did it he's got to prevent people from brought on. They think he's ready by June. Now will he be the everyday catcher journal. But if something were to happen Pierzynski. Or if Ross went down for a little bit I think they feel comfortable that he could come up and fill -- a little bit. Did the Red Sox a clearly commitment to the kids I like it and that's why it makes no sense to bring Stephen Drew back yet. What if -- Red Sox fan today you should be thrilled you should be pumped Napoli is back he's keeping the bid at least that's what he tweets. And the Yankees. Are. They spent a lot of email on the wrong guy on the Iran I. I can't get over that you'll lineups lineup connote an -- -- against the wall and you say I. We planned twenty plus million dollars on for the next 878 maybe ten years it's -- program. It's not you don't you don't even think for a second. It's Robinson panel to -- this image and the Yankees messed up. Completely messed up and the other thing yankees' most -- is Curtis Granderson or the Mets -- did do for you is. That should be that I thought that's a good deal for the match. Negatively Aggies are -- lot. Albert for 7840. Plus analyses. Rotten guy for twenty plus mail. 617779798376177797937. Phone lines are open for -- I want your reaction. What does it feel like to be a Red Sox fan today -- that Mike Napoli is coming back and know that the Yankees really messed up there offseason. This is the -- -- god shall we aren't Sports Radio WE yeah I -- there until 4 o'clock back at this time.

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