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Rob Bradford Joins The Chris Villani Show

Dec 6, 2013|

After breaking the news that Mike Napoli has agreed to terms with the Red Sox, Rob Bradford joins Chris Villani to discuss the deal, the Red Sox offseason moves thus far and what to expect at the winter meetings.

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Swing and Heidi drive -- away senator racing back Jackson turning and -- is I'm. And any minute time -- not -- -- the Berman a Red Sox lead and won enough -- Mike Napoli just destroyed one we don't have them. The main reason. Any more concerned. We did last. Let's listen before we actually. Buzz been sharing sitting yes busting continues to be the home for Mike Napoli -- back. On a two year contract reportedly for 32 million dollars in. The first got a reported earlier tonight none other than our own rob Bradford WEEI dot com and he joins me now -- -- here W I paid NORAD. Because how you doing good. I am doing well my friend -- two years 32 millions is your reaction to the Napoli signing especially what it cost to bring him back. I think it's a win win for both sides in a way because you ahead. Napoli who want to come back to Boston. You want to get that we'll average up and he did sixty million a year is obviously better than -- court last year. Op Ed in the Red Sox were able legitimate two years I mean this was the sticking point they did not -- ago three years with them. That it wanna risk that third year even though everything's been okay with -- -- So I do think that they bolt made out on this in -- way. I looked at Napoli and what he means that -- lineup as a power back. Behind David Ortiz and the lack of power bats out there on the market especially guys like granderson going for four years. And say that he was a guy that the Red Sox had to bring back or at least was a very high value to this team you agree. Yeah it would have been very difficult to make up what now -- would leave behind is no question about you did a good point. That this is the hardest thing -- these days in baseball it's the reason why Marlon Byrd. Get that two years sixteen million dollar deal because he had the third best like that Senator Clinton brigades in. So this this sort of guy it's hard to find and then -- factory and probably -- to -- they take a plate appearances in the -- the majors not even close. -- many that you all the sudden you can do -- defense the first baseman. So you factor all that in -- unique unique player and in my estimation there would have been a pretty big drop off in terms of plan B whatever might it might have been. Well there's -- reports that there are too easy call a win win that Napoli may have left some money on the table to come back to Boston is that accurate. Yeah that that's true I think he might actually left a year if not I'll think did the the annual average was going to be higher by I think that you would allow the year in other words so he might get it for years at Texas. But you would get sixteen par. But you know -- -- a big part of this story I know the -- Alex beard I'll probably write about it tonight. If that. Texas looked to be in the lead today and this was circulating. Throughout baseball that Texas had made the best offer. When the Red Sox players found out about this Red Sox players up big group of what really pushed hard to the front opposite John Farrell stay with. Is there anything you can do to kind of push it along a little bit. Try to keep them there and -- -- how much that factored in. But certainly the Red Sox gave up in a little bit and not only that also showed Napoli how much. It is these his teammates -- we want them back. What about the you know they -- I mean I know that everything was fine help -- for Napoli this year but. Two more seasons is that a concern going forward. Well I I think that they they look at it in and say a positive is that he got through this year. They didn't get any worse I think actually -- -- slight better. Our body. You don't the next two years in you can just totally discounted if the condition -- -- goes south that any time now please note that the Red Sox know that. And yeah I think that that's why you didn't see. The lockdown three year four year deal for this guy because if they have would absolutely not an issue. Then certainly it seemed to jump in it for years -- you know what we like this player he's still fairly young. And we're gonna lock them up as via our core guy but there's still is that caveat when it comes they have that means so. Yes it is joke out of Dave Wright gave in and but so far so good for the -- Rob Bradford WEEI dot com joining me and you guys talking about this a little bit earlier Robin I'm trying not to go like hardcore fan boy here but. The Red Sox so far this Nazis and addressing the the catching position at a relatively low cost. Bringing Mike Napoli back in addressing that the middle relief which is kind of a a weak spot for them last year staying away from the big contracts. There's not a lot to hate for me so far about the socks off season. Well it's been kind of predictable I mean that is the Napoli was the big piece that we says it all along. That that was gonna -- shape what they're gonna do that they don't find happily. Then they have to -- allow me begin in a little bit of an odd -- situation in terms of brings the -- -- you look at what Beltran and get the Yankees. If the Red Sox go out and find alternative that three year deal deducted on comfortable it does limit a little bit what they can view elsewhere. And make them. Get off for their plan in terms of former the roster but they did sign Napoli they were able to kind of state just to just discipline model. They they still have what I -- your -- is probably the favorite in the division because of their pitching. Been in they've still got at least one more Pete ago they had about 32 and a half suspended this off season. And you know that so there's no left little bit of flexibility now you see what they're gonna do it shortstop or maybe some outfield depth. If you mentioned shortstop to -- kind of attack that first is there -- market as we sit here today for Stephen Drew. You know that's the big question I think that it's a fascinating one for me. Because he's on the servers would say well -- others in the market and an outlaw all our people baseball field. Don't think there's a marketing thing that he'll end up winning back with a Red Sox at a reduced rate. By it's displacing -- easy -- the market when you think there's not going to be any market. So it is one of these things where I think we're gonna have to wait a little bit just because I think they're gonna win a little bit to see if the market doesn't -- something pops up. But if you if you had the happy right now. I would guess bill that Stephen Drew could be back with a Red Sox get I don't know if there's a market formed an IQ no the Red Sox took the likable. And then outfield the second part of the statement you made a moment ago. I mean we've heard you know techsters in college tonight saying everybody from Mac -- under heat here to trade today. Take -- she NC to mean those are -- bigger contract guys but. What are the Red Sox do here what's plausible to them in the outfield going forward. Yeah updates here is going to be so expensive for someone I can't imagine the reds are gonna give them that the that would be the -- biggest surprise that that he. He fit what they wanna do that he's really the player. And if you -- type of player -- on base that time but this is especially with Napoli coming off the market is going to be teams out there who need bat. More than a Red -- do. So if I had to guess right now I think you should start focusing on the -- -- gave it to the world. Guys to fit a specific need for and maybe can't play all the time maybe might be fail safe for Jackie Bradley but you know what. I mean there also could be a trade that pops up with the winner being but as we sit here right now that's my guess -- just electric the Red Sox have it that. Dave do you could look at the roster right now -- and say OK that's fine. And they can look at the same way in and then deal from a position of strength. Rob Bradford WEEI dot com best guesses it's -- December 6 -- right now obviously. Who's in center field and who's leading up for the Red Sox next year I'm guessing all right happy type person. Well you know -- you -- -- person I think Jackie Bradley right now at these figures it is the center fielder they said. I -- I think Russia Davis literally could fit for this team. A lot of ways he's not a perfect player by a guy I -- a guy who is specialized in in the couple things. But I do you think Jack Jackie Bradley had a very good chance of being the everyday center fielder. And then lead off guy you know I think if it's the knob of Victor -- accommodation on last. They say Dustin Pedroia we want you to believe -- And -- happen. Perry Dustin Pedroia if you tell them what you want him to do. We'll go and do it until morph into that type of player right now I would still guess that it will be kind of would not vote Victor -- kind of combo at the top of the order. And of course the other signing that that happened tonight was the Yankees and Carlos Beltran and I don't know about you but I asked the same question after the Jacoby Ellsbury signing in New York he pitched. Unbelievable right now I mean he you know Kawika. The other Yankee -- great lineup and be utilized for further pitching goes they have a great lineup. He -- you. -- -- -- -- -- If he -- obviously the number one starter. But at that he would pay attention to what CC sabathia became last year if you look at that yankees' pitching staff. Is there anyone on that team right now I know -- about the you know what. They all have their marriage is there anyone you say all you don't want to face them. Not right now not to the end aren't even talked about the bullpen so listen they get a really good lineup of very very good line up. But until they start addressing some of these pitching issues. I still have to put the red -- So with everything that's happening out over the last couple days you planning on just two days sunbathing. Play I don't believe you river on itself is not hang out there all since it does. Yeah you know what you without the did you like just like you on a Friday night like tonight something happen I was think gonna go to a movie. And -- I didn't. But -- I know what he's stuck on space mountain and all of a sudden after two -- runs in my lap. That wouldn't have got probably got as many read tweets rather than you know Napoli re signs that the Hunger Games -- was great pride when he got -- to. Bill of -- what's going on my bill dead girl stuck together well probably wouldn't work. Tough break our rob -- to go what should we expect and WEEI dot com tonight tomorrow from you now -- Well BI Alex you've been all over everything this offseason he's good I think he's going to be writing an epic Mike Napoli to. The lay of the land story and -- getting into that kind of dynamic about the yum. That the team at a rally behind everybody which I I think is really proud of it really noteworthy thing. God has befallen the gap we have David Ortiz on the podcast earlier today talking about Al held -- to know -- you -- all the stuff. From that go from there but yeah a lot of stuff going on maybe it will deliver -- tomorrow. All right sounds good appreciate the time -- and good job tonight we'll talk dissent. That's tricky but the good workout calculator. Well do rob Bradford joining me on the AT&T hotline and some good stuff from him. I'm mentioning Rajai Davis as a guy that the the Red Sox may target in the outfield. -- licking its Stephen Drew who he thinks may be back we'll see if the market kind of develops and -- Bradford let's face it made a pretty good life decision tonight. Deciding not to go to a movie and -- months on some milk duds and check out cat it's ever dean's latest exploits instead. Is breaking news of Mike Napoli coming back the Red Sox two years at 32 million. Six -- 77797937. We'll get a quick break -- flash in the right back to your phone calls Crist a lot of year for another hour Sports Radio WEEI.

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