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World Cup drawings are done... now we fight about Soccer!

Dec 6, 2013|

We stir up a pot of crap when we debate the world cup and the popularity of soccer... pro callers, con-callers, plus Jack Edwards!

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War. Over five. As -- special fifth question on my -- just for today it's 900 and you condition for. I have a feeling nothing -- Today the World Cup draws were announced. And the US is pleased with Germany. Portugal in recent -- Ghana. -- -- Two teams make it out of that group will be USB one of the but. That's just wrong you're not an American I am. When you should be rooting for the American team in any sport when -- against the American soccer team -- I figure if they win. In more people like soccer soccer -- bigger. Not bad that. Curling team in the Olympics. You don't think that'll inject some life into curling curling -- I'd rather watch Carolina soccer now come out Wednesday and -- not -- that curling. Four years ago at the Winter Olympics I don't want soccer ball you know I am with the ones with. I hate soccer is actually make -- in one. As good soccer if you want to Ottawa would go run around -- Google Susan Bernard who's the captain of the Canadian women's curling team she's off. Simply your rooting against America just soccer. Back to at least you're not choosing -- country and -- -- 110 -- Barack Obama and help. I don't care I don't care who wins I don't care who loses I don't care. I don't care at all of these ads that meant I don't like soccer I think is in crisis or don't like curling like archery but it you have an American flight. And you like. Watch. The greatest ice game. Of -- more time. You know watch football and who is shuffle board like eighty Euro. Like the deck shuffle board but the one at the ball are you play it right until I do and what little I currently don't go to very many -- that have shuffle board them. That what you call the little wolf at this and that shuffle boards have a different name it's. Like in a long valley it's it's that so called shuffle I -- It passes the fact that you root against America recruit you Eric to soccer is huge dip. Hates America and now he's salt hates America gets out our Twitter in the text line. What's -- I got to give doubts -- text and who who are today playing with a through the other during. Germany Portugal and gone -- the best in the attack -- Only the US is in the you show us and Europe known and in German it's north and central and Caribbean white that your son Patrick Hackett. -- -- Just ignore and you in each one of the question in America where this is go. You knew as soon as -- you do with his heart into it Eric I hope for the it's for the US hockey team can't wait. It wait to watch US that you pick and choose when like matters to you -- It always matters to me that you should be hurting. Everything in the game in in in soccer but yet the America's cup that whistle -- Americans. A studies at the American -- threw well but that's ceiling was ridiculous I was angry -- -- you want to say it marked the boats out of the water nearly any boat out to -- Do you call let's. Have rules. Well lying it's a race in the but the Red Bull phase where they have not only way to do like ceiling where it used to be just natural herbal water do you watch you watch golf. Man are so -- -- the right. After the Ryder Cup for America but during let's say. PGA championship. -- you root for an American player over European players specifically now because I love com. There's about your love what is. Little guy is completely Graham now a guy like I always root for Grammy announcement there launched. And then there's some people were you agree that while he's not American why would be your fair player why would you root for him at the end of the tournament over Keegan Bradley or whoever sells. He's the guy like that I don't like the American guys analyst with Simpson. But like if there's any of America like Italian guys. In sports like that individual sports tennis where you can review right this is actually. The country playing representing you theoretically as -- Americans -- the -- no way I refuse to be represented by the US soccer game. I don't. Part of it and I definitely rooted for the Japanese with and against the US women right after the -- it's an -- He gets there root against Japan -- right after the tsunami. Against you weren't hurting. Or the OS I hate the US that you victims of a or as a fair united that's 6177797937. -- this moment with. Chris is in the car -- chorus. Hey I agree with you targeted one month boring sport in the whole world the only difference that -- -- sport but it most popular sport everywhere else in the world but I can't figure it out. But most popular throughout. Because they love they they understand it more than we do that's one of the arguments that -- -- -- only reason that I think about I have a recurrence from South America and they just get drunk and they go crazy I have no idea what I'm excited about the or -- in your bureau. It's because they haven't learned the other sports yet they do grow up and they're playing that from anywhere you seat. These kids with barely any shoes are playing soccer on -- field -- where it's it's their passion -- some places it's their -- we -- -- crappy places where there's guys with guns trying to shoot them and -- only funny like the ball absolutely -- -- become passionate about -- explain all of Europe. But they got other issues I mean you know. There are other issues here but that's not a problem what I from what issues you're referring to the European Cup. So you -- Europeans well I hate America now European states -- you wanna be Morocco is that it yes I only like your -- -- radio is in Morocco for a guy who hate soccer I tell you what I will say this about Morocco and a touchdown and had to give my passport to the guy for the first time. We were in Casablanca thinking touchdown. And the guy looks at -- OK you're from the US where you from myself from Boston and he says well. Celtics. Well the Celtics have a huge Celtics fans that they were. They're big into basketball so maybe there's a market to do some Sports Radio talks and so you want them to tanker. I don't know connect with -- -- Is upset is really regret later I think. Dean is in Fall River Heidi. -- -- Saw Abbott our comrade or your -- I it is -- -- he -- -- probably accompanied her while they didn't. -- -- -- -- -- Doesn't sound good doesn't sound like your fan -- It's it's it's a curious. The -- Wanted to help you work on over the years -- Other practicing try to annoy you got that's been my gauze like how to look to come up with a couple people that dean doesn't like and what will no you wouldn't everyone else in Fall River and so I've been I've been I've been perfecting it. I'm glad you like it. If it delegate it to the years ago. Not crossing -- right here so yeah are texting and I appreciate the phone call. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Abbas has any impact obviously -- rooting for them and you rooting against them -- relevant but you don't feel bad about yourself as an American. No not at all now I feel good -- -- -- -- American -- I feel great about myself Joseph in New Bedford I GO. I. You if you go -- -- Really going to that Alia. -- down that way who you -- rooting for. -- -- OK so you hate America to tell how US that the American or. Look at me too. Right so when you root for America's first you let America. So should be room for America. I think all of it. Your bills America aren't integrated US Portugal foreign equity report. Thank oh okay. Ultimately -- your -- you rooting for Portugal in the early rounds at the beginning of the draw whatever it is the draw of death or something -- whatever to advance. I don't know how that works suck people at the that he does in the wrong guy and Joan anything there. So let's see they can both advance -- So Joe's got a perfect marriage for both of them kept an and I get the answer I want in the end he was rooting for America are -- Cambridge again. You know I I thought I would look at that competition and I thought I will happen like Nike 94 this site at soccer in the popular that people don't like I never said that I soccer's very popular talk. And I state the week I thought about it. I hit -- I I -- that I the sport but I I recognize there are people that like. You're you're -- 2013. Or expert actually not becoming more popular despite yet it you know a lot of people bought this. Wrongly predicted it would happen overnight it progressively happened in the walk around him. I know -- INS that believe I spent the last four years in the town that it's banging out their entire football stadium for soccer couple times a week. I understand that there's people believe me I know there are I just don't understand it like that route. I don't like I'm not then it's stupid -- I don't like the sport Garrett you like -- like every sports. Like most port -- -- I just don't like soccer I don't like it but. People. -- -- -- -- -- On. The other people who are of Italian dissents -- for at least. Like. That but it. Will. -- -- Oh but part of that they're rooting for the team it is a better chance to win. It. -- in Portugal. -- But for Miller or. Law and or whatever in the Winter Olympics it. At. Each start cheering for those teams after the US it's eliminated. It. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Out like you. Are outlawed. -- Other not to 45000 people to go to the games and the only people that want to talk about anything else -- they would they fill the stadium and get zero point zero ratings but nobody would watch it gives. That was rather go to the game to watch on TV don't admire the point is there was nobody yells that was that group and then nobody else was tipster UC. I don't I don't like soccer in my life. Of their liking it is okay it's not your sport of choice and I can understand why that's fine. But to take it to the point where you against the US because 'cause if they. And it's gonna. Soccer more and somehow infringe on your light figured well if I wasn't in this. Business are you are gonna talk about soccer yes I'm terrified that one day somebody -- gonna talk about soccer so to talk about it I'll tell you I don't want to I don't mean some yet -- forced to talk about -- apparently we have to keep talking about it wanted to go and get better -- I regret one question and be due for some ridiculous. -- the Easter. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They get -- trounced the US in look at it not gone. It's pretty good luck -- -- -- at any -- -- or Dana Carvey or George Bush somebody's in from Michael today alcohol in WEEI him. Apparently American in the room apparently -- get -- that because. -- On the -- guys matters in 2013. Now people like soccer but I don't. That's my private life is to hold. -- -- -- -- -- It's -- right people like bad news it was basically I know I'm -- I don't care if you like it or not. You hipster you've missed that modeling publishing -- I'm -- -- soccer in the US hipster. -- -- your glasses that you don't really need and -- that was the day. It is not hipster glasses that you need are now press outsmart could be. Apparently this is live at the moment against excellent 777. -- 790 calories out there that isn't to be articles -- in -- ironic. On our top -- Okay so are saying it's okay you -- -- a lot of people are a huge block them out and here's why. We're in pretty not reveal that is outraged. We usually want the United States to win every single sporting event like what. Because. We're the United States that we at least it doesn't matter it's hurtling like badminton or whatever like. We should just wanna win every single sport itself if we take the World Cup this somehow miraculously. We win the World Cup. We got a slight drop them like walk like we've done that we've taken the world game we've beaten so. What. I don't wanna beat them at I don't care we not just for national pride. I have plenty of national pride without needing to be wrapped up in who wins the World Cup so that why do you root for the US the Olympics. Olympic for the US to us about what you like and what might get through four. There's a specific reason and keep manually reason why -- am not rooting for the US it's in the it's nice and it's like the fault is to root for the US if I don't know -- a rival -- deep fault is to root for the US. But in this case I have -- rooting interest against the US I don't want soccer to become more popular. I don't want life. Because I don't ever have to talk about Hillary we're talking -- now we're not talking about it we're talking about whether or not we should talk about it we're not sitting here saying who should be you know should the revolution go to the play pilot or -- -- you wanted to -- you won five tool or who should be the backup goalie or should he be playing -- talking about that crap but you're right we -- -- -- from the quarter we don't act. You couldn't like I've watched it. -- -- as more chances as it evolves in the US as things change as the MLS grows and gets better part of an area where teams like Seattle as there's American superstars could take on World Cup -- probably could have more superstars don't care how many joy -- they're playing that I've tried watching the English -- league of the world operating the best teams I just import. I like the sport urges him not -- -- I don't like soccer -- and cars. They've -- -- -- -- -- Figured out all problem what is up on any reported her spot on. Problem is when he was -- great sport Sudan and and a breeder Clayton. Compete at that level -- -- -- now beat bitter and like the game and he does and I expressed. That it. -- areas such a great call how dare you think that I sat on the bench or the -- way we. I think we nailed it and I'll be honest I never even played soccer I don't get soccer -- in the bottom line is I'm an American I root for Americans and I don't have this hate. Where I feel you seem to be threatened by the sports soccer and I don't understand that it's only because of his job why is this -- -- might prefer. Because of his profession if I did anything else for a living I would not care who you are concerned -- soccer we'll take off to the point -- you'll have to spend four -- yes Arkansas yes did you -- ESPN Mike -- they like big they may be talked about on the network a couple of years ago. For -- river walk I -- and that was terrible. You -- to really -- I have to do this ban I don't wanna be held up like Jack. It's not from all the callers I gotta get yelled out by Jack Edwards who I like and respect. Jack hi. Al Arian thought you know you're you're correct I like your -- ignorant and nobody got -- what the biggest sporting event in the world. The Stanley Cup. Don't the Olympics. Don't because in the Olympics nothing's bigamy and it's not even close in our worldwide interest not even -- Super Bowl. -- -- is that the World Cup Jack. While while I have freaking miles. And and you know like -- -- thing if you don't have any interest in soccer can doorbell watch. You need a little bit of imagination and an awful lot of concentration. And -- why hadn't caught on in the United States. Because we are grateful won't ship which during the commercial litigation and that's that's why it's not a war. Because it's 45 minutes a continuous action and electric potential for all 45 minutes. During which by the way it didn't some tremendous debates. It's a kind of stop that and for talk radio and it it's made for talk radio all over the rest of the world. But you know because we -- a lot spots that don't get a lot. That generate all lot of support from from management site in broadcast. Until Johnston -- going to. John -- -- I suggest how that exactly Jack you know how much I I I love talking to you I could not disagree with -- more I understand that it's popular it's not as popular here. I just I disagree on all of this -- At oral job you know I don't know that it really on I don't know I don't know when the world to know -- the World Cup is well. It's June 12 or -- I'll sit down and watch and I'll explain that -- -- car is still a lot of stock and -- to walk away and agreed to -- Only sit and watch anything with -- eject just as -- interest in hanging -- you for an entire day or wrong is a soccer game takes it feels like a whole day. I will be happy to do that quickly Jackson's we have deal last night we're gonna talk about this coming up and if you -- -- last night. Definitely a boarding call should have been boarding but not dirty right. Now there what an -- -- -- here I I regarded today. The hot hot hot yet you on their -- put on ready -- -- the dollar and all the enforcement and the awareness. Dangers it ought to say what. You know that that it was not between the number. It was it was on the side who are behind you the orca was ordered there was a ordering double file fingers it's -- And I agree and unfortunately the other second period was dirty -- to watch anything like that again thank you Jack to accuse him. Diego jacket defending the world's game at my expense and you just ignorant you know. That's an object to that right there is the problem with the suspect -- you have to have the brain so so walker you sort of attributes of transparency. To pass the pats are. A hundred sports I like it -- telling you I was in Ireland a couple of years ago twice I did in Ireland. On Saint Patrick's Day for what it's like nation's six nations. Where -- big rugby tournament against England France and Wales. It's unbelievable hurdle that -- -- About rugby -- could -- watcher for our great sport. No commercials and thing that's running time I watched it wants them about it they're crazy Irish accents the -- green. He met each other. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah hi. That the talking -- member. -- if you -- talk about hockey on this channel prior executive's job so I was just wanted to make sure that you have to cover your back. Have a -- -- of the problem with the refusal to talk -- a hockey was always a big part of this community in Boston -- -- get it but soccer has not Dan. Well come down to Toledo -- UP UQ would you call Tibet before we just just just now comes down to this area. And talks -- with Portugal play the United States go to onto the social club in Fall River. And -- unity described by people and watched the fans that are there you get an appreciation I'm not a great soccer fan like I find it boring us to a degree. But if you look at -- -- and the game like dropped as I had who played. Well I've talked to be -- look I'm telling -- -- of their relating to a lot of people were really into a parent and we talked about it and I I. It's an untapped market -- -- -- untapped I don't it's not really not Bedford Fall River they're ready I'm gonna I wanna call I got if they wanted to remain untapped Christians in Maine I -- Aren't our guys that I hikers -- I can't wanted to let you know that add up I agree with -- bank on I have lead America to an all boys at home. And them. I have been and I cringe at the back that the only sport you gonna be able to play any ear to you it's not that that you don't attic light. And OPEC that he might all on the public and wanna play. Don't let him do a Crist and don't let him play keep them from just they can play baseball be fun and -- want it. Tennis about tennis but like -- played tennis at like five years old. It is slowly -- too much of the president for five -- on him clinic in T ball those are really early but soccer is a good youth sports it's great for the kids to run around out there it's it's the first sport where -- kind of run that teamwork and camaraderie. -- my son didn't happen to like it but a lot of kids do the -- played as a kid. And then once you realize it's a sport for kids you grow up when you get to go watch a lot to -- that they hate what -- love. Become the next great American soccer player -- -- you have to go all the games always thought that that would be terrible couple attack tweets here from Zach. In the five -- the five to sick of hearing salt -- soccer. Your opinion is outdated in ignorant. You sound like those baboons from -- protection -- about the -- I don't mind on this issue I guess I am outdated and I'm willing to admit it. I understand that people like it more than they used to. Bats migrate the year another tweak this one is from Jordan and blown -- who says to watch soccer you need a lot of alcohol and the misguided idea -- what -- -- watching is actually entertaining thank you Jordan against you and I will be on the same side or your calls on the other side IndyCar it is all the heat to the. You know like -- -- going to you don't have any interest in soccer thoughtful watching. Need a little bit of imagination at an awful lot of concentration. And -- why hadn't caught on in the United States. Jack does not want to hear the tweet from war and stokes -- WH stokes. Who says so all I couldn't agree more with an -- in the UK. Soccer is ballet says for the working class. The attraction. Is the simplicity. I didn't think. I just to clarify for the points that are being made in the show you're rooting against America the only -- hate America as jacket which just essentially called all American sports but stupid crap that's particularly lack concentration and don't understand the game I respect the American sportsman in America too much to agree with you in the heart is in today for Michael all saying is I don't want soccer to become bigger in the US and so for that reason. I hope the US doesn't go crazy and win the damn thing that -- so that -- possible on variants -- And populate a public. -- couple -- exactly the -- you know what people going to radio all of it cannot be asking people to send text at all until you think about my epic and -- insecure that they of the big moment cry about it you know what is said -- and tag -- -- -- He was -- Good a in military mentality. -- in I didn't really do well -- hearing about it. I have to your -- so -- percent earnest. -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean a couple of my friends that are you know they're -- soccer fans -- armor plated. And he I'll try to get me to watch it openly about it. It's all about people running back and more accurate or that or. If people think they're probably scoring at -- each. I mean it's it's a one year old rules soccer it's like oh I want a great game leave it. It's it's horrible it's not even that order form -- -- It. In the complaint you know I understand it -- they were younger and I animal probably -- playing or -- are their email. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The other thing though I will say this I do know there's more soccer and his people running back and forth I know that there is some level of strategy you're building triangles -- was looking for good triangles. It's like hockey except incredibly slow boring without any scoring fighting -- You don't see any of the athletic skill and OK I -- not aligning yourself. Yeah I think there -- incredibly athletic I mean my topic can run forever. The ability to kick the ball ahead the -- in the -- so -- great -- I don't doubt that unfortunately they play sports -- I mean when you I don't pretend to watch a ton of soccer but when you see these goals that end up on ESPN's top ten. Those are some of the greatest athletic feats that you'll -- -- -- that and there are perhaps they're very aren't well I know how close minded you are -- -- -- -- -- -- a huge don't remember they are actually allowing it. Essentially a guessing game to decide the outcome of their most meaningful games yes I -- your target -- as the other day did you happen yes stupidest thing in the world. Let's have a shootout which is against you -- laughed and maybe guest is maybe does maybe doesn't. He -- -- -- it to the right and that's gonna decide the outcome of the of the World Cup final that actually that the thing that bothers me the most about soccer is the unknown -- You know we're an injury time now or would have stoppage time in this game you know we think there's about six minutes of it but we're not sure that bothers the academy you wanna talk about not. American is knowing -- -- -- -- and we've we've argued about this with ties an adult thing but not knowing when the game ends which is gonna play here until somebody says the game is over not having. And actual clock and and database can. But it's a totally it's not a time -- you know as I timed game that at some point becomes on time. You and we get -- I -- Which called he went and by the way -- just called the guy who actually want to discuss soccer or the people wanna make phone in 12 but as a man who makes his living on football yes if you talk about a sport that if you really wanted to should read it in denigrated and talk about. How little time is actually spent. Playing and if you want to characterize it of a bunch of guys banging into each other for three and a half seconds and then they take a break. I mean you can do that with any sport -- in law so. The brakes on ripping -- I'm not doing that I'm not giving you that I'm -- I become the defender of soccer I am not telling you those things I'm not giving you it's just a bunch of guys you're reminding yourself with a collar like you. -- -- -- it was funny we happen to agree on the fact that soccer is boring but I understand the strategy in steel in this things going on the I just I don't care for them. I think they're boring and at the end of the day does that manifest it's also I think all the excite you pinch and and passion is somehow fake war on Hitler and open all the music they want over they. Because -- are crushing people they've people if they had football they wouldn't be nearly so that you are such an ugly America -- -- Somerville high -- I thought it was a terrible American for not rooting for my team you're an ugly terrible America got Jesse's in Somerville high. -- -- -- And how much. We did on the -- on the out it'll it appeared that depression era if I had shortly before you know I don't like. Talk and everything else but. Articulate -- the Olympics right up. -- -- -- -- -- If he -- play China in the final. -- popcorn ready become I don't 200. Are booked for just to me too I said I would root for the US is my default. It's only this -- -- nothing bad is gonna happen if the US wins you say you're battling against US because you didn't want Sandra Stewart hey -- What. You want it -- and that our bureau. The law into the ignore it may. Bring about -- If they win -- that didn't admit he's not gonna start sweeping the nation it could no it is not there's no chance that some guy comes along like Tiger Woods and all of a sudden just ignites the game helped Nike has now the next badminton champion and I happened would you say earlier not gotten again and not. Now on -- -- not gonna happen sorry pal no way no how Tom's of Maine hi -- -- -- itself here aren't so I don't want operator. But I have two daughters that do and they are very about it no food the people soccer coach but -- -- meet to you you were hosting a sport you hate. -- However. Learned to at least learn to enjoy -- learned the sport a little bit and ought awful here's the problem that I out what -- work. York. And -- or whatever it is our. Your president of the sports community for me. Also repetitive -- -- And you're choosing to root against an Al. Popularity. -- He told that you're that -- -- like a circus for right now straits or. I'm sorry Tom I'm sorry I'm disgracing you need to disgrace that a -- I'm a disgrace to Maine now. I'm sorry Tom I really -- but I do think it's funny that your coaching the team and you think it's what do you -- the word is interminable what did you say it was our ports at. -- sorry I really am but I just trying to stay here's -- deal and I'm just trying to save all of us for more torturous. I'm trying to save us all -- is about receipt of good yes. NASCAR soccer -- I worked -- different in my I'd like NASCAR I'll watch NASCAR. Left turns all day now. It really that simple it's just when it -- all day or you have to worry about spring -- you have to worry about -- track bar adjustment -- Robert you know about spring -- is all that NASCAR is just so simple it's so boring it's just left turns we arguing then but -- bring -- -- just something that show up when all you need to do was take a left turn over and -- and Americans can focus their parents and maybe they would noted -- you know understand -- -- -- I wanna go back like about getting -- show host of NASCAR when you told me to always question you want anything you'd. So you actually noticed spring rubber. Or that the wheelbase some now that you know would be the end it change but it does -- no idea what -- right shot. They aren't you know what I don't think about cars had crashed -- -- that it richter played nobody knows I actually and I about it but it but spring rubber is up to do with -- -- -- -- cars in the -- it's more of a com. It's more of a big adjustment like you can do little tweaking with the track bar but if you really like if things are really bad that they -- due this spring -- and somebody who knows more about cars and -- and external I do -- talk -- more baseball maybe even some -- warrior -- and -- -- -- 777979837. Salt and Hollywood and -- W the. Passes to a senator. -- wing. Activists that are. That are holed it. All of that. -- that. But -- present there are doing but the sugar sugar coat it. At the soccer play by play. -- Edwards on the -- This is a this is a guy who helped but just Johnson -- articles. You've seen that avenue they did but it's pretty good for years others that -- exciting moment for the US in the World Cup war. Was guy's name and see your company went went all the way to outscored the end. Enough time. MC. One of those guys went out and scored the and have you seen somebody did Gus Johnson calling it to actually make soccer almost. Gold guy is cool from where it was like fifteen years still cool it's that is so. Okay. It's the. Schools the Finnish guy yelling Dave Boland at the end of the of the Bruins Chicago's. You know world's -- disagree with you on the snow. Former World Cup announcer. -- -- Dave also likes this idea. I don't care if Jack has -- meal they want I don't care I just don't I I do what we got Chris mortenson will be on ten minutes. We will get back to some -- -- an apartment on. Fortunately we have -- Connecticut the tells -- spring -- proper -- -- I would order up to what's spring rubber. Actually I'd wanna put up by saying I don't alt sport where you are older not my thing though but I just. You're probably not but look out. -- Robert if you look at the car. Spring where book I -- goes up and down. A large print reporter Robert. In between a letter to the spraying. What are uttered tightened up and -- UK won outright and spraying so on the work side mostly. As the guy goes into a corner. Grocery and a quarter harder. Going to order. The denied basic and basically get right yet he described in more detail and I hated more of a -- what do -- about Karzai tackle -- might have I get a flat tire but hey. Aren't I am not but yeah yeah. And organized that I AM in the match player and if you think about it yet another driver iron every L Bart. We can't you got seven guys who. Work on that car for a 32 or works. -- make or or or so -- better for a look worse. Because of the crew chief's call. -- Jake thank you for the phone call I appreciate I liken us -- fun you know which is any just described spring Robert basically as I -- it is is Mike Adams communion I think so. -- he would have some audiences would bring Roberts -- what I thought it was not in today -- it amounts to. Up that would definitely lends itself to the catalyst except -- opposing Connecticut odd ball. About. Bring Robert. Is what you after a winter -- would not -- I don't know but don't -- using whatever you do don't use it twice right. -- -- -- I don't dot org or -- Every conversation. About stalker -- one guy out doctors not a part. I think he's right thank you Paul thank you for the phone -- that we save that and art. I again I want to clarify I am not the biggest soccer fans in the world. I started out as a fan of one thing America. Which you are not a fan true and that is our platform -- -- here -- political candidates you're rooting against America based on your own insecurities I am rooting for America because I -- a great America I am rooting against the American soccer team on behalf of America I'm trying to help America's that would doesn't get wrapped up in the stupid sport the rest of the world likes what you let America decide. When he let America decide men -- like this or -- -- has not Smart enough to make the right decision they -- stir -- -- -- -- -- it -- dictator of America watched these -- -- shows on Bravo and I think America doesn't know give them the chance to make the -- talkers so simple they might actually like it it would be a disaster James in -- I'd -- James. I -- again. That I don't download. And and the week ago that James. So -- order when it. It. Is an individual or one date I I agree you argued that that that they use make it more interesting as an englishman it. That replication samples you'll team can't speak to the Premier League Asian. You know if you keep music at the end of the season. That it can draw down these money right in the camera and think about it now that it's it's a lot more -- -- investment. It's -- war between the ways. That I'm you key man. On down the division on division and and an -- there but James what do you guys pretty wide receiver hold on England. James a way I look at the relegation thing is actually very cool I think that's great wouldn't it be better though if they did that -- with football. Or with baseball or with hockey within the sport the more fun to watch like come with the relegation is a great idea but that doesn't actually help the sport. Don't know I understand it. Actually I mean the vehicle I'm sort of relegation actually. And contributes more OK are you became center in Bergen -- people look pretty ready to its premiere elite come down to you. The championship that the article that unit of the winter and provided aid to side on the -- -- But in very -- in terms of replication that or be school one game on the -- day where -- Wet way -- decisions on back you know whatever -- -- not writing is adamant he actually factual. Oh great with Calgary series against thanks for the folk I appreciate Texans are relegated to the SEC writing class at last night's game between the Texans and jaguars are just horrible. And I actually have data on the line instead of just the number one overall -- that's like nothing we've ever seen in American sports it would be like the fact that you would be demoted right -- -- week. We have the winning the striving the championship but the demotion -- are no longer and -- LT it would be entertainment -- looking for a way to block sucking for law or you know tanking in the NBA or whatever I mean that's what it is if -- coming at last. You lose your team to a minor league and I have to master sucking so yourself and the last one to blame goes away I get the first can -- -- -- -- -- Houston masters your out of the leaks of Houston. What is it the number three or number four largest fourth largest city market that might drink is sorry Houston New York out. Toledo is in this year the mud hens teeth aren't going to be in the NL west if and it would be. So all those soccer does have a bright guy I'm into that I think that that's not that that mean we can't learn from some things that soccer to write to write this don't wanna watch the actual game. That's the problem -- in lost island. They would go on and I played solid good loose you're about to rip saw -- ago. -- am -- you -- and hey listen I just wanted to Colin on the on the -- opinion not a guy and I'm here and you. And -- do -- -- -- -- outside the United States. And I grew up bloc intact -- -- played football hockey never played a matter of soccer in my life. And now but I did grow up in a Portuguese Koppel. I grew up watch and chocolate to CME you know I've been following the US. And or are you are document date -- year ago -- -- I had one guy that actually would. Good enough to play you know in an Italian league and today it -- of -- -- playing OT. And the last sixty ending Miami New York. Big melting pot. And -- and play it it's a big game a lot of media Democrat out or try to actually. Kick a soccer ball from thirty yards out watching -- kinda like hit the gulf or are not that he couldn't do. And I'm sure I'm sure it's hard to do I mean I played as a as a kid like most little kids I played soccer until. I was playing defense and some kid had a breakaway and I jumped on his back and threw into the ground with his British coach -- me in the to repeat it. Our -- a pretty much done with the sports though. I am I remember plain as -- it's hard I have no doubt they're great athletes and there's a lot of strategy at this point watching -- and baseball. I love baseball I won't go pretty boring I don't find baseball boring at all I love watching baseball baseball -- low season. People definitely I'm -- hates America you don't like baseball but I I really wanted to Erica and I can actually. Sees the faults in different sports and still embrace them as sport. And you and I have a sport work and -- beyond our -- taking over personal campaign -- that -- soccer in the US hole just to make it no more popular than it is right now it's fine -- -- and -- -- is a -- I have no problems with -- the -- have -- well -- soccer -- be excited about it love it I felt the -- yes because it's clearly grown -- -- right now it's horrible. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here's -- we're gonna do. Every day at 345. Were going to do with soccer fifteen minutes segment and a -- my -- dread the idea you don't take it as a personal challenge I will learn more breakdowns or like a master of them all please stop.

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