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Mike Giardi from Comcast Sports Joins Danny Picard

Dec 7, 2013|

Danny Picard discusses the recent MLB moves by the Red Sox and Yankees with Comcast Sports reporter Mike Giardi. The guys also discuss other potential moves we could see this offseason.

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This he's that good. Courage you know -- through an enterprising -- for. Do any good courage and home sports revealed that. -- -- -- -- -- Comcast sports net. Joins me on the AT&T hotline -- -- don't like I don't -- I'm. Not only days -- a little bit. Below -- right. You know I'm sorry I -- I couldn't hear. But I I -- take a Mike Napoli. He's in return -- the Red Sox there's reports that the play is went to the front office some players contacted him and he really pushed for the Red Sox to re sign Napoli. But Mike I don't think they needed to do that I think that the Red Sox understood that this was a -- needed to bring back. I think it's a perfect fit for the Red Sox perfect fit for Napoli had a field. Yeah I'm with the -- percent 200 another example of may be. On in terms of the average annual value a little bit high but you know two year deal I think it's perfect. -- he provided such a nice. -- -- -- -- One here in month there not consistently all the way through but certainly. You know we -- them are very point the year. The beat you can't deny the fact that the guys that he loved it here you're great to be here. And I think we've seen. That in these last few years you know once again coming back to that thing where. Not everybody can play and Boston Mike Napoli proved. Now keep playing Boston but he he shot and bought themselves you know I'm completely I'm -- loses its -- -- -- the Sox. Are you on board but the thought of bringing Stephen Drew back into the Red Sox I know the name it's still being talked about. I don't think it's I don't think it should happen not the drew. And his future -- for the Red -- Puget I think it's time to get -- at that shortstop yeah every day spot and it's also time to give middle Brooks that there -- based position out of spring training and I don't that you bring back drew how do you feel about drew. Possibly if -- if they worked to bring him back how would you feel about that. Yeah I mean to me you know and either put up against the luxury tax -- I don't know they wanna go over on the not a -- Can't afford it mind you let you know obviously every you have to budget and their planet and not go over there. And it pretty group back would probably put him. Right out there right over it I think DOT here is -- I think it. It would come to show you go out during the course this even in the end of June and root them out before the trade deadline. Six week before the trade deadline bottom -- You know they steal defensive infielder who -- the only -- -- 28 I noted that a little bit better than that at a moment but. I'm with you I'd like to turn over the that part you do that it hit them. If they don't play you know I think we I think we all believe that all art is going to be -- for a long time here you know now the question becomes. And -- Brooks you know on happy medium and you know with the power that he possesses. He's that bit a little bit more plate discipline. I'd. Much prefer to start the year with those two and then it just meant to say. Know what Mel Brooks and it's just too. Two what a missed cut -- I'm streaky. And eagle audio just put all of our short into third rally you know what when things are I would -- -- -- you let -- start with those guys and go from there. I think you almost have to stop middle Brooks at third base because I gotta keep on back to number eight these pledges over. In two seasons play just over a -- a complete regular season -- 169 games he's played at 32 home runs drove over a hundred. Runs under over under RBIs I mean. He has shown that he can play. All he was -- And then obviously last year's -- on a standard because he struggled that did have some injuries but then still struggled to to get back up to -- -- UF -- I just -- you have to give him that's not coming out I I do feel like I don't feel like he has earned it might. No -- I -- I look at it like that have been a lot of those numbers were built based on his first year. On the look it there's no question he has the power but. That -- approached the plate the plate discipline. You when he came back -- -- -- were -- them up and over the sixers haven't named them but we're not six to seven games they have played it when it probably is talking about I can live with. Just like an apple you can live with a can't strike out that you can consistently get that power but. It's neat to be a little bit. Smarter at the plate that week. I'm not sure I mean not like the way that they're sort of wavering on this thing maybe their desire to bring you look back hardly talking about is not question mark about Bogart's. Question mark about middle no doubt feel like. Absolutely -- -- the circuit that wants so -- look at it this to me and I think that some organizational. Confusion about just how good lament -- committee. Spiegel Mike you ought to Comcast sports net New England haren AT&T hotline I guess I just want to see Mel Brooks. Every I think the only way you can find out what you actually have with regards to consistent -- is if you give him consistent playing time helping states help so we'll see what happens with that I don't think. I drew like you -- you agree we don't think drew is a good idea not just for. Not -- different Red Sox finally got a different drew either how about the outfield -- -- signs with the Yankees. I think it the Red Sox feel comfortable with the fact that Jackie Bradley junior is going to be the starting center field on opening day how do you -- about. I think there's a little bit of question their Q I think they haven't you know. I haven't come out and says that he's their guy and that makes me think that there's still exploring that market and you know Franklin Gutierrez whose name comes up I think yet. At the Smart. Got a target depending on where the money and years go that. The other thing and a lot about this is. How quickly we went from Jackie Bradley junior is a future star Q -- I don't know you know -- and it sucked when he came up last year and -- an exceptional. Still -- He's very good defensively better defensively. Some people -- -- and an outburst certainly defensively ready to play center field I think once again. -- -- I'm starting the year with him with a veteran backup -- let them play every -- are almost every day and he'll play himself into our plans -- thought it would but. That that that group that we just talked about notebooks all our. And grabbed me. You know when you talk about -- -- have been built over the course of comedy that negotiate dynasty. Homegrown talent on those people that are important because -- -- -- wanted to go out stand on free agent if you want what. I've come to your system all grown to control want to get the arbitration years. It help balance out your payroll or he goes down to money it got it because Japan you know 500 -- for the -- that repellent that -- This stuff. I like Bradley I like more spring like in which -- not be the -- legal reform committee kept a pretty level head about it and I would I would. Be very disappointed that he's not restarting -- Miller a medical. Yeah I think -- judgment should be happy with the fact that the Red Sox at -- with the kids -- -- -- Jackie Bradley junior also based on present deal one -- deal -- -- I'm being told sets up Christian Vasquez to be ready could be right answers next June is what I'm -- -- compared. This an analogy the next got Emily and that's what they believe he has I don't read judgment to be happy that the Red Sox organization is goal with kids they should also be happy Mike. That the Yankees decided to let them know go to Seattle and not elder Berry. The Yankees are really messed this up offseason up themselves haven't. I hope Bryant Kathmandu. And add it in that category that -- -- we -- go back to that you know what I'm Bernard Bernard who want me to me. You. You have to pick one of those players and I understand two reporting Berrian were the modern petite pretty but out of it. -- -- not be concerned about them one day out -- not on the. We're -- we're also micro also talking what 21 millionaires opposed it 441 million. -- and you're talking about middle of a lot out. Middle of the order bat personally -- -- dependent upon his legs and I know the short right field curt may be. You see more power numbers from Melbourne may be I don't know play like a couple of years ago when he was sent in the MVP voting but. Maybe you don't need a little bit of -- like granderson did it well when he got there ought to me that's a no brainer I mean. Who would you rather desperate for five years down -- Excited DH or throughout avenue DH you know barrier and no and again at the power bat. You know a hundred conned out of a hundred all the guys dependent on that leg I just can't explain what they're doing and they got over -- Carlos Beltran. I'm look to be a -- player for them next year I'm again beyond that who -- knows -- just. And then make any sense to me did. Go get the kitchen and they -- they were two or three years away from clearing up some of these really bad contracts bad and being. You know able to be a little bit more flexible and maybe -- smarter and you can you want right up when it was out in the. -- eagle at my GI Comcast sports net New England here in the AT&T hotline on Sports Radio WEEI Mike. Let's get over the patriots because generally be covered the -- tomorrow. Against the Cleveland Browns I look at the patriots schedule at Cleveland that at Miami that Baltimore -- And alternate buffalo at the close up the season it's that game at Baltimore that really sticks out to -- that'll be the toughest. I believe for the patriots team the president multiple still be in the dogfight for playoff spot. So but this game against Cleveland I mean what are you look at what are you gonna go into this game if your patriot fan I mean what are you looking to improve. Is it just first half starts you look at the last couple games they've really made the adjustments at half time. And they've come out you know Brady -- blazer and in the second half what are you look at. Is it the secondary what what's your what are your focus in on it go to the -- -- Cleveland tomorrow. Yeah in the I think. I think sixty minute effort is. Is something you want to have now and I've been to many keep that from a performance from you guys -- you know they. Pulling it -- And that's obviously good for compliment but. 18 reached up yourself a hole that you can't get or you're gonna make a mistake to start the second half you're not alone as you've done. On I think you need to know start to build on that and build on the sixty minutes because I don't think we necessarily. She a lot of battle with the court the isn't and then I look at. Obviously Jason Campbell an average quarterback if that. What Gordon camera two terrific target Corbett gone off the last couple weeks without an anomaly your general. On it police healthy enough to cover up I think that's you know. When he was on his -- at the beginning of the year changed everything for the team because you can lock down a guy they did not try to do that would -- -- -- them under adopt them. The protections rather an underdog because I I still believe that it is the problem particularly -- period the seat. How they approach -- this week if police yet the more we ought combination coverages. More zone and those sorts of things that collect think -- -- the Paramount now I think again it's just further indication that. Police did not. Fully felt yet I think we'd all agree that. All the luck to you -- he's so important here and -- important that he can beyond percent because. You were playing it close. As good as any quarterback in the league reportedly -- that he needed to get back to that format they want to -- -- The -- they need to be in January and February. Gotta do I mean that playoff game last year at home to -- goes down and write changes everything. Absolutely it is at a cost. The market called article Boldin in the slot because at that are outside -- bowl and -- a supermarket sector out you know. It's -- -- they have more that deposition what you want to stay where you want. Aren't instead looked like -- don't want outside you want -- -- to be able spotted. Play outside players that aren't. You don't want market cold pretty much ever at the out on the field. -- -- situation Portugal that defensive backs and that question mark so now you want that all the line up perfectly for him to lead to secure at all. Spiegel like -- Comcast sports net New England or an AT&T hotline Sports Radio WEEI. Mike Tom -- -- was yelled at me -- my show this week because I brought up the idea. Of may be given to lead some rest in late in the regular season -- how important he was this team. Nolan the fact that I just told that they had a -- playoff game in the lead going down affected that matter would -- it was played it's the fact that toll on the field. You know. You're going to be hurt you defensively. If -- the patriots I don't think they will I agree with Tom on that but I think it should. -- to get some guys some rest in the last four games what do you think. Well well look -- They did earlier with him I was told that he could argue that -- -- chose not to -- -- -- because of the -- we come in the recapture. The chosen to -- that extra -- -- it's not completely. Are are -- not make him at all that that is something that they you know they thought about it done before on. I think the problem here is you're in such tight race or potential. Our number one he had a -- and still op though it obviously want first round buy it because you are beat up and you want it. That extra time to rest that young players playing more snaps and I think a lot of what Joan -- and would it ever imagined did you actually saw. -- -- I think at the Pentagon. If you act like a little bit that you could totally to that because I think did you realize he's not important and I. They believe -- to couple his opponent coming up. That they cobbled together. We're the other -- there -- talk about secondary. And with the option plan as well it is. -- are supposed mistakes but so you know again I think it's largely depend on where -- data where the Achilles trended. But it wouldn't totally private market that Pittsburgh that they opted out of -- about this and now we could play itself. All you you're not in not traded on a car like yell what are the cops are tempered Arnold and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I just a couple of football questions fully -- comments I mean damn you look at this schedule. Tennessee home San Diego home at Houston at Oakland that's -- last four games. Only one I think they have a shot at illusion is in two weeks against San Diego. Primetime game. Do you look at that -- schedule and think that they could lose one of these games because that's really the only shot that the patriots would have again no one seed identities of those 100. I looked at the titans have been has been talked but avenue go there are vs Denver company you probably waited. Dramatically in Denver's Iran and Diego did you feel better than San Diego as opposed to Denver. What India go to the -- schizophrenic team that still in the in the middle playoff on. And they are dangerous to me that there have been weeks where. They have performed as one of the better -- -- -- units are not without their rivers has certainly. At eight and the time come back you're so yeah that he could score Denver. Of the war and you've then got up on the schedule it's San Diego so. They wanted to Kansas City they wanted to Kansas City put up 41 the job. Exactly in my books they're and they're very capable rivers kept on. What on epic you wouldn't like three or your little reverse these sort of found this motel back there was record at the head coach and -- of the -- to coordinate last year Denver and what that would people in the playoffs which. A lot about guys creativity that they scrapped yup and and and on top and work with people slow he's a bright guy rivers is coming back that that we -- at. I do not respond to report that the game that you've got your pretty spent this circle and you know and it know that -- revert or of those days. -- -- -- I thought he over. 46. I think you'll -- patriots went over and yeah yeah I'd I'd -- a look at. I do don't they. You know what could not built to exploit the weaknesses of the pitch it out you know art is lot of yards tackle lately. And most brigade you're like a spot or lack there aren't you a hundred years old walker. That -- they're not that Hannity so. My directors of odd yards short in the -- and what not able to take advantage you used in the ways that other teams haven't. I'll go to -- -- I -- it the way it ought to plan right now. Are -- taken it to another level rock and certainly helps and they were in the option in England there's they're playing at a pace that. That Denver. Obama in total -- right now the old political form and it onto the got a different when it's not about pretty important to throughout the country. I've Mike that's a lot great job as always and doctors don't. Partner I'd like GRE Comcast sports net doing -- right there it's a great stopped.

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