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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Contract Edition 12/06/13

Dec 6, 2013|

We tackle four topics at 4PM.

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But now our Silicon Valley school. It's already roller board or the four. Fun game. Green card. -- -- and or four brought Cuba Marvin windows that we have an off free agent signing -- that I pretty much so yes. And -- the last couple of yours pretty much. It's. Yes what surprised -- Show -- and -- still stinging from that big spenders banging. Easter Island head jokes from me and you know but I aspire actually -- -- -- -- -- characters that he looks like -- -- -- Have you seen that part the credit apparently there was accredited that actually had the Easter Island head brand is awesome I state public -- critical as the Lego. Again these are compliment no -- -- number -- people who were saying we don't like that when you come back and an expert -- Over the last couple years the Red Sox have lost a lot of legendary players over to free agency. Which is the one player you would have wanted to see the Sox re sign in bringing back to Boston. In recent years and one that it stands now. It we Adrian Beltre a lot -- And I'll be honest with you part of it was the -- of hitting the home run from one and he went to swing put him over the green monster I loved everything about I was scared. If you remember it was like that be here before the contract year you'd previously done it. I was scared but I won back -- kind of player I don't know people's under legendary. -- that was Roger Clemens now that but. And he's a good player I mean you went on to be an all star couple more times so I'll take -- so funny -- I am biased against Adrian Beltre because it's. And I watched him while he was there and he was he was watchable. He was walked -- the defensively the guy's as good as you on third base and he's off guys a lot of things like about him but at the plate. He was civil and discipline brutal swings herbal -- each of them away and they don't want to go elsewhere so good. Was really really difficult I can't doctrine -- era. Victor Martinez. He's the third best -- in the gain the -- and Harvard erroneous stated. ALCS this year but that market very good -- like couple different positions and it was it were but our first base. I like -- Napoli gives you. But you that you would have been in any worksheet -- Victor Martinez's parents that a first base though assaults on the -- -- they were it would Nader Gonzales and all that but in retrospect. That you would look different reports. Yes we are in the Belichick era who has been the biggest free agent or trade boss. Two golfers and yet it's I mean. It is even back to the clips of Belichick -- on the practice field we -- we -- the Brinks truck up for you. And everybody thought it was literally. The perfect it I could you vote. And it but. -- there was it was late gators will be when they showed up late bills sent all -- Vision is for kindergartners. I'm not a kindergarten. And -- my own -- -- or you still to come back to -- victory. That was awesome. Remembered. At least some -- field. That yeah he had the interception was seen and they want -- like one play. I mean to act like thirty million dollars and was seen as the perfect defensive free agent signing the dislike because that -- -- -- look at that -- -- What we are it's. Not to hike we were sold on this do it all linebacker who had ridiculous -- amend its guys and everything that we learned he was a product of the ravens in. Playing next to street Louis and it was a glorified special team owners. It just wasn't much there you -- look at there's other options here then put together pretty gutless Chad Ochocinco and that was that ethnic it was a with the same -- each. Even Albert he's worked on this was the premiere. Ever he went to Sampras has and then down to the whole thing or couple of quarterbacks. Who was the quarterback -- from Baltimore. Starts throwing -- But he was a lower level he was expected to be literal level that -- -- Thomas when he was expected to be pretty good point but don't expect to replace dialogue you know why would put -- there -- -- way below the radar. Shaun Ellis from the -- that he and four million dollars -- the jets -- gonna give him anything and he did west Indians are never mean it was just like yeah. Golden parachute. -- -- -- -- -- Penalties was a bad -- -- -- in the on learning to. Legitimately make that a bad -- it's -- like you know at Hickory and there are at all you just have no -- talking -- as a human being anti -- learning disability. And shipping him for lots. Acknowledging the the learning disability nobody is not acknowledging it good for you you know learning disability unfortunately. You have to learn this offense that part of the job description CV -- large and is making his -- of -- he's the -- of -- us. An extra large -- -- do oblong dot. There. The Celtics have made some terrible terrible signings over the years. The last 1520 years which signing was the absolute. Worst thing. -- -- I don't remember what the contract was it was way too much Rick -- loved him in my Travis -- story -- -- went to the Red -- shortly after he signed and he was sitting in front of me in random seats -- luckily I didn't have to wait -- -- -- security came and asked him to -- cadet -- seats he was -- and somebody else's seat he just kind of big contract and NBA player of the Boston Celtics and you can't afford to actually buy your tickets and -- have your -- at colleges get tickets like every other professional world. Plus he sucked. And I don't even remember the deal it whatever a dollar more than 01 that was terrible -- -- Michael -- But vin baker about all of though the former star was baker signing her -- Delivery agents later. That's bad that that all the former guards. That have ever come here out Shaquille O'Neal at any of the former stars all just. Petered out acres the worst I think the real answers Rick Pitino. Oh yeah Rick Pitino. It was the signing technically technically it was assigning ruin the franchise -- it would you got everybody accountable. But -- yesterday to. Trying to -- technical and and and an -- for art politics -- as professionals but that it descriptions actions -- We appreciate the link that in discretion. It was understood that you under the fifteen seconds. -- The bruins' biggest offseason and in addition this year was Jarome -- how do you feel that signing is working out right now for the Bruins we're asking me in the wrong game and ignored the Bruins today in the second period they put up last night -- was -- -- UN -- I think it's been. -- -- I don't know why does the -- I don't love Jerome again I like him. I like him more than I did at beginning of the year was very down on -- again you like him -- -- you -- -- when he chose the thing I'm still curious about I still think it is reasoning stupid like I still think he shortsighted. I still find that whole thing to be incredibly insulting but. He's been good. It was a good example comes on the right wing he got a good passer forget who -- was from. And he just he just missed -- -- was at the inability to beat that sniper that I know it was early in his career but I still thought there was going to be a little bit more sniper ability right important had and I thought he would -- -- that he's been physical toll is heavy game -- I'm not imply that style of game he plays. And I think he's been good -- on the outline I think they played pretty well together as a unit. I do think that there's something missing -- that is the ability to be a sniper. That guy anymore and -- and he's not I don't now and his name still is that but I don't think that's fair expectation I think he's -- fine. And acting like so many of these types of veterans signing huge budget. In the post we'll see down restriction. When you get to a cup win a cup you'll judge it based on that and then all of the leadership in the things you'd expect that -- come together but just purely on. Impact play. I think he's an end and --

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