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Michael Fabiano, NFL Network: Who to start and sit for Week 14

Dec 6, 2013|

Michael Fabiano, fantasy expert and Yankees fan, gives his opinion on the Cano signing, discusses Julian Edelman's rising fantasy value, and actually suggests starting Ryan Fitzpatrick

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Pop lauer much -- ID 37 WEEI we get to set for the fantasy playoffs have Michael -- -- conversation. What Michael's brought to you by Mohegan Sun and by are making Jewelers and you hear -- easy because my god what a day for the Yankees for a week for the Yankees -- very income -- out granderson out he could have kanell. For two million dollars more a year. And daily -- more years that's a good trade off but he got -- every African -- like that no. TV Aggie fan like cities Michael's abbey -- FL network nfl.com Michael -- like this -- what. I. Hate losing to go but I mean the mayors are paying him twenty plus million dollars in the year the -- 41. Really which -- that all I would rather dapper guy can can DH or -- -- pay Ellsbury reached 3722. And a half million dollars a year you're right we gave we give -- too much money -- but it's not my money so at least the accuser making moves and now they got a second base this until I hope Kelly Johnson's -- second baseman. I would expect in the news to mix in some big time moves here. How do you feel about -- in -- that that's another question here. Is tough loss but at that pricey -- showed discipline to went to a half million dollars for that player. -- -- -- -- on no response here Michael grew more accessible to redeem the news was too much money they knew it was coming into lose leave it in just there was no attachment. And that -- Napoli Napoli might be going what the Mariners are Texas that word you'll be back here. It's that about you know and I -- -- -- nobody's gone -- sometimes you don't you don't expect certain things like apps again crushed by the drive helps last week that it. All -- You know we know it happened -- -- to clinch the number one seed in the league I just gave my guys that we got. -- Gradkowski was fun to watch news on my team -- entered the a man he was given that let me ask you'll start here in -- -- that OS -- real quick Julian adamant -- jumped up when your boards facility and count on -- court. A bit AT catchers in the last two games in. He is clearly surpass at least for the last two weeks Danny Amendola in terms of fantasy value among patriots wide receivers. I have ever rank as a three inch standard -- sees it too and PP ER leaks. Let's see if they keep that up elements been one of the surprises of of both the NFL and fantasy over the last couple weeks no doubt about it. I'll look at the forecast for the weekend all right I icy icy -- Peyton Manning the top of the list this week in rankings top water to a quarterback Tennessee's in the house. It's going to be 1920 degrees Manning has had trouble in cold weather which you in anyway shape perform in a first round playoff matchup be concerned. About -- Peyton Manning that a more quarterback really all year go on a cold weather on Sunday Michael. Well here's the question what other quarterback can you legitimately have on your roster to replace Peyton Manning with. Maybe nick holes that's worth thinking about because nick -- has been gangbusters but. There's now a lot of quarterbacks that you can legitimately have on your roster alongside Peyton Manning -- played at a fourteen league. That you can go out and start over him so paintings and be the guy in most leagues and we will see if he continues to struggle. In those games where it's under 32 degrees and remember the Tennessee Titans have a damn good pass defense a very good pass defense so. It's going to be very very interesting to see what happens with -- innings week. Is the playoffs for a lot of leagues -- we get you your questions for Michael Fabiano at 617. 779793. Seve also text your questions. 37937. And get the show on Twitter John is in Melrose gets a running back question to start Michael -- -- -- go ahead John. I do I got one it's what spot. I got Rashad Jennings and -- -- -- Belle -- hang up the bush thank you. It is definitely Libya on bell he has got a great matchup against the dolphins he seems to be fine after reception last week on Thanksgiving. I love late yet dollar shut Jennings has been great don't get bureau which -- -- the jets this -- really bad. Now you mentioned Peyton Manning into bad matchup basketball Wes Welker. Obviously got to have somebody to replace him but is he bad trouble right now. Vegetable if you start there's certainly if you start three. Then it gets a little bit murky remember. They Ers a wide receivers guys who were not attracted to be number ones who are playing like number ones the first guy that comes to mind Josh Gordon's again that comes to mind. I'll show and Jeffrey another one to char Jackson Antonio Brown the same thing so if you have wide receiver depth. Absolutely you -- bench Wes Welker but you've got to be Smart about it -- it's lost -- got a wide receiver questioning at the weekend Bob go ahead. -- -- Good buddy how are you I've got out of our wide receiver. It didn't match ups and injuries. Are too I've got out. Brandon Marshall Eric Decker. Coal and got done and handle -- What -- option. The top two -- Marshall and our -- Decker boy did he have a big game last week but awesome again this is a really tough matchup. Against Tennessee Titans marshals to -- our week in week out playing against the cowboys. And ourselves matchup is good you may think well wait a minute it's the chiefs well look at the chiefs have done or not done over the last four -- five weeks yes I know two of the games. Were against Peyton Manning. But they also gave up a whole -- a fantasy points to Philip Rivers in his wide receivers in the air if you look at their fish and game previous. It was against the browns and they gave up almost 300 passing yards and two touchdowns Jason Campbell. So he can't just go in there and say well the -- numbers are inflated because a pay a little bit. But they haven't been good over the last four -- five weeks overall so I go with -- -- -- John doesn't let mystery stalker quarterbacks have Michael's abbey on -- one FL network nfl.com John go ahead. Yes I was -- get some advice on Andrew Luck -- Carson Palmer. -- -- -- And move I can't. Can you pick up Brian Fitzpatrick listen I know you're still listening if you could pick Ryan Fitzpatrick up -- -- and hit yet he has been really get it if you look at the last four weeks. -- the top three quarterbacks. Manning can't -- in the and the Amish rifle OK -- scored the third most basic points of accord acts over the last four weeks. I can't start homer over luck I just can't do it. I could start Ryan Fitzpatrick. I could start Josh McCown who's playing the cowboys on Monday night that's got to pick up I could start Alex Smith and okay over if you look. Even Joseph Flacco the Minnesota Vikings have been awful this year against the pass that's another player that I could start over Andrew -- Carson Palmer. Not against the rams I wouldn't do that. Asked about this -- buffalo back field questions on these two guys but then TJ is people do with this guy. Yeah I don't try to figure that all season long he's like the biggest keys and fantasy he does nothing does nothing that comes up big gala she just goes back the next week. He lays an eight big stink -- This week he's -- -- starter I don't like the matchup the Buccaneers have been pretty tough against the run and telephone running back so. He is not a an RV one is maybe a borderline too. I'd start a more as a flex this week but you have to really temper your expectations when you start CJ Spiller this week. You have to at least expect. That he could disappoint you because really that's what he's done 90% this season. I'm Mike and while we get our first -- question on this Friday Michael had. I on this wanted to question. Bill Gates ordered tickled with artistry owning up with a mix. I still go with gates of military history has been pretty good as a guy period dynasty league or if you're just looking ahead is someone to keep an eye on. Here's a player that I would pick up that he's available Jared -- against the cardinals. Who in week one gave up over twenty fan support -- two touchdowns to -- Every week to give up as you point to tide is no team has given up more points deposition that mirrors -- -- -- that I would take a look at if you don't like eight I like the matchup at all but I'd rather start him overlooked area screen. Paula Connecticut also talking wide receivers in the playoffs start this weekend if -- out of Kenya locked and loaded -- my home state yes. Hey -- tell aria good at all. I -- my dad brought you way to do it on my bench all year since last week he actually started playing. Playing like he should would you trust him over -- appear so we're Victor Cruz. I wouldn't I again I said earlier like arsenal and Victor Cruz is somebody who boy you wanna talk about disappointment he has been a NASA disappointment but. The match up is not bad this week in San Diego. Right which had one good game all season long and it was last week and while I would start in the SE -- wide receiver and a lot of instances I I wouldn't start him over Barcelona crews at. -- for a a a theory question heading into the playoffs are huge what you're up against Andre Johnson last night your first -- -- playoffs at the PP our league -- -- -- -- for thirteen catches. 154 yards sit there were 28 points on the board. Would you change your approach Michael would you would you try to gamble more -- stood up when you look at Andre Johnson put in 28 on yet. As you head into the weekend if you're planning -- Sandra Johnson. We've got to make intelligent moves I wouldn't sit a stud that's for sure at this point of the season you -- really stick with your stats but again -- -- case like say I have been true luck. Than I would go out and yeah man I would go out and pick up Ryan Fitzpatrick and I'd roll the dice on -- I'd pick up the Joseph Flacco and roll the dice on because. I just don't think you're gonna get that kind of production for me to look at the -- Eagles account separate. Limited Seattle in the Seattle's better. On their home -- they are on the road but they're still darn good overall so. -- a guy that I would put on the bench and play Fitzpatrick over or Flacco or Alex Smith -- that has been. -- fantastic. Five the last six weeks out. Those are the places where we take a chance or Ortega shoots and defense you know the raiders defense that Lincoln basically of the jets this week. The jets -- the last three weeks. Have they just brutal and defense is are feasting on -- the ravens the bills. That dolphins they all put up very good fantasy points. Against the New York Jets and geno Smith the turn over machine so. You take chances they air. But you're not taking chances that are going to cause you to sit. Someone like a Marshawn Lynch so he has a bad matchup he's been really good it's an anxious not to be Smart about it Joseph is in Boston talking quarterbacks heading into this weekend Joseph. -- he talked about -- second -- -- an economic question -- can a pill or don't know -- ethnic. Don't know over -- I would go -- dollar per -- the colts have not been gay adults better at home. And I know he's sort of all or nothing but I honestly can't -- and -- or nothing this year to the last time we played Seattle what was earlier this year believe as -- too. It's sick fantasy points that was it. Sales defense is nasty and down counter -- a guy that has not been what we thought it was going to be this year I thought it was going to be. A very consistent superstar he's been sort of every other week superstar. I would go with Dalton over can't predict this week. And the New Hampshire is a flex question for you Michael go head out of. Narrator got good. And I got. We're gonna go at least see Andre Brown my running back now. I'm just -- period you know some guaranteed points I am it's. Now -- Campbell doesn't -- I have Josh Gordon. -- can start cables gonna start so you're okay. One and I like -- -- CEQ. I mean as a lock for ordinary you know what you think are very. I I look Shane -- appear to PP earlier real door like a more than Eddie -- Syrian Tony Brown. Probably not. I'm -- Andre Brown yeah -- rounds he's been very good. I think you have the right guys in their how can you bench Josh court right now guys the first wide receiver to ever go for 200 plus yards and two straight games cable as a quarterback now that was killed pay any. May yet be a little bit worried it's the stardom I do like -- and -- overstated the PP ER I don't like them over. Lacy your -- -- PPI. Did those guys have been very good and lacy has got a great matchup this week to get a match of interest in one -- -- what are what we'd be more concerned about. Frank Gore Marshawn Lynch in this game. Gore Marshawn Lynch does well. Alou against. Against the niners look at his numbers. He's done very well against that team he has been sort of let that one that one guy who can't produce as a running back against San Francisco and he's done it. Over the last couple of seasons he's been out one exception to the rule so gore of course a guy that. I I'm afraid of this week he hasn't been putting up great numbers. And this is a guy you know he's he's up there in age were running back late twenties early thirties. And Seattle's defense has been -- he does not have a good track record against Seattle over the last season. And I got back to figure reflects position. Right doors and they're in the playoff make great Delgado took a move. That's going to to bite you in the end you wanna start a back up -- -- -- -- Donald Brown over Frank Gore but gore does have a good matchup this week. Should start Jordan you touched them. -- good -- -- and good luck with the Yankees off -- things off to a rousing start -- he lost connote a big deal right hall of Famer or Seattle beacons of. I've. For that kind of money he can kill my friend you can go way -- I guess this is the last time a -- guys yes sir I love it you guys are the absolute best time coming to Boston. In April the week after Easter. Yankees. Red Sox and I'm gonna bring my brother in -- my sister my brother was big Red Sox fan. And I'm looking forward to seeing you guys there and good long year under the first match -- that the first -- very backed series is Apple's place circuit. Yes all the political left to catch up finally get six tickets because that Reagan be pitching to be closer for the Yankees are back in Atlanta you can leave us the tickets -- -- -- chipped it is that. Michael thanks guys great stuff all Asia that is such. Keep -- such a Michael -- got a good -- you would go on Twitter right now thank them for great season with us Michael underscore for -- on -- on Twitter. Michael underscore that beyond we join us every single week during the regular season the fantasy regular season and he got your line of said he gave me good advice he took a lot of crap. Mediate peace here we thank for being a part of the show Europe patriot Friday's. And go say thank -- -- and a Twitter at Michael underscore -- out and remind you. He's brought to you by Mohegan Sun among life's millions of moments of the very pastor made at Mohegan Sun at 101000 seat arena. 12100 hotel rooms 75 shops restaurants and bars. Three casinos in a world class golf course and spot create your moment at Mohegan Sun dot com Mohegan Sun time to -- you I'll be either -- for the patriots and between now. And 2 o'clock.

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