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ESPN's Herm Edwards: Not too late to teach Stevan Ridley proper ball control

Dec 6, 2013|

We check in with Herm Edwards on the Pats, Stevan Ridley, and a great many things around the NFL.

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Let's get right into this Herm Edwards joins us via the AT&T outlining the heart is in for Michael Holley today a term how are you. I'm doing well yeah it was good to talk to you and you party have that resume did you birdie touched up and ship it off to Houston. At that got out of the record here. On ballot paper anymore. -- got the best job in America he listens to his wife told what to do that what we don't argue that -- -- -- Women in my. I have my wife and I have a seven and eight year old little girl's. And I do a lot about my god knows you met you at all I do like I have a daughter who's -- going on seventeen and I'm learning quick and -- she runs the house more than my wife does. Unbelievable. Atmosphere yes yeah yep we are locked up. Even more so Herman -- if it's if a coach is he interested in that job -- -- -- how good job is that right now knowing it. That -- what's the quarterback situation now maybe it's better this year because there's enough young quarterbacks coming out near the top of this year's draft we feel pretty good maybe one of them is your guy. But if if you're looking at a job like the Texans how how good a job is. Well obviously purple or should he closed it back excellent. And -- can actually make it seems to be good question is we couldn't go play quarterback in his case in the future. Speak about the older there's actually bill might be multiple quarterback there -- gonna be by the report quarterback but here's the problem. Your division now that the best quarterback ever began to look. That's -- good bet the ball like played -- that they have the how -- gonna quarterback for all these years they get what. He just continues the way it is definitely soak up what this team is ready to go I'm not -- you have you somewhat offensive line -- and help spare. Get a whole lot of back and play consistently cool old year -- -- -- back and hurt so they've got. Players we know that -- in the competition Jane you know it doesn't it -- its depiction but when you struggle at quarterback position purchase football with. Permits -- a tough time of year for you as we come -- on the stretcher 'cause obviously you have a lot of friends in the coaching ranks and you know Gary Kubiak is a guy -- now looking for a job and they'll be others when the season comes to an end here is this you know in the fraternity of coaches is this a a tough time. Not so much for the gap because still you know this -- the profession not a deterrent it's a two year deal. If you're fortunate though that could win. You get a long hours day. But the problem that you got to move into. -- you know that this is their lord shall we we get interest in this profession you sound different professions hope you have a good position where rob. You can bail while -- -- the -- -- the -- in the National Football League college football. -- can you say something to get me excited about the patriots and browns on Sunday because I'll be honest I'm having some difficulty working up an excitement for this game. Well look there's so you know accuses he has patriot obviously you're still. -- put yourself this year. Because at least the second -- -- person -- is oracle slipped all but I don't know that score. And there you're Cleveland you that you play in Cleveland Browns gave up the struggle in the tech quarterback. That you put it. From pretty good players in the Qaeda and Cameron watt receiver Jordan and I think it's obviously. The local Belichick who you gonna do -- got to eliminate those guys they're -- it's pretty -- Since well like anything else you can't take for granted. Got to go play in. Got you'll continue to win I think you can do that right now the waiter -- offered instead -- a fabulous job. Keep that thing going to -- has -- -- the good defensively. He still got concerns in the running game you'd walk with players male. Supremacy abstract so. The big got a local. Was gonna ask you about that I was love getting your opinion as a former coach -- what you think Bill Belichick is done this year we've had some conversations. Trying to compare his coaching job this year to others. What do you make -- -- I mean he he's he's he's had the Aaron Hernandez. Being -- before the season Rob Gronkowski was hurt for awhile you just mentioned some of the injuries. On the other hand you've got a lousy division around you really the whole conference other than a few teams is pretty down what do you make of bill Belichick's job this year. More dominant because a lot about. -- common. Develop players. Current -- and -- Being players and continues to finally -- gain -- -- When you have that quarterback who is here with two and so you get two -- that it ownership of the Marlins job. -- -- you believe anything they need to win. Whatever it may be trying to get a player in this there always there always separate incidents like people they don't have a problem. Obviously bring in players they have that work out just what your wrote what about doing. They'll pick it -- players it doesn't work out of Iran. They don't pop audience you know workers with. Little current crisis open -- -- -- -- good it would do. -- one player they might be going on the road of will get rid of them with is Steven Ridley 12100 yard rusher a year ago twelve touchdowns. Fumbles and three straight games found himself on the sideline inactive last week. What do you make of that situation and do you think Stephen release -- New England. Well it is -- it is but under no doubt about it it's a little bit. Is that a couple of games are the way. You -- the ball. Because it. -- he can make it the next regain. Your pin plate and kerik already seeing some gains that we have the old school is not well. All you can put you position these -- record -- -- that -- the build up of these dresses but -- Good could it work. Put him in the game and saying okay it's your ball will quote the game we got warm and it had ever will run the football you're the guy acts like. But as it. Would as a coach. Ted -- I mean do you get that. Do you call to all -- -- this fight the epidemic -- can it be OK I told him. So I think you'd still be reluctant because we thought it got pretty good football player. You can help and not put all of the outlook is Rick you're asking me what is not playing anymore I don't know that. You give him I don't give a couple tried as we got the lead at the -- we can put it -- they're all of our courts. But does that totally say he goes the next month and doesn't fumble in this limited on time. Does that erase the bad memories of three straight games fumbling from you when when you're going into a post season when anyone of those fumbles could end your season. Well I don't know that doesn't look you're gonna drop. -- What you're in trouble. Apple on businesses and -- -- in the government in Europe. -- -- only here for a moment. You know -- get -- That's all I got political. Latin America people. And I did what you're playing you're at the world what you get with the word but it could well -- -- -- hit -- article -- -- -- because -- -- The Gartner group has come. Get the bat well I understand that bad but when you coach players you'll -- -- bad. Coach and to win the game right arm. Out into it but how do you handle guys fumbles and what do you say to a it would mean Belichick has talked it was a little bit about the different types of fumbles ones that are about concentration ones that are about the technique ones that are just about the defense making a good play -- coach that stuff. -- -- -- do you do all the through January would have been put in the department of our peoples all -- the ball. But it all part in the -- -- the -- point of winning good crowd. You can never relax. It. Old that keep you on the spot he never looked at all -- weight -- body kept it open up in the air got to keep what they handle the ball occupant I'll let. -- and competition. He's got -- on that sometimes it you'll be getting competition all the sudden you a lot of what they want that extra something to hold onto the ball and he had. -- The old story of you know we all of the national football. It reminded me you know either put the pork chops Lowell walked and -- lines in there that weren't legal -- certainly there -- When you spoke of at the same year. He's walking people. That. It got report just a little. -- Obama. -- did you ever play -- -- coach a guy who was talented but played himself out of the NFL just for purely fumbling. I think the guys that are -- that he -- corrected some guy governor he or disable it and you go back Tiki Barber. The first couple years and you can see you look at burglar you know and pop up what work are work are probably figured. And you'll probably delight me in the game second caution again and in what the record. They don't believe -- beat yourself in ordered that can beat. -- ready for the NFL to start allowing challenges on any play are you ready apple. Gavel came here. I think you'll reasonable great point I also think they're so -- what little. Point apparently up up up up her well confused get too excited and that of hanging out -- opted out water that was good -- on the and I just disagree with so much of what he said well of course we -- -- -- we all say dumb things. Well I don't Obama would LeBron has already I would never say anything I think I asked Bill Belichick a terrible question on Monday you -- Dahlia what was well. Any to bring up. I asked him about that the interception Brady threw two gronkowski you know basically saying is it frustrating when he presented that while he I don't know how I worded it was horrific and I knew midway through the question it was terrific and I was not a better out. I couldn't just stop and say I'm gonna start over and ask different questions should've it was awful -- the worst question I've ever heard bill last I think you should have done that anyway is always good to talk to -- who brought you by DCU. Digital federal credit union market DC UC view and by Newton Wellesley orthopedic. Associates are we lost in there right at the end but I would argue some of the things he said camera back and watch a moment yes Indy art is in it's alcohol W the.

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