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Peter King, SI: On Kubiak firing, Tomlin fine, and all things NFL

Dec 6, 2013|

Peter King joins Mut and Merloni to go across the NFL and address the latest news. He discusses Kubiak's firing, Tomlin's fine, and Dennard's possible suspension.

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And our guy Peter King the Monday Morning Quarterback and SI dot com -- it out earlier and we talked about the expected Kubiak to get fired today. This is why we have Peter on because he breaks it before it happens. You saw this one coming Peter the the end of the Gary Kubiak Garrett Houston -- you. Well you know what happened here. I think protections were seriously considering. Firing Kubiak. After the first checks and go off. But the problem was. -- schedule that was coming up. They've got patriots and then they got the jaguars in short week. And so. I mean I sort of I can't they have known but I felt strongly. That he was gonna get fired for the last two weeks. I mean obviously you have an opportunity to save himself. But clearly couldn't even settle and that's what they're all about I mean you can't lose -- reject war. Quite an eleven days. You know and -- eleven -- in a row and eat your job I mean sure it's ridiculous they're a team that. I don't care -- injuries they had. The fact is they're the team that -- under cheap here. -- -- that Debbie my question it was noticed this year what happened orient Foster Cushing went down it went down last year too and I mean it almost looked like their last stand was against New England right there was something there this is a team last year that embarrassed him twice and they were at home and are they lose that game and it's his last that's the equipment to -- it just looked and looked off economy. What the hell did happen is it -- Kubiak is it coaching. -- I really important thing to happen Lou that is very hard. To figure out why. It happened I think one of the things that happened is that you saw in these student this year. How much. One single player can influence Korean -- And that one single player or 663 weeks and error was matchup. Match imploded. And it's nice guy he is and as much as he's done that screen tries. He is a guy who got his team on their debt by. And then you know I I think it in and you've got an offensive coach all we've been sort of your -- quarterback guru and cool. Came over for Mike she union. And the fact that he couldn't get him out of its spiral effect that. Couldn't. You know even locate -- caught lightning in the bottle -- Affected all these things just happen I think he just the ownership felt like you know which time we've given this a more than enough time -- May have. Peterborough last well the Texans -- team that I I've bought into I picked in the go to the Super Bowl out of the AFC up up they'd be contending with the patriots for the next half decade. Evil at the quarterback issues this is complete reset -- new head coach pole day. It will they -- quarterback when they go Teddy Bridgewater and have to reset the entire franchise that deposition. I think they probably would interface and the pick but. I mean it's so early we don't know if this can include Rick -- the general manager. We don't know if they're gonna eat and walk. Match up to compact. We are those going to be burned their draft next year so. I think it's way too early but I think it's logical to suggest that this team is gonna bring in the debris or market. Yeah -- out of the -- -- situation for the next cut crime because there's still a lot of talent there the -- always. Fantastic situation. In -- I mean imagine. Imagine if you have. Imagine if you have. Eight you know if you get JJ watt who's -- -- to be defensive player of the year its European. -- -- JJ watt come back. Get Brian Cushing comeback from injury. Mean he's been a little brittle now we have no idea what to expect from but in the get the basis of a very good defense. And he green jobs green you got it looks like they'll probably lose Ben -- Good running back but it is they want me or any of talent on that team. To contend in 2014. I mean if you agree to order of that team. They're going to be very very good. We're talking to Peter King Doug -- your thoughts in this browns patriots game this week -- Peter but around the league. Yeah Lou and I talked about Mike Tomlin and what discipline you would face -- he and I both agreed that. He deserved a one game suspension you know I looked at every angle that video and felt like there was no. No real doubt in my mind he knew worry was for me it was trying to knock Jacoby Jones Oprah was trying to. Impede its progress that we surprise that the NFL came down with just a fine and -- deserve a suspension in your mind. I didn't think -- her suspension I mean first -- all. That might come -- done absolutely nothing in neat. Whatever it's six years since he's been the coach this team can either bring embarrassment and disgrace any. On the team or on the lead. And you say it it was obvious. I say it's very suspicious I don't think it's he. I hate -- I had -- just by watching it I think he did it on purpose but I don't know. And you don't know nobody really knows and so with his history. Being -- very positive. I think. You know I think the league was really inclined to basically say. We're gonna be watching you pretty closely now so be careful they were giving me a break by only giving me a 100000 dollar fine but. I just don't think they are rose for the level of a suspension. Yeah I the suspect is that -- completed draft pick it up that that's that's credible don't hurt an organization. Then rather the Japanese spent for game now -- be about wanna. Another thing that might come up here Roger Goodell is table is what's going on offense Alfonso -- nine hits and a thirty days tacked on. That no longer an incident happened while he was in college right this is she's down in the NFL -- does Roger Goodell come down do you expect him. To be suspended. Lou you know what this weird situation because it doesn't -- it yet so simply for. Suspending guys put. It's going to be a really really interest -- wanted to see what penalty years. I think he might get suspended for a game or two. I don't I don't know that I think. Because I think -- extenuating circumstances obviously. When the incident happened is number one. And today you know so I think it's going to be one of those things bears watching I don't know what happened. -- using European candidate should be out which are on the. We're talking to Peter King Monday Morning Quarterback. You you wrote an extensive piece this week on your website Peter which if people -- not read. I take the time to -- -- over the weekend where you do a series spending a week with. Officials in the National Football League and it's really in depth tonight I guess so I ask you since you've been around the game for so long. Was -- that really surprised -- -- spending that much how with the officials and going about what they go through on a week by week basis what was your biggest take away. Biggest take away lawyers that you know you spend. A week. With these guys in their jobs in one of them. -- -- Elliott. Single Carter three is a white died a year ago melanoma. I need schoolteacher. At a high school near Grand Rapids, Michigan. You really see how they have to balance lights job and this. This. The officiating throughout. If he comes off from school. Honey I was with them on a Wednesday afternoon came home from school leader Munich it should schedule in -- spirit that day at the dining room table. And he starts previewing the cells from last week and looking forward to regain look next week east or do this -- -- And I couldn't help so you're right gained a respect for the amount of time that these guys put into the job number one number two. I really learned something about how important. The greeting and I was in -- spirit court house in Washington Pennsylvania. On Tuesday when he email team and from the lead after game and it's a great week. And they agreed that the week -- -- on the Arizona. Houston game. About a month ago they agreed that read it out -- the worst game they've done it here spiritual work. Got to. Downgrade the most critical. Agreed that the officials -- yet. From the league office too -- great -- that true in the treat all season. Any he looks at when he puts his head down he goes here goes suitable. I mean that it slows as it was really kind of emotional parking Lullabot downgrade. Talking about grades you know it's my career told me be great hang over these guys like dislike him. So you know what I am really grateful to have done is to be able to document in real time. What happens to an officiating crew when they get the agree to and they are prepared for games. Being with him in the locker room -- you know before and after -- just. I gotta tell you so much of this the thirtieth seed and have covered the NFL. And all the things I've ever done this three part series that we are right now on him and she beat dark on the right it it's. To me the most interesting thing I think I've ever done just because. It's behind the iron curtain nobody ever seen this before nobody knows what these guys' culture and that's why it was so educational to me. Peter you talk to -- about maybe you know some of the criticism some big plays that a drawing a lot of -- -- around the league how. How they felt the bulk that tool or some of the issues that come up you know extending replay things like that. Yeah I mean I think first of all -- all over fuel number one media. You know I think that -- I think -- the replay ought to be done a central location like the NHL does that more than anything else. I would play a -- hard in making sure that the that that you get that that you get its uniform. Situation with the officials -- teaching him. And so you know but Jean Eric Turkey wants to be -- replay itself. So you know I think they would prefer to eat -- would prefer that he -- beat down on site. Our number two they wanna be full time officials one guy on this good idea the other one don't. And as to move on sent me when it first -- and -- -- -- headlined. That simply were already full time officials and he saw me every day witness an -- they're not really they don't work forty hours a week necessarily but they do an awful lot. In in about the big plays I think. -- -- watching film -- -- or watching that gained almost error are. We watched one play. For about fifteen minutes and he said what would you call on this and it took me fifteen minutes to decide I would not get called hole. And he's been great tackle and he said OK I've got about one point three seconds in the amount of time that we just watched. I've got that amount of time to figure out whether to channel the unites all well know. That when I make the call -- make the no call. Two days -- heroic could be you know no -- -- -- you were wrong. You could make the call that we didn't make the call and it was it turned out to be right he -- let me call but he said many times. That's what I'm thinking about all night Sunday all of my Monday. Peter -- -- John this the Cleveland Browns started out so well is the case of a team that. Again you talk but I haven't quarterback in the league -- we'd regressing and Jason Campbell being in the back up we don't have a quarterback. It's tough to make a legitimate move in this league. Yeah it's hard to make an argument that they're gonna be very competitive in this game are they get a pretty good defense they get to escort my partner are ordinary day. And he was right longing the same guy thrown a all the practice weeks or at least exaggerating but. You know you're never going to be really good as soon as an offense in him really at the quarterback receiver combo. Until you get their chemistry where you know your quarterback's going to be every week he's had three of them this hearing here yet and or this week so. I think it's a tremendous. Tribute to Josh Gordon that he and so dangerous the last couple weeks and obviously. If your Bill Belichick you know you're Matt Patricia. You've got to -- -- -- to leave you better -- the -- and we need to. Peter great stuff is always one appoint people tier series on the officiating you make me feel bad for the officials which I never thought so will be able to do. And it's a great great read Peter appreciate the time is always. Thanks a lot don't have a great week Peter King SI dot com the Monday Morning Quarterback joining us. On the AT&T hotline and a conversation with Peter as always sponsored by our -- the complaints insurance by town fair tire. And by the great folks at -- you -- of Nashua have you not read this it's a three part series Peter did. It's long form by its available right now at the Monday Morning Quarterback and I just we monopoly to -- -- WEEI on Twitter. At -- WEEI. And he's with these guys all week. At the end of you feel like I do you feel bad forum that you'd they actually end up being human beings instead of the guys who score up calls. Every weekend and like you said -- they've had a bad bad year as -- -- -- you don't like to stay away don't read it -- a dead dead dead serious threat but you'll like these guys after visual you'll feel for start torque. Get that he helped the league. And downgrading two calls makes him feel.

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