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Andy Brickley, NESN: On Bruins loss to Montreal

Dec 6, 2013|

Brick makes his weekly appearance on Mut and Merloni and discusses the Bruins loss to Montreal and the hit on Johnny Boychuck.

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Our too much -- -- to 37 WEEI Enrique Rojas first report of their top of the hour John Chandler. It appears that Robinson Cano. Gets his money. Ten years to water and forty million dollars. From the Seattle Mariners nine to 25 was a number that. On the table. Reports -- -- he came back and ask for ten. In 252 the A-Rod deal. Apparently according to Enrique Rojas they've met in the middle. Robinson -- Gets ten years into ordered forty million which is. A 140 million dollars more than -- -- being paid by the Boston Red Sox we confirm that he's making a hundred and canals Macon who forty. We see you guys lined up to react to it will react as well that is money coming up we'll talk about this -- hired -- for marketing reasons. The market Seattle. Go get a I will get back into AC guys lined up and joining us on the eighteenth the outline as promised that a good one last night was good one at times but. And it insists that one if -- Bruins fan Andy brick we have NASA was there in Montreal when he joins us on the eighteenth the hotline brick my little Dario. Great hour to an excellent that the -- you've got he talked about in between periods or the second and third but the Bruins drop off brick in the first period. To the second period was that a is there any residue from a four days off when they cannot play well the first twenty minutes and that is completely disappear is an excuse. Audio wanna use for the way they played the second period last night. Absolutely not there's there's nothing apparently had not explaining why they played a -- in the second period in fact afford these option of work to their benefit to the second period. You -- you gonna get a better push from Montreal -- they were able to get in the first twenty effectiveness is game three -- of that plus travel. But that's what -- all Canadians he was a little different in the sense that that they just try to beat you with the speed or skill they do a little snippet they -- They compete a lot -- for parks they know that they can -- That element to their game if they want to win the Atlantic Division with. Would you like the early in the -- approach being. Mystical edit but certainly the measuring stick the need to place similar to and ordered it to win -- division. -- You expect much rather have a much better second period and -- some inexplicable reason. The Bruins played maybe one of the worst period of the year and quote really you -- to try -- only game in -- can't argue that it. When they played -- lead in the second period this year it's been for a variety of reasons but the common thread is just that lacked all. -- -- outlook -- the sense of urgency but. For me it's more. Pay attention to. And watched really for an explanation as to why they actually consistent in the second period. When they -- opportunities to put away after forty minutes. -- -- -- -- your point you would think if -- about slow some -- maybe the first period right and not not the second when -- party involved in the game but. You look at that second period as low -- to -- -- the -- so good he's so confident. This league when he gives up a gold there's no excuses he's just that that first gold chaotic it was I lost my angle. That was shocked at that that ball got the puck rather go by him but he just doesn't -- as a whole back he'll be there to be accountable. Yeah her ability that the word little. You really appreciate -- goaltender but as a kind of attitude and that -- to look at appearances that was -- meteor that game was on me I'll vote back alert from this'll be better and in the you have -- medical and other aid does the work. He has that believability of salt since he has your back as the late what you'll take -- As a potential take -- beyond. What is you know it is really warranted. In some cases just look at the pressure up the -- says that maybe take that microscope off the -- negative fashion so. What are we have a guy like that WG valuable as a player but he's valuable as a teammate in these valuable. To the success for the team and just about every aspect. You can build. And those of the two guys strike slowed and Tuukka who just never seemed to back down from how they feel never sugar -- it and I I thought. That that clot might do it brick because what happened a Johnny boy check in the first period you guys talked about it. On the broadcast lets you reset your thoughts that it did you think at any level. Watching live -- the replays it was a dirty hit and how. How as a player do you put that your mind that at the -- been taken off the ice and refocus on the task at hand against Canadians. There yeah it was -- so we get into round assert my of my head around it because it was a borderline hit a lot. Always accurate that it was worthy of the two minute boarding call we try to get them. On the side and not from the fact. But -- -- -- dangerous area distance away from the -- in the -- player almost with respect to you and what they're trying to do it educates players that even though -- played again and certainly so more -- to change because too many educating her. And they -- to continue to work on the the further educate these guys in eighty tweak the rules a little bit to allow you make different types of those situations but. It was little there's no malicious missed their guidance for saturating. It was it was just one of those reactionary it's two guys battling in an area well always is a battle. The deliciously awkwardness that up what you went into the -- in in in -- -- I understand what you could see the agony pain that he was in but he was a little towards. Ed monarch up to speculate what's going -- in terms of injury but he. Something bad was wrong. But we -- or really how do the value weighted given the position that he was in. But of course so what happened after that they -- -- out there the doctor from Montreal that are. And now it becomes concerned -- this our players are considered. They did a terrific job I thought of maintaining some focus because you're focusing here in your tension in your emotional. -- change when that -- your focus is totally out of first place came in your archrival. He -- you really want. -- -- -- out energize them and you had some decent thinker in the first period and now here in here are your focus changes dramatically. The growth in particular outlook well do we -- they need to do the rest of that period and take the lead into the intermission. And it just given away the second period was so this. Yeah I think a lot of the fans JC -- go down and immediately think -- a -- jump on pats are ready and as they don't really matters is how this teammates and -- the head coach feel about the here and it's wet thick -- it's a lot of credibility Reitman. When he comes out pills again it was illegal hills voicing that lodged head coach the last night we reacted afterwards. In doing it -- daddy used to whip out his right call he's being honest and you can think it needed a suspension that's really all that matters right coach and players how they feel about their. Absolutely and the -- looked wanna play a big hard hitting in the game themselves and they are going to be on that side of sub it's in the future. They get out. Side of where they've dished out it -- -- it says that got injured as a result. It. -- that it happened. A pro -- on a Canadian. In late amount and that kind of hit and was speaking about a two minute penalty -- -- -- there it was due and I and I think you saw the reaction. By the -- players. Towards accurately in the rest of the Canadian that they felt that it was just a portal like it. -- -- -- -- -- Just something eerie about CDs Celek Chara. And Lucci -- picking them up on the stretcher and hearing got back on the plane was great news this morning brick you spent some time a little bit on the broadcast last night. Talking about this this idea and and theory of a warning track. On the ice can you explain battle that furthered you were talking about seem like. Maybe put out a different color on the ice near the boards to alert -- of where they are how would that work. Well I -- I could do the new concept justice but it is out there and I know what Thomas that was the only and I bet fry day after Thanksgiving when we have the broadcast and NBC. As the exclusive -- turn. Talking with the -- that was the victim our on eye injury where he went into the sport -- his -- in it in the wrong position. That didn't allow him. To come out of this hit orders fall. Injury free -- state. And this whole. You like -- at ground like Trent Roy. They were. To be a warning track to launch it into it a different color she'd like looking different the actual all the same but now orange. Warning track used that Brady's saint -- from the ports. We're getting an area that you Edgar -- you know he heat -- you're not going to be exploited to meatless. When he got hit. It's not the initial hit the current injuries that reverberate quickly found spinal column and -- -- he -- -- the cause -- all the problems but if you had your head up. Just even -- with the collapse of the ports and not talk error that you avoid injury delicate these air are injured and he felt that that this was worth the at least investigating. Putting a warning track. He suggested orange because that universal warning color. He doesn't disrupt the ice doesn't disrupt lying you can still see all lines on the -- And and it gives players maybe the education -- better idea where they are on the right relative or didn't read it reminds you not only accurate dangers there but. You're an opera -- little pocket. Well really makes sense right because that's what the problem is your heads down to BC the ice. Eurasia head up at that it does make sense what about. Google tried you -- -- a bit tight in talking to watch LaGrange road game and I couldn't think of one negative. And -- right truly investigate the idea. Yeah yeah I mean it's -- it's a point at a what specialist Montreal team -- an alleged idiot and 25 fighting majors right after almost -- out of defense like teams get in the way by the style in the fight them. This year a little bit differently a couple of guys they're second in the league right now. In fighting majors and at that just. Blows my mind -- what do you guys that Harrelson prost is this that it's -- a team tried to would just. We see the Bruins have success because it's not just them Toronto August you know what buffalo that's 123 in fighting majors. The other the division and in echoes that point were out of earlier about the early in the early. Mean and how do you win your division are sure we get into the -- read it. In Montreal all we be about speed -- and then let's not let's not make the mistake that they are going way of making seven needs a little flies. Put they have added different elements to their candidate ask your skill -- compete harder in order to get -- compete uttered the dirty areas. You need to have the -- in whole lineup that also there you go to the trend setters and to beat temple center since. And that's where apparel since import that's what cost -- -- or even before you like Douglas Murray's ability to fight. You know he took on George got the other -- bill that you know -- situation but. That's the attitude should get an adjustment that the look at open and the intimate. -- in general editor -- version and the culture there. They still rely on those other great. A Great -- street skating great play making course Carey Price is amateur record year this year to make -- -- to be strong candidate for team cares what they. But this seemed that it added -- that that was this in years past. It will be published right over the short but -- -- pretty good hockey club and they're on top of the division again even -- approach in looking at. Well I'll circle back to boy -- for a second brick I was curious what you heard after the game how long. He might be out you know we've heard back injury we heard that he did you call some his teammates and those around let them know he was okay. Called -- could be out awhile any indication. How much time he might miss and for. How does that affect the defensive pairings and what might they look like without boy check in your mind. Well they look without it is this -- -- personal publicly not sure what his health status as an analyst and he's been in this but without fortunate got a quartet plays important that it -- -- team. Equally great competitors. He's got a great attitude it's infectious and a lot global what he brings he placed in just about anything everything. He's really good on the penalty kill he does everything real hard and contribute on the -- -- that's gonna be a pig the pit blocks -- brought to justice. Significant. All I can tell you was that I was a -- the team bus in order to the player drove the bus at the time for a check it just came back from the hospital. Made his way on the parts. Walked passed me very gingerly. On no indication as to where injury was. You know -- the real slowly but in good spirits and you actually get a couple of jokes that we would work couldn't wait on the -- The pilot seat to a backs so. Typical -- Portugal and good mood there always has so rewarding so I don't know what's going on in his career is keyword itself. I really don't have any specific see what I like so was a guy that's pretty confident that -- -- be okay. Brick is always we appreciate it we joke we joked last year when he made that Florida trip down there in the nice weather. I I -- chuckle when NASA showed that travel schedule for next week there's very little Florida. In your future I -- heat for Toronto. Calgary Edmonton and Vancouver between now and next Saturday brick. Yeah triple -- And -- -- an air we'll get a lot of these games will be on -- a great job as always last night travel sable -- next week brick. A great seven -- -- of NASA when he joins us. -- brought you by Newton Wellesley orthopedic sinners and W always expert care made easy. And by nor -- power equipment there's a big one obviously on Saturday night eyes the Brussels the penguins that on NASA and as well nimble and they're on the road. Toronto. Calgary. Edmonton Vancouver. Like Christmas shopping done -- -- be on the long road -- the Bruins will talk to brick -- again next week the new.

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