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Bradford Files: Bradford is joined by David Ortiz

Dec 6, 2013|

David Ortiz talks about Jacoby Ellsbury leaving Boston for New York and Robinson Cano's monster contract in Seattle.

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It's time for the Bradford trials right now phone WEEI dot com. Welcome to another edition of the Bradford fire else. Today's Bradford files very fair expression. Always special because sponsored by -- distinctive clothing. I'm heading over to Acton. Dole -- -- for the winter meetings. Start next week. Barbara Lester -- and hook me up. Cool to stick your clothing and act and but it's especially special. Because we have David Ortiz on today favorite cities who is hosting the David Ortiz celebrity golf classic. You go to WWW. David Ortiz children's fund dot org you can follow it an -- Ortiz classic. Lot of auction items lot of celebrities there go check out the auction items really really great great for great cause. U what again and at the -- to our -- at Ortiz classic. Check it out the good time to have David Ortiz on not only because he has this great event. But also because there's a lot going on the lot going on the talked to David Ortiz about. There is Jacoby Ellsbury leaving there as David Ortiz recruiting. AJ Pierzynski. Former teammate. There's also. Big guy who is going to -- be buying all the drinks at the David Ortiz celebrity golf classic Robinson can no. Siding with the Seattle Mariners for 240. Million dollars. A lot to talk about David Ortiz. Let's get right to. David I don't know if you knew this you're a big golf tournament coming up graduation -- They're America's. Are going to diminish grow. I've been kind of -- -- -- hit. And are on base in Beirut is cute aren't they are respect their brand. Of the beard are and there are. I've been rendered it would have -- very there. There have been going well and that you know on this week orbit well the big -- we know. I would -- all our government and our commitment well Erica. And -- about who -- who are every year or where money. -- Art career. Building here and Dominica and and being good. Thinking. Well -- tell anyway it's it's W caused unbelievable event I am governor MENSAH-BONSU place where he can get all the information one of them which is. Twitter at Ortiz classic. Always a good follow it in and what -- -- what are the things it isn't on here for the auction item which I'll give the the address to defy the auctions is me seeing me in the Dominican without my shirt off -- that is not mention the auction you can -- that. Have my blessing you watch. So it's it's it's. So hot I give I give you the -- but give it a go ahead to do that. All right let's. A I did yeah it's -- -- that are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In separate report. Well America there is a great event. And it'll get to that little bit first I wanna did take we haven't really talked to you does he had won it all -- your phone's off since the World Series. So. We could we quickly QE what do you -- to catch up with the other on a few things up for a soft. If you went through I think you had a pretty good world certificate did all right for yourself. Would you care about their breath after -- -- would you care about the World Series and it you've done rather paraded in you're able to finally. -- get away from it did you just one does relax what did you do did you feel healthy because you're banged up a little bit and that second the last game. Did you feel good about how you how your body came out of it. I feel great right now I'm at work and already. There and what you don't -- -- that the when you play -- all the game. Wait for bravely go. You know -- -- -- radio you around. Number I our equipment up there there. That. Right up over what the carpet in the big game right so basically I do you have any time -- Right I wanna be part of and I wanna be healthy. Be able to contribute. Wii game beat you though. I very much our goal all season -- -- -- -- work and now it. And it paper. -- will be here. And they've got to work purple. They're overseas and look at random because -- been out report -- all all of your -- Our other -- government that. I need to hear that they up between. One -- Indian. I I I -- a remake of operate I wrote the writ of -- and -- where I was getting bongo. -- dime. Quote it is about marketing. They don't want our -- Very I don't want to let my belt law while like every -- -- was subtle little China. It was like. It ought to all be a little bit so. I I I rhetoric -- Are negating years what that guy did it. By other great time. Way it was it was -- period both benefit of these in the well. What the middle brand. What it would be put. All that -- work that we have to bear the beard. I think a couple of weeks. -- but we're cannot act on the -- also. You have lots of epic that's amazing right having considering. That. It where you came from remember spring training David meet every day in spring training this was the conversation. Hi you know steel and Ari how many games do you play in -- get to April and to think that what you did the World Series and now you're already working out -- mean that must. Be a pretty good feeling the Achilles problem seems to be in the rear -- little right. Yeah yeah my act if you gave. In on some some lower my payment that normally do. Are scattered in there were up pretty well. Mark bacterium may do more than what we want to workers there the -- for another problem. They would have that here. A long line. These -- -- that the art community you know brave -- that began -- Bartow would -- which in Tibet. And -- Albany was experienced. -- bet he made. All time. -- -- it would mean this year. I can't say Iran looking forward met here who love coming in the heartland of which spears. Well you said -- act fast now are or were you surprised about the -- very news. What I wore an Iowa. Anti war. Public all of is wrong. I want them. It want you to see it created the premarket. To figure out. -- are bad and I don't know that it. Are -- -- Though. -- not have a pretty long for them but -- report -- market particularly. In this day word you don't gate. That common anywhere on Brandon and go to the guys -- it -- -- these. There are a couple of numbers is the bigger issue but many ways. Is that there are a -- upward arc arc. You you know news you get to this point the opposite is still a long ways ago where does he said it yet to replace some guys. After what -- did last year do you have a little bit more. Bomb willingness to say hey you know what they're gonna figure out or is there's still that anxiety that nervousness that we lost Dell's very real loss salty. What are we gonna do because she because you as you point out you are the guy that middle line up that needs protection. Every Korean army him back past day. Battered. For about -- yeah term. Endeavor we're. Back here. -- -- what -- back here. And David it would be these -- -- You got to review of the guard. Record you know paper debate today. It will return your band. Be able to Google whether I would -- I'd be able Spain. Far. It decided to pop a hole. Own bar and ordered an article where admit it -- Doesn't work out. If an art created that tension. The pressure in their own merit but -- -- it. And one abandoned you gotta be careful. Speaking out and we've been through that -- so before so. Aren't you know -- -- let it your way to -- -- -- part of the bird. Right word. But oh well we -- we we. Art. You have he's not a good thing I don't think he the person. Between now we've finished when the workers. 08. -- aren't. Who are critical -- he. Were -- that -- here. By I got great players. It was -- it we're all right man. You pyramid their -- angles partner in all. You're wrong you don't get their opportunity to -- the civic unique. Place for you and you know. They've been out about it. You look back and demands. And about where we're here you know run pretty well. Yes well what a guy one guy there has come to Boston is god you know AJ Pierzynski. How much did you talk to him before he ended up -- of the Red Sox. Actually you know what would have to Mario we -- and any over the it would like probably a ball. They gave the gathered up maybe market and you know how to handle restrictions. -- are wary that they added to. Bend it like all these days. People who -- about -- -- but want your government unions stand. Soledad likable quite there in AJ would say. I've been brought up. He's been in Belgrade in. Unbelievable ride his policy. Lombardo didn't give the bitten by these aren't. I thought we go there are primarily would probably would. -- -- is it. And now we have a real estate -- -- -- -- Like -- what about pretty good. Bobby you have a good perspective because. These -- very. Polarizing guy he's a guy that people say all law week we don't like him we played against him we don't like him or you play with them a lot of guys do like him. Why is he viewed the way he is so you've played with them you played against him it is if you could just. It's a good if -- desired it it moves it did he do. People always. I may have. The -- -- I get along we have to be. I like that where you are I don't want to be that way I want -- if people are probably. I -- pretty -- ball and mitigate it where it already let it. People well. The goal of the guys probably. Don't read it in and thought about I don't want to there -- you. -- -- and I'll say not -- -- coming -- and you've got better readers. Our -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't sit and well it beside that is it -- He's a guy. Couple reasons I it will be. Great together. It OK you've -- five to prepare. Not saying it would -- -- you what you're going to respond thought Simon our data. Errors. It also edit and and admitted it when we get along on credit to the. And well as David Ortiz and of course you go to David Ortiz children's fund dot org. As one of the many website to find out more information about the David Ortiz floating golf -- -- I did this but I do know this about next week when we're both there. I know who's buying the drinks. You know -- by the clerics. No amount you can get a free pass the gut guy the guy who just agreed to. The that the guy who just agreed to the 240 million dollar contract. -- -- -- He's going to be there right -- you know but I got yeah. We're. And now. Vote anymore. I predicted and more. That's what what what did not quit when you did hear about that or do you view your tight with canal. When you did hear about that what was the first thing you thought of. Well deserved. Or dessert. Our product you're not a target of the upon. Our it is being one of the best in the game right now. And not with a -- where. But we're. And our home at all man and he -- -- Outrage -- -- -- He would await me in Luke is it's ridiculous it is it is it all. He made a game due solely what you Wear a right I mean who who are working great -- We've we've we've greater threat when he what. Eight years. And in these guys every day. -- united -- saying game plan. -- -- -- -- -- -- Now inevitably be it would have been about march they're. And. Went to the work coat which you -- that bear the Marmara. Who kid. And like -- -- well that Europe. Did you said it didn't surprise you that -- get that money. 240. Million dollars. That that that so that's about what you thought you get ten or ten years we also are two point about ten years. But the players are getting done on the player would they. But record I could be needed -- who -- -- what weight of the debate. -- longer could quickly yankees he would debate. All double. He wasn't backing up everywhere. Want site saw them. Sitting close to what he form. And finding. And then. And I go I they're worried I know about it well. Did do you think this is this is good news for the Red Sox you said you guys see this guy play more than anybody. Do you think this is good news because you are gonna see him as much and obviously the Yankees are what your biggest competitor. Oh that's great news for. A great news and get scared that much. It got day there are. See if we. A failed is that -- -- -- bare bottom with -- was a mall and were remarkable about it C. Are -- vote whatever that would go. Well look David jolly Joseph David Ortiz golf term written there are red throughout another auction item. You know you and I racing on the -- fifty yard dash. Where black. More back we need to he we picked it up in regular. It is well you know this is the difference does it in your reference that you -- of mlb.com a great writer. And this is the difference is that my wife can't go there is -- has that has a middle school play. And so outgoing and my wife stay behind. You stayed behind because his wife won't let him go because the same thing. I have my quite -- I have my priorities straight. Up. But all. It's a -- Well again David Ortiz golf -- the middle -- more information in just emitted by David thanks so much for joining us. They've brought their department brought Richard -- whoever while it. -- citizens.

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