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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 12/06/13

Dec 6, 2013|

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Sports Radio 93 point seven. -- W. Then it's time for answers the question -- answer the question with -- and Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question what. No Mikey today sir John rider is in -- John how are you guys has gone. You be rooting for America in the World Cup I will be you know -- good Americans -- absolutely completely like soccer. You know on special the World -- I'm not a huge record -- -- economic future and are we -- so much time spent on the four major sports. Kucinich and that's my fear what you're OK if America wins and people enjoy lives you don't fear that god forbid you might have to talk a little soccer on the radio I'd. Sandy I hear I'm still. Not confident it's gonna catch wildfires here in a -- either if they were what they won the world. MLS is gonna take I don't know I don't know what what I don't visit Seattle and Dallas -- -- -- -- but nobody -- -- -- -- nobody talked -- on the radio partner but winning the World -- would be. I would think it would -- that's the -- tonight -- -- It was a big events I don't always debate amongst kids -- American has never taken that's true -- -- worries that it gets big amongst adults that's the only thing that is why it worries me and they don't worry about it I don't wanna I don't want I don't -- the tumultuous personal. I don't wanna talk about it. Want to be -- important -- think I was close minded and most immigrants that come over and at catching on to football on the other sports they're better. We're going the other way. Over at Wembley what 33 this year again. I think it would have 1 in the morning and they'll be a team there they want on there and eventually I'm sure it works it's a question brought to you by a our aunts our Christmas. New Year's Thanksgiving Valentine's Day what is your favorite holiday -- Any abusive statements Latvia and critics alike now is any such a hallmark holiday it's not funny. Mean Christmas is easy answer. And Christmas. Edging out Thanksgiving the Thanksgiving when -- meet this with little July 4 -- yes and we do users leave when you're younger when you're young and pretty good -- you do in the good for New Year's Eve. Gentlemen -- party or something. I'm heavily ice -- Sunday partly it's really -- movie on my daughter to my parents past or sleepover. -- -- -- -- -- -- That little part in a cheese fondue for what it's nice he's the cheese. Next question. Would you rather watch soccer curling or the WNBA. Forced soccer -- and soccer so definitely -- it is not currently pro soccer. Have you ever -- -- but I've watched it it's on the lot notes. Fungal -- slides down the -- on would've ruled this -- rock that's it yeah -- would you rather watch someone sweep their four years and watch soccer now that's what they're doing what I'd like to -- people do -- and fun and there's decent income women and that's for sure some guys are there really -- -- Bernard -- looking women in soccer. Alex Morgan -- beautiful throw have to -- They have the mob here can call one to hold on here and solo -- -- she went to the man she's like the greatest ever had he want the jets got to monitor the next question. What is the best television -- Years. Freshman bowl that's good to Sanford and so it's brought fresh prince I. Mr. Ed and I were going back mr. green acres of the wire. Because it was front it's an excellent news out. Mr. Uniforms. Are. -- -- -- I could grow more attractive if she can driving -- annual core. Yes because it's getting harder by president's actions you can buy the big car -- -- it yes and as it was a car yeah I was gonna say it does it matter. Question. The drastic. It was forced. Him my first couple cars were. I did not learn to drive stick on the first -- -- permit parents are -- and then I got the first car. An eagle tail piece of crap eagle -- -- -- -- the guys says it's a step. So he's he's showing -- literally had to drive it home from the dealership haven't driven stick before and it. Do you have any appeals ops the -- not day one now in traffic. Out -- -- -- try to stick in the winter yet it's been a part of it kind of misses depth and and I realize like now it's just not that easy work -- cellphone now I get a copy. All that's right. I gave myself now of course I like that though until I was in LA commuting. In LA just didn't like that it could do and you're literally getting -- yet your calf muscles starting -- people have like all your extra car. As a stick it to have enough money sports make Narnia. That would you either that -- been to fix it -- -- -- -- -- and I -- an idea about that is I would like -- Cooper. My father just recently differences and so we need you desperately. It was index it is yourselves. Not -- wives but a table and am a big guys and deceptively aren't they are pretty race since it went there aren't they -- this guy when I was parking cars in this business I used to park discussed -- program as a running every which is as we get into partly because radio the radio the radio business partner in this. Any American business and I was I was parked cars cash out of every day with his -- Iran. Really nice drive or. And that started showing up half the time of the -- on half the time for me much for. Depriving the Mini Cooper -- the most electric really good that they handled better than portion. Of their religion color didn't -- a -- release forty Europeans -- -- -- tip your paper boy during the holidays and if so how much credit -- the paper so I don't attend the Internet like. I used to have one that put the paper on my back deck rape and slider and who typical who do you mailman dog walkers babysitters radio producers of -- -- How about whoever Kutcher area is that it Hamachi give. How much you give this lecture Americans without which would you give that person and it is cumulative reply Odom should go. -- up -- -- are scheduled to shoot down by Thai pepper. Would you give it a 25 bucks haircuts the pry him five -- it generally in the mine's fifteen look at what he wouldn't normally but -- I immediately five bucks. So what we normally do Chris. That. Extra -- Extra fifteen. Iced over it's like like you give -- thirty on your alias yeah OG pictures and he's getting nothing is becoming once this year. We -- to -- it well you know what should you put it. Course. -- If -- critics got some but he says my guess is that from prophetic. But not for me you know. I would have to watch every game of the World Cup for every episode of -- Glee take the real world ever -- equally. -- funnies there's nothing funny about Lleyton now it's about just want you your world segment of sixty or cute chicks you know there's a couple is more than in the in the general do you here's here's the question do you like crappy pop songs yes. Hewlett less talented people seeing crappy -- on -- -- -- and please. They have who has wanted to know if it's if it's move as they'll Fareed that maybe puppet army it puppets of the nice anyway what does that -- he's not you legit -- my wife -- It's of what you want -- -- my wife watch what you want to as high IC UC I don't watch it separates the -- here big patriots game or something on Sunday I will be back on Monday of course. In Orlando for the winter meetings what the Red Sox have done by then -- they need to do once they get there hopefully they'll be something left -- do by the time will -- and currently has artist's roster just sitting around staring at each other anyway John -- coming up next -- art. Thank you very much good stuff today -- back on Monday.

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